Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises

The lower abdomen is much more difficult to make flat and taut than the upper. In this place, women often gather the fat layer, and the bulk of the fitness complexes are designed to work with the upper press.

Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises
Exercises for the lower abdomen at home are effective provided they are regularly performed and the load is gradually increased.

Therefore, it is important to choose for several suitable abdominal exercises and exercise regularly, for example, at home.

How exercises work

Workouts aimed at the lower part of the press are useful, first of all, in that they allow you to remove the fat layer, get rid of wrinkles and, with proper persistence, find a relief belly.

A strengthened muscle corset has a positive effect on posture: the back becomes straight, the stoop disappears.

Also, such exercises are useful for health : they increase blood supply to the abdominal organs and have a positive effect on the female reproductive system.

Exercises for the lower abdomen

For practicing your own figure, it is completely optional to visit fitness centers. Exercises can be done comfortably at home at a convenient time.


There are 2 types: direct and reverse twisting. The second has a subspecies – “oblique” twisting.

The technique for performing direct twists is as follows:

  • it is necessary to take a horizontal position, legs are straight;
  • Then you should sit down, stretching your arms to the ceiling;
  • when the body takes a position perpendicular to the floor, you need to reach with your hands to the socks;
  • twisting ends with a return to the original position.

To make reverse twists correctly, you need:

  • lie down horizontally, arms extend parallel to the body;
  • legs straighten at the knees and raise;
  • then tear the buttocks off the floor and reach for the chest; it is important to control that all movements occur only thanks to the muscles of the press (do not connect the cervical spine);
  • put your legs upright again.
Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises
When performing the exercise, you need to keep the abdominal muscles in tension.

Another way to do this exercise is this: the elements are made with the knees bent. At home (without the supervision of a trainer), it is advisable to repeat all twisting from 10 to 20 times, making 2-3 approaches.

Oblique twists do this:

  • the initial position is the same as in the previous versions;
  • you need to raise the left leg and reach the foot with the fingers of the right hand;
  • touch the foot and wait a few seconds;
  • lie down again and repeat everything in a mirror image.

Oblique twists will be effective if they are done 20-30 times in total.


There are 2 types of this exercise.

The first type of exercise should be done as follows:

  • need to lie down;
  • hands in the lock are placed under the back of the head, or are extended along the body;
  • legs tear off the floor a short distance;
  • cross swings are performed (first the left lower leg above the right, then vice versa);
  • movements are performed in a horizontal plane and resemble the process of using scissors.
Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises
When performing the exercise “Scissors” you need to make sure that the legs do not touch the floor.

The second option is Vertical Scissors. Execution Method:

  • you need to take a horizontal position, hands should be placed under the hips, lower back pressed to the floor;
  • straight legs must be raised at a right angle;
  • slowly lead down the left leg;
  • without touching the floor, start lifting it, while lowering the right one;
  • Do not touch the floor until the exercise ends.

Fitness trainers recommend repeating movements at least 20 times per approach, which should be 2 or 3.


Exercise “Bicycle” should be performed as follows:

  • taking a horizontal position, clasp the fingers and put under the neck;
  • lift your legs slightly and keep horizontally;
  • raise the bent left knee while trying to reach it with the right elbow;
  • execute the item in mirror image.

Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press ExercisesTo achieve positive results, it is important to make 2-3 approaches with 20-fold repetitions of movements.


The correct implementation is as follows:

  • adopt the position, as for push-ups: the feet touch the floor with socks, palms are located at shoulder level;
  • with the bent left knee you need to reach the diaphragm;
  • return to the original position;
  • do the same for the right leg;
  • in the process, it is necessary to control the position of the body: the buttocks should not go down, and the back should be rounded. Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises

Efficiency is determined not by the number of repetitions, but by time.

Every day you should increase the duration of the workout , it will ideally spend 35-40 seconds on the exercise.


To correctly perform the “Fold”, you should:

  • to sit, resting his hands on the floor behind his back;
  • pull the knees to the chest;
  • simultaneously reach for the legs with the body;
  • Perform movements using only the muscles of the abdomen.

Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press ExercisesIt is recommended to make 5-15 repetitions in 2-3 calls.

Leg and hips

A series of exercises considered very effective for correcting the lower abdomen. All leg lifts are feasible at home or at the nearest sports ground where there is a horizontal bar.

Raises the legs in the “lying on the floor” position:

  • from the starting position, press the lower back into the floor, put the hands under the hips;
  • raise absolutely straight legs perpendicular to the body;
  • stay;
  • lower both legs slowly, not touching the floor;
  • repeat the movement.

This exercise will be effective if done 10-15 times.

The minimum number of approaches is 1. You can hold a small dumbbell between your calves to increase the load.

Leg raises on a chair:

  • you must sit on a chair with a strong seat;
  • straighten your back, pick up your stomach and firmly grasp the edges of
    the seat;
  • bent knees should be raised to the diaphragm;
  • during the exercise, the body should be motionless.

It is recommended to do 20 lifts. The number of trips is 1-2.

To perform leg lifting on the horizontal bar, you must:

  • hang on the bar, straining muscles;
  • raise straight legs so that they are parallel to the ground.
  • in the future, it should be ensured that the socks of the feet are at the level of the waist, and later – the chest.

If it is difficult for beginners to master this exercise, it is recommended that you first do it by bending your legs. The result will be visible at a tenfold repetition in 1 approach (a total of 2-3 are needed).


  • lying on a horizontal surface, you need to bend your knees;
  • hands should lie freely along the body;
  • you need to stretch your knees to the solar plexus;
  • take the initial position.

Repeat 10-15 times. Allowed 1 approach.

High Angle Sed

The principle of proper execution is as follows:

  • sitting on the floor, bring your hands back and rest against your palms;
  • bent legs should be pulled to the chest;
  • then you need to lean back, stretching forward all the limbs;
  • returning to the original position repeat;
  • during the training not to allow the heels to touch the floor, the muscles of the press should be tense.

Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press Exercises1 approach – 10 repetitions.
Instructors believe that the result will be with 2-3 approaches.

Full bar with turn

The implementation of the “Full bar with rotation” is as follows:

  • it is required to accept the position of the “classic bar”: face down, feet rest on socks, forearms touch the floor;
  • then you need to pull the left knee to the right armpit, while twisting the body;
  • return to their original position and repeat the movement in reverse.

To achieve the result, you need to do 3 approaches. The number of repetitions is 10.

Exercise for the lower abdomen, borrowed from yoga. At home, this is done:

  • should sit down;
  • you need to lean back while maintaining a straight back;
  • it is necessary to raise fully straightened legs up, the feet should be at the same level with the eyes;
  • tear your hands off the surface, pull forward and lock, turn your palms inward;
  • the neck should be in line with the spine;
  • It’s important to keep the pose for at least half a minute.

Abdominal muscle training for women. Lower Press ExercisesRepeated 5 times.

Two leg circle

For the correct execution of the circle you need:

  • lying on any surface, raise the legs so that they form an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body;
  • make circular movements with both legs, first of a small radius, and then with a larger amplitude to include the hips;
  • circles need to be “drawn” clockwise and against it;
  • it is important to control that the legs are strictly together, they can not be bent.

Duration – 30-40 repetitions in both directions.

Tips for Better Exercise

Exercises for the lower abdomen, performed at home, will be more effective if you adhere to the recommendations developed by well-known trainers.

First of all, it is important not to stop during classes. A respite is possible only at the end of the planned complex. When swinging the press in the “supine” position, pull the toes of the feet up (the “iron” position). It is necessary to monitor the neck.

If it hurts the next day after training, then this indicates that most of the load fell on the neck muscles. It should be ensured that only abdominal muscles are included in the work.

It is necessary that the movements are smooth and measured, without jerking. It’s more difficult to do this, but the result will appear much earlier. The frequency and regularity of training also plays a large role.

The effectiveness of sports will be higher if, in addition, follow the general rules of weight loss:

  1. Exercises for the lower abdomen at home are recommended to be done in the morning, before meals.
  2. Breakfast should be 2 hours after training , it is recommended to include light and healthy products in the menu: yogurt, kefir, apples.
  3. It is necessary to monitor breathing during sports. If you breathe correctly and measuredly, then fatigue will be felt less.
  4. After the lesson, it is advisable to do self-massage. This allows you to relax, also increases efficiency.
  5. When doing exercises for the lower abdomen at home, it is important to remember the gradual increase in the load. When trying to make maximum approaches and repetitions on the first day, the risk of stretching the ligament or overloading the abdominal muscles increases. A consistent increase in the duration of the workout allows you to engage in comfort.

Strengthening the lower abs should be combined with training for other muscle groups.

In particular, it is recommended that the muscles of the legs and back be included in the work. However, you need to remember that exhausting yourself with workouts without following a diet is pointless. To find a flat stomach, an elegant waist and beautiful legs, it is important to combine sport with proper nutrition and concern for your well-being.

Useful videos for how to do exercises

Exercises for the abdomen at home:

How to perform exercises for the lower abdomen:

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