Tabata – weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

The most suitable way to lose weight fast is with Tabata training, which is discussed below.

The effectiveness of exercise Tabata for weight loss and the principle of the methodology

Tabata is a high-intensity type of training that allows you to get rid of unnecessary pounds in a few months. The effectiveness of exercises lies in their interval performance for 25-40 minutes. with switching to rest. Exercises include buckles, running, push ups, limb lifts, and more.

All the time is divided into several circles 2-4 minutes long. Weekly workouts, following a diet or proper nutrition, can help you get rid of excess weight, as well as find a beautiful relief on the body in a short time. In addition, you will not need any weights like dumbbells, but only a rug and chair.

Method Advantages

Tabata – training for weight loss by a special technique, which has the following advantages:

  • increase in the general endurance of the body due to the presence of cardio exercises in training;
Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises
Tabata is a workout for losing weight to girls who do not have much time for training.
  • helps to accelerate metabolism and the active supply of oxygen;
  • the best way to burn calories, because in 1 round (4-5 minutes), you can burn 54 kcal (when you run in the same period of time, no more than 30 cal is spent);
  • upon completion of the workout, the process of active fat burning continues for another 35-40 minutes;
  • a raised and toned body, while observing nutrition and 3 workouts per week, can be seen after 2-3 months.

Differences between Tabata and Cardio Workouts

Cardio training is often called “aerobic”, because oxygen takes an important part in them. It is a source of energy and greatly facilitates the process of training. Tabata’s methods do not have such a source, therefore they are called “anaerobic”, oxygen-free.

The main difference is the time that a person can do. Cardio workouts can last for hours, and Tabata workouts for several tens of minutes. Efficiency from a 30-minute Tabata is higher than even 1.5 to 2 hours of aerobic training.

Contraindications to classes

Exercise may seem easy, but the load on the body is quite large.

For this reason, this type of training should be exchanged for analogues or simplified options for the following categories:

  • women bearing a child;

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

  • people with hypertension, pressure spikes;
  • people who have problems with the lungs and heart;
  • people with joint diseases;
  • those on a low carbohydrate diet.

You should not do high-intensity training for people with poor physical fitness. 1-2 weeks you need to give warm-ups, exercises or stretch marks, and then move on to direct training. This training option is suitable for everyone who does not have the above problems and wants to get a beautiful, sculpted body.

Tabata timer: how much time and how

One approach lasts 4-5 minutes, depending on the general physical preparation and the time of a full training. One exercise lasts 20 seconds, rest between them is 10 seconds. In the approach of 6-10 repetitions and 1 min. recreation. This is the best plan that will tone the muscles and body. You can do 2-4 minutes. one exercise without a break and combine it with rest in 1-2 minutes.

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

To control the time you need to use special timers that can be installed on the phone. Training time is independently adjustable: you do not have to constantly be distracted by the clock. (Applications: Tabata Timer; Tabata! 4 min per day). You can deal with ready-made videos with music.

Music for training

Suitable for those who are not involved in the video with a trainer. To recharge your batteries, you can turn on something dynamic, sharp, or smooth audio with flashes of sound. Do not choose your favorite song and song with words that are not known to the listener.

There is a big chance to get tired quickly, start to sing along in a whisper and lose your breath, and breathing is the main component of Tabata training.

Do not choose pensive, relaxing music. The murmur of water or the singing of birds will help to relax during a hitch or stretching. The playlist can be found on social networks at the request of “For sports”, “Sports”, “Training”, “In the hall”.

How often do Tabata work out

Tabata – training for weight loss, which should be carried out according to a certain scheme: 

  • Train every other day . This will help to quickly burn extra pounds of the body, bring it into a beautiful shape. With this method, you should not be on a diet, it is better to replace it with proper nutrition. By the way, other physical activities at this time should be minimized or removed for a while. The time is 30-35 minutes.

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

  • In 2 days . Everyone also does not need to stick to a diet and engage in other intense workouts. You can slightly increase the lesson time to 40 minutes.
  • The frequency of training is 2 times a week . This plan can be combined with other activities (gym, swimming or fitness). You need to eat properly, without cutting calories in the diet. If cardio training is also carried out, then they must precede the tabata training.

You can do it in the morning, 30-60 minutes after eating or in the evening 2-3 hours before bedtime. Many women do not have such an opportunity, so it is permissible to conduct training from 21.00 to 22.00. Efficiency does not change or decrease with time.

Can I always do one exercise

The same program is not allowed for the past 1 week. It is necessary to change approaches and add new combinations every 2-3 days. The body will gradually get used to the loads, although it is not always possible to notice this moment. Soon, the full effect of the exercises will be lost.

For thos
e who do not know how to diversify the arsenal of exercises, the lesson program is presented below. At worst, you can return to the exercises from which the training began, repeating the same actions again, but doing them at an accelerated pace.

Where do Tabata work out

To engage in the Tabata-training complex in order to quickly lose weight, you need to choose the right place.

Most often and most suitable:

  • Gym . This room will be comfortable, but only if it has 7 -11 pounds dumbbells and a fitness mat. The gym is comfortable with a suitable floor on which shoes do not slip. Of the minuses, the presence of other people can be distinguished, which can be cumbersome.
  • Street. On you can also do high-intensity training. It is better to choose a less crowded place (it should be comfortable in it). You can do it only in warm weather, because there is a big risk of catching a cold. Exercise for losing weight on saturates the body with oxygen. But most often there are no sufficiently smooth surfaces.

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

  • The house is the most convenient place for practicing Tabata training. Only a gym mat is required. Home training does not make you embarrassed, and the effectiveness of training will be much higher, because no one will be around. This type has only one minus – the noise from the exercise. To avoid this, you can put a blanket or hard mat under the gymnastic mat.
  • It is not worthwhile to engage in Tabata training in nature and the beach , because in these areas there is no suitable surface. There is a great chance to get stretching, and in general it is inconvenient to practice on sand or grass.

You can do exercises or stretching muscles on the beach or nature, because these are low-intensity exercises.

When does weight begin to decline

The changes that occur in the body will primarily affect its weight. Extra pounds will only go away if you combine training with proper nutrition or a sparing diet. Weight is reduced depending on the original.

The norm is 1 pounds per week, but the figure may vary depending on the metabolism, the characteristics of the human digestive tract. Noticeable changes occur after 2 weeks of training. It is worth noting that the changes will be visible both on the scales and in the mirror.

What should beginners start with

Tabata is a workout for weight loss, which is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. For beginners and unprepared people, high-intensity training can be a terrible test, so you should start with something simple.

The following exercises are suitable for all people who decide to try Tabata workouts. One circle consists of 2 exercises of 4 repetitions each, rest between circles is 2 minutes.

Squats Squats should be done at the very beginning of the workout. Spread the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, try to transfer the weight to the heel (this is how the gluteus muscle turns on). The pelvis can be pulled a little, tilt your back slightly, but not bend. Squat down to reach the position when the hips are parallel to the floor. Getting up, feel the movement of the loaded muscles.

If the exercise is performed without difficulty, then you can replace lifting with a jump while lifting your arms up and clapping your head.

Running on the spot You can also start your workout with this exercise. It warms the muscles, promotes the acceleration of metabolism. Body weight is transferred to socks, knees are slightly bent, the back has a slight slope. You need to try to quickly grind your legs, and not hold them on the floor. Knees to lift low.
Scissors A simple exercise that works great on the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, pressing it firmly to the floor. Legs bend at the knees at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees. In turn, lift either the right or left leg forward until it is fully extended. If the exercise is performed with difficulty, then allow a slight bend of the limbs in the knees. If the execution is easy, then add hand touches to the knees (when touching only the press works, not the neck). Exercise can be simplified by placing hands under the buttocks.
Lunges in 2 directions Legs shoulder width apart, toes apart. When squatting the foot, which is a lunge, keeps the whole body in balance. At the same time, the leg that remains behind also lunges. The legs located in front make an angle of 90 degrees, and the leg in the back slightly touches the floor. After each repetition, change the legs. If the lunge is difficult, then the depth of the lunge should be reduced.
Knee push ups Sitting on the floor, place a pillow under your knees. Straighten on straight arms and back (let’s say a natural bend). While bending the arms, exhale, rising – inhale. It should fall to the maximum level. Arms can be spread wide to engage the muscles of the chest.
Running in the bar Stand on straight arms, check your back (there should be no roundness). Move to the chest, then the right, then the left leg. Gradually increase the pace to the maximum level.

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

Before training, you should do a warm-up, a light stretch. After a workout, a hitch is required. She will reduce pain after exercise the next day.

Tabata Exercises for Beginner Girls

You can start with the following list:

  • Squats of medium depth, make sure that the knee does not extend beyond the toe of the foot;
  • leaning forward, backward, to the sides is an excellent warming-up exercise;
  • strap with raising legs to the chest;
  • jumping “jumping jack” with spreading legs and arms alternately;
  • push-ups from the knees (put something soft under the knees);
  • back and forth lunges, oblique (oblique lunges are performed to the side behind the other leg, which also bends).

This block seems quite simple, but after the first round you may feel pain and burning in the muscles.

Tabata Exercises
for Trained

For people who have an average level of training, the following exercises will be the best option:

  • deep squats;

Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises

  • push-ups 5 by 5: 5 push-ups from the knees alternate with 5 push-ups on level legs;
  • lunges 3 on 3: 3 oblique, 3 forward, 3 back;
  • kicks with straight legs to the sides in combination with hands;
  • “Burpy” – lowering on straight arms to the bar, jump with legs spread in the bar, rise combined with a jump.

If the exercises seem too easy, you can increase the pace of their implementation.

And for the advanced level, the following combinations will be an excellent option:

  • push-ups on straight arms;
  • jump-plie – a low jump with legs wide apart and socks spread apart in different directions;
  • leg raises in the bar (do at the end of the workout);
  • U-Turn Squats

Tabata (training for a high level of weight loss can be excessive) provides for various levels of physical fitness. Therefore, if the training is very difficult, you should switch to the intermediate level option. To facilitate the task of increasing the level of fitness should be a lesson plan.

Ready-made training plan for elementary and intermediate levels

For convenience, the entire training is divided into several stages:

  1. Warm up . Take a deep breath and exhale, begin to knead the neck in circular motions. Switch smoothly to the arms, shoulder and elbow joints. Make turns in the hip joint, 4 times with large and small amplitudes. Shallow squats or bends are great for warming up. You can end the warm-up with circular motions of the foot.
  2. The main part . 4 times for 20 seconds. to perform the exercise “Jumping Jack” or jumping with the dilution of the legs and arms. Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercisesBetween each approach 10-15 sec. without rest. The next exercise is running with an overwhelming shin. You can run both in one place and around the room. After resting in 1-2 minutes, proceed to the next cycle. Jumping to the right, left, and hitting with a squat will work your body muscles perfectly. You can finish the training with an exercise on the press – lifting the knees to the chest in the bar.
  3. Hitch . Take a few deep breaths and exhale, pull your neck and arms. Make circular rotation of the pelvis, twisting in different directions. Sit on the floor and take turns reaching for each leg.

Advanced Workout Plan

If you have good physical readiness, you must definitely try the workout in 4 stages with statics:

  1. Warm up . As in the previous stage, stretch the muscles and warm them with the most simple movements: bending, twisting, squats.
  2. Main part . The advanced level includes more intense exercises with an updated timer – 3 to 30. Between exercises, rest for 10 seconds. To start, perform jumping “jumping jack” 3 times for 30 seconds. and, having rested in 10 seconds, go to the set of 3 repetitions of lunges forward, backward, to the side. The next 2 exercises after a minute of rest – boxing in a squat of medium depth and running in place with a high knee lift. Boxing is done very quickly, every 2 strokes exhale-inhalation. Running on the spot is based on the rule of touch: when the foot touches the floor, you must immediately pull it away from it. The final exercise of the main part – twisting with a combination of lifting legs alternately. Turn the body of the body in each direction for each lift, and do this not by stretching the neck, but by the press.
    Tabata - weight loss training for girls, beginner exercises
  3. Statics . 1 minute rest and start statics in any of the presented options: lunge on one leg or squat. Statics is the position of the body in which the muscles are as tense as possible and reach the peak point of development. If the option with a lunge is chosen, then lower the leg as low as possible, bend the knees at 90 degrees. You can use extra weight, but the main task is to stand for 1 min. and do not change the position of the body. If the choice fell on a squat, then lower yourself into a squat of medium depth, tilt your back slightly forward and stand in this position for 1 minute. 20 sec
  4. Hitch . Carry out the final stretching of the muscles of the body, starting from the neck and ending with the feet. Take a few deep breaths and relax in the shower. You can spend a 10-minute stretch, which will help reduce pain after a workout and increase muscle flexibility. To do this, pull your hands to the raised toe of the right leg without bending it (you can bend the other). Then repeat the other way.

Tabata is a great way to quickly lose weight without overly complicated and exhausting workouts and the use of expensive equipment.

Tabata Exercise Video

Fat burning complex at home according to the Tabata system:

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