Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

Most women, having discovered excess fat on their stomachs, try to find certain exercises to burn it. In this case, many mistakes are made.

How to determine the ideal waist: formulas for calculating

Various formulas and techniques are used to determine ideal indicators of body proportions. For example, we use the calculation of the ratio of the waist circumference to height: k = L / H * 100, where L is the waist circumference, and N is the height.

more than 58 Obesity
from 54 to 58 Very overweight
from 49 to 54 Overweight
from 46 to 49 Ideal weight
41 to 46 A slim body
from 35 to 41 Thin
Less than 35 Abnormally Skinny

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

Long-term observations allow us to judge the approximate parameters in which the body of a healthy woman should be.

The same applies to the formula for determining the ideal weight: height – 100 with 5% corrections for every 3’9 inch of height.

Here the basis is also the average indicator and nothing more.

The body is considered close to ideal if the waist circumference is 5’9 inch less than the circumference of the hips, and the latter is equal to the circumference of the chest.

It is easier to determine this way: the waist circumference is equal to the weight in pounds. Such a formula is valid on average with growth from 5’2 – 5’8 foot. And according to the McCallum formula, the waist circumference is 70% of the chest circumference.

In fact, there are many more tolerances and seriously treating such statistics is unacceptable. After all, the long-obsolete figure 90-60-90 came from Hollywood in the 50s of the last century. Not a single formula takes into account either the lifestyle, or the genetic factor, or the features of the physique, and even more so the race.

When training is needed

The following factors should be considered as deviations from the norm (in the absence of diseases):

  • an increase in the layer of subcutaneous fat;
  • uneven skin (cellulite);
  • pain in the lumbosacral and thoracic spine;
  • dyspnea;
  • weakness;
  • high blood pressure;

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

  • waist circumference over 33’5 inch;
  • weight gain occurs for a long time.

In the presence of at least 3 of them and the absence of a diagnosis of any disease, it is necessary to take measures to change the lifestyle.

Contraindications to classes

Exercises to burn belly fat may have contraindications.

Most often they are as follows:

  • any disease in the acute period;
  • rehabilitation periods;
  • cardiovascular disease accompanied by decompensation;
  • impaired respiratory function;
  • diseases accompanied by the danger of bleeding;
  • purulent processes of various etiologies;
  • periods of menstruation.

The first and last paragraph provide for a categorical refusal to conduct classes. But with all the rest, physical education is necessary. The only thing to keep in mind is that classes should be conducted as part of exercise therapy exercises. 90% of recommended exercises relate to exercise therapy.

Rules for training women for weight loss in the abdomen and sides

The most common mistake in building a training process is a tough diet combined with training. After 1-3 months, it is noted that on the sides the cellulite disappears, but the waist is almost absent. And the fatty layers are shifted down the abdomen and on the lateral surfaces of the thighs.

The explanation of this process is simple: it is impossible to deceive the spinal cord, so it enters a period of hunger. It “includes” all the mechanisms of stockpiling from the meager diet that was proposed by a slimming woman. Energy reserves are created in completely non-standard places.

But this is also understandable: the body creates a protective barrier around the most important organs for procreation. From a medical point of view, this is called gynoid obesity. It is due to genetic factors and is inherent mainly in young women.

Therefore, nutrition should clearly correspond to the level of physical activity.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

The myths that a diet for weight loss should have 1000 calories are not justified. It is not worth dropping below 1100 kcal, and it is undesirable to raise the bar above 1700 kcal. In practice, it is more correct to consume 1100 kcal on a fasting day (once a week) and on those days when training is not carried out for objective reasons.

Exercises for burning fat on the stomach in combination with proper nutrition and cardio training over time will bring significant success. But for this you need to be patient. The first rule of training is psychological readiness for a long and difficult struggle with your own laziness. Because the lack of results in the first weeks of class is disappointing.

Morning should start no later than 6.00 and not with a cup of coffee, but with a glass of warm (who can afford it, then with lemon) water and a half-hour charge, completed by a contrast shower (swimming cap is required). The main training should be carried out for an hour in the afternoon or in the evening.

The second is preferable, from 11.00 to 11.00 (in accordance with the usual biological rhythms). Most women have no access to devote themselves in a row 2 hours a day, so cardio training should be carried out throughout the day.

Total number of exercises:

  • at the initial stage – 10;
  • at the stage of basic training – 10;
  • morning exercises – 15.

Breaks between exercises, given their low load value, should not exceed 10 – 15 seconds. to change pos
ition. Drinking during training should be limited: not to refuse at all, but also to drink no more than a glass of water. Drink in small sips during training so that there is no feeling of dry mouth.

Separately, you need to think about the issue of clothing. It is recommended to use men’s cotton underwear (thin), which is able to absorb moisture from excessive sweating. A woolen tracksuit is worn over it, and in warm times – sweatpants and a woolen vest.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

Different types of wetsuits do not let air in and are recommended when practicing in the rain. In recent years, such a home sports equipment as the crossbar has been popular. There are a lot of positive qualities in it, but for girls it is too dangerous: fastening with a spacer between the walls is not reliable enough.

In addition, it is extremely rare for women to have strong hands that can carry a high load. Therefore, there is a risk of a sudden fall. As a full and even better replacement, you can recommend installing a slanted board at home.

Shell advantages:

  • safety;
  • lighter exercise conditions;
  • spinal discharge.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to train the whole body. You need to start from the spine, because precisely because of its various deformations, the formation of the abdomen of unnatural outlines is observed.

Rules for training to create a relief on the abdomen for girls

For girls who are trying to make their stomach look like standards of bodybuilding, you need to know that such reliefs are most often associated with the use of illegal drugs. To achieve hypertrophied development of individual muscle groups is problematic. You need to download the press, but with exactly the same load as the rest of the body.

The result of excessive load on the abdominal muscles, along with positive factors, has a number of negative consequences:

  • “Flat” waist by increasing the volume of the sides;
  • kyphosis (due to an imbalance in the development of muscles of the back and abdomen);
  • decreased natural lordosis. Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

A few years after the end of the workouts, the muscles that are enlarged in volume become soft and are overgrown with fatty deposits. Typically, these phenomena occur after 40 years.

Basic exercises for the abs and sides, helping to make the stomach flat and the waist narrow

Any training should begin with a warm-up. It is traditionally believed that this should be a run. Most use a treadmill. Running on it is acceptable for cardio training, but it is not suitable for warming up: the technique of movements is very different from natural ones.

It is more correct to use a morning pace complex for warming up at a high pace (in 10 minutes you can really warm up the body before the first drops of sweat appear). And since the exercises in question were originally taken from physical therapy complexes, it is much more advisable to include them in the morning exercises.

Then the need to develop training programs disappears. You need to do the complex in the morning and in the evening (in the morning – at a slow, moving to a moderate pace; in the evening – at a fast).

Twisting twists

Curls are performed in the supine position, hands are brought to the back of the head. Tearing off the shoulders from the surface of the floor, turn the body as much as possible in one direction, then in the other. To complicate, you can simultaneously make a “bicycle” along with the turns, accompanying the body turns with leg movements.

Side twisting

This exercise is considered one of the best for shaping the waist. Therefore, there are many options for its implementation. Many of them are suitable exclusively for gyms.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program
Lateral twisting exercises for burning fat on the stomach and proper posture

In its simplest form for homework, this option is acceptable:

Starting position Execution order Number of repetitions Exercising Muscles
Lying on the floor, knees bent. Take your knees to the left so that the left one touches the floor. Put your hands on the back of your head. After a deep breath, exhale, twist the body to the right, lifting the shoulders up to tear off the floor by 0’4 – 1’2 inch. Do not help yourself with your hands, turn your head and do not strain your neck. On inspiration, return to starting position.

Repeat the reception in the opposite direction.

15 – 10 1. Back:
  • trapezium-prominent;
  • raising shoulder blade;
  • papillary;

2. Belly:

  • straight;
  • transverse;
  • external oblique;
  • internal oblique.


  • technical complexity (to perform in the described volume requires high physical fitness, which in itself eliminates options with significant body fat);
  • the exercise does not provide for a large amplitude of movement , and the resulting static stresses affect to a greater extent the muscle endurance, while limiting its elasticity;
  • purpose – to give the relief of an existing waist;
  • overload of the shoulder girdle and cervicothoracic zone , the load on which is higher than on the stomach.

Reverse twisting

Literally all sources recommend this exercise as the s
implest and most effective for the development of the press.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

Its technical description:

Starting position Equipment Repetitions Involved muscle groups
On the back, the hips are perpendicular to the floor, the tibia is parallel. Hands along the body, palms down. During exhalation, pull the bent legs to the chest, hold for 1 – 3 sec., Return to the starting position. 3 sets with an interval of 1 min. On 15 – 10 repetitions. 1. Belly:
  • straight;
  • transverse;
  • external oblique;
  • internal oblique.
  • oblique aponeurosis

2. Back:

  • the widest;
  • large buttock;
  • average buttock.
  • The limbs bent in the initial position obviously do not allow movements with full (natural) amplitude.
  • An imbalance in the load of the muscles of the abdomen and back.
  • Low calorie consumption.

Twisting legs

The technique is a complete analogue of the previous one, with a slightly increased lift of the legs not to the chest, but to the head. In reality, this rise is due to a stronger contraction of the rectus muscle and a greater bend of the back.

Exercise “Bicycle”

Exercises for burning fat on the stomach, popular in fitness, include one more type in your list.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

This is a lite copy of the previous two. The whole difference is that the legs are not pulled together, but alternately.

Turn lunges

Lung exercises can be used to burn fat on the abdomen and hips:

Starting stand Performance technique Repetition Rate Comment
Legs together, arms folded shelf at the chest. Make a wide step with the left foot, transfer the main weight to it, the head should be on the perpendicular, mentally built from the center of the foot. Both legs are bent at right angles. After a lunge, turn the case to the right, linger in this position for 1 second. Return to the original rack. Repeat the other way. 10 – 15 This is an American version. Suitable for beginners. For the exercise to work, the lunge must be deeper, the hind leg is straight so that tension is felt in the groin and hips. Turn the body to the side of the leg, which made a lunge.

Swing Bar Exercise

This exercise, as well as lateral twisting, is characterized by static loads. To perform, you need to take a pose for push-ups, legs together, body, legs and head form a single line. In this position to be as much as you can withstand. The number of repetitions is 3.

Vacuum in the stomach

It is believed that vacuum is useful in training the internal transverse abdominal muscles. Training is performed while standing. Take a deep breath through the nose and through the mouth – exhale. Retract the stomach and stay in this position for 10 – 15 seconds. Do 3-4 sets of 5 reps.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

You should not get carried away too much: if you develop the habit of keeping your stomach pulled in, then after 1 to 3 years it will lead to deformities in the lumbosacral spine.

Side bends

A simple and affordable exercise for the external oblique muscles. When doing the legs are shoulder width apart, one arm is raised above the head, the other is freely lowered behind the back.

The inclinations are carried out by a direct body of 4 repetitions in one direction. Then – 4 tilts to the other side. Hands play the role of a “screw” to create additional effort. The main mistake of many is working with dumbbells in one hand. This creates a deliberate imbalance and uneven load.

Cardio exercises

Exercises for burning fat on the abdomen cannot bring success without cardio training. They should be the basis for weight loss and the fight against excess body fat.

With the right training, the following happens:

  • increased stamina;
  • blood pressure stabilization;
  • an increase in the volume of the heart and lungs;
  • strengthening and expansion of blood vessels;
  • normalization and stabilization of weight;
  • improving the structure of the figure;
  • reduction in the roughness of the skin (elimination of the manifestations of cellulite);
  • increase immunity;
  • increase stress resistance.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

The main benefits and availability are:


Walking is the easiest and most affordable way to do cardio workouts. It does not require additional time for classes and special equipment. The only thing needed is comfortable clothes and shoes. Walking is the first stage of a warm-up before training.

Despite the apparent simplicity, a number of recommendations should be followed when walking:

  • To carry out the movement at a high pace (heart rate = 110-150 beats per min.).
  • When choosing a route, give preference to where there are elevation differences.
  • Try not to have busy roads nearby.
  • Movement is carried out at a “torn” pace, systematically changing it.
  • To monitor (especially at the initial stages of training) the correct positioning of the leg: the movement should be carried out by rolling the foot from the heel to the tips of the fingers (not from the heel to the toe, as most sources recommend). A small “clubfoot” is a natural adaptation of the legs to a long movement, which is partially lost in the process
    of evolution by a person.
  • Make active use of elevation changes: move uphill at the most acceptable pace, while lowering the pace to reduce it to a minimum. The same applies to climbing stairs (the presence of such a benefit of civilization as an elevator should be forgotten).
  • A day you need to overcome 3 – 4 mile at a high pace. In moderate – much more. After all, when walking, no more than 5 Kcal per minute is burned, and for burning fat you need to spend at least 500 per day, not counting the usual loads.


The only effective and easy way to remove extra pounds and bring the body into tone. To get the maximum effect, you need to understand and strictly observe the program of classes.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

The basic rules that must be followed during training:

  • Stock up on comfortable running shoes (in city conditions you will have to run either on asphalt or along well-packed tracks).
  • Use running simulators only in extreme cases (the running technique is different than in natural conditions, and the air in the room hardly meets the requirements).
  • When moving, do not put your feet on a full foot, but go with a roll from heel to toes, as already indicated in the previous paragraph.
  • After the first 5 minutes of unhurried movement, conduct a 10-minute warm-up (in no case should you try to do it on the run).
  • After the warm-up, move already at a slightly higher speed, listening to your condition.
  • A novice runner should not think about the advice on inhaling and exhaling for 4 steps during the movement. As the load increases, it itself will return to normal. It is necessary to monitor the absence of failures when the breath “catches.”
  • After about 10 minutes, you should accelerate yourself to the highest possible speed and run as much as you can. Then slow down to a minimum and restore breathing.
  • At maximum load, try to breathe according to the rule of pearl catchers: inhaling through the nose – actively exhaling through the mouth (lips – through the tube) – double inhaling through the nose – breathing out through the mouth (such breathing allows you to create an additional supply of oxygen in the blood and, accordingly, increases endurance).
  • Slow motion takes about 5 minutes. For the remainder of the workout, repeat the item 2 more times.
  • The training ends with a set of breathing exercises.

It is advisable to purchase a bracelet to monitor the pulse and pressure during the training. In the presence of any disease, this is a prerequisite.

Bicycle riding

Cycling for those who are good at using this device will bring considerable benefits in the fight against excess fat deposits. The greatest effect can be achieved on rough terrain and when working in “torn” mode. So you can reduce training time while maximizing the benefits.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

In other cases, you need to be prepared for two-hour skiing: without a large load, as much Kcal will be burned in 1 hour as with an hour-long run. Active and prolonged cycling can negatively affect the shape of the hips (especially in the long run).

Women and girls with wide hips are more recommended to run.

Compared to a bicycle, running gives a more uniform and rational load on the body and the body as a whole.

Swimming in training

The best option for a variety of activities would be to include swimming once a week in the training process. At the household level, swimming can only be an auxiliary component that corrects imbalances in various muscle groups.

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

There is another not very pleasant factor: most swimming means pools. The water in them is treated with chemicals containing chlorine. Swimming in natural reservoirs (with good ecology) for the female body, and even more so for beauty, is much preferable.

Special strength exercises

Differences in strength and gymnastic exercises are not visible to an uninitiated person. Gymnastic complexes give muscles mobility, endurance and elasticity, and strength – only add power and volume. But at the same time they reduce the elasticity and mobility of the body.

Classic sit-up (lifting the case from a lying position)

Exercise seemingly simple, however, quite stressful. Lying on the floor with legs bent at the knees, you need to raise the body to a vertical position and reach the tips of the toes. The technique of execution does not fully load all the muscles. Exercise is performed with a short-term effort .

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

Much more effective is the American analogue of raising and lowering the case, sitting on a bench with legs fixed. All the muscles of the back and abdomen are involved here. The number of approaches – 3 with 10 repetitions.

Jump Squats: Butt and Abdominal Muscle Lift Exercises

There is virtually no press in this exercise. From a standing position with feet shoulder width apart, move to the squat floor position and jump up as far as possible. After landing – repeat. Do 3 approaches, each with 15 repetitions.

Effective Burpy

From the rack, go down to the squat, then jump to take the plank position, push out, jump back to the squat position. Jump up from the squat as efficiently as possible. After landing – repeat. The number of approaches to 4 to 15 repetitions. The amount can be gradually increased (one for each subsequent training).

A set of exercises for burning fat on the abdomen for a week at home

To achieve the goal, training should be saturated, but the load should be alternated so as not to overload individual muscle groups.

It is reasonable to conduct classes according to the following scheme:

Day of the week Warm up (10 min). Lesson progress (40 min.) Completion (10 min.)
Monday Easy run, morning exercise complex.
  • Vacuum in the stomach.
  • Tilts to the sides.
  • Exercise “Bicycle”.
  • Lunges with a turn.
  • Speed overcoming 9’8 – 328’1 foot
A complex of breathing exercises.
Tuesday Morning work-out Cardio Workout ( 3 mile) Breathing exercises, “Vacuum in the stomach”
Wednesday Charging
  • side twists;
  • reverse twisting;
  • twisting with vertical lifting legs;
  • burpie;
  • classic sit-up.
Thursday Complex morning exercise Swimming:
  • breaststroke;
  • butterfly;
  • crawl;
  • on the back.
Cold and hot shower
Friday Physical exercises
  • Vacuum in the stomach.
  • Tilts to the sides.
  • Exercise “Bicycle”.
  • twisting with vertical lifting legs;
Jogging, walking, floor exercises.
Saturday Morning gymnastics Cross 3 mile, speed running 9’8 – 328’1 foot Relaxation exercises.
Sunday Light workout American bath (or hammam)

Basic exercises for burning fat on the abdomen and sides for women, on the buttocks. Weekly Workout Program

If there is a problem of forming excess fat on the stomach, then the above material will help you choose the best exercises for burning it and restoring a slim figure.

Fat Burning Exercise Video

How to remove the stomach and sides:

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