How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

According to fitness trainers and nutritionists, in order for the weight loss process to be quick and effective, a person needs a detailed step-by-step plan (instruction) that clearly demonstrates the stages of the planned program.

Achieving clear goals and their implementation is especially important if you decide to lose weight at home, because the person must motivate himself.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus
Motivation is the key to success in the process of proper weight loss!

The initial stage of the weight loss program and gaining a slim figure is to consult a nutritionist or therapist regarding the possibility of dieting, exercise and other methods, for contraindications for health reasons.

The doctor should evaluate:

  • general condition of the body and functioning of organs;
  • metabolic rate;
  • physical activity;
  • psychological stress.

In some cases, a survey will be required, as a result of which a list of recommendations will be drawn up on how to start adjusting the lifestyle in order to achieve the desired result.

What you need to know about losing weight

Having studied physiological features, medical science claims that excess weight can manifest itself either in violation of the functional activity of the body, or with an incorrect lifestyle. If a person eliminates the cause, then getting rid of extra pounds will not be difficult.


How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

Basic nutrition rules:

  1. Eating should be fractional and systematic. Overeating should be avoided when leaving the table with a slight sense of hunger. The time interval should be the same throughout the day.
  2. The diet should be balanced. Protein food is preferred. It is necessary to reduce the intake of fats and foods with digestible carbohydrates.
  3. The use of fats in small doses is mandatory, provided that they must be easily digestible and not subjected to modifications.
  4. The daily consumption rate of kilocalories should be below the level of their expenditure.
  5. It is necessary to drink from 4 – 5 pint of water per day.
  6. When cooking, a minimal amount of salt should be used. The sodium contained in it retains excess water in the body.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

Calorie content and weight loss

The main requirement for any diet is to systematically obtain the desired result with its subsequent consolidation. This can be achieved by calculating the energy value of foods eaten during the day.

The daily level of calories consumed by a person is adjusted depending on:

  • gender
  • growth;
  • weight
  • age
  • physical activity;
  • region of residence.

Nutritionists give the average values of kilocalories:

  • For men:
    • up to 25 – 2700,
    • at 25-50 – 2400,
    • after 50 – 2100.
  • For women:
    • up to 25 – 2200,
    • at 25-50 – 1900,
    • after 50 – 1800.

Method for individually calculating the minimum calorie needs of the body

Formula for men Formula for women
(Weight (pounds) * 10 + height (inch) * 6.25-age (years) * 5 + 5) * coefficient of physical activity (Weight (pounds) * 10 + height (inch) * 6.25-age (years) * 5-161) * coefficient of physical activity

The coefficient values are the same for both sexes:

  • 1,2 – minimal activity;
  • 1375 – with a triple visit to the gym;
  • 1.55 – with a 5-time visit to the gym;
  • 1725 – daily intensive training;
  • 1.9 – daily hard physical labor.

The calculated indicator should be reduced by 10%. The result will be the daily calories that should be consumed , while losing weight at the same time. This methodology allows you to smoothly rebuild the body without exposing it to stress. A person will not experience psychological discomfort, which will result in excessive food intake after the diet.

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates and Slimming

The percentage of these elements also varies depending on gender and type of activity.

The average daily rates are as follows:

  • 25% protein, 25% fat, 50% carbohydrates – for men.
  • 20% protein, 30% fat, 50% carbohydrates – for women.

When losing weight, the proportions change to:

  • 35% protein, 20% fat, 45% carbohydrates – for men.
  • 30% protein, 25% fat, 45% carbohydrates – for women.

Example of protein determination: 500 g * 35/100 = 175 g
Fats and carbohydrates are calculated in the same way.
The calculation is made within the reduced kilocalories.

Allowed Products

Any diet involves not only limiting the amount of food eaten. The types of products themselves are subject to review, falling into the categories of “permitted” or “prohibited”.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

Allowed to use:

  • low-fat types of meat and fish;
  • cereals;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • greenery;
  • skim milk products;
  • yeast-free rye bread;
  • lean cookies
  • eggs in small quantities.

Prohibited Products

These include:

  • fatty types of meat and fish;
  • high-calorie sausages;
  • fatty dairy products and mayonnaise;
  • sugar and honey;
  • ice cream, chocolate and other sweet confectionery;
  • culinary products made from wheat flour and yeast dough;
  • pasta;
  • fast food;
  • sweet carbonated drinks and soft drinks;
  • smoked meats;
  • marinades;
  • pickles;
  • nuts
  • bananas
  • alcohol.

How much food can I eat per day

So that fractional nutrition does not begin to turn into an endless snack, you should draw up a step-by-step instruction that describes the correct frequency and rate of meals in the home and work environment. About how to strictly adhere to the conditions for its implementation depends on the speed of weight loss.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menusDoctors are instructed to plan their day so that the frequency of meals in humans is within 5-6 times, fit into the daily intake of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Portions in this case should be proportionally reduced, and the time interval should be the same.

A set of exercises that burn fat

To evenly distribute physical activity on all muscle groups, contributing to the rapid burning of body fat, experts prescribe:

  1. Gymnastic exercises that have a beneficial effect on the general tone of the body;
  2. Cardio workouts that strengthen the heart and increase stamina;
  3. Strength exercises – squats, bench press, work with dumbbells.

A positive effect is given by the alternation of exercises, in which a variety of training is achieved.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

Fat Burning Sports

The most favorable include:

  • running, alternating fast and slow pace;
  • swimming;
  • ski walking;
  • jumping rope;
  • cross country cycling;
  • crossfit;
  • dance Sport.

Cardio Slimming

When a person visits a fitness center, the instructor draws up an approximate recommendation for training, talking about how to start losing weight correctly at home. Step-by-step instructions for cardio training are built individually, taking into account the lack of control by the trainer.

The effect of this type of training on weight loss is due to the circular involvement of various muscle groups, including the heart itself.

For a month you can get rid of excess weight by 10%, alternating the following types of exercises:

  • running with high legs;
  • stepping;
  • bicycle riding;
  • swimming;
  • jumping rope.

First step: goal setting – losing weight

It will be easier for a person to achieve results if he starts a notebook in which the goal of losing weight will be indicated. There, you should also enter the terms of weight loss and the desired number of pounds, which you need to get rid of. To monitor progress, the first page should contain initial weight indicators.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

Separately, it is worth mentioning about communication with relatives and colleagues on the topic of weight loss. She should be avoided in conversations. Daily collective checks of discarded grams will create a negative emotional mood. A variety of tips will only confuse, adding doubts about the attainability of positive results.

Second step: making a diet for a week

Written diet planning for the coming week will be a step-by-step instruction that will allow you to start losing weight correctly at home. What exactly the alternation of dishes will look like is the choice of personal preferences.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

The main thing is not to upset the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake. And also keep track of the energy value of products so as not to exceed the level of calorie intake during meals.

Third step: setting the drinking regime

To meet the daily need for water, comprising 4 – 5 pint, you need clean drinking water. Liquid first courses, weak teas and unsweetened compotes will also serve as a source of the required liquid. The use of coffee, sweet carbonated drinks is strictly prohibited.

The fourth step: pick up physical activity

The choice of sports exercises should take into account the individual characteristics of a person, his physical preparation, the presence of diseases. A person selects a place for training sessions himself, depending on preferences and free time.

How to start losing weight correctly without harm to the body. Step-by-step instructions, nutrition tips, diet menus

The fifth step: determine for yourself the motivation for losing weight

Consultation of both a nutritionist and a psychologist will help in this matter. The specialist will draw up a step-by-step instruction from a motivating list of questions and answers, which will describe:

  1. Tasks solved by diet;
  2. Small steps, the implementation of which will allow you to properly start losing weight at home;
  3. Ways to achieve the final goals, without the risk of leaving everything in the middle of the way.

Sixth step: creating a daily menu and schedule

The daily diet should include fruits and vegetables, fiber. The time intervals between meals, with 5 meals a day, should be within 2.5 hours. Dinner should be completed 4 hours before bedtime.


  1. Breakfast at 6.00-6.30;
  2. Snack at 9.00-9.30;
  3. Lunch at 12.00-12.30;
  4. Snack at 15.00-15.30;
  5. Dinner at 18.00-18.30.

Seventh step: record all subtotals

For convenient control of summing up the intermediate results, their written records should be kept. This will allow you to adhere to a given pace of losing weight, and also demonstrate errors, if any.

Example menu for the week


  1. Breakfast – porridge from oatmeal, fruit, tea.
  2. Snack – kefir, biscuit cookies.
  3. Lunch – chicken soup, vegetable salad, tea.
  4. Snack – yogurt, rye bread.
  5. Dinner – vegetable stew, compote.


  1. Breakfast – buckwheat porridge, greens.
  2. Snack – cottage cheese, tea.
  3. Lunch – mashed potatoes, kefir.
  4. Snack – bread, cheese, green tea.
  5. Dinner – fish stew, vegetable salad.


  1. Breakfast – rice porridge, compote.
  2. Snack – baked apples.
  3. Lunch – boiled meat with vegetables.
  4. Snack – cottage cheese casserole, green tea.
  5. Dinner – fish soup, baked vegetables.


  1. Breakfast – scrambled eggs, cheese, mineral water.
  2. Snack – kefir, lean cookies.
  3. Lunch – green borscht, bread, tea.
  4. Snack – boiled beet salad.
  5. Dinner – stuffed peppers, herbs.


  1. Breakfast – granola, kefir.
  2. Snack – dried fruits.
  3. Lunch – rabbit stew with vegetables.
  4. Snack – stewed pumpkin, green tea.
  5. Dinner – fish fillet, greens.

How to keep the result

A person should not relax when the cherished numbers appear on the dial of the scales. It is not enough to achieve certain weight indicators. It is necessary to fix the result.

Helpful hints:

  1. When completing a diet course, do not abandon the basic principles of proper nutrition. It is better to observe moderate restrictions in the selection of certain foods and their quantities than to alternate
    periods of strict diets and heavy food intake.
  2. Control your weight. The frequency of measurements should be no more than 1 time per week. Otherwise, it will become an obsession and lead to unnecessary stress.
  3. Maintain an active lifestyle.
  4. Give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol cause irreparable damage to health, disrupting the metabolism in the body.
  5. Reduce the number of welcoming meetings at the dinner table in the first month after the end of the diet. It will take some time for the new lifestyle to become familiar. After this happens, a variety of treats on the festive table will no longer be a strong temptation.

Nutrition Tips

  1. Any diet for weight loss is not a basis for refusing food. Do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. A systematic violation of this rule can cause various diseases of the digestive system. Nervous breakdowns are also likely, the result of which can be overeating and loss of the progress achieved in the fight against body fat.
  2. Drinking a glass of water after eating reduces hunger. If you drink water 20 minutes before a meal, then this will reduce the amount of food you eat.
  3. During a long course of weight loss, doctors prescribe vitamin-mineral complexes and biological supplements that eliminate the deficiency of essential elements.

Doctors give step-by-step instructions on how to start losing weight properly. But they are not limited to monitoring home and work meals, or adjusting the conditions of physical activity.

The human lifestyle includes such interrelated aspects as: the surrounding emotional background, a full sleep, rest. Only an integrated approach to solving the problem of overweight gives a long-term noticeable result.

Material author: Babanin Vyacheslav

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