AFT hair removal – laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices

An innovative integrated technology for hair removal on any part of the body and face is called AFT hair removal. Reviews indicate the effectiveness of the method, which allows you to permanently eliminate excess vegetation. Before deciding on a procedure, patients should learn about the features of the mechanism of exposure of the device, the existing contraindications and precautions.

Features of the procedure and prices

AFT hair removal (reviews can be seen below) is an advanced method of fluorescence laser exposure. It was developed in Israel, the technology is carried out on a special device Soprano XL, jointly developed by specialists from the United States and Israel.

The essence of the procedure is locally directed safe hardware exposure to problem areas, but you can not name the laser technique, in fact it is a more advanced type of photoepilation. But, unlike the classic photo method, AFT technology uses a clean impulse effect. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices

To understand the intricacies of the method, you should familiarize yourself with its features:

  1. The AFT method is a double exposure synthesis that includes photoepilation and a laser technique, each of which is more advanced.
  2. During processing, each individual hair is captured, which ensures complete removal of unwanted hair in the treated area.
  3. The effect of AFT is cumulative, the combined photo and laser effects have a depressing effect on the bulbs, which eventually die completely.

AFT hair removal has no analogues, it is applied on any parts of the face and body. It has a high fluence and is less traumatic than the previous generation hair removal methods.

The bottom line is to use a special filter that allows you to convert the part of the spectrum that is not used into usable energy . Power does not increase. Each supplied pulse has the same density, this provides high security, allowing for more efficient removal.

The procedure is carried out using a special nozzle Harmony XL, which carries out the directed action of the light pulse flux. Another feature of the technology is the possibility of its use not only in the field of hair removal, but also in cosmetology, for the treatment of rosacea, in programs of hardware rejuvenation, removal of hyperpigmentation, moles and scars.

The cost depends on the processing area. So, the cost of a full face aft hair removal is on average from $ 122, the white line of the abdomen is from $ 41, the deep bikini area is from $ 116, the classic one is from $ 54, hair removal of the legs and thighs is completely from $ 204.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of the technology’s impact is the directed use of specially designed hardware nozzles. Thanks to the combined action of the Soprano ICE nozzle, even light hairs can be removed, as well as dark, stiff and gray.

The technique works effectively on any type of skin, including tanned. There is a double effect and the conversion of the energy of the pulses, the wave density is uniform. The filter has the ability to cut off the left side of the spectrum. Thus, the follicle is destroyed by the action of a light wave with a length of 750-1300 nm.

AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices
The mechanism of action of AFT hair removal

The radiation penetrates to a sufficient depth, absorption by melanin occurs, damaging the bulb without the possibility of recovery. The nozzle for AFT technology uses a filter, so the manipulator does not process the area with peak radiation, but with a rectangular one, providing a more intense, long-lasting effect, but with significantly lower energy costs.

Also, the mechanism uses the “in motion” function, treating the surface completely, without leaving gaps and eliminating intense overheating of the epidermis. After a deep, but safe for tissues, thermal exposure, the hairs fall out.

Benefits of AFT

AFT hair removal (patient reviews are presented below) has several advantages over analogous procedures:

  • High efficiency. A special mechanism for processing problem areas involves the maximum destruction of hairs with the destruction of follicles, without leaving bundles or gaps.
  • The minimum list of contraindications. Unlike analogs, AFT epilation can be performed with varicose veins, skin pathologies.
  • Universality. The technology works on any type of epidermis, with any thickness and color of hairs, it is used for men and women.
  • Safety. Thanks to the technology of cutting off that part of the spectrum that can cause tissue damage, there is no risk of developing burns, scars, or prolonged erythema after the procedure.
  • Painless and short rehabilitation. The use of cooling allows you to conduct sessions without pain, there is no likelihood of subsequent pigmentation, there are no restrictions on visiting a solarium or sunbathing.

  • It can be used at any time of the year, including in the summer period. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices

The technology copes with ingrown hairs, is used to remove hair from any zones, has a persistent pronounced smoothness effect. It can be used even for people with color types above III, there are no contraindications in combination with Botox procedures for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.


Despite the large list of advantages, AFT hair removal has several significant disadvantages:

  • The technique is new, therefore not in every clinic or salon can be offered to patients.
  • The cost of hair removal significantly exceeds the price of similar methods of getting rid of unwanted vegetation.
  • After treatment, a small erythema may develop at the treatment sites.


AFT hair removal session is not recommended:

  • during pregnancy, during lactation; AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices
  • under the age of 18;
  • if there are open wounds, ulcers in the area of exposure;
  • with autoimmune diseases;
  • disorders of the endocrine system, diabetes mellitus in decompensation form;
  • with acute infections, at the time of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with oncology.

Unlike analogue methods, this type of hair removal has a short list of contraindications, can be performed with varicose veins of any stage, the presence
of spider veins on the face, body, but only after consulting a doctor.

Precautionary measures

The technique is safe, the risk of developing negative consequences is unlikely, but before the course of procedures, all safety precautions should be observed:

  • Before starting AFT procedures on the facial areas, it is necessary to protect the eyes with special glasses so as not to damage the mucous membrane. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices
  • Do not conduct sessions for people under 18 years of age.
  • Exclude the procedure of hair removal sessions on tanned skin (less than 2 weeks), this can lead to the development of thermal burns in the treated area.
  • Use only delicate care products, avoiding alcohol-containing compounds.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure immediately after the end of menstruation, then all possible painful sensations are minimized.

Apparatus for AFT hair removal

AFT hair removal is the latest technology designed to remove unwanted hair. Reviews indicate the effectiveness of the cosmetological method.

Manufacturers offer a number of specialized hair removal devices using this technique:

  • SOPRANO XL is an innovative device that allows you to carry out comprehensive programs, including not only effective hair removal, but also rejuvenation, skin tone improvement, acne therapy. The advantages of this device include high performance, a multi-module mechanism, including the SHR technique and original hair removal technology.
  • SOPRANO ICE. Modified on the basis of a diode laser model for AFT hair removal, allowing sessions to be carried out regardless of the time of year. Used for all types of skin, hair. The unit is equipped with an additional cooling system, as well as an in motion function to remove hairs in motion. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices
  • Cosmestar Cosmetic Systems . The device is made in Germany, equipped with additional nozzles for hair removal, as well as comprehensive skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne, spider veins and other aesthetic problems. The technology is based on the principle of Square Motion Technology, there is an integrated manual cooling system for a painless effect on sensitive areas.
  • Cosmo World Mona One . Compact device, equipped with two types of nozzles for complex processing of problem areas. It can work in several modes, including IPL technology for hair removal. The advantage is the small dimensions of the device, as well as several functional modes, which provides a wide range of applications.
  • ELOS SHR IE-62. The cosmetology device, compact, multifunctional, can be used for the course of AFT hair removal. Safe, does not leave scars, burns during exposure to problem areas, does not contribute to subsequent hyperpigmentation.


The technology of AFT hair removal is quite simple, but in order to avoid negative consequences, experts recommend a series of measures to prepare the areas of intended treatment for the procedure.

Preparation includes several mandatory activities:

  • Consultation with a specialist. Before the session, the cosmetologist needs to collect an anamnesis, identify contraindications and familiarize himself with the mechanism of the procedure.
  • The characteristics of the treatment sites, the degree of pigmentation, the determination of the color type, thickness and color of the hairs are evaluated.
  • Before the session, the treatment area should be depilated using a razor. AFT hair removal removes only short hairs. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices
  • 2 weeks before the first manipulation, it is not recommended to visit the bathhouse, solarium, prolonged tanning in the open sun.
  • Do not apply cosmetic or decorative products, as well as compositions that promote clogging of pores, to the treatment areas before starting the hardware exposure. This may reduce the effect.

How is the procedure

AFT hair removal (patient reviews can be read below) is a completely safe hair removal technique.

The session takes place according to the standard algorithm:

  1. The patient is placed on a cosmetic couch, taking a comfortable pose. The skin is cleansed, degreased.
  2. Special protective glasses are put on the eyes of the patient and the cosmetologist. Optics is necessary to prevent thermal burns when radiation enters the mucosa.
  3. A transparent contact gel is applied to the treatment area, evenly distributed over the hair removal area, for better interaction and sliding of the manipula.
  4. The manipulator nozzle is held in quick mode on the skin, slightly touching it. When the nozzle contacts the skin, a slight tingling sensation may occur.
  5. After the session, the contact gel residues are removed, the area is treated with a tool that slows down follicle activity.

Exposure time to specific areas

For each individual area undergoing hair removal, there is a time period for the manipulation of the hair follicles. In general, the duration of the session can vary from 15 minutes. up to 1 h, depending on the characteristics of the area. So, for AFT epilation of armpits, it will take 15 minutes, for the bikini area – 30 minutes, full face treatment – 45 minutes.

Efficiency and Possible Consequences

AFT hair removal (testimonials testify to the effectiveness) – the technique is new, effective, since in its development the minuses of the analog procedures were taken into account. This method allows you to completely remove unwanted vegetation in certain areas. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices

For the maximum aesthetic result, a course of procedures may be required, since the effectiveness of the technology is due to the natural cyclical growth of hairs. In one session, the manipulator is capable of exerting a destructive effect on an average of 70% of the hair follicles , so it is necessary to repeat the procedure until the area is completely treated.

The course is calculated individually, it depends on:

  • features of the color type of appearance;
  • abundance of vegetation;
  • color, thickness of hairs;
  • the presence of hormonal disorders, other characteristics of the body.

Hair does not fall out during the session, but only after 1-2 weeks. Experts recommend at least 7-10 sessions. Intensity – 1 procedure per month. In order to achieve
a permanent effect of smooth skin, supporting procedures can be repeated, but not more than 1 time per year.

Skin care after the procedure

The technology is safe, actively used even in cases where other methods of hair removal are contraindicated. To prolong the aesthetic result, it is necessary to provide the skin with full care. If there is a tendency to ingrown hairs, for preventive purposes it is recommended to periodically scrub the skin. AFT hair removal - laser hair removal on the face and body, the bikini area in the salon and at home. Devices, reviews and prices

When dryness, peeling appear, moisturize with a moisturizer. With the development of a small erythema, the zone should be treated with a soothing ointment. The advantage of the technology is the absence of strict restrictions, as well as the ability to visit the sauna, bathhouse, pool or solarium immediately after the procedures.

Homemade AFT Hair Removal

In the salon, the procedures are performed by qualified specialists who have undergone training and practical training. But a feature of AFT hair removal is the ability to conduct sessions at home with a professional apparatus.

To properly carry out hair removal at home, you must:

  • check the device for full charge and readiness for the session;
  • when manipulating the hair removal area, it is forbidden to hold it for a long time in one place;
  • be sure to use protective optics;
  • nozzle movement should be smooth;
  • Do not affect the area without applying contact gel;
  • monitor the reaction of the skin, with redness, burning sensation and acute tingling, stop the session;
  • after the procedure is completed, remove the gel residues from the skin, apply a soothing cream, treat with a hair growth agent.

With strict adherence to the technology, pain and negative consequences should not occur. For home procedures, you can purchase a compact device, but the cost of such equipment is quite high.

In the development of the method, all the shortcomings of similar methods were taken into account, so this procedure is an improved version of photo and laser hair removal. AFT hair removal, based on patient feedback, is a guaranteed effective hair removal technique. The device allows you to act on problem areas in a complex, solving several aesthetic problems at the same time.

AFT Hair Removal Video

How does AFT hair removal take place:

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