Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

Depilation strips are an excellent tool with which you can easily and inexpensively remove unwanted hair on problem areas of the body without resorting to beauty salons.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

Almost half of the women are accustomed to associate the word “depilation” with wax to remove unwanted hairs. And rightly so, this method is proven, reliable and convenient, not requiring special expenses and time.

Shary – wax strips for depilation

Shary – wax strips for depilation of problem areas located on the body. They have been recognized by many women in USA and other countries of the world, since they perfectly remove unwanted vegetation, while not irritating the skin. The manufacturer presents strips for different skin types.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

Positive traits:

  • The tool effectively removes unnecessary vegetation on problem areas of the skin;
  • Easy to use to use these strips, it is not necessary to be a professional;
  • Removal of absolutely all hairs, even very short ones;
  • Caring for the skin as a professional.

The disadvantage of this tool is only one – it contains too many chemicals in its composition.

Depilatory Wax Strips – Floresan Deep Depil

Depilation strips Floresan Deep Depil, made of natural beeswax and are designed to remove excess vegetation on any part of the human body. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

The product line includes strips soaked in extracts of various herbs, such as lavender, chamomile, aloe vera, peppermint and azulene. Each of these herbs has a beneficial effect on human skin:

  1. One of the main advantages of Floresan wax strips is their reusability. Which significantly saves the size of a family wallet;
  2. Low cost of a product;
  3. The effect after depilation with strips of Floresan lasts quite a long time. With the constant use of these strips, the hair follicles are injured, and this leads to a slower hair growth.

Floresan wax strips have one, but a very big minus – painful use.

Therefore, if strips are used for the first time, there should be no armpits or bikini area. The most ideal option for the first use is legs, they do not feel so much pain.

Faberlic – wax strips for depilation

Faberlik hair removal strips are easy to use. Even the shortest hairs are removed with a flick of the wrist. The components included in their composition are able to relieve irritation on the skin, prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions, soothe, promote recovery and refresh the skin.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

After applying the strips, the skin remains smooth for up to one month.

One package contains 16 strips for depilation.

Veet (Vit) – wax strips for depilation

Veet wax strips for hair removal are already ready for use, they can be used to remove unnecessary vegetation on any part of the body, and it can be done quickly and painlessly. If you use these strips constantly, then over time, hair growth slows down, this is facilitated by the depletion of the hair follicle.

Wax strips for depilation of the intimate area of the bikini

As soon as the holiday season begins, most women think about how to make the bikini area attractive. Yes, and try to save on this. Indeed, on the beach everyone wants to look attractive.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

It is for such cases that strips for depilation in intimate areas have been created. So what features do these stripes have

  • Excellent result – not a single hair grows during the month.
  • The use of this tool completely eliminates the possibility of cuts or inflammation. Indeed, when shaving hair with a machine, there is a high probability of cutting it with sharp blades, and when using the machine there is practically no way to avoid inflammation in shaved areas of the skin.
  • It allows to reduce the time for hair removal by several times. After all, if you remove the vegetation with tweezers or an epilator, then this procedure will take a lot of time.
  • The ability to remove a large amount of hair at the same time, if you use strips strictly, following the instructions. Therefore, before proceeding to depilation, you should carefully read the attached instructions. If all conditions are met completely, the result will be up to 96% of the removed hairline. And the remaining 4% can be removed using a razor or tweezers.
  • Waxing can be done at home , this will not affect its result.
  • All consumables for the procedure can be easily bought at any pharmacy at a reasonable price.
  • The content of additional components will help prevent irritation, as well as they are able to care for the skin.

Wax strips for facial depilation

The face is the most noticeable part of the body of any person, especially if it is a woman. Therefore, the choice of wax strips to remove unwanted vegetation above the upper lip should be taken very seriously.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

When buying strips, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • You should carefully examine the packaging and make sure that these strips for depilation are intended for use on the face.
  • Carefully study the composition. It should include only natural ingredients. For example, beeswax, extracts from plants that have a calming effect and help soften the skin after the procedure. And also in the composition of the strips for depilation must necessarily be substances that slow down the growth of hairs.
  • Pay particular attention to the size of the purchased strips. They should be suitable for depilation of problem areas on the face.
  • The presence of wipes to remove the wax remaining on the face is a must!

Where can I buy Veet strips (Vit) for depilation, how much are – the price of wax strips

The cost of wax strips for depilation may depend on the of USA. For example, in Kurgan, their cost will start at $ 4,07 per pack, and in Seattle the lowest price is $ 5,07 per pack.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

Veet wax strips can be purchased at many large chain super- and hypermarkets in USA. And also in online stores.

Nevertheless, experts recommend buying these products in specialized, and best of all, in company stores lo
cated in many of the country.

This will protect buyers from fakes, the use of which can cause not only an allergic reaction, but also bring in various infections.

How to use Veet strips for hair removal at home

One of the best ways to remove unwanted hairs on problem areas of the body is wax. But with this procedure it is quite difficult to cope on your own, especially to a beginner.

In order to save time and simplify the task for consumers, manufacturers produced wax strips. They are much more convenient to use and the procedure of depilation with strips does not take much time than if it is carried out using hot wax.

The main advantage of strips is ease of use. This device must be selected by size, for example, for the bikini zone one size, and for the armpits it will be completely different. To choose the right strips you need to carefully study the packaging.

For more effective removal of unnecessary vegetation, you must adhere to the following tips:

  1. To get the best result, it is best to apply strips on clean skin, so experts recommend taking a shower or bath before starting the procedure, then thoroughly drying the skin with a towel and sprinkling it with talcum powder or baby powder to reduce perspiration.
  2. The basis on which the wax is applied must be thoroughly heated between the palms of the hands and glued to the problem area of the skin, while smoothing it in the direction of hair growth on the body, while pressing it.
  3. In this state, hold it for about 15 seconds, then with a sharp movement of the hand to tear the base, holding it with your free hand. This trick allows you to avoid the appearance of abrasions and bruises on the body.
  4. After carrying out the procedure to remove unwanted hairs, those areas where this procedure was carried out must be thoroughly wiped with a special cloth, which is included with the strips.

How to warm up wax strips for depilation

The easiest way to heat the strips for depilation is to usd them between the palms for several minutes.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews
How to use strips for depilation

Using this method, depilation can be carried out almost anywhere where it is convenient. After all, the depilation result depends on how the wax, which is on a paper basis of the strip, is heated.

How to do depilation in the bikini area with wax strips Veet (Vit)

Preparation for depilation is a kind of whole ritual that requires careful and accurate execution. And so that the removal of hairs with the help of wax strips was, it is necessary to track as efficiently as possible so that the hairs on the bikini area would be about 1’6 inch.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

The first thing to do when preparing for depilation is to open the pores and remove the dead cells. This is best done with a scrub, after the skin is cleaned, it must be thoroughly wiped with a bath towel. The preparation is over. Now you can proceed directly to the depilation itself.

In order for the skin to remain smooth as long as possible after hair removal, several rules must be observed:

  • After preparing the skin, you need to prepare everything you need to depilate the bikini area, first of all from the package you need to get the strips and, if necessary, cut them into narrower ones. This will help reduce pain.
  • In order for the wax to become softer, the strips must be warmed up in the palms of your hands for 15 seconds.
  • The next step is the separation of the strip. The smooth part of it is simply thrown away, since it is not needed. And the sticky part is glued to the problem area, in the direction of hair growth.
  • Carefully smooth the strip so that the wax on it evenly spreads over the surface.
  • Tear off the tape against hair growth, while stretching the skin.
  • After the procedure, the remnants of the wax are removed using cotton pads moistened with lotion or body oil.

How to use strips for facial depilation: eyebrows, antennae above the upper lip

Depilation is one of the most painless and simple ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair. The problem areas of the face include the chin, eyebrows and the area above the upper lip.

Strips for depilation. How to use for face, bikini zone. Which is better: Wax, Veet. Reviews

According to most cosmetologists, in order for the procedure to bring as little discomfort as possible, before you start it you need to steam the skin or treat it with a scrub, this will open the pores, which will reduce the pain effect. So how to remove facial hair Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. You need to stick a strip in the direction of hair growth, and tear off against hair growth.
  2. The glued strip is best smoothed with a finger and pressed well against the skin. But before you apply a wax strip, you need to warm it up, rubbing it between your palms.
  3. Tear off the sticky strip with a sharp movement of the hand and against hair growth.
  4. Beauticians recommend that after depilation, treat the skin with lotion, which will help to avoid irritation. But if this trouble nevertheless happened, then any ointment against irritation that is on sale in any pharmacy will help to fix it.

Using strips for depilation, it is possible to save time and money.

Hair Removal Strip Videos

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