Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

The use of cardio workouts at home, subject to a competent approach, provides good opportunities for burning fat. The undoubted advantage of this type of load is the training of muscles, heart and blood vessels.

The benefits of cardio training for the body

Cardiotraining, if they are carried out on a regular basis, bring the body such benefits:

  • acceleration of ventilation processes in the lungs, due to which the body is saturated with oxygen;
  • prevention of the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
    Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home
    Cardio workouts for burning fat at home
  • acceleration of all processes, including metabolism, contributing to weight loss;
  • fat splitting;
  • strengthening the bone corset;
  • prevention of osteoporosis;
  • harmonization of processes in the central nervous system;
  • increased stress tolerance;
  • increase in working capacity and internal tone.


Cardio training, first of all, carries a big burden on the heart. In this regard, experts note a number of indications, the presence of which in a person is considered a direct prohibition on conducting such classes:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (the attending physician may prescribe gentle training);
  • gastrointestinal tract pathology (gastritis, ulcer, cysts);
  • the presence of hypertension or hypotension;
  • joint problems suggesting a reduction in high loads on them;
  • injuries of the upper or lower extremities;
  • acute respiratory inflammatory diseases.

Individual heart rate

Indicators of an ideal heart rate, largely depend on the age and individual characteristics of the person. Average values range from 60 beats minimum to 90 beats maximum per minute. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

The following factors affect heart rate:

  • weight and age of a person;
  • volume of physical fitness;
  • mental and emotional state;
  • ambient temperature.

Separately, it is possible to note such options for heart rate values, depending on the stage of training:

  1. During the warm-up, the pulse will reach 100 beats per minute.
  2. During the running phase, heart rate increases to 120 beats.
  3. During cardio training, you should not exceed the permissible values that are calculated by the average formula: 226 – age in women and 220 – age in men.
  4. The optimal heart rate values can be calculated as follows: multiply the optimal rhythm by 0.7. Achieving the obtained value is considered the key to effective training.

In the course of cardio training, it is important to conduct regular heart rate changes, for this you can use both special devices and keep counts manually.

Processes occurring at different heart rates

Depending on the boundaries of the values at which the heart rate fluctuates, several types of pulse zones are distinguished:

  1. Therapeutic – within 120 strokes: for a half-hour training, metabolism is accelerated, muscle tone is increased.
  2. Fitness zone – from 130 to 150 strokes: at least 40 minutes of training at this pace will start the process of burning fat.
  3. Aerobic – no more than 165 strokes: helps increase overall stamina, breakdown fats and release due to this energy.
  4. Anaerobic – in the of 170 strokes: carbohydrates are destroyed. Suitable only for people with the appropriate level of training.

How to schedule workouts

Cardio workouts conducted at home to burn fat require a certain schedule. It is necessary for the correct distribution of the load and increase the chances of losing weight. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

Rules for organizing home training:

  1. Time: some consider morning to be suitable, others as evening. The ideal option would be the period when a person feels a surge of strength and is able to actively train.
  2. It is important to separate meals from training: at least 1.5 hours before the start of the lesson and 2 hours after it.
  3. Duration of training: at least 15 minutes are allowed for warm-up, the main part lasts about 40 minutes, stretching in conclusion should last from 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Daily workouts are not a necessity. It is best to exercise 3 times a week, and to speed up the processes of burning fat – every other day.
  5. Strength exercises are recommended not to be done more often than 1 time in 3 days. Otherwise, symptoms of overtraining may occur.
  6. Important: every 3 months, the training program should be completely changed.

Load progression

There are different types of cardio workouts, each of which includes a certain procession of loads. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

Types of training:

  • a long lesson that does not involve rest breaks: it must last at least an hour, it may include running;
  • interval: alternates with 5 minute intervals, during which there is a change of activity;
  • Fartlek: a training that has similar functions with an interval, but supplemented by recovery periods;
  • aerobic: exercises are alternating in which work with and without load is performed (for example, squats and an ellipse);
  • crisscross: includes a dynamic (about 15 minutes) change of type of exercise, in addition, alternation of training days is allowed here (Monday – only running, Wednesday – aerobics and more).

Alternating cardio workouts with weight training

It is very important not to focus only on the cardio load, because strength exercises allow you to use subcutaneous fat in your work, which requires burning. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

For example, a load with a low intensity, when the pulse barely reaches the level of 150 units, leads to the burning of fat. And intense exercises, with an increase in heart rate to a mark of 170 beats, require the participation of glycogen.

Strength exercises can cause changes in heart rate from 100 beats to 170-180.

In this case, the person uses an additional burden, due to which the load increases. Experts recommend alternating on the principle of 8 after 8 minutes. So, during the training, all the muscles will be involved, the processes of losing weight will start and the overall result from the exercises will increase.

How to breathe during training

Proper breathing during sports is the basis of a harmoniously performed exercise that brings real benefits to the body.

Rules :

  • breathing should be deep, not superficial;
  • even inhale and exhale;
  • inhale only with the nose, and exhale with the mouth. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

The principles of breathing during the lesson:

  1. Cardio training: if a person is jogging, then 2 steps should be inhaled, 2 steps should be exhaled.
  2. Strength training: you need to exhale at maximum effort, and inhale at minimum.

Training Wear

Clothing for cardio workouts must comply with the following principles:

  • convenience: the lack of styles that restrict movement and does not allow the correct exercise;
  • material: special, designed for sports. These can be innovative compounds that will remove moisture from the body and promote ventilation.

Nutrition before and after training

Cardio workouts for burning fat at home work quite successfully. It is important to organize the correct diet in the days they are held:

  • It is forbidden to train immediately after eating;
  • It is advisable to eat 2 hours before the start of the lesson. During this time, the body will be saturated with slow carbohydrates, protein, and due to the released energy, forces will appear for training; Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home
  • with the end of classes, the body continues to work fat burning system. This means that half an hour after this, you need to eat foods rich in fast protein. And after another 40 minutes, the turn of slow carbohydrates begins.

Drinking while training

Drinking is an integral part of your workout. During aerobic exercise, the body spends a lot of moisture during perspiration. This means that there is a violation of the water-salt balance, which must be replenished by unlimited fluid intake, namely, pure water.

Home Workout Exercises

Home cardio training can be no less effective than flowing in the gym. The main thing is to choose an effective scheme and pay attention to the correctness of the exercises.

Warm up

To prepare the muscles for the load, you need to conduct a preliminary warm-up, which includes the following exercises:

  • turns and rotations of the head and body in different directions;
  • mandatory study of the muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  • stretching the muscles of the arms and legs;
  • rotation by all limbs;
  • raising legs on socks and rotation of the ankle joints.

Explosive push ups

To strengthen the muscles of the chest, abs and front delta, you need to include this type of push-ups in your workout. They are performed as follows:

  • take a plank pose, bend your elbows in the joints and sharply move your palms from the floor, after a jump put your palms in place;
  • the starting position does not change, but after separation, you need to land on your hands, which are somewhat wider. Then return them to their original position;
  • the third type of push-ups involves the presence of auxiliary bars on which you will need to land your hands after the jump;
  • being in a plank position, sharply straighten your arms and raise them above your head, then quickly return them under your chest and lower yourself to the floor.


Squats are considered universal exercises to strengthen the buttocks, quadriceps and calf muscles. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

Perform squats like this:

  1. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the knees are slightly apart – the posture is stable.
  2. The body should be tilted down at a natural angle.
  3. After exhaling, lower the hips until the knees form an angle of 90 degrees to the floor.
  4. Holding up at the bottom point, you need to exhale and gradually rise up.

Jumping out

To develop explosive strength, you can make jumps, holding dumbbells in your hands:

  • take a dumbbell in each hand;
  • hands down;
  • legs apart slightly wider than shoulders;
  • Slow down to a squat
  • the back remains straight;
  • pushing his feet to jump as high as possible, while his hands do not change their position;
  • lower on legs that are slightly bent;
  • repeat the exercise.

Rope jumping

Carrying out cardio workouts at home, do not forget about an important accessory that allows you to do effective exercises for burning fat – a skipping rope.

Advantages of using the rope:

  • increases the energy consumption of the body during training;
  • improves heart function;
  • increases stamina;
  • leads to tone several muscle groups at once. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

Experts recommend during cardio training to alternate the use of the rope in the following exercises: running on the spot, jumping and walking without this accessory.

All types of exercises should be carried out for 5 minutes, followed by a break of 2 minutes.

Press Exercises

The muscles of the press need to be given increased attention, in addition to the purely external effect, they support the internal organs and form a corset for the spine.

The most effective exercises are:

  1. Twisting in a lying position: raise your head with your hands behind it, without straining your neck. Hips at this time should lie tightly on the floor.
  2. Scissors: lying on your back, raise straight legs up to an angle of 45 degrees and cross them alternately.
  3. Diver: lying on his back, perform walking movements on the ceiling with his legs up.
  4. Perform twisting, only keep legs raised up.
  5. Bicycle: lying on your back, alternately join opposite legs, bent at the knees, and elbows of hands behind the head.

Running on the spot

Running in place is considered a fairly effective method of creating a soft load on the legs. It can be performed anywhere and at any convenient time.


  • traditional run: arms are slightly bent and pressed to the body, legs move as in a normal run, without a strong separation from the floor, frequent movements;
  • with jumps;
  • shuttle: for short distances between 2 objects;
  • with raising the knees to the level of the hips.

Important: breathing during such an exercise should be carried out only by the nose. It is important to do short-term slowdowns, with subsequent acceleration of movement.


During cardio training, which is carried out at home, it is not superfluous to carry out the burpee exercise,
which is used to burn fat. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

The specifics of the exercise differs depending on the gender of the athlete:

  • men : first you need to do push-ups, and then jump in place. Advanced athletes can alternate with jumping over the bar or running in place, doing pull-ups or jumping on a hill;
  • women : to be level, to lower the squat in the floor, to rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Jump back and take a pose as if push-ups. Tighten the buttocks and fix for 5 seconds, return to the starting position. Now bounce up and close your palms over your head. First, repeat 10 times, over time you need to achieve continuous jumps for a minute.


Dance moves will help diversify boring cardio workout. Such styles are perfect for such an activity:

  • jazz;
  • zumba;
  • hip-hop;
  • belly dance;
  • step.

To start the process of losing weight, you can include at least 30 minutes of dance classes in regular cardio training. Dancing perfectly develops coordination of movements, strengthens several muscle groups and improves mood.


These exercises are taken in cardio training from kickboxing, they are performed as follows:

  • legs set wide;
  • hands are bent at the elbows, fingers are clenched into fists and are near the face;
  • you need to beat forward with a slightly bent leg;
  • no need to bend the knee;
  • alternate legs.

Each stroke should be clear and as strong as possible, so the muscles of the arms, legs, press and body are trained. The elasticity of the skin increases, the tension decreases and the vitality increases.


This is a very effective exercise that, without much energy, helps to tighten all the main types of muscles. Cardio workouts for burning fat for women at home

The main thing is the correctness of its implementation:

  • take the emphasis of lying down face down;
  • fingers and toes should be on the floor;
  • the body is stretched into a string;
  • buttocks and stomach tightened;
  • strain and hold all muscles;
  • hold on for a minute or more.

Aerobic classes

At home, conducting cardio workouts, especially for burning fat, it is worth remembering aerobic exercise. This type of exercise helps to train muscles, saturate the body with oxygen and develop coordination of movements.

Aerobic exercises include a set of exercises performed to energetic music in a certain order. These can be steps, bouncing, u-turns and inclines. For advanced athletes, it is permissible to use a special step platform to increase the load.

Cardio training can play a significant role in weight loss. The main thing is the regularity of its implementation, constant monitoring of health and health, the correctness of the exercises.

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Cardio training for burning fat without jumping and running:

Cardio workouts for burning fat at home:

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