How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

Visceral fat (from lat. “Viscera” – viscera) is concentrated inside the abdominal cavity around various organs. Its use as a backup source of energy, an obstacle for negative external influences, injuries depends on certain norms of its accumulation in the body.

What is the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. What is visceral fat

A feature of visceral fat is its deposition deep inside the thin serous membranes, the so-called. films that cover the entire cavity. It protects the liver, stomach, gall bladder, colon, kidneys, genitals from external mechanical damage. Along with the protective function, it is also a “reserve” of energy.

However, its overabundance activates the production of hormones to the detriment of metabolism.

Visceral fat has an acceptable rate of up to 15% of the total volume of body fat cells. Its excess leads to a violation of the functions of internal organs, the appearance of a bulging abdomen.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

This occurs as a result of the blocking of blood flow and lymph by this type of fat, the formation of oxygen imbalance, shortness of breath, the occurrence of sleep apnea syndromes. Excess viscera is harmful to health and cannot be removed surgically.

How to determine the percentage of visceral fat on the stomach

The most accurate measurement of the rate of visceral fat is examination using modern equipment in the clinic. A preliminary measurement can be done at home. To do this, measure the coverage of the waist, hips, and then calculate the coefficient of deviation from the optimal level. This is done by dividing the waist indicator by the circumference of the hips.

So, for example, with a hip volume of 3’3 foot and a waist of 29’1 inch, this figure will be 0.74.

Correspondence of their volumes to generally accepted parameters, based on height, weight, age, indicates a completely safe situation. In case of excess, violation of the proportions of the body, protrusion of the abdomen, we are talking about the need to burn internal fat due to a revision of lifestyle.

What percentage of visceral fat is considered normal for women and men

On average, 10% of all fat deposits are occupied by visceral and 90% subcutaneous cells. This norm may vary depending on the individual body type, age of the person, his genetics, degree of activity, diet. An important factor is also gender.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

The experts consider about 9% for men with a waist circumference of 35’4 – 37 inch and 13-15% for women with a waist circumference of not more than 31’5 inch as evidence of a safe minimum of its content. Exceeding these parameters gives reason to start fighting this deviation.

It should be noted that women are very prone to the appearance of cellulite, but to a lesser extent – to the internal fat layer.

Unlike women, men are prone to intensive fouling of internal organs with fat. The situation may be aggravated by a passion for beer, which negatively affects hormonal processes. And this, in turn, provokes sexual impotence, infertility.

It is important to remember that excess and deficiency of the internal fat layer are equally harmful to the body . Observance of normal proportions, regardless of gender, allows you to absorb vitamins, synthesize hormones, build new cells, promote reproductive functions.

Why visceral fat is deposited on the stomach. Causes

The reasons include:

  • Food imbalance.
  • Inactivity lifestyle.
  • High calorie intake, which leads to the postponement of visceral , and not subcutaneous fat.
  • Genetic predisposition to diseases that cause fat formation.
  • Stressful situations causing negative emotions, intense release of adrenaline and cortisol, stopping the production of hormones.
  • Chronic daily lack of sleep less than 7 hours, weakening resistance to stress, recovery of the body.
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.). Addiction to alcohol helps increase appetite, reduce metabolism, and the calories present in it accumulate in the abdomen.
  • Age-related changes.

Effective Abdominal Visceral Fat Burning Techniques

To bring normal body fat to normal, standard methods used for losing weight are acceptable, namely:

  • Compliance with diet, fasting days. This does not imply a limitation on the amount of food, but its balance and determination of the daily calorie intake for women – 300 units, and for men – 500 units.
  • Getting rid of bad habits (smoking, alcohol).
  • Intensive methods of energy consumption: walking, running on the spot, swimming, special gymnastics, bodybuilding, aerobics, etc.

The effectiveness of these methods is confirmed by many experts. In particular, the American scientist Dr. Klein concluded that diet and exercise drive out viscera 2 times faster than subcutaneous.

Exercises for burning visceral fat on the abdomen at home

Performing physical exercises at home allows you to conduct classes daily at a convenient time without the material cost of visiting gyms. This also applies to the need for training before eating (morning or other time of the day 1.5 hours after eating). This order allows the body to use precisely the inner layers of fat.

An important condition for the effectiveness of homework is the preparation of an individual program of an acceptable set of exercises together with the trainer, the attending physician. Among the various home exercises for burning internal fat, you can use the most affordable, namely:

Strap for burning belly fat

This classic exercise provides the work of all the muscles of the abdomen with a static load.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

It is performed in a supine position with an emphasis (as during push-ups) for a time that can be sustained. At first it can be about 30 seconds, and then it gradually increases. Here, various options for the location of the body are allowed: on the side / elbows, with a raised leg / arm, etc.

Lower abdominal exercises

When they are performed, the rectus, oblique, lower abdominal muscles are studied.

The complex may consist of such exercises, each of which is performed 20 times:

  • Take the starting position: lie down straight, put your hands behind your head and slightly extend the straightened legs. Then, on exhalation, raise the legs with the heels extended forward to the head raised with the shoulders and again take the starting position.
  • In a straight lying position, raise the socks up and do pushing with the legs with parallel raising of the head with hands behind it (exhale when raising the legs).
  • “Accordion”: to sit with an emphasis from behind with your hands, raise your legs with simultaneous extension / flexion in the knees. When straightening the legs, exhale.

These exercises must be performed 3 times a week, combining with stretching, cardio loading. This study makes the solid lower abdominal muscle more elastic, resilient.

Side exercises

Performance: How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

  • In the supine position and with your hands behind your head, lift the body 20 times with the simultaneous pulling of the knees to the chest, and the heels to the buttocks. In this case, the stomach must be strongly retracted. Then straighten one leg and leave it on the weight, and the second knee – pull the hands to the elbow from the opposite side, followed by alternation of the knee and elbow.
  • Lying on your side slightly bend your knees, and then “twist” the body around its axis in the opposite direction (when lying on the left side – to the right, on the right – to the left). When changing sides, reach for the heels with your hands, tearing your shoulder blades and knees off the floor. This pose is held for at least 60 seconds. The multiplicity of the exercise is 20 times.
  • In the initial position on the back with bent legs alternately throw the knees and hands, “twisting” the body, in opposite directions. This exercise is also performed 20 times.

Upper abdominal exercises

It is important to pay special attention to breathing exercises that promote a delicate massage of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. Such short classes can be included in your routine and repeatedly performed every day while maintaining additional loads.

The most affordable exercises for homework may include exercises such as:

  • Lying with bent knees and wound hands behind the head, slowly tear the body off the floor. In this case, it is necessary to pull the elbows 20 times to the knees.
  • From the same starting position, raise the bent knees and try to reach them 40 times to the elbows wound behind the head of the hands.
  • Take a stand for working out the press, and then alternately bend your legs and bring your knees to the chest as much as possible (20 times each).

Stomach injections for burning fat

According to experts, “beauty injections” can be done with already completed processes of healthy weight loss, muscle mass gain and localization of fat deposits. Indeed, with significant excess weight, the visual effect of the procedure is less noticeable and can even lead to the formation of pits, depressions.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

The introduction of drugs under the skin of the corresponding area is carried out using thin needles. Medicines contribute to the activation of the lipolysis process, i.e., the breakdown of fats into fatty acids, and the latter are then removed from this area using the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This allows you to reduce the fat layer to 2’4 inch.

Regarding the effectiveness of injections to eliminate internal fat on the abdomen, there are very conflicting reviews.

After all, they do not destroy fat cells, but remove only cholesterol and the remains of cell membranes from the body. The use of injections should be combined with diet and exercise. There are also contraindications for their use, which implies the mandatory appointment of such injections by doctors.

Japanese method to remove fat from the stomach by breathing

This system was invented by the famous Japanese film actor Mike Riosuke and consists in a special rhythm of inspiration / expiration, their depth and alternation, delay; oncoming movements of the abdomen and chest.

The procedure for performing breathing exercises is as follows:

  • to take the starting position with a straight back, connected by feet, shoulders laid back and the crown of the head stretching upwards
  • take a step forward with the right foot, and transfer the body weight to the left and fix;
  • breathe for 2 minutes at the expense of “1, 2, 3” with both hands raised upwards. Take a deep breath through the nose with your stomach and exhale slowly, straining the body, for 7 seconds. Then relax, slowly lowering your hands;
  • repeat actions 3-4 times with alternating legs

To achieve the desired result, the exercise must be performed daily for at least 3 months.

Belly Fat Burning Belt

Among the various options for devices in the form of dense shells adjacent to the body at the waist, the AbGymnic model (USA) can be distinguished. This belt – a kind of electric muscle stimulator activates muscle work even without human effort.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

It is equipped with 6 built-in programs, ranging from massage to getting rid of cellulite, building muscles. AbGymnic has 10 levels of load during training, which helps improve blood circulation, increase muscle tone, smooth skin, and body – relief.

The principle of its work is to send a signal to the nerves that stimulate the functioning of the abdominal muscle system.

The resulting deep contractions train the abdominal muscles. Due to this, fat is burned without dehydration and even a strict diet. Daily training with a belt of 15 minutes for 1 month helps to release the body from fat to 11 pounds in the waist and hips. The belt costs $ 13,19, while many models cost up to $ 68.

Pumping fat from the abdomen. Fat removal surgery price

Vacuum pumping of fat deposits (lipoxation) is not a therapeutic method, since it does not affect the causes of their occurrence. This operation is resorted to for surgical changes in the nature of the local accumulation of fat. Pumping fat from the abdomen is recommended for patients with moderate accumulations under the age of 40 years, with elastic skin.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

Along with the traditional vacuum suction of subcutaneous fat by cannulas, small types of liposuction are used in clinics through small incisions on the skin (up to 0’8 inch). According to experts and clients, the traditional, syringe, and tumorscent abdominal fat pumping are considered the least traumatic.

The choice of any of them requires an individual approach, approval by plastic surgeons of specialized clinics, taking into account possible contraindications. The cost of an operation in each fat pumping zone can be different depending on the or clinic (on average, from $ 680 – $ 1292).

Products that burn fat on the stomach and sides


  1. Dairy products with low fat content (except for whole milk) – contain a protein that activates the metabolism. They also increase the level of the hormone that helps burn fat.
  2. Vegetables : cabbage, cucumbers, beets, carrots, bell peppers, legumes, black radish. They are characterized by a high content of vitamins, trace elements, low calorie co
    ntent. They have the property of cleansing the body of toxins, diuretic effect.
  3. Fruits : apples, pears, citrus fruits, raspberries, pineapple, papaya, almonds, nuts, olives. Saturate the body with vitamins, improve the digestion process, prolong the feeling of satiety.
  4. Cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice) – allow you to replenish the body with easily soluble fiber. They give a feeling of satiety, energy, which is especially important during physical exertion.
  5. Spices, seasonings : mustard, horseradish, cinnamon, ginger. Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, the combustion of fat cells, improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Red wine – helps break down fats, slow down the formation of new deposits. The daily norm is 50-100 g.
  7. Water – restores the body’s water balance, removes toxins from it, increases calorie burning up to 30%, suppresses hunger.
  8. Green tea is considered a powerful enemy of fats, an effective metabolic accelerator that can wash out not only subcutaneous, but also internal fat.

Diet for burning belly fat

Compliance with the following basic rules helps to get rid of fat:

  1. Refusal to consume “empty” calories (fatty foods, smoked meats, fast foods, sweets, sparkling water).
  2. A light “snack” can only be in the form of low-fat sour-milk products, fruits (except bananas, grapes).
  3. Dessert is used only as a separate food.
  4. Refusal of food 3-4 hours before a night’s rest.

The daily menu may be as follows:

  • Breakfast : granola with oatmeal, dried fruits, kefir / yogurt / honey; a sandwich with a minimum amount of oil on cereal / bran bread; unsweetened coffee or green tea.
  • Lunch : fresh vegetable salad; light soup (fish, vegetable); natural meat (beefsteak), cooked under pressure on a moderate closed fire without adding fat; tea, fruits.
  • Dinner : vegetable salad, boiled fish, fruits, light dessert (to choose from).

The main amount of the diet should be focused on morning and lunch time. Between these 3 meals, “snacks” are allowed.

Massage for belly fat

Massage is used in conjunction with a diet, regular special exercises. It is aimed at crushing deposits, improving blood circulation in the front of the abdominal cavity. In addition, the regular conduct of this procedure helps to eliminate stagnant phenomena within it, normalize the functioning of the intestines, and tones the skin.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways
Abdominal gum can be eliminated with massage.

There are various abdominal massage techniques for home use: anti-cellulite, plucked, water, honey, using spoons, can (vacuum), etc.

All of them involve preliminary preparation of the body, carried out by the course, before active physical activity. Each species differs in nuances regarding the position of the body (standing, lying), the use of auxiliary objects.

Separately, we can designate the Old Slavonic massage of the American school of visceral therapy.

This technique is focused on getting rid of spasm, lymphatic and venous stasis. It consists in manual pressure by a specialist of internal organs in the abdomen (through the front wall). The effectiveness of these manipulations is to resist the formation of viscera by restoring their functions.

Dispelling myths about stomach fat remedies:

Does a special cream for burning fat on the stomach help

The purpose of fat-burning creams is to “warm up” problem areas of the body, remove excess moisture, and increase perspiration. Due to this, blood circulation, nutrition of micro and macro elements are accelerated here, poisons and toxins are neutralized.

However, the use of creams, regardless of diet, exercise, does not bring the desired results. More effective is their use in preparation for massage in order to influence the subcutaneous layers of fat.

Does iodine help with belly fat

Metabolic disorders, lipids are directly related to the formation of excess fat. And iodine has a positive effect on the activation of metabolic processes. However, it is important here not to self-medicate, but to correctly determine the method of its use with the help of specialists.

How to get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen of a man and a woman. Exercises and other ways

Many people believe that applying iodine mesh to the body is a simple way to burn fat. However, according to experts, the external effect of iodine is ineffective, and in some cases even unsafe. This may be due to individual intolerance, diseases of the endocrine system, etc.

It is preferable to act on the body’s internal fat by including iodine-containing products (seafood, vegetables, water, fruits) in the diet, and switching to an appropriate diet.

Is it possible to remove fat from the abdomen with soda

The effectiveness of fat burning is due to the correct choice of the method of using soda. The most acceptable are soda baths, wraps. The feasibility of taking soda inside from the point of view of doctors is very doubtful. Here you should be especially careful, especially those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Self-medication can cause internal burns, poisoning, hemorrhage, etc.

It is important to remember that any of the options involves consulting with a doctor and a complex combination with other activities (diet, exercise, massage, etc.).

How to remove age-related fat from the abdomen

The formation of excess visceral fat after 40 years is due to the approach of menopause, hormonal changes, negative emotions, and a slowdown in metabolic processes. It can also be a consequence of the general state of health, diet, lifestyle. To get rid of age-related body fat, it is necessary to develop an individual set of measures.

It must be agreed with your doctor and include the following:

  • diet and diet;
  • cleansing the body of “toxins”;
  • gymnastics, massage with an emphasis on the muscles of the abs, waist;
  • feasible physical activity;
  • good sleep and relaxation.

Why doesn’t belly fat go away

The reasons for the preservation of fat on the abdomen may be the lack of an integrated approach, the irregularity of diet, the inconsistency of physical exercises, etc.

Among the most typical “failures” in the implementation of activities may include:

  • excessive food at night;
  • irregularity of strength training, avoiding cardio loads;
  • non-compliance with diet, diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • lack of sleep;
  • regularity of alcohol consumption.

Visceral fat is a phenomenon characteristic of any a
ge and gender. Normalizing its specific gravity requires willpower, consistency and perseverance.

Video on how to get rid of visceral fat belly

Visceral fat, how to get rid of the abdomen, find out in the video clip:

How to get rid of visceral fat, see the video clip:

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