Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Means designed to restore the health of hair help restore volume, shine and smoothness. Due to constant stress, overwork, non-compliance with diet, diseases of internal organs, hair suffers. They begin to fade, fall out in large quantities, lose their smoothness, get confused.

If the first calls appear, you need to urgently take action and solve the problem in an integrated manner. Not only cosmetics will be left over, you will also need to take vitamins and review your diet. Before starting to restore hair health, a person should reconsider his nutrition.

It should always contain vitamins and minerals:

  1. Proteins contained in meat, eggs, legumes, during metabolism, are broken down into amino acids and help to activate the production of natural collagen and creatine.
  2. Fatty acids, which are rich in all types of vegetable oils, take part in hormonal metabolism.
  3. Vitamin A, which is rich in liver, seafood, cheeses, takes part in regeneration processes and stimulates growth.
  4. Vitamin C helps to synthesize collagen.
  5. B vitamins present in cottage cheese, poultry, liver, take part in the formation, growth and division of cells, normalize metabolic processes.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Bad habits negatively affect the health of the hair, so you should abandon the use of alcohol-containing drinks and smoking. If all measures are taken, and the hair does not restore its healthy shine and smoothness, then various products and special salon procedures can help.

Top 10 Professional Tools

Means that help restore hair health are presented in a wide range. All of them differ in the method of application, composition and therapeutic effect.

The most important are:

  1. Shampoos With their help, you can qualitatively clean your hair from various types of contaminants and fats. They help restore damaged hair structure, nourish curls with useful components, remove dryness and brittleness, protect against harmful environmental influences. Restorative shampoos are recommended for use during the rehabilitation period.
  2. Air conditioners. They seal the beneficial components inside the hair, give smoothness, silkiness, moisturize and facilitate combing.
  3. Masks They bring water balance back to normal, help restore colored hair faster.
  4. Oils. Ideally fight the problem of split ends, enveloping the hairs with an invisible film, making them obedient and soft.
  5. Serum. They give a healthy look, the dissected ends heal.

Hair restoration products should be selected in accordance with your problem.

System 3 Cleanser System 3, Nioxin (Cleansing Shampoo)

This remedy is from an American company that appeared on the market only 4 years ago, but has already managed to gain its popularity. This shampoo effectively and gently cares for thinned hair. The 3-step system allows you to properly prepare the scalp and the hair itself for their full recovery.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Thanks to the use of Glyco-Shield 2.0 technology, the shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp, creating a visual volume and density. Shampoo effectively removes sebum, fatty acids and other types of contaminants.

It is necessary to apply the product on wet hair, having a little massage of the scalp and washing off the composition with warm water, if necessary, repeat the procedure. With regular use, after 2-3 weeks you can notice that hair growth has intensified. For a bottle of 0,3 gallon, you will have to pay about $ 27.

Shampoo Intensive Recovery, Pantene Pro-V

Everything is changing, but not Pantene product quality. This type of shampoo is specially designed to restore hair to its health. The composition of this formula includes special substances that help nourish the hair, retain moisture in them, restoring shine and smoothness. This tool effectively fights all signs of damage.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

To get the maximum effect, the manufacturer recommends using the shampoo in combination with air conditioning. Shampoo is applied to wet hair, washed off with water. After several days of application, dyed and dull hair, acquire a healthy shine, become more docile.

The advanced formula helps retain moisture deep inside the hairs, nourishes even the driest hair. For a bottle of 13,53 fluid ounce you will have to pay $ 4,08.

Air Conditioner Calma Sutra Cleansing Conditioner, Bed Head TIGI

Means for hair restoration does not contain sulfates, perfectly moisturizes. Thanks to the use of conditioner, the hair becomes more obedient. Is this tool taken for co-caching this is when the head can be without the use of shampoo, but only with air conditioning.

A correctly selected formula without foam is ideal for curly and naughty hair, effectively removes any dirt, impurities and residues of styling products, creates reliable protection, enveloping each hair with an invisible film.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Ingredients include Babassu and Brazil nut oil, as well as Hydracurl Blend this complex penetrates deep into the hair, making it more shiny, healthy. Apply conditioner to wet hair, leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse. Pre-use shampoo is not necessary. Price from $ 14.

Air conditioning System 3 System 3 Scalp Therapy Conditioner Revitaliser, Nioxin

This tool is intended for daily care of dyed and weak hair, which is prone to excessive hair loss. The main difference of this conditioner is that it can be applied not only to the hair, but also to the skin of the head.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Does the air conditioner include a unique design BioAMP® complex. This complex helped to balance the combination of cystine amino acids and light conditioning agents, due to which thin hair becomes thicker, acquires volume and splendor. Apply the product on wet hair, keep about 3 minutes. Wash off with water. The cost of 1 bottle is from $ 14.

Mask 44 Italian Herbs, Natureal

The hair restoration product of this company is intended only for damaged curls. It consists of cashmere proteins, which easily penetrate and fill all the voids of the hair. When the curls are already well nourished, protein compounds stick to the surface of the hair, as a result, the curls become heavy and can easily fall out under this weight.

Do not wait for a quick result, because the tool, like any other with a natural composition, acts gradually. After 30 days of application, you can notice the effect. Apply the mask to clean hair, keep it for half an hour. Price $ 6,12.

Therapiste line by Kerastase

For more than 1 decade, it has been known that human hair consists of keratin and ceramides. But only recently have scientists managed to find out that there is also a 3 component KAPs. This is a special protein formula, thanks to which it is possible to bind ceramides and keratin, while maintaining their reliable adhesion for a long time. If the hair structure is damaged, then the protein formula disappears.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

And this line helps to compensate for the lack of protein, to activate synthesis. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. For the entire line of hair restoration products, you will have to pay $ 136.

Super Strong Lotion by Paul Mitchell

Means for hair restoration are presented in the form of ampoules. The complex was specially taken to restore health to weakened and damaged hair. The unique formula easily penetrates the hair, strengthens them and restores after damage, stimulates growth, returns a natural shine. Each ampoule contains a vitamin cocktail with panthenol, lavender and oregano extracts.

The contents of the ampoule must be applied to the skin of the head and carefully massage, leaving completely absorbed. Rinse vitamin shake should not be. Repeat the procedure will be possible no earlier than 25 days. Subsequently, it will be possible to apply in the form of a course: 1 time in 14 days. For 1 package of lotion, in which there are 10 ampoules, you will have to pay at least $ 41.

Londa Visible Repair Serum

This tool was developed by a well-known company in order to restore health to brittle and weakened hair. The composition of the product includes vitamin C, almond oil and silk, so that each curl eats from the inside, filling with strength and brilliance.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional
Londa Visible Repair Hair Repair Tool.

The composition of the product also includes Radialux microins, which have a restoring effect on those parts of the hair rods that are most damaged and require special attention. This serum is suitable for any type of hair, revitalizes curls after dyeing and perming, prevents drying of hair follicles, makes curls more elastic and shiny.

Apply the serum to clean hair, keep it for about 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

For a package of 6 bottles of 0,34 fluid ounce each, you will have to pay an average of about $ 18.

Penetraitt Balm by Sebastian Professional

This balm is produced by Sebastian, whose employees have worked hard to create a remedy for restoring the health of dry hair. The active components of the air conditioner easily penetrate into each curl, eliminate all the negative effects of stress, which is caused by exposure to chemical and thermal agents.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

After the first application, the effect of hair as smooth as silk is created. Apply conditioner after using shampoo, leave for 5 minutes and rinse well. You can buy air conditioning for $ 16.

System Professional Repair Emulsion

This intensive product helps to restore even the most damaged hair in a short time. The composition of the product is selected so as to penetrate as deeply and quickly as possible into each hair and restore its structure from the inside, nourishing the necessary vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the hair does not burden and is reliably protected from various negative factors acting on them from the outside.

The hair restoration product from the well-known Vella corporation contains glycine, which helps to fill the hair with amino acids, as well as wheat protein that nourishes the hair and scalp. Apply the emulsion to clean hair, leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse. For a bottle of 1,69 fluid ounce of emulsion you will have to pay $ 14.

The best treatments

If at home it is not possible to restore damaged hair, then you can use various medical procedures in many salons of the country. Serious damage to the hair can be easily reanimated using several procedures.


This is one of the most popular treatments among many women whose hair is often exposed to environmental stress. This procedure involves the use of several recipes and hair restoration techniques.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

SPA This is an integrated approach involving the use of products made from natural ingredients that help to provide nutrition, hydration and hair restoration. You can use it just massage, cosmetic clay, sea salt or aromatic oils.

The spa procedure at the master consists of several stages:

  • a bath with shampoo, which is selected depending on the type of hair;
  • root zone massage;
  • mask with wrap
  • salt peeling;
  • balm to protect hair from negative factors.

The advantages of SPA are that only natural preparations are used, there is an effective fight against stress, the hair is strengthened and ready to withstand all external negative factors. That’s just SPA is contraindicated for people with acute forms of ailments. One SPA procedure will cost $ 20.

Cysteine treatment

This procedure helps to restore hair safely using natural ingredients. The main plus of this procedure laying for a long time, lasts up to 2-3 months. Thanks to this, the hair looks well-groomed and neat without additional effort.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

Cysteine treatment This is a safe and most effective procedure that helps restore even the most damaged hair. All drugs are hypoallergenic, therefore they are suitable even for those who have a special sensitivity of the scalp.

During the procedure, drugs whose active component is cysteine are used an amino acid that improves elasticity and supports the structure of the hair. They extract it from sugarcane and compose it with other amino acids, thereby enhancing its effect.

During the procedure, a special composition is applied to the hair, and after the lock is quickly dried and leveled with an iron. A thin invisible layer wraps around each hair, smooths it, returning a natural shine. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 90 days. Cost from $ 82.


During the procedure, a special preparation containing ceramides is applied to the entire length of the hair. You can apply the product in several ways, depending on the degree of hair damage.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

After the first procedure, the curls shine, they are easy to style. In some preparations, pigments are specially added, which give the curls a rich shade. The effect lasts for 40-45 days. Cost from $ 27.

Ampoule treatment

The specialists call this procedure shock among themselves, because during its implementation special means are used, which are sold in ampoules. Each of them contains medicinal oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other active ingredients. The main advantage instant effect. That is why the procedure lasts no more than 3 minutes.

Previously, the master peels the scalp, then cleanses the curls with shampoo, and after that ampoules are used that saturate the follicle with oxygen, activate blood flow, and nourish each curl from the root itself. The disadvantage of this procedure can be considered the high cost and duration of treatment, because it takes up to 2 months. The cost of 1 ampoule of the drug is from $ 8,16.


This procedure is almost identical to keratinization, and all because liquid protein is also used during it. The difference is that additionally the curls are still processed with high temperature. Main effect straightening naughty hair. After the first procedure for 4 months, you won’t have to use the iron.

Means for restoring hair after lightening, from gray hair, damaged. Top professional

But it should be remembered that the composition of the preparations includes formaldehyde, which often causes allergies, therefore, consultation with a dermatologist is additionally required. The average cost of the procedure is from $ 20. Thanks to innovations, almost every year new procedures appear that help restore healthy hair.

The table below shows a small list of the most effective:

Procedure name Description
Keratization Do you have keratin on your hair a liquid protein that returns shine, silkiness and radiance to the hair.
Mesotherapy The drug is injected into the skin of the head with the help of injections, which contain a complex of vitamins that helps to activate hair growth and make them stronger and more durable.
Shielding Special cosmetics are applied to the hair, due to which they are easily smoothed and moisturized. Each hair is enveloped in a composition that protects against negative external influences.
Cauterization This is the most difficult of the procedures that helps to activate hair regeneration due to drugs. As a result, the hair becomes more docile, smooth and shiny.

Tools intended for hair restoration in the salon or at home should be selected in accordance with the type of hair. The degree of damage should also be considered, therefore it is better to trust a professional craftsman.

Video about hair restoration products

5 best budget hair restoration products:

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