How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video

Regardless of the chosen zone, shugaring is an affordable way of hair removal at home. Choosing the right technique, you can do it yourself, while getting an effective result.

Shugaring Techniques

Making shugaring at home is easy enough for yourself. Before carrying out the procedure, it is advisable to master the features of making pasta and find out what types of caramel hair removal exist.

Manual technique

Manual technology involves coating the skin with a sugar substance using hands.

In this case, some subtleties of the procedure should be taken into account:

  • They use gloves here or work without them. Experienced craftsmen are advised to wear rubber gloves so that the sweet plasticine does not melt from interaction with hot hands.
  • Manual technique should be performed in a cool place, and also to ensure that there are no sources of steam nearby, because caramel paste absorbs moisture, which negatively affects its quality characteristics.
  • If the manipulation is done without gloves, it is advisable to choose a composition that has medium or maximum stiffness.
  • The optimal hair size is 4/32 – 6/32 inch.
  • The cosmetic mixture should have such a density that it is easy to knead and can easily be laid with a homogeneous layer on the surface of the skin.
  • The first time it is better to perform the manipulation in the most painless places, after that move to sensitive areas.

Phased methodology for performing manual hair removal:

  1. Separate from the working substance a small piece, the size of a walnut, and knead it in the palms for a short time, until suppleness and plasticity appear. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  2. Coat the skin surfaces with a sugar agent in a uniform layer against the growth of hairs. One ball should be enough for a portion of the body from 2 – 3’9 inch.
  3. 3-5 seconds later after applying the composition, it is necessary to disrupt it with a swift movement in the direction of hair growth, after stretching and fixing the skin.
  4. If not all hairs are removed on the treated area, then the manipulation is carried out again.
  5. Thus process the entire necessary area of the body.
  6. After carrying out the technique, the remains of the cosmetic mixture should be washed off with water.
  7. Epilated segments are recommended to be treated with an antiseptic, then soaked with a moisturizer or cosmetic.

Bandage technique

The bandage technique consists in applying caramel plasticine with special spatulas, followed by its removal by means of bandages from polymeric substances.

Features of this method of shugaring:

  • as a shovel, you can use a plastic knife, and to remove the composition, take dense paper strips;
  • it is advisable to use a paste of medium or soft consistency, which lays well on the skin with an even layer;
  • the main advantage of manipulation is that it does not last long and can be done on any part of the body;
  • with one banding strip, hair from a large segment of the body is easily eliminated;
  • hair removal is indicated for sensitive skin and is very easy to learn;
  • the technique is used for hairs about 5/32 inch, sweating profusely and to get rid of the facial gun;
  • the procedure is indicated for hard-to-reach areas (in-depth bikini) and in the presence of small defects on the epidermis. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video

Phased manipulation:

  1. To process a skin surface at first with a disinfectant preparation, and then with talcum powder.
  2. Heat the caramel plasticine to 37-40 °  C using a microwave or water bath.
  3. Apply a thin layer of cosmetic mass with a spatula against vegetation growth.
  4. Glue the bandage blank on the body, while leaving a free tip to pick up.
  5. Tighten the skin surface and fix it, then sharply remove the strip.
  6. At the end, remove the remaining sugar paste with warm, clean water, and grease the treated areas of the body with an antiseptic and moisturizing cosmetics.

Shpelka technique

The spatula technique involves the use of several types of flat blade in the process of shugaring: How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video

Variety of spatula Features Benefits
Metal Made of medical steel, easy to disinfect Reusable item, does not cause allergies.
Plastic Made of not durable material Suitable for reusable use.
Wood Disposable device, when working with hard candy, it breaks quickly Environmental friendliness, ease of use

The choice of paste with this technique depends on the area of the body.

Step-by-step instructions for hair removal using the spatula method:

  1. Clean the skin with a degreasing lotion. If a bikini or armpit zone is subject to depilation, then these areas are treated with antiseptics.
  2. Before the procedure, sprinkle the body with baby powder. This will help the hair and caramel mass to adhere well, as well as protect the body from damage.
  3. With a spatula, take a lump of paste and spread it on the selected area with a small layer, and at the edges of the smear you need to leave the layer a little thicker than in the middle. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  4. After a few seconds. hook the thick tip with a spatula, while pulling the skin in this place with your free hand. Sugar mixture with hair to tear off sharply from the skin surface.
  5. Wash away the rest of the cosmetic composition with warm, clean water.
  6. At the end, cover the treated area of the body with an antiseptic, and then moisturize with special creams or oils.

How to make sugar depilation painless

You can painlessly make shugaring at home yourself, for this it is worth observing the following rules:

  • preliminary steaming of the skin will ensure the
    ir easy exit from the bulbs;
  • in 30-60 minutes Before hair removal, you should take non-steroidal drugs, for example Analgin, Nurofen or Tempalgin;
  • Anesthetic drugs are applied to pre-fat-free skin, after which you need to cover the selected area with cling film. This manipulation must be carried out 2 hours before shugaring;
  • for better grip of hairs, talcum powder is advisable. In addition, it eliminates excess moisture, because with this procedure, many people sweat profusely; How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  • pain will help reduce relaxation and a positive attitude;
  • Before epilation, it is advisable to clean the skin to the maximum of dusty dust and dead particles. For this, cleansing cosmetics are suitable. Then you need to dry the skin well with talcum powder or powder;
  • local anesthesia in the form of a special “freezing” spray or cream made on the basis of lidocaine will reduce the pain;
  • Before depilation, a warm compress should be made to help relax muscles and expand pores;
  • do shugaring preferably in the 1st half of the menstrual cycle or during ovulation. At this time, sensitivity decreases, and vice versa, pain sensations increase closer to menstruation.

How to make sugar paste yourself

Any woman can do shugaring at home. Today, there are various recipes for making a sugar mixture for independent use.

  • Optimal caramel recipe:
  1. Combine 120 g of sugar with 1,01 fluid ounce of slightly warmed water in a small saucepan with a thick bottom. Put the dishes on a small fire.
  2. Stir the mixture constantly while observing how the shade changes. When the composition becomes golden, you need to pour out 0.5 tablespoon of citric acid (or lemon juice) and continue to mix it.
  3. A few minutes after adding the acid, the color of the paste will turn dark brown, which means that the mass is ready.
    How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
    How to make paste for shugaring step by step
  4. Pour the finished caramel in a saucer and cool.
  5. If the product is hard, it must be heated in the microwave.
  6. Properly cooked pasta does not stick to your hands, has a plastic consistency and is easy to roll into a ball.
  • A quick way to cook in the microwave
  1. The composition and quantity of the ingredients are similar to the previous recipe.
  2. Dissolve sugar in water and put the dishes in the microwave for several minutes.
  3. Then add citric acid and prepare the substance for another 1-1.5 minutes.
  • Honey paste for hair removal:
  1. Pour 400 g of sugar in 5,07 fluid ounce of warm pure water and heat over minimal heat until it is completely dissolved, while stirring.
  2. Then add 50 g of natural honey, 3,04 fluid ounce of lemon juice and cook the composition, continuing to mix.
  3. The mass should be cooked for a short time, until a homogeneous connection of all components. When the mixture has a beer shade, the burner must be turned off.
  4. After a few hours, the paste must be stirred and can be used.

Preparation of the skin for the procedure

Before shugaring, it is recommended to properly prepare the skin:

  1. Before manipulation, you need to take a shower with your favorite cosmetic product (soap or gel) to degrease the epidermis. Sensitive places should be washed without using a hard washcloth so as not to irritate the epidermis. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  2. 1-2 days before shugaring, it is necessary to carry out soft peeling at selected sites to remove dead tissue and cells.
  3. Before the procedure itself, it is recommended to degrease the skin and treat it with an antiseptic.
  4. Dry the skin and sprinkle with talcum powder or special powder.

Underarm shugaring at home

Armpits are considered to be a fairly tender area, on which there is often irritation or inflammatory processes develop. For this part of the body, the optimal choice of shugaring will be a bandage technique using ready-made paste. You can cook yourself a mild sugar composition.

Step-by-step procedure:

  1. Before carrying out the manipulation, it is necessary to clean and degrease the skin under the armpits, and then treat it with an antiseptic.
  2. To reduce soreness, the axillary should be steamed.
  3. The hand must be raised upward, while bent at the elbow, so that the skin is leveled and stretched to the maximum.
  4. Then apply evenly caramel. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  5. On top of the composition apply a bandage strip (or cotton fabric), after 1 min. it is required to pluck it sharply in the direction of hair growth.
  6. On the same site, it is recommended to repeat the manipulation no more than 2 times.
  7. The vegetation removal process should go quickly so that the sweat that appears cannot prevent it from performing shugaring.
  8. At the end, the epilated zone must be cleaned of caramel plasticine residues and treated with chlorhexidine.
  9. If hair removal provoked great irritation, it is advisable to apply Levomekol ointment.

Axillary shugaring is not permitted for any irritation in this area of the body. Suitable hair lengths are 3/32 – 5/32 inch. In the first days after the sugar procedure, do not use a deodorant and avoid wearing synthetic clothing.

Step-by-step technology for deep bikini zone shugaring

You can do shugaring at home in your own bikini zone. This part of the body is very delicate, and the hair is stiff, which makes it difficult to remove them.

There are several types of bikini hair removal:

  • classic – provides for the extraction of vegetation along the border of underwear;
  • medium – getting rid of hairiness in the perineum along the line of panties, and partial depilation of the pubis;
  • deep – involves the removal of hair in the pubic zone, on the inner thighs and on the labia;
  • Brazilian – includes the same areas as with deep shugaring, with the addition of the buttock. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video

For this type of hair removal, a manual technique using dense paste is suitable. This will be the best option for hair with a length of 5/32 – 6/32 inch, and for shorter hairs it is worth using the bandage method.

Phased procedure technology:

  1. Pre vegetation can be trimmed with small scissors.
  2. Place one foot on the edge of the bathtub or chair.
  3. From a carame
    l mass, tear a ball the size of a walnut, knead it thoroughly and apply the composition to a selected area of the body.
  4. The work is done alternately, each time grabbing a zone with a size of 0’8 x 0’8 inch.
  5. The sticky mixture is well smoothed on the skin surface against hair growth. After 30-60 seconds. After the cosmetic material hardens, stretch the skin and abruptly tear off the paste layer.
  6. It is advisable to remove the remaining vegetation with a razor in order to prevent irritation.
  7. The last step is to remove the caramel residues with warm, clean water, after which the skin needs to be treated with an antiseptic and a soothing cosmetic product is applied.

Epilation of hands and feet

Making yourself a shugaring of the upper and lower extremities at home is quite simple. For this, a technique using strips is suitable. The best means for carrying out will be caramel substance of medium density.

Phased procedure:

  1. Before hair removal, you should sit in a warm bath to expand the pores, after which the selected surface should be treated with talc. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  2. The cooked pasta should be thoroughly kneaded (by the principle of kneading the dough) to give it elasticity and nourish it with air.
  3. Apply the sugar mass to the desired longitudinal zone of the body in the direction against the growth of hairs.
  4. Then place a fabric strip on top and after a few moments abruptly tear it, while stretching the skin.
  5. In these areas of the body, manipulation can be repeated several times, because the legs and arms are not considered a sensitive area.
  6. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the lower leg. So that the folds do not interfere with the hair removal process, before coating the sweet mixture of this area, it is advisable to bend the leg to ensure maximum contact of the caramel with the skin.
  7. The final step will be to wash off the rest of the paste with water, treat the skin surface with an antiseptic and then a moisturizing cosmetic product.

Shugaring of a front zone

For the delicate area under the lip or on the chin, you need to choose a paste of soft consistency in the form of a liquid caramel.

Step-by-step technology for performing shugaring:

  1. Before manipulation, you need to cleanse your face from cosmetics, steam it and dry slightly. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  2. Disinfect the selected area with chlorhexidine to protect open pores from bacteria.
  3. Using a spatula, cover the desired area with a thin layer of paste (all at once or in stages). During application, the upper lip should be slightly pulled down so that the composition lies more evenly and penetrates the epidermis.
  4. Cover the composition with strips (of fabric or paper) and press them to the material. Then wait a few moments until the caramel dries.
  5. Sharply tear off strips with adhered hairs. How to make a shugaring for yourself at home. Recipe, video
  6. If necessary, then repeat the manipulation on the treated area.
  7. At the end, wash off the remaining sugar mass with water, then disinfect the disturbed areas and apply soothing preparations.
  8. If there are separate hairs, then it is advisable to remove them with tweezers.

One of the conditions for hair removal on the face is that the fluff should be at least 6/32 inch, otherwise caramel paste will not pick them up. In between sessions, it is recommended to scrub the skin and apply a cream that stops the growth of vegetation.

Skin care after sugar depilation

Proper care and prolongation of the effect of the procedure provides for the following recommendations:

  • a couple of days after shugaring you should not be in the sun, swim in pools and ponds, and also visit a sauna or a bath;
  • avoid excessive sweating, in particular with intense physical activity;
  • at first, after the manipulation, wear underwear made from natural materials, because synthetics provoke irritation;
  • regularly moisten depilated areas;
  • to remove ingrown hairs, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of soft scrubbing of the skin;
  • the skin surface cleared of vegetation needs to be treated with an antiseptic (furatsilin, hydrogen peroxide);
  • after epilation, it will help restore skin tone and relieve the unpleasant sensation of a moisturizer;
  • 5 days after the manipulation, it is necessary to peel the sugar-treated area;
  • within 2-3 days after the “caramel” removal of vegetation, do not use a deodorant, it is better to replace it with talcum powder or powder;
  • make a warm shower instead of a hot bath until the skin surface is restored.

After familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of shugaring, you can do it yourself at home, taking into account the features of the skin, optimally choosing the composition used and studying the technology of manipulation.

Shugaring Video

How to do shugaring for yourself:

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