Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use

To conduct sugar hair removal at home, you need to cook a paste. Due to its efficiency, low cost, and speed of the procedure, this method of getting rid of excess hair has become a worthy alternative to previously popular waxing. But a lot depends on the viscosity of the material, because for different zones of the bodies it is necessary to use a sugar paste of different consistency.

Features of the method of sugar hair removal

The main advantage of shugaring is its simplicity and safety. In terms of price and quality, it now occupies a leading place among the methods of removing excess hair. The procedure can be carried out in the cabin, but can be done at home.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
Shugaring is one of the most effective ways to remove excess body hair.

The essence of the method is that a thick layer of sugar caramel with some additives is applied to the hairline. After a short time, the caramel layer is removed, with or without special fabric, along with unwanted hair.

The main features and benefits of sugar hair removal:

  • The integrity of the material used, so that the likelihood of an allergic reaction is almost 0. The basis is white, brown sugar or fructose, in separate recipes with the addition of honey. Therefore, shugaring has no obvious contraindications.
  • Hair removal with a root, which makes the skin smooth for a long time.
  • Ease of use of the solution – it is easy to prepare and there is no need for additional heat treatments.
  • The procedure is less painful than alternative methods of hair removal. It does not injure the skin and blood vessels, does not leave bruises.
  • Cleanliness – all the remains of the mixture are easily washed off with ordinary warm water.
  • The paste scrub the skin at the stage of application with massage movements, nourishes and moisturizes due to its chemical composition.
  • The same mixture can be used for different skin areas.
  • For an effective procedure, the hair should be no shorter than just 3/32 inch, which eliminates the need to grow them for a long time.
    Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
    Shugaring is easy to do even at home.

There is pain during shugaring, as with any other method of hair removal with bulbs, but they are not critical. The price of the ingredients is not high, slightly higher than waxing, which is justified by the benefits of the procedure.

Shugaring affects tanning – after hair removal, the skin becomes slightly lighter.

There are contraindications to the procedure:

  • Diabetes mellitus – then fructose can be used instead of sugar.
  • Allergy to honey – you can not add it to the composition of the paste.
  • Inflammatory processes on the skin – you need to cure them, after any epilation.
  • Critical days – at this time, shugaring is possible, but the sensations will be much more painful.
  • Pregnancy, lactation – many women refute this contraindication with their own example.
    Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
    Shugaring paste

Cases when the procedure is really prohibited is the presence of neoplasms, epilepsy and individual intolerance.

The necessary tools and materials for the home procedure

The first thing you need to know when studying the question of how to cook shugaring at home is a list of the necessary ingredients and products.

You will need:

  1. A pan with a thick bottom in which a sweet mixture will be prepared.
  2. A stove on which you can adjust the fire.
  3. The main working material is sugar, fructose or honey.
  4. Water.
  5. Additives: lemon juice or acid, others.
  6. Thick cotton fabric – cuts, the dimensions of which are slightly larger than the involved skin area, it is better to immediately prepare a lot – about 30 pieces. Only necessary when using pastes of soft density.
  7. Powder or plain flour.
  8. A knife from a set of cutlery or a wooden spatula for applying the product.
  9. For beginners – a pan and a glass container for a water bath. In case everything goes long and the paste has time to thicken too much. Then it can be softened by gentle thermal exposure.

How to Cook Sugar Paste at Home

The instruction on how to weld shugaring at home is quite simple.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
How to make pasta for shugaring at home

Process sequence:

  1. Squeeze 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice into any bowl. Remove bones and flesh.
  2. Pour full 10 tablespoons of sugar into a saucepan, pour lemon juice and 1,35 fluid ounce of water there.
  3. Put the contents on medium heat and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring continuously.
  4. After a few minutes, the sugar will dissolve and the paste will turn golden in color, then you need to reduce the heat to a minimum. By the 10th minute, the paste will become the color of beer and begin to foam. Here it is better to remove from the fire before being late and the caramel will burn.
  5. Drain the finished mixture into a separate container. If it pours easily and is quite liquid, then the proportions are observed correctly.

Many people prefer to cook pasta as needed so that it does not have time to thicken, but there are those who cook pasta for the future.

Shugaring Pasta Recipes

In addition to the classic recipe, we offer alternative recipes with various additives that are also effective.

With lemon juice

The amount of pasta may need different, but the proportions should be as follows: 10 tablespoons of sugar for 4.5 tablespoons of lemon juice and 0,68 fluid ounce tablespoons of water. Sugar is suitable for both refined and cane.

With citric acid

If there is no fresh lemon on hand, then its juice can be replaced with an aqueous solution of citric acid. To do this, you need to completely dissolve 20 grams of powder in 4-5 tablespoons of water. Next – act according to the standard scheme.

Another option for using citric acid is to increase the amount of water for shugaring by 5 tablespoons, boil this mixture over medium heat for 5 minutes, then pour in 20 grams of powder and finish cooking.

Microwave recipe

Microwave shugaring paste is considered an express option. If the usual mixture is cooked for at least 10 minutes, then in the microwave the cooking process will take up to 3 minutes. Depending on what characteristics of the furnace, this time can be + – 1 minute.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
Shugaring Paste Recipe

The proportions are the same, it is recommended in this way to prepare a small amount of the mixture so that the sugar melts evenly. The process must be observed so that the caramel does not burn. It’s better to look at the state of the mixture every minute.

Sugar is well suited for this method, and a paste with honey is also ideal.

Fructose Shugaring Recipe

Fructose is a natural sugar that is obtained from fruits and used in the diet of patients with diabetes. It is a white powder, the crystals of which are much smaller than that of cane sugar.

In many salons, it is fructose that is used as the basis of shugaring paste.

It dissolves much better, and the mixture is much more elastic and more convenient to use. The viscosity and density characteristic of fructose shugaring provides the ideal effect from the first use.

To make fructose shugaring at home, you need to act the same way as when using sugar. The required proportions are 6 tablespoons of fructose, 0.5 – citric acid and 1,69 fluid ounce of water.

Cook over medium heat for about 7-8 minutes, then cover and let cool. The color will be slightly darker than that of sugar paste. Ready to use fructose shugaring becomes 90-120 minutes after cooling.

Honey Shugaring

Honey composition in the best way affects the condition of the skin. The action of honey is aimed at the destruction of microbes, moisturizing, toning and eliminating keratinized skin.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
Honey Shugaring Paste

The proportions of the ingredients are: 10 tablespoons of sugar, 3,38 fluid ounce of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and 0,68 fluid ounce of water. You can cook on the stove or in the microwave in the usual way.

Advantages and disadvantages of paste of different density

Using the advice of cosmetologists about what viscosity of sugar paste to choose for different areas of the body, and the rules for cooking the mixture, you can weld shugaring at home. Mixtures of different densities differ primarily in the zone in which they are used. The wetter and warmer the area of the body, the thicker the paste is needed.

Soft density

Soft paste is ideal for large areas of skin with thin, light hairs – arms, legs, abdomen, face.

The main advantages – shugaring soft consistency is easy to apply without additional thermal effects. This tool is ideal for those who practice sugar hair removal for the first time.

The disadvantages include the sensitivity of the paste to high air temperature. Even exposure to sunlight in the hot season can affect its shape and composition.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
Shugaring paste

Therefore, in the summer it is better not to use it, but the rest of the time to keep it in a dark, dry place. In addition, it is almost impossible to take the paste from the skin with your hands; it is necessary to use a cloth.

Medium density

Paste for medium density shugaring is also called universal or classic, because it is suitable for any type of hair and for all areas. This factor and ease of use are considered the main advantages of the product.

A procedure with a caramel of such a consistency is possible not only for experienced users or professionals, but also for beginners.

Medium-density pasta has no obvious shortcomings, unless it is suitable for someone individually.

Solid density

The main advantages of hard density shugaring are:

  • Effective for removing hard and dark hair from wet areas. Owners of dark skin and hard hair, it is best suited.
  • This is the best tool for a smooth zone of bikinis and armpits for all types of looks of girls and guys.
  • The ability to adjust the consistency by combining with more liquid pastes.
    Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
    Shugaring paste

The disadvantages of hard pastes include the relative difficulty of application and the need for heating before use. It must be applied with intensive massage movements, this requires certain skills. Warming pasta is best in warm water.

What else can be added to the composition of the paste and why is it needed

If there is no lemon or citric acid in the house, they are replaced with ordinary table vinegar in the amount of 4 tablespoons per 10 tablespoons of sugar and 1,35 fluid ounce of water. There is no fundamental difference in the consistency of the mixture and its effectiveness for hair removal. But the skin is better affected by lemon juice.

The classic recipe is improved by adding glycerin in the amount of 2 tablespoons to the above proportions. He gently cares for the skin, the use of shugaring with glycerin in intimate areas is especially effective.

Instead of water, you can use a decoction of herbs.

Chamomile, succession, calendula and celandine have a calming and antiseptic effect. The broth is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of one herb or a mixture of different is poured with 3,38 fluid ounce of boiling water and held in a water bath for 5-7 minutes.

E neve pine oil and mint – to soothe the skin. However, there are opinions that the fat content of oils adversely affects how the paste is taken.

Natural dyes – coffee water (diluted with boiled water a couple of sips of unfinished coffee), tea (green, red, blue), a decoction of roses are used instead of water exclusively for an interesting color and aroma of the product.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
Shugaring paste

In order to understand what is more suitable for a particular person, you can try sev
eral options and compare them with each other.

Should I cook shugaring for several procedures

The pasta is prepared simply and quickly, so there is no need to stock up on it for several procedures in advance. But in some cases, you can cook shugaring for several procedures:

  • They didn’t guess with the number of ingredients, the paste turned out more than necessary – then you can save the mixture until the next time.
  • There is no desire to wash the dishes after preparing the shugaring, and the next hair removal is planned for the near future.
  • I like it when cosmetics are prepared for the future.

It is convenient for some to cook pasta during one procedure, while others like to use cooked in advance.

How to store a sweet composition

You can store the paste both in the refrigerator and at room temperature in a tightly sealed container. The paste is able to not change its composition and properties for a very long time – up to 2 years. During storage, the mixture thickens and becomes much harder than after cooking.

Before reuse, you need to heat the paste in any of the convenient ways:

  • In a water bath – 1-1.5 minutes.
  • In warm water – 1-2 minutes.
  • In the microwave – 1-2 minutes. This is the most unreliable way, since there is a possibility of overheating the product. If shugaring is burnt, then it ceases to be suitable for use.

In the process of thermal impact on the shugaring, the main criterion for its readiness should be the desired consistency.

The secrets of quality shugaring

In how to properly cook and use shugaring at home, there is nothing complicated.

Shugaring paste, how to cook sugar paste with lemon, in the microwave, recipe, how to use
How to do shugaring at home

It is only important to consider several basic tricks:

  1. Proportions – they must be exactly as indicated in the recipes, so that the consistency of the paste was perfect.
  2. A couple of days before the procedure, it is necessary to carefully scrub the zones that will be involved. Fine scrub from fine coffee without adding any oils.
  3. On the day of shugaring, do not use moisturizers – creams, lotions, body oils. The skin should be dry.
  4. To achieve maximum dryness, processing with baby powder, talcum powder or regular flour is ideal.
  5. Before applying the paste, clean the skin with a tonic with antiseptic properties.
  6. Apply the paste in the direction of hair growth, remove – against growth. This moment is important for the prevention of ingrown hair.
  7. It is only necessary to remove the completely frozen paste with a sharp and quick movement. To make this easier to make, paste is best applied in small pieces.
  8. After the procedure, the treatment with thermal water refreshes the skin well.
  9. During the day after hair removal using the sugar method, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on the treated skin and insect bites.
  10. An excellent tool for skin care after shugaring will be any solid oil: shea, coconut and others.

The whole process of preparation and use of sugar paste takes no more than half an hour for each zone. Each time, shugaring will be made easier, after 4-5 procedures, hair removal services will not be needed for a long time.

It is worth several times to independently cook shugaring at home, as everything will turn out perfectly.

Video about making shugaring at home:

Video on how to weld shugaring at home:

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