Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

The cosmetology technique of deep exposure to dermabrasion is used to rejuvenate the face, improve the structure of the skin, and eliminate defects. Dermabrasion can be of several types – diamond, mechanical, laser. Before choosing a particular method of rejuvenation, you need to familiarize yourself with the technique and features of the sessions, as well as indications and contraindications.

What is facial dermabrasion

Facial dermabrasion (diamond, mechanical, laser) is essentially a method of perfected mechanical peeling, grinding the outer layers of the dermal layer of the skin. The impact occurs by scraping off the dead layer of epidermal cells with abrasive milling materials or microcrystals.

The procedure is effective, it belongs to the category of the most effective techniques developed to combat skin defects of various etiologies, as well as for complex rejuvenation. The principle of micro grinding is to remove the defective layer of the skin. The depth of the exfoliating effect is regulated by a cosmetologist depending on the indications and features of the skin structure.
Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

The goal is to achieve uniformity, smoothness, eliminate defects, improve health, and solve various cosmetic problems.

The method can be compared to home scrubbing. Abrasive particles of scrubbing compounds act delicately, while hardware dermabrasion is a more aggressive, but effective method.

By releasing the lower layer with young and more active cells by scraping off the dead layer, the procedure promotes accelerated regeneration, narrowing of pores, cellular renewal and natural rejuvenation of tissues.

The dermabrasion method allows not only aesthetically improving the appearance of the skin, giving it a radiant, healthy and supple appearance, but also normalizing internal processes, triggering active restoration, renewal, and improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

After exposure to abrasive maniples, the synthesis of collagen-elastin fibers responsible for the elasticity of the epidermis, the strengthening of the skin frame, the smoothing of the skin relief, the elimination of flaws of various origins is observed.

Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

A therapeutic effect is observed after the procedure, which is ensured by the property of microparticles of abrasive powder to easily penetrate into the deeper layers, destructively affecting and destroying the bonds of epidermal scales. It is this property that determines the qualitative elimination of the upper layer of dead or damaged cells.

After mechanical cleaning, the process of synthesizing fibers starts, stimulating the production of young cells, normalizing blood flow. This contributes to smoothing wrinkles, cleaning the epidermis from contamination, smoothing, strengthening turgor, optimizing the functions of all structural dermal and epidermal components.

Indications and contraindications

Dermabrasion is indicated for the following cosmetic defects:

  • photoaging;
  • the presence of hyperkeratosis, rosacea;
  • uneven unhealthy tone; Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home
  • in case of impaired functioning of the sebaceous glands, increased fat content;
  • manifestations of superficial hyperpigmentation (spots, freckles);
  • in the presence of facial and age wrinkles;
  • coarsening, pollution of the epidermis due to external influences;
  • sagging, loss of tone, elasticity;
  • in the presence of skin imperfections, scars, scars, traces of acne;
  • pathologically enlarged pores.

The procedures are used as a method of removing tattoos, as well as a preventative complex against aging in the skin of the face, decollete, neck, hands. When making decisions, it is important to know that the method cannot completely cope with keloid scars, postpartum stretch marks. Dermabrasion will help make such defects less noticeable.

Micro grinding has a number of contraindications for:

  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of allergic, inflammatory reactions on the skin;
    Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home
  • focal rashes, wounds, mechanical damage in the treatment area, including acne;
  • hemophilic syndrome, bleeding disorder;
  • neoplasms, rosacea, any kind of dermatitis;
  • sensation of itching;
  • epileptic syndrome, complex somatic diseases;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal pathologies;
  • fresh burns due to exposure to the sun;
  • cold sores on the face in an active stage;
  • hypersensitivity of the epidermis.

The method should not be used for acute respiratory viral infections, elevated temperature, in case of signs of decreased immunity, after a positive illness. This contraindication is temporary, the body needs to recover so that the regeneration processes after microdermabrasion take place more actively.

Used devices

Dermabrasion of the face (diamond or laser) is carried out, as a rule, in salon conditions. The technique belongs to the group of hardware methods for rejuvenating and eliminating flaws, therefore, it is performed using special devices. The first grinding units operated according to the simple principle of scraping.

The manipulator, making circular movements, removed the top layer, rubbing the cream with abrasive particles on the surface. The equipment is divided into several types, the classification is based on the principle of the current manipulation.

We can distinguish the following devices used for dermabrasion:

  • Microcrystalline. Grinding takes place by spraying under pressure a fine powder based on aluminum hydroxide. The mixture is fed through a special tube, the crystals have a different shape, so grinding is effective. The key component is not a carcinogen, therefore, it can be used for sensitive skin.
    Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home
  • Diamond The device delivers a fine mixture based on diamond dust. Since the particles are rounded, the method is the least traumatic. The devices are equipped with two containers. One container is for clean powder, the other for already used powder during a session. For different exposure areas, there are several nozzles in the kit, as well as a compressor with an intensity control.
  • Laser The devices produce laser radiation, which evaporates the upper stratum corneum of damaged and dead cells. The depth of light absorption of such devices is not more than 4/32 inch. Such micro-grinding apparatuses are equipped with a carbon or erbium laser. In the first case, the work is based on carbon dioxide, and in the second, on the chemical element of the same name.

The most popular devices used for micro polishing of the epidermis in cosmetology salons and clinics:

  • Through the action of the abrasive ring, while rotating the exfoliating dead cell layer, the apparatus polishes scars, stretch marks, age spots, and areas with wrinkles. After the initial treatment, the skin is polished by manipulation with smaller diamond particles.
  • Deka Smart Xide DOT. A device for safe and painless dermabrasion based on a CO2 lase
    r with the patented Smart Stack exposure technology.
  • Forma TK. Israeli multifunctional device for solving cosmetic problems. It is characterized by a mild effect and high efficiency for all skin types.

Unlike laser devices, diamond and microcrystalline devices have a similar principle of operation, the exposure depth, speed mode and intensity are individually selected.

Diamond dermabrasion

Dermabrasion of the face is presented in several ways, one of them is diamond grinding, the principle of which is to treat problem areas with special nozzles with fine diamond chips. The device is additionally equipped with vacuum absorption, which allows particles to freely penetrate into the tissue.

This technique is used to process various areas – facial, cervical and decollete, as well as hands. Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

It is these areas of the epidermis that are most susceptible to aging and negative changes under the influence of external factors. The manipulation with this method of grinding the skin are microcrystals – diamond abrasive with high exfoliating properties.

They are hypoallergenic, safe, provide gentle exfoliation without wounding or irritating the epidermis during processing. Each microcrystal has the shape of an asterisk or snowflake; they delicately remove the keratinized layer of cells from the surface, releasing a younger and healthier layer, accelerating regeneration in the zone of influence of abrasive particles.

The session takes place according to the standard algorithm:

  • A preliminary consultation with a doctor is carried out with a determination of the depth of exposure.
  • The skin is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and makeup. With high sensitivity, local anesthesia can be used.
  • The doctor performs cleaning using a device with vacuum nozzles and a diamond abrasive in pre-defined areas.
  • After micro-grinding, the skin is treated with anti-inflammatory and soothing agents, a mask with anti-edema is applied.

A session of diamond microdermabrasion helps smooth the relief, eliminating small scars and scars, improve complexion, activate internal rejuvenation processes and restore elasticity. Micro-grinding with diamond dust continues for no more than 35-50 minutes.

The result of this effect is visible after the first procedure. The cost of a session in the capital’s clinics is from $ 27, in the the price of one procedure will be $ 16 – $ 20.

Mechanical dermabrasion

Mechanical dermabrasion is a more radical and traumatic, but effective way of rejuvenation, as well as solving cosmetic problems. The main difference from delicate diamond micro-grinding is a deeper impact. During the procedure, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed by hardware, without affecting the papillary layer and the upper layer of the retina of the skin.

Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

Processing is carried out using compact milling cutters mounted on special equipment.

The depth of processing is controlled by the electronics and the cosmetologist himself. This technique is used for radical changes – eliminating deep wrinkles, reducing tattoos, removing severe hyperpigmentation, noticeable scars, scars, keloids, and other visible skin flaws. Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

The procedure is quite traumatic, characterized by a long recovery period, so the use of painkillers is necessary.

The session takes place in stages:

  1. The doctor conducts an examination, prescribes an examination of the body, including taking tests, passing an ECG and fluorography.
  2. Immediately before the procedure, the cosmetologist performs the marking of the treatment areas.
  3. The selected area is cooled by compresses for 30 minutes.
  4. Anesthesia is performed, most often patients are given general intravenous anesthesia.
  5. The optimal abrasive nozzle is selected, the cosmetologist proceeds to the grinding process. First, surgical excision of the affected areas is performed, then the area is mechanically sanded, then the result is fixed by Bucca irradiation to destroy the germ section of the keloid zone.

Such a procedure is not carried out in the warm season, since at this time, ultraviolet rays actively affect the skin. The best time is from October to March, at which time solar activity is minimal. The cost of machining in the capital’s clinics is from 1000 per 1 cm2.

The price may vary depending on the qualifications of the doctor, type of apparatus, processing area.

Laser dermabrasion

Advanced cosmetic methods include laser, or fractional, resurfacing. At its core, the method is a deep peeling, the epidermis is completely removed, and the upper dermal layer is partially. The depth of the laser thermal exposure is 189/32 inch, respectively, the depth of the basement membranes. Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

Processing is performed by several types of lasers:

  • carbon dioxide;
  • erbiev;
  • low intensity.

The first method is the most traumatic, but also the most effective. The action of the erbium laser is more delicate, the risk of developing negative manifestations is minimal. A low-intensity laser practically does not injure the epidermis and dermal layers, but it is ineffective with deep defects.

The principle of the method is to heat the covers with the subsequent absorption of radiation photons. By adjusting the depth of action, the power and duration of the pulses change. When heated, the problem area is evaporated, followed by coagulation of tissues, destruction of the old structural protein.

The treatment promotes the production of young cells, accelerated regeneration around laser-damaged areas.

The session takes place in several stages:

  1. The doctor identifies the problem areas, thoroughly cleans, applies local or intravenous anesthesia for pain relief. Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home
  2. Zones are treated with an antiseptic, eyes protect with special glasses.
  3. The cosmetologist proceeds to the primary beam treatment. When the skin becomes chalky, the laser reaches the basement membrane.
  4. After 5-7 minutes manipulation is repeated. Heating is carried out before the appearance of blood drops, which indicates that the manipulation has reached the papillary layer.
  5. After the session, a soothing mask is applied to the skin with an absorbing and embalming effect, this will help speed up the regeneration and healing process.

The cost of laser resurfacing is higher than similar methods, in the
capital’s clinics will leave at least $ 544. for processing the entire facial area. You can save the stomach from stretch marks from $ 367. Calculation of 0’4 inch square. laser resurfacing – from $ 7 – $ 20.

Which devices are suitable for home use

Facial dermabrasion (diamond, mechanical or laser) is a hardware technique, therefore it cannot be performed without special equipment.

Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

There is a gradation of devices for grinding, which divides them into stationary, or professional, used in salons, and portable with a simplified set of functions that can be used at home without visiting a salon or clinic. The table below provides a list of equipment suitable for home use.

With a description of the characteristics and an approximate cost:

Device name Description Price
Gezatone The device is characterized by compact dimensions and portability, designed for diamond grinding. Combines grinding function with diamond microparticles and vacuum cleaning. Equipped with 3 nozzles with varying degrees of abrasive, vacuum nozzles and a timer From $ 68.
Remington Reveal MD-3000 A handy machine for diamond micro-grinding sessions on your own at home. The principle of operation is based on a vacuum suction system. A set of 3 antimicrobial tips for normal, sensitive and inaccessible areas. It has 4 speed modes and a regulator for changing exfoliation intensity From $ 109.
Rio crystal renew The device combines the synergy of the effects of vacuum and fine diamond powder. A diamond mixture is purged under pressure to cleanse the dead epidermis. Equipped with 2 containers for feed and waste powder. It operates from the network, easy to manage From $ 95.
Venus derma smooth Compact handheld device for diamond dermabrasion. The set includes 3 vacuum nozzles, as well as 3 manipulators for grinding with diamond spraying From $ 82.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure without preliminary preparation, so as not to get a skin injury and avoid negative consequences during the rehabilitation period.

How to do dermabrasion at home

At home, diamond polishing is usually carried out using simple portable devices.

Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

Step-by-step instructions for conducting a session:

  1. Prepare the device for action by selecting several nozzles for different zones.
  2. Cleanse the skin from dirt and makeup, degrease with alcohol lotion.
  3. Put on a special gasket on the stem base, and then the selected nozzle.
  4. Choose the optimal mode and process the problem area.
  5. After manipulation, apply a sedative to the zones.

The manipulator should be moved along the massage lines without unnecessary haste, without lingering in one place for longer than 1 second. It is recommended that, at the stage of skin preparation, a pore-expanding mask is preliminarily made, and during the treatment, a little stretch of the skin is made for an improved aesthetic result.

How many procedures do you need to go through

To obtain a visible lasting result, eliminate flaws and age-related changes, it may be required from 5-12 sessions of diamond dermabrasion with a break between them of 7-10 days. The method is gentle, delicately and gradually eliminating skin imperfections. The effect is noticeable after 1 procedure, but to consolidate the result, you must complete the course.

As a supportive therapy, it is recommended that 1 session of diamond dermabrasion is completed in 1-2 months.

This course will help eliminate visible defects and provide effective prevention of age-related changes. Mechanical and laser dermabrasion guarantees profound changes and the elimination of serious aesthetic problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may take from 1 to 3 sessions, the interval between them is at least 3 months.

The rehabilitation period after peeling

Facial dermabrasion (diamond, mechanical or laser) is effective and safe only if certain care rules are observed during the rehabilitation period.

After a grinding session, it is recommended:

  • do not touch the treated areas with your hands on the first day after grinding;
  • after 1-10 days, cleanse the skin with delicate products or a weak solution of antiseptic;
  • within 2-5 days to exclude the application of decorative cosmetics;
  • avoid physical activity, trips to the sauna and bath, a visit to the pool for 7 days;
  • before going out into the open, apply a cream with high SPF protection; do not apply scrubs, cleansing masks and peels, tear off crusts.

Compliance with simple rules during the rehabilitation period will help to speed up healing, strengthen and prolong the aesthetic result obtained.

Procedure results: before and after photos

Beauticians and patients positively evaluate the technique, and the results can be seen in the photo before and after the procedure.

Facial dermabrasion is diamond, mechanical, laser. What is it, appliances, how to make at home

After the full course of grinding and the subsequent healing of the treated areas, the following effect can be observed:

  • facial wrinkles and age wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • the skin brightens, a healthy and uniform complexion returns;
  • the tone is restored, elasticity and elasticity returns;
  • age spots are eliminated, freckles are visually less noticeable;
  • pores are narrowed and cleaned;
  • traces of acne and post-acne are eliminated;
  • the skin is rejuvenated, acquiring a healthy appearance.

Inside the skin layers, regeneration, cell renewal takes place, the processes of synthesis of collagen-elastin fibers are activated. Any dermabrasion of the face, but especially the diamond technique of exposure, can be supplemented by botulinum therapy, nanoperforation, ultraphonophoresis and contour plasty.

For a general improvement in the condition of the skin, several sessions of mesotherapy and biorevitalization can be additionally carried out.

Video about diamond dermabrasion of the face

How to solve the problem with wrinkles using dermabrasion of the face:

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