Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

The beneficial properties of amaranth oil have been known since ancient times, so they have been carefully studied by modern scientists. In folk medicine, it is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, and in cosmetology it is successfully used for skin and hair care.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

Since the composition of the oil has many trace elements and substances, using the product for healing, you should study its effect on the body and contraindications, so as not to harm health.

Amaranth oil – what is it

Amaranth oil – a substance obtained by cold pressing, oil or carbon dioxide extraction of grains, leaves, flowers and stems. The benefits and possible harm from its use are still being discussed by researchers in parallel with the development of new plant species on all continents.

It is significant that their results of the study speak of new positive qualities of the product, practically not fixing any health hazards.

The oil is very nutritious and has a number of medicinal properties, which allows it to be used in various fields: from medicine to cosmetology.

By texture, it is liquid, almost watery, without the density and viscosity inherent in many oils. Color – from rich yellow to brown, depending on the color of the processed plant and seeds. Very pleasant is its aroma with a bouquet of grassy-woody, nutty and bitter notes. The taste of the oil is pleasant and soft, with tangibly nutty hues.

Amaranth Oil: Chemical Composition

The most valuable chemical composition is the product obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the plant. Vital and essential fatty acids of the Omega group (linoleic, oleic, linolenic) are 70% amaranth oil, which bring many benefits to the body’s systems and neutralize the harm from an improper lifestyle.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

Phospholipids make up to 10% of the substance and favorably affect the functions of the nervous tissue and human metabolism. Vitamin E squalene antioxidants useful for the skin occupy up to 8% and up to 2% of the substance, respectively. In addition, the product contains vitamin D, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, copper.

Amaranth oil: benefits and harms, how to take, contraindications

The tool can be bought at any pharmacy and consumed without the use of a doctor, but in order not to harm it is better to know its features.

Amaranth oil: benefits and harms

Benefit Harm
  •  Protects human skin from aging thanks to the powerful antioxidant squalene
  • Reduces the chance of cancer in a person who takes oil
  • Filters the harmful effects of exhaust gases on the body
  • Favorably affects vision and eye function
  • It is necessary for children for full bone growth, expectant mothers for a calm and healthy pregnancy, adults and the elderly – to maintain the skeleton in good condition
  • Accelerates metabolism, promotes full fat metabolism
  • It has invigorating properties, which is why it is suitable for athletes as a useful dope before training
The components of the composition of amaranth oil do not carry a specific negative effect, but it can harm people with chronic diseases, with high cholesterol and with individual intolerance to the constituents of the product.

Children, pregnant, elderly and sick people are allowed to take amaranth oil. The benefits and harms described above convince the absolute safety of the use of the product by people of any age, gender and state of health.

How to use

Due to its properties, the use of the product is possible internally and externally.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacyThermal effects on the oil are prohibited; only pure use is permissible.

  1. Ingestion. The dosage should not exceed two teaspoons for preventive purposes and 3 for medicinal purposes. The period of application can last a month, the number of courses is 2-3 per year.
  • The pleasant smell and taste allows you to use amaranth oil as a dressing for vegetable salads, slices and cereals.
  • In its pure form half an hour before a meal, without washing down.
  1. Topical application:
  • In case of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, it is recommended to lubricate the gums and palate with it.
  • With thermal damage to the skin, gauze dressings soaked with amaranth oil will come to the rescue – the benefit is a soothing and healing effect, this use does not cause harm.
  • It can treat diseased joints by rubbing it into the skin.
  • In the composition of masks for the skin of the face, lips and hair for moisturizing, enriching with useful microelements, regeneration and rejuvenation.


Since the harm of amaranth oil is minimal, and the benefits are obvious, there are not many contraindications to the use of the product:

  • High cholesterol in blood vessels.
  • Chronic pancreatic disease.
  • Chronic pancreatitis – according to the menu of the wellness diet prescribed for this disease, all types of oils and fats are excluded, not just amaranth.
  • Duodenal ulcer.
  • The tendency of the stomach to upset, amaranth oil, like all vegetable fats, has a laxative effect. In this case, if the problem is not critical, you can use it in moderation in compliance with the drinking regime.

Amaranth seed oil: beneficial (healing) properties

The tool is used for the treatment of such health problems:

  • With nervous disorders, the manifestations of which are stress, depression, insomnia, migraine. The restorative and calming effect is achieved thanks to the amino acids, phospholipids, antioxidants and magnesium in the oil.
  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – colitis, gastritis, erosion of the gastric mucosa.
  • With a liver disease such as cholecystitis. In this case, most fats are excluded from the patient’s diet, amaranth oil will benefit if no more than two teaspoons are used per day, otherwise the product may be harmful.
  • In diseases of the endocrine system – due to squalene, phytosterols and phospholipids, fat deposits are reduced, and the minerals in the oil normalize glucose levels.
  • In inflammatory skin processes, the product is used locally, which helps to soothe and heal.
  • To improve vision, take orally.
  • With menopause, during the period of bearing the child and with some gynecological problems, the constituent oils regulate the release of hormones.
  • With osteochandrosis, osteoporosis and muscle cramps, oil the skin in sore spots.
  • In case of anemia, iron and other microelements favorably affect hemoglobin synthesis.
  • In infectious and fungal diseases, amaranth oil also benefits and reduces the harmful effects of bacteria.
  • For preventive purposes, to strengthen general immunity, the product is taken orally. It is especially advisable to use it during outbreaks of epidemics, after a course of treatment with antibiotics and after suffering in severe forms of illness.

Amaranth oil: a health application in traditional medicine that heals

Amaranth oil, the benefits and harms of which were known to traditional healers in ancient times, is widely used in alternative medicine today.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacyUsed to treat diseases:

  • Of cardio-vascular system.
  • Gastrointestinal tract.
  • Liver and kidney.
  • Throat and oral cavity.
  • Gynecological.
  • Diabetes.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Malignant neoplasms.
  • Obesity.
  • Burns.
  • Boils.
  • Trophic ulcers.
  • Psoriasis, which in traditional medicine is considered incurable.

For the treatment of diseases of internal organs, oil is used internally – as a part of dishes or in pure form up to 3 teaspoons per day.

To combat skin diseases, the drug is applied to the site of inflammation several times a day.

Amaranth oil from burns: how to use, treatment

The advantage of using amaranth oil for sunburn and mechanical burns is that it not only relieves symptoms, but also heals the skin, unlike most remedies. The restoration of damaged cells and their growth occur primarily under the influence of squalene.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy
Amaranth oil is only beneficial in the treatment of burns, without any harm.

Pain passes gallon within an hour. There are no application secrets – a small amount of amaranth oil should be rubbed into the affected area with light movements. Use in the summer season contributes to the production of melanin and, as a result, to a beautiful, even tan.

Amaranth oil also accelerates the healing process in case of burns due to contact with very hot objects or substances. A bottle of funds will be just the way the hostess on the kitchen shelf. The advantage of using this particular oil is the absence of scars after healing the burn. In this case, you can both usd the oil into the skin and use it inside.

When applying, it is important to monitor hand hygiene.

Why amaranth oil is used in cosmetologists

The use of cold pressed amaranth oil for cosmetic purposes has become very popular. The product can be used on its own, and can be used as part of cosmetics. Almost all brands use oil as part of care creams, lotions, masks and oil mixes. It is not difficult to prepare cosmetics with amaranth oil at home.

Amaranth Firming Body Oil

Experts say that the product is very effective for use during anti-cellulite and various types of tightening massage. Beauticians are unanimous in the opinion that the components of amaranth oil perfectly moisturize, nourish, and promote the healing of stretch marks and scars.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

Dermatologists recommend the use of cosmetics containing amaranth oil as a protective agent against sunlight.

Amaranth oil for facial skin against wrinkles and to prevent aging

Thanks to the strongest antioxidant squalene in the composition of this product, you can gallon stop the time. It smoothes wrinkles and slows down the skin aging process, therefore it is suitable for use at any age.

Other components nourish the skin with useful substances and restore not only externally, but also from the inside. Beauticians believe that it is most advisable to use the product as part of masks. Their recipes are simple and affordable:

  • 2 teaspoons of amaranth oil, carefully mixed with 30 g of honey – this mixture is suitable for owners of dry skin.
  • 2 tablespoons of the product mixed with 2,03 fluid ounce of orange and 0,17 fluid ounce of lemon fresh – this mask should be used for girls with oily skin.
  • A tablespoon of oil with 10 g of any cosmetic clay in powder is an ideal tool for those who have normal skin.

All masks should be applied no more than 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Additional treatment of the skin to moisturize is not required. In addition to this procedure, amaranth oil will be beneficial if it is used in pure form, like a cream, for massage and blotting the face with a napkin; harm is excluded for any type of skin.

Regular care in addition to smoothing wrinkles and preventing aging contribute to:

  • Protect sensitive skin from external irritants.
  • Alignment of complexion.
  • Pore cleaning.
  • Acquisition of velvety leather texture.

Amaranth Oil for Acne

The antibacterial action of amaranth oil helps not only to treat internal viruses, but also to eliminate skin rashes. This is not about neglected cases when a comprehensive examination by a dermatologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist is necessary.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

But the amount of ordinary acne, acne and scars from them, familiar to all representatives of the weaker sex, can be reduced with the help of this product.

The action of the oil components is aimed at producing collagen and stimulating the development of new healthy cells. Efficiency is due to the unique ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

There are several ways to apply it:

  • Using a cotton swab, apply to acne and scars – the first will be dried, the second will heal.
  • An alternative to pure amaranth oil is considered to be its mixture with tea tree oil in equal proportions. Effectively for oily skin and inflamed acne.
  • A few drops of oil are added to 1,69 fluid ounce of kefir, a mask is applied to the entire face for half an hour, then rinsed with warm water. Apply is allowed daily.
  • 3-4 drops of amaranth oil are combined with raw chicken protein, 2 drops of lavender oil and 2 rosemary until smooth. Apply to the entire face for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.

According to the reviews of girls who have experienced these methods, the skin becomes cleaner in just 7-10 days.

Amaranth oil from stretch marks

Amaranth oil will benefit in the fight against stretch marks and their prevention. There will be no harm to pregnant women, nor to nursing women, nor to women during menopause.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

It is recommended to apply after intensive scrubbing 2 times a week. Apply with gentle massage movements. The effect will need to wait a long time, but such a feature of healing the lines. Only an expensive laser removal procedure can get rid of them faster.

Amaranth oil for hair

Many manufacturers of shampoos and ha
ir conditioners use amaranth oil in their composition.
This component provides the local skin with oxygen. Due to this, it is achieved:

  • Activation of metabolic processes of the local skin.
  • Repair damaged areas and eliminate dandruff
  • Normalization of hormonal and fat balance of hair follicles.

Hair becomes strong, shiny, grow faster and fall out less.

Amaranth oil. Useful properties and harm, home use, how to cook, take, amaranth capsules in a pharmacy

In addition to ready-made cosmetics, home-made masks are used:

  • Pure Maslenitsa amaranth is rubbed onto the entire surface of a clean head for 15 minutes, then rinse well with warm water
  • 1,69 fluid ounce of oil is mixed with 30 g of honey and 100 g of raw avocado puree until smooth. The mixture is applied to clean wet hair for 20 minutes, then washed off with warm water.
  • To shine your hair, you need to heat 1,6 gallon of light beer, add the yolk of an average chicken egg, 50 g of lemon fresh and 30 g of amaranth oil to it, mix thoroughly and rinse your head with the mixture. After that, rinse with clean water at a comfortable temperature.

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Where to buy cold pressed amaranth oil, capsules

Amaranth oil can be purchased at pharmacies or in stores specializing in organic products.  The second option is more convenient, because the order can be made through the site and get the product the next day at home or in the office to the buyer. The courier arrives anywhere in New York, Los Angeles and the suburbs. The disadvantage of this service is payment for delivery.

Amaranth oil: the price in pharmacies in New York and Los Angeles ( Los Angeles)

The average cost of 3,38 fluid ounce of product in New York and Los Angeles is from $ 7 – $ 17, depending on the manufacturer and the amount of squalene in it.   Amaranth oil of domestic firms is cheaper.

Many pharmacies and online stores have promotional offers and discounts on the purchase of amaranth oil in bulk.

Due to its beneficial properties, rich vitamin composition, amaranth oil is used not only in traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. However, in order not to harm health, it is important to familiarize yourself with contraindications before use.

Amaranth oil videos

Amaranth oil. Health benefits and harms:

Amaranth flour. Benefit and harm:

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