Cryotherapy – indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

Cold treatment methods have been known since ancient times. It is worth recalling the traditions of winter diving in an ice hole, rubbing the body with snow, pouring ice water on it. The newest technologies of the 21st century allow creating analogues of the body healing possibilities tested by many generations.

This direction is designated “cryotherapy”, which translates as “cold treatment”. However, proceeding to healing with short-term cooling, it is necessary to study what indications and contraindications exist in each particular case.

What is cryotherapy

The essence of the modern procedure for the prevention or cure of the skin is the use of artificial cold with the help of special equipment. Under the influence of low temperature, the blood vessels initially sharply narrow, and then expand rapidly. Due to this peculiar “shock therapy”, physiological processes are activated in the treated area.

Based on the indications and contraindications for cryotherapy, doctors recommend using different means of influencing the dermis (ice, cold air, oxygen, inert gas).

Carrying out “cold” procedures is common in medical practice (therapy, surgery, neuropathology, gastroenterology, sports medicine, etc.). This method is no less popular for cosmetic purposes.

According to many patients, the cryotherapy method is quite simple to perform, relatively affordable, virtually painless, and has high therapeutic efficacy.

How does cold affect the body

By freezing, it is possible to achieve the necessary therapeutic effect by activating the metabolism, destroying the pathological parts of the tissue with the regeneration of new cells, and normalizing muscle tone.

The consequence of improved microcirculation in the capillaries, the purification of blood vessels while accelerating the flow of blood to the internal organs is the tendency of the body to naturally retain the heat necessary for the body. In addition, blood saturated with nutrients and oxygen stimulates the activity of the immune and endocrine systems, the elimination of toxins.

The effect of coolants depends on the technique and method of use. We are talking about the radical rejection of pathological tissues after their destruction or only about a more gentle way for a sharp narrowing / expansion of blood vessels with subsequent increase in blood flow to the treated area.

The decision on when cryotherapy is necessary, indications and contraindications regarding its use in each individual case should be agreed with the relevant specialists.

Indications for cryotherapy:

  • treatment of neurodermatitis, dermatitis, psoriasis, senile keratosis;
  • use for radiculitis, rheumatism, rheumatoid polyarthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • the presence of primary signs of age-related skin changes (wrinkles, lowering of the lower part of the face / eyelids, swelling, sagging, etc.);
  • pallor, lethargy of the skin, its anemia due to blood supply problems;
  • cellulite;
  • enlarged pores of the skin of the face, its excessive greasiness
  • acne (acne, acne, rosacea);
  • benign neoplasms (warts, papillomas, condylomas, moles, etc.); Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos
  • hypertrophic scars, post-traumatic scars, including after surgery;
  • excess weight;
  • baldness (alopecia);
  • general strengthening of the body by people who do not have chronic diseases.

Contraindications to cryotherapy:

  • individual cold intolerance (allergy), rejection of this treatment method;
  • infectious diseases at different stages of development (bronchitis, flu, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • cardiovascular decompensation (“jumps” in blood pressure, ischemia, heart attack, stroke, etc.);
  • gynecological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • fever;
  • oncological problems;
  • diseases of the respiratory system and, in particular, lungs (tuberculosis); Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos
  • diathesis (hemorrhagic);
  • individual mental disorders;
  • rosacea;
  • migraine;
  • epilepsy.

Along with this, experts do not recommend cryotherapy to teenagers under 16 years of age and people of mature age after 60 years.

It is important to consider that this list does not claim to be a complete statement of the reasons why cryotherapy can be used. Indications and contraindications should be determined by specialized specialists together with highly qualified cosmetologists.

In order to avoid negative consequences, patients, clients of beauty salons, before starting cryotherapy, must undergo an examination, including blood and urine tests, a cardiogram.

The use of cryotherapy in cosmetology

Elimination of medical reasons that impede the implementation of cosmetic procedures with the help of cold allows using its capabilities to improve the appearance of the skin.

This applies, first of all, to cleaning the dermis from various defects, its preliminary processing before cleansing / peeling / lifting, massage, injections, etc. Cryotherapy methods for the general rejuvenation of the skin of the whole body, face, hair, arms, legs are quite popular. . Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

More specific recommendations about the individual use of cryotherapy in cosmetology, its indications and contraindications can be obtained from specialists. It should also be remembered that they need to monitor the progress and results of ongoing procedures.

Facial Cryotherapy

There are 3 directions for facial skin care with the help of cold:

  1. Cryomassage involves appropriate hardware or manual manipulations that are combined with the anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects of the low temperature of liquid nitrogen.
  1. Cryoelectrophoresis using electrical discharges.
  2. The point effect of liquid nitrogen on problem areas of the dermis.

For rejuvenation

Along with local cooling of individual skin areas, general cryotherapy for the whole body is widely used. Indeed, in both cases, both therapeutic and anti-aging effect is achieved. This is due to the beneficial reaction of small arteries to temperature fluctuations, oxygen saturation of cells, and acceleration of cellular metabolism. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos
All this positively affects the nutrition of the skin, and, consequently, their renewal. These processes stimulate nutrition and renewal of the skin, create a lifting effect by mobilizing the body’s internal resources.

General and local cryotherapy, the indications and contraindications for which are indicated above, help to solve many problems, both medical and cosmetic. In this case, it is necessary to make the right choice of its types and the drugs used for them.

Body cryotherapy

This general physiotherapeutic procedure is focused on the activity of the central nervous system, and not on the reaction of blood vessels, as with local cryotherapy. Such a short-term procedure is carried out in a special place (cryobasin, cryocamera, cryosauna).

In appearance, they are miniature analogues of the same name containers. However, unlike its “brothers”, here, healing is possible, body rejuvenation occurs due to cold, and not warm bathing. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

Such devices are designed to cool the entire body except for the head and neck, with warming of the limbs with mittens, socks, shoes. Underwear made from natural fabric is also allowed.


This procedure is carried out in 2 ways:

  1. Using an applicator with a cotton swab dipped in liquid nitrogen.
  2. Submission under pressure of the jet of this evaporating means from special equipment.

In both cases, massage is carried out with quick movements locally or in the direction of the skin lines. The processing time for one zone is up to 15 seconds, and the entire procedure is no more than 6 minutes.

Many users, cosmetologists compare cryomassage with peeling, since the effect on the receptors of the skin is carried out, increasing muscle tone. As a result of this, the epidermis is updated at the cellular level, its exfoliation.

However, unlike peeling using chemicals, cryomassage is performed in the form of a 5-minute massage along the corresponding lines of the face with a special applicator with a nozzle using liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

Short contact, according to experts, is completely safe due to the formation of a thin air “pillow” that protects the skin from direct contact with liquid nitrogen. This makes the cooling procedure more gentle to the upper layers of the skin without causing inflammation.

Cryotherapy with ice cubes

During this simple procedure, specially prepared ice cubes from frozen, ecologically perfect mineral water or herbal decoctions are used. Along with cold, an important health aspect here is supplementation with the nutritional components of oils, fruits, and medicinal plants.

To prepare ice cubes, it is necessary to grind the added plant, pour 0.25 cups of boiling water, infuse the mixture for at least 1 hour, cool and pour into cooling molds. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

With these blanks, massage of the cleansed skin of the face can be performed up to 3 times during the week after steam baths (3-5 minutes). In this case, overcooling of the skin should be avoided, for which it is recommended to use slightly melted cubes wrapped in cloth.

At the end of the procedure, it is recommended to make a contrasting compress with a moistened hot towel, followed by washing with cold water.

Cryotherapy for weight loss

The possibility of using cryotherapy against obesity is confirmed by the results of experimental studies. They testify to the effectiveness of the method due to the loss of energy, and then its compensation with the active breakdown of fat cells unstable against cold. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

At the same time, low temperature normalizes metabolism, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the hormone in the blood, reducing hunger (leptin).

Such a procedure is especially favorable for local application (adjustment of individual zones). In this case, there is a smooth process of losing weight without negative consequences for the whole organism. Along with getting rid of body fat, cryotherapy helps in the fight against cellulite.

For the treatment of cellulitis

At the household level, these external changes in the skin are called “orange peel”, “pads”, “riding breeches”, “wafer-like / hilly / tuberous skin”.

The appearance of cellulite is caused by acute inflammation of adipose subcutaneous tissue, provoked by a weak skin tone, problems of lymph and blood circulation. This, in turn, leads to uneven fat deposition, lack of moisture in the problem area. The presence of cellulite on the hips, abdomen, buttocks, hands is especially noticeable.

Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos
Cryotherapy is indicated in the treatment of cellulite, and is contraindicated if there are lung diseases, for example, bronchitis

According to doctors, the cause of the formation of cellulite, also called liposclerosis, lipodystrophy, may be streptococcus microbes, which contribute to acute inflammatory processes in the fiber. Scientists believe that this is a kind of reaction of subcutaneous fat to female sex hormones (estrogens).

Exposure to extreme cold in this case has a double effect:

  1. Activation of metabolism, blood flow, breakdown of fats. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos
  2. Increasing the effectiveness of further anti-cellulite programs (physiotherapy, weight loss courses, ointments, creams, etc.).

The number of procedures can be prescribed by a doctor individually, based on the indications and contraindications, the severity of cellulite.

Cryotherapy for hair

This method has a positive effect on enhancing blood circulation in the head, nutrition of the roots and hair follicles. After all, it is these processes that are often the root cause of problems with the scalp.

With the help of cryotherapy, it is possible to carry out preventive and therapeutic procedures for effective action against such abnormalities as:

  1. fragility, dry hair;
  2. baldness;
  3. dandruff (seborrhea);
  4. hair loss.

The duration of one cryomassage session for hair is 20 minutes. After the procedure, the fragility of the rods is temporarily observed, and then there is a transformation: enhanced growth, improvement of the species, splendor.

The most effective similar method in combination with medications, masks, lotions, darsonvalization of the skin. An exception is the adoption of light / heat / laser treatment procedures on the day of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary not to be limited to one-time cooling, but to take a full course as prescribed by a qualified trichologist. For residents of ecologically disadvantaged, even in the absence of hair problems, it is advisable to take a full course every year for prevention.

It is important to consider that the use of liquid nitrogen drying the skin is allowed only with increased oily scalp!

Skin Care After Therapy

Carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to take into account that the area treated with liquid nitrogen can initially acquire a porous, pink / red color. 30 minutes after cryotherapy, it is necessary to exclude any touch in this area.

After contact with the drug, the formation of a blister is quite natural, and after 2-3 days – the appearance of a crust. Already after 0.5 months, the latter should peel off on its own. To acquire the original appearance of the skin, it will take no more than 4 months.

The main rule of skin care after cryotherapy is to minimize the influence of external factors on the treated area. In order to avoid infection of the resulting blister, it must be covered with adhesive tape. In cases of soreness and delayed bursting of this formation, you should use the help of a specialist to remove the liquid with sterile instruments.

Can cryotherapy be used at home

For home cryotherapy, procedures that do not require hardware and liquid nitrogen can be performed. Among the most acceptable methods is the local use of ice and a contrast shower for the whole body.

Based on the type of facial skin, in the manufacture of ice cubes, decoctions from medicinal plants are used. So, for example, to reduce wrinkles, it can be mint; and in order to lighten pigmentation – parsley, lemon juice.

If moisturizing is needed, plantain grass is added; toning – juices of orange, grapefruit, mandarin, etc. However, all home procedures should be preceded by a consultation with the attending physician.

How is the procedure

Before taking the procedure, thorough cleaning and treatment with an alcohol solution of the desired area of the skin is carried out. During cryotherapy of the body, the patient with the help of an air bath first cools the skin, normalizing the functioning of the sweat glands.

Then the procedure is as follows:

  • placing the patient in a special device;
  • filling the container with a mixture of liquid nitrogen with oxygen (within 2-3 minutes);
  • cooling the body with the created chilled mixture to 5 – 32°F for 2-5 minutes, and for prevention – up to 3 minutes (the duration of the procedure can be individually adjusted by specialists).

Point cryotherapy is carried out by applying liquid nitrogen to a specific place (warts, scars, papillomas, acne, post-acne, etc.). It is carried out using an applicator with cotton on the end. The drug should act on the desired area for 30 seconds. Cryotherapy - indications and contraindications in cosmetology for the face, hair, weight loss, how the procedure goes, results, photos

Cryoelectrophoresis is carried out by introducing chilled drugs under the skin using electric current discharges. At the beginning of the procedure, cold, slight burning, tingling is felt, and upon completion there is an intense surge of heat to the treated area of the skin.

This allows you to significantly narrow the pores due to the release of glands from sebaceous blockages, tighten the skin, improve blood circulation.

How many sessions are needed

The cryotherapy course consists of 10-20 procedures. This standard amount can be adjusted by specialists in each case. The need to increase / decrease the number of sessions depends on the reaction of the body and the need to repeat them.

The cost of cryotherapy

Pricing in medical centers is determined by their own criteria. This may depend on the doctor’s appointment (number of treatment areas, frequency and duration of sessions, use of additional anesthetics, etc.).  The cost of cryotherapy in New York ranges from $ 7 – $ 27 per procedure.

Efficacy and results after cryotherapy

The general positive results of any cryoprocedure are:

  • increase muscle tone, elasticity, firmness, skin tightness;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • improvement of metabolic processes, regeneration of body cells, tissue nutrition;
  • getting rid of various problems of a cosmetological nature;
  • strengthening the body’s immunity;
  • overcoming chronic fatigue.

Knowing the advantages that cryotherapy possesses allows you to include this method in people with different ages in the system of caring for your body. However, the presence of not only indications, but also contraindications suggests a reasonable combination of different methods of treatment, healing the whole body or individual parts.

Video about cryotherapy


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