Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

Human hair protects the skin from cold, dust, sweat. But for the beauty of the female body, they are undesirable vegetation. They are removed at home or in specialized salons using polymer wax for depilation. With each session, the hair becomes thin and soft, their growth slows down.

What is polymer wax, its types

Polymer wax is a synthetic-based hypoallergenic product. Its elastic structure and low melting point allow you to quickly and accurately remove any unwanted hair.

The composition of polymer wax provides anti-inflammatory and antihistamine components. In the work it is not necessary to use strips or apply it in strict order. You can work clockwork.

Polymer wax for depilation has many advantages:

  • prevents the occurrence of an allergic reaction;
  • allows you to remove as short as possible hair without pain;
  • minimum pain;
  • It has an instant peeling effect.

Beauticians use different types of wax, given the treated area:

View Description and Application
Hot Suitable for removing stiff and thick hair.

Classic hot melts under the influence of high temperature, applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against.

Film hot wax requires for heating below temperature, is applied with a thin layer in any direction.

Warm Masters often use it for waxing on their arms, legs, stomach and back. The heating temperature is 104 – 122°F.

In work, a tool of various densities is used:

  • transparent (removes gun hairs);
  • medium (copes with all hairs);
  • dense (designed for depilation of short, hard and shaved hairs).
Cold Wax strips that are heated by hand before applying to the treated area. They are often used alone, at home.
Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use
Polymer wax for depilation can be used for both women and girls.

Waxing is very popular, only in some situations is inferior to shugaring or special devices.

The composition of polymer wax

All manufacturers offer a large assortment of polymer wax to combat unwanted hair throughout the body.

The proposed tools differ in their constituent components:

Title Description
Oils Nourish and soften the skin.
Azulen Soothes and relieves inflammation.
Tea tree It has a bactericidal effect.
Herbal Extracts Promotes cell regeneration and soothe the skin.
Chlorophyll Quickly repairs damaged tissue.
Talc Enhances adhesion.
Titanium dioxide It softens the skin.
Zinc oxide Reduces discomfort and pain.
Flavors, color pigments Give flavor and color.

Many waxes are also based on pine and synthetic resins, rubber compounds, beeswax, mineral and vegetable oils. Paraffin wax is extracted from oil, it works as a binder component, a stabilizer.

There is a resin of coniferous trees, which hardens after evaporation of the liquid.

Pearlescent waxes contain mica. The white substance Titanium Dioxide gives density and color. Thanks to him, the wax becomes cloudy and matte. The duration of the result, the comfort of using the product depend on the composition.

Which polymer wax to choose

The list of effective remedies was compiled on the basis of many data. The comfort of the procedure is important, as well as the duration of clean and smooth skin.

Hot Film Wax Cleopatra

Cost-effective, durable and flexible premium. Perfectly removes unwanted hairs.

Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

Features Application and effectiveness Price
Easy to apply, seizes in a short time, does not require additional accessories in the work. It leaves no residue. Equally removes cannon and stiff hairs. It can be used not only with talcum powder, but also with oil, creating a spa effect. 1100 time. for 2 pounds.

Thanks to the Cleopatra film wax texture, it is convenient, fast and efficient to operate. Advantages include high tenacity and a hypoallergenic formula.

Pearl Wax Lavender Depilatory Wax

It removes unwanted hairs throughout the body, the result lasts at least 30 days.

Features Efficiency
The composition is represented by pine resin, lavender and mineral oil. It allows not only to remove hairs, but also to protect the skin from irritation, damage. 320 time. over 1,69 fluid ounce

Beeswax is good for the skin, it contains vitamins and healing components that nourish and moisturize it. Before use, it is recommended to melt lavender wax with a water bath, the consistency of liquid honey should be obtained.

Veet – universal wax for depilation

Contains citrus and cedar oils, thanks to which the skin is soft and moisturized. The smoothness of the skin is provided up to 4 weeks.

Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

Features Application and effectiveness Price
There is an indicator on the shoulder blade, with which you can determine the temperature of the wax and prevent skin burns. The kit includes 12 strips. Warm wax smells nice, easy to apply. The optimal texture allows you to spend the product sparingly. 600 time. over 8,45 fluid ounce

Beauticians recommend waxing when the hairs have grown by 6/32 inch. One package of Veet is enough for 10 sessions.

Epiloderm Polymer Wax

Hypoallergenic, melts at a temperature of 41 – 41°F. Gently and effectively cope with any hairs on the body, suitable for all skin types.

Features Efficiency Price
Contains natural pine resin and azulene. It has an instant peeling effect, prevents hair ingrowth. Their quality and growth are steadily and continuously decreasing. 1500 time. per 27,05 fluid ounce

Azulene has an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and deodorizing effect. It also contributes to the accelerated skin regeneration process and moisturizes it.

Warm Kapous Hair Removal Wax

Effectively and gently removes hair throughout the body. A large assortment is presented in various compositions and shades.

Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

Features Application and effectiveness Price
It removes any hairs and cares for the skin thanks to its diverse composition (essential oils, plant extracts, resin). Irritations and redness on the skin are completely eliminated. One cartridge is enough for 4 procedures. 130 time. – 3,38 fluid ounce

The Kapous polymer wax for depilation has a gel structure, is implemented in a cartridge, so it is easily applied to the skin using a roller. Residues are quickly removed with water or a damp cloth.

Among the disadvantages, it is necessary to highlight the application of a too thin layer, so it is necessary to carry out a roller on the skin several times. It is also difficult to choose the right one from a large assortment.

The use of polymer wax

Most of the fair sex prefer polymer wax to remove unwanted hairs on the body.

This is due to the following advantages:

  • during the procedure, wax removes not only the hair, but also the upper layer of the epidermis, so the skin renews process;
  • after depilation with polymer wax, body hair does not grow for a long time. You can also use additional sprays that slow down this process. With them, the time interval between the procedures is 5-6 weeks;
  • the composition of the product includes numerous special additives that positively affect the skin, softening and nourishing it, giving silkiness;
  • wax depilation is available not only in specialized beauty salons, but also at home;
  • A relatively inexpensive method for removing unwanted hairs on the body. Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

After prolonged use of polymer wax, the injured bulb weakens. Repeated removal of hairs makes them soft and thin.

For girls under 18 years old

More often in 10 years, the first fluff in the armpit area appears. At 12-13 years old girls notice hair growth. Sometimes for a teenager this is a whole problem. If necessary, if he feels discomfort, experts advise parents to intervene.

Given the formation and development of the child’s body, so as not to disrupt these processes, it is recommended to use a special depilation cream or razor.

The use of wax should be entrusted to a professional cosmetologist, since serious complications can be provoked by independent actions.

For adult women

Algorithm for the use of polymer wax for depilation:

Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

  1. Determine the type of skin and choose the right product.
  2. Heat the wax to the desired temperature ( 104 – 122°F). Apply a small amount on the wrist to check consistency and temperature.
  3. Cover the work surface with disposable napkins. Wax is difficult to wash.
  4. Degrease the skin with a special lotion with menthol, which not only cleans, also gives a cooling effect.
  5. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.
  6. After cooling, tear it in the opposite direction. Use special strips if necessary.
  7. After the procedure, apply the product to the skin, which slows down hair growth and prevents their growth.
  8. The final step will be the use of a soothing cream or oil.

After depilation, cosmetologists recommend taking care of the skin. Use special scrubs, fruit acid peels. Regularly treat the skin to prevent ingrown hairs.

For pregnant

Women who have a baby can do waxing. Beauticians recommend abstaining if the procedure is carried out for the first time. During pregnancy, it is better to limit your arms, legs and armpits.

In the bikini area, the pain syndrome will be strong, because during the period of carrying the child the skin becomes more sensitive . A woman strains, which can provoke labor. Pain affects the production of stress hormones, which negatively affect the formation of the central nervous system of the baby.

Polymer wax for depilation is also not recommended for pregnant women if there are complications or the threat of miscarriage. Painful sensations can provoke uterine contractions during the procedure.

Contraindications to the use of polymer wax

Before the procedure for removing unwanted hairs, consult a cosmetologist. The specialist will take into account the individual characteristics of the body and suggest the optimal method of depilation.

The following contraindications to the procedure:

  • open wounds, abrasions, pustules on the skin, cuts, burns;
  • pregnancy in the first and last trimester;
  • diabetes;
  • exacerbation of varicose veins;
  • low blood coagulability;
  • cardiac pathologies (hypertension, ischemic disease);
  • herpes in the period of exacerbation (wax depilation helps spread the infection to healthy areas of the body);
  • allergic reaction to components.

Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

By observing safety rules, you can achieve a long-term effect and a positive experience after applying wax for depilation.

Side effects

In the process of hair removal, its follicle is destroyed. Clean and smooth skin for a woman is provided from 2 weeks to 2 months. Despite the many advantages, in some situations, side effects occur after the use of polymer wax for depilation.

Title Description
Rash and irritation. Characteristic signs indicate individual sensitivity to the constituent components. After a few days, the symptoms of side effects disappear. If they remain on the skin for a long time, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to undergo appropriate treatment.
Increased dry skin and dehydration. Eliminate violations can be moisturizers, which should be applied after depilation.
The appearance of ingrown hairs. You can prevent an undesirable effect if you use special cosmetics between the procedures. Conduct also a light pilling that removes the upper layer of the epidermis.
Bruising. A side effect that indicates non-compliance with the waxing technique.
Burns. The master monitors the melting point. At home, you can overexpose the wax and harm yourself. Burns on the skin are recommended to be treated with medical ointments.
Pigmentation. The sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays increases, since the upper layer of the epidermis is removed during wax depilation. There is hypopigmentation (the appearance of light spots) and hyperpigmentation (the appearance of dark spots). To eliminate the side effect, bleaching cosmetics or medicines are used. Hypopigmentation is removed with special creams (“Bepanten”, “Panthenol”).

Waxing is also accompanied by pain, in some situations, bruises form at the site of removal of coarse hairs.

The combination of polymer wax with other means of depilation

To get a perfectly smooth skin, cosmetologists recommend using additional products before and after waxing. Polymer wax for depilation. What is it, what to buy, how to use

Title Description Application
Scrub. Removes the upper layer of the epidermis, raises the hairs. Use 2-3 days before waxing.
Talc (powder). Improves the adhesion process (adhesion of wax and hairs) without damaging the skin. It is applied immediately before using the wax.
Means to slow hair growth. They destroy the bulb, due to which the hair grows more slowly. Eliminate skin inflammation, have a bactericidal effect.
Means against ingrown hair. Soften and remove the top layer of the epidermis so that weak hairs can break through. It is applied every day after wax depilation. Prevents ingrowth, and slows down hair growth.
Moisturizer, milk, cream. Soothe the skin, rel
ieve inflammation and irritation.
The selected product is applied after the procedure.

Before depilation, it is important to degrease the skin and hairs to remove completely unwanted vegetation. Oils and lotions take care of the skin, eliminate irritation and redness, soothe it.

Terms and conditions of storage of wax

Depilatory wax should be stored at room temperature. To prevent leakage from the tank, it is recommended to keep it upright. In most cases, the shelf life is from 1 to 3 years. Waxing is a popular procedure in the fight against unwanted vegetation on the body.

It is important to find a professional craftsman or to master the skills for conducting the procedure at home.

Each girl and woman with any skin type can use polymer wax for depilation. It is important not to forget about safety precautions and remember contraindications.

Video about polymer wax

Armpit epilation with polymer wax:

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