When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar – days of the week, month, year

It is noticed that after a spontaneous haircut, the hair can either grow quickly, then keep its shape for a long time, easily fit into the hairdo, or vice versa, become naughty. It is believed that there are suitable and inappropriate days for haircuts. To find out when it is better to get a haircut, you should look at the calendar.

When to cut hair on the lunar calendar

Choose a period for a haircut:

  • Carrying out the procedure with the growing moon promotes faster hair growth. A haircut at this time should be recommended to those who want to have long curls.
When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar - days of the week, month, year
To understand when it is better to cut your hair, you need to turn to the lunar calendar of haircuts for help.
  • Shortening hair during the waning moon , according to the omen, helps to slow down hair growth. This is a negative factor for those who want to grow hair faster, but positive if it is necessary to maintain the shape of the hairstyle, which often requires correction. An improvement in the condition of the hair is considered to be a plus of haircuts during this period: they cease to fall out, get confused, cut off, their density increases, and shine appears.
  • It is undesirable to get a haircut during the new moon . A person risks losing his vital energy, as a result of which his health condition worsens. For example, they had never shorn babies in the new moon before.
  • It is undesirable to get a haircut during a solar or lunar eclipse . In this way, you can negatively affect not only the health of the hair, but also on the well-being in general.

Is it possible to cut hair in the evening

The origin of the ban on haircuts in the dark is due to the belief that unclean forces are activated at this time. It is enough for her to take possession of a fingernail or a cropped strand to cause damage. Damage meant trouble, disease.

More rationally, this ban is explained by the fact that earlier in the evening due to a lack of electricity it was necessary to have a haircut either at dusk or by candlelight, which is inconvenient.

Folk omens forbid girls to cut their hair in the evenings.

Since this becomes the cause of failures in personal life. In addition, people trimmed after sunset lose not only good luck, but also physical strength. If a person believes in otherworldly forces, then the ban should be observed, since self-hypnosis also plays a large role.

What days can I cut my hair

The lunar days are the most favorable for haircuts:

  • Day 5 – cutting hair at this time allows you to improve material well-being.
  • Day 8 – life expectancy increases, immunity improves, and self-esteem of a person increases.
  • Day 11 – intellectual activity, intuition improves, a person is endowed with the gift of foresight.
  • Day 13 – the charm of women visiting a beauty salon increases.
  • Day 14 – you can successfully cut your hair and at the same time increase your material condition, attract good luck in transactions, strengthen your authority and your position in society.
  • Day 19 – time is suitable for shortening hair. It is believed that the life span, on the contrary, is extended.
  • Day 21 – a haircut helps make the hairstyle look good for a long time, in addition, his personal life will turn out well.
  • Day 22 – the financial situation of the owner of a new hairstyle is improving.
  • Day 23 – allows the trimmed one to experience a feeling of happiness, satisfaction with their appearance and self-confidence.
  • Day 26 – a person will feel happy, the general situation will improve.
  • Day 28 – perfect for new haircuts and hairstyles. Appearance will be admirable.

When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar - days of the week, month, year

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What days you can not cut hair

Adverse days according to the lunar calendar for haircuts are:

  • Days 9th and 10th , after going to the hairdresser, a serious illness may occur.
  • Day 15 – hair cutting can negatively affect health, cause headaches, worsen mental state.
  • Day 16 – do not shorten the strands, otherwise you cannot avoid mistakes in behavior, loss of control over yourself.
  • Day 17 – undesirable for hair manipulations, illnesses, conflicts, mental disorders can occur.
  • Day 18 – a haircut at this time becomes a prerequisite for the loss of property, health, complication of relations with the environment.
  • Day 20 – completely unsuitable for getting a haircut, due to the threat of impotence or depression.
  • Day 24 – a haircut can push you to a serious illness.
  • Day 25 – during this period of time, a haircut is associated with an increased risk of developing eye diseases.
  • Day 29 – intellect may decrease and the energy potential of a trimmed person may be depleted.
  • Day 30 – threatens troubles, after a haircut, enemies are noticeably activated.

Haircuts in the wrong period of time – this is a step towards misfortune, life’s turmoil. It also adversely affects the hair itself, its structure, turning the strands into weak and lifeless ones.

What days to choose for haircuts different zodiac signs

When it is better to cut hair, the horoscope will tell you the signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries . You should choose the day when the moon is in the signs of Leo or Sagittarius. It is advisable that the phase of the moon on this day be growing. The sign is patronized by Mars. Time for special protection falls on Tuesday. And this day is great for going to the hairdresser.
  • Taurus . Venus protects him. You need to go to the hairdresser when the Moon is in the signs of Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. Most suitable for the procedure is Friday.

When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar - days of the week, month, year

  • Gemini . Its patron is Mercury. The ideal haircut is when the Moon is in Libra, Aquarius o
    r Gemini. You need to visit a hairdresser on Wednesday.
  • Cancer . It is better to get a haircut when the Moon is in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. For thick curls, the time of the waning moon is suitable. For those who want to grow long hair – the time of the growing moon. Monday is optimal for haircuts.
  • Lions are advised to regularly trim the ends, and it is advisable to do this on the growing moon, located in the signs of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. The Sun controls this sign. Sunday is best for the procedure, although other signs on this day are not recommended to get a haircut.
  • Virgo . The best time for a haircut when the moon passes signs such as Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus. Mercury controls this sign. Wednesday is the perfect day for Dev.
  • Libra . The scales are controlled by Venus. They are advised to visit the salon on days when the Moon is in air signs, such as Libra, Gemini or Aquarius. A suitable day is Friday.
  • It is better for scorpions to visit a hairdressing salon when the Moon is in Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. Tuesday is the best day for a haircut.
  • Sagittarius hair cutting is better to plan on Thursday. This day protects the Sagittarius. For the event, the period when the moon is in air or fire signs is also suitable.
  • Capricorn needs to go to the salon on Saturdays, or when the Moon is in the signs of Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus.
  • It is better to plan an Aquarius trip to the hairdresser on Saturday, or when the moon is in Aquarius or in Gemini.
  • Fish need a haircut on Thursday. The period when the Moon is in Scorpio, Pisces, Libra or Taurus is also favorable.

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What time of the year is better to get a haircut

If the shape is lost and the ends are split, long hair looks sloppy and careless. Hairdressing professionals say that you need to periodically (once every 3-4 months) do a haircut to update and improve long hair.

If the hair is short, then a trip to the salon is not recommended to be postponed for such a long time. During this period, the haircut will lose shape. For this reason, you can not choose a specific time of year for cutting both long and short hair.

If you need to grow hair, then for this it is best to choose a winter period.

This does not mean that in winter hair should not be cut in principle, this period is more suitable only because the hair can be hidden under a hat. By the warm season, the hair will grow back, and then it will only be possible to give them the desired shape.

In general, it is necessary to trim the hair at least once a season to maintain a neat and well-groomed hairstyle.

What day of the week is better to get a haircut

It is believed that not only the zodiac sign affects the hair structure and the fate of a person when cutting, but also a specific day of the week:

  • Monday is suitable for dumping a load of problems and negativity.
  • A haircut on Tuesday promises the opening of new horizons, can change difficult circumstances for the better.
  • The environment will allow to update the information field of a person, will contribute to new acquaintances, knowledge.
  • Thursday is favorable for changing the image, helps to find harmony with the world and attract the attention of others.
  • Manipulation of hair on Friday will improve the appearance of their owner.
  • Saturday promotes healthy hair.
  • Sunday is a difficult day, it is better to refrain from cutting.

Is it possible to get a haircut during menstruation

The period of menstruation in ancient times was of particular importance for haircuts. The woman at that time was considered “unclean.” Belief says that you can not get a haircut during menstruation. Although in fact, one is not interconnected with the other.

If in doubt, it is better for superstitious people to refrain from hairdressing during menstruation, after waiting a few days. But on the physiological side, there is no ban on haircuts during menstruation.

Is it possible to cut relatives

Popular superstitions forbid to cut relatives. It is believed that if children do a haircut to their parents, then they shorten their life. A mother should not cut her daughter’s hair so as not to deprive her of happiness, and a father for the same reason should not cut her son.

Another sign prohibits a wife to cut her husband, as they are considered a single whole. The wife, cutting her husband’s hair, thus deforms his biofield, and this can result in diseases, problems, quarrels of spouses.

Do you cut yourself

According to ancient signs, it is forbidden to cut oneself. This threatens to worsen the financial condition, adversely affects health. It is believed that if you cut your own hair yourself, you can bring your death closer, and unmarried girls who shorten their hair risk being left alone for life.

When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar - days of the week, month, year

It is better to ask for help from an outsider, not a close relative, and postpone the haircut until the opportunity, even if, according to all other signs, the time is favorable.

When to cut a child’s hair

A child should cut his hair no earlier than he turns 1 year old. Better when the child gets even older. In the old days, a haircut was carried out at 3 years old, and sometimes only at 7. Now this sign has been transformed and it is believed that a child should, on reaching the age of one, shave all his hair.

According to signs, this cannot be done, since the child is deprived of vitality, and also because of the early haircut, according to popular beliefs, the child will learn to speak later than others.

Can I get a haircut during pregnancy

Signs forbid pregnant women to cut their hair. According to legend, the braid is a connecting link with the cosmos, which is a source of energy for the body. Pregnant women need extra strength to bear and have a baby.

When it is possible and impossible to cut hair on the lunar calendar - days of the week, month, year

By cutting her hair, the pregnant woman loses her connection with nature, and this can negatively affect not only her health, but also the health of the child. In USA, pregnant women were forbidden to shorten their hair.

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During the session

Most of the considered
signs were formed in USA. A modern student omen connects a haircut and a successful session. It is believed that it is impossible to cut hair during the session, as the memory is “cut off” with them: all that is learned will be forgotten and you will have to memorize the material again. Superstitious students do not cut their hair before the test and exams.

Bad haircut days

Some days on the lunar calendar are not suitable for hairdressing procedures in general. These are satanic days, more precisely the 9th, 15th, 23rd, 29th days. In order not to spread the disease, it is forbidden to get a haircut during the eclipse of the Sun and Moon.

It is not recommended to cut the hair on Sunday , because good luck or even fate is “cut off” with the hair. It is better to spend a Sunday haircut in the case when failure is chasing. Then there is a chance to deceive fate.

It is not recommended to visit a hairdresser in a bad mood. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it’s just worth moving the haircut to another day.

Cut hair when it’s better: video

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