Cocoa butter – useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home

Cocoa butter is exotic, having many useful properties, and just a healthy product is made from the seeds of a chocolate tree – cocoa beans. A tree grows in the American tropics. It smells like milk with chocolate notes, light yellow in color. There are no additives in the oil and in addition to oral administration, it is successfully used in cosmetology.

Composition and beneficial properties of cocoa butter

Calorie content of the product: 900 kcal per 100 g.

The composition of the oil contains the following substances:

  • acids (stearic, lauric, oleic, arachidonic, linoleic, palmitic);
  • vitamins (A, B, E, C, F);
  • minerals (potassium, magnesium, chromium, calcium, iodine, zinc, iron);
  • amino acids;
  • theobromine.
    Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
    Cocoa butter is useful when applied both externally and internally.

Beneficial features:

  • increases the body’s defenses;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • gives a tonic effect;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • strengthens hair;
  • struggles with facial wrinkles;
  • often used in the treatment of colds and viral diseases;
  • helps to get rid of stretch marks;
  • used in the complex for weight loss.

How cocoa butter is used in cosmetology

An important component of cocoa beans is cocoa butter. Creams, lipsticks and even shampoos are made on an oil basis. Acids contained in cocoa butter have properties that are important for skin and body care. Cocoa butter is present in many cosmetics.

It has a rejuvenating effect, recommended for dehydrated skin. It fights well with fatigue and relieves wrinkles. Using cocoa butter in home cosmetology, you can prepare creams, skin and hair care products.

What cocoa butter is better to buy

To extract the maximum benefit from the oil, it is important to purchase a natural product.

It is worth noting that there are 2 types of oil:

  • Unrefined – considered more natural and healthy. This type of oil does not undergo additional processing. It stores the maximum amount of nutrients. The consistency is thick, has a chocolate flavor.
  • Refined oil is softer in texture and contains less fatty acids, because it lends itself to additional processing and purification. Flavourless, white shade. The oil is hypoallergenic and approved for pregnant women.

It is recommended to purchase unrefined oil. It retains all the beneficial properties and is easy to distinguish from a fake, rather than refined.

To buy real oil when choosing, you should adhere to such criteria:

  • Smell and color. Natural unrefined butter with a light chocolate aroma, the color of a pale yellow shade resembling white chocolate;
  • Consistency. Oil crumbles, firm and dense texture;
  • Price. The approximate cost of natural cocoa butter ranges from $ 1 – $ 3. for 50 g. You should not be fooled by cheap products. Refined oil is the opposite: it is white, liquid in texture and odorless. It is recommended to purchase oil in eco-shops, pharmacies or in trusted online stores.

Oils from Royal forest

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Unrefined Royal Forest Oil

Real and quality oil is available from Royal forest Columbia.

The company produces edible unrefined oil, which is useful for cosmetic procedures. The price is approximately $ 6,8. For 200 gr.

Oils from the Aromatika brand

Among the competitors, non-refined oil made by Aromatika proved to be quite good.

The composition meets the necessary requirements, has a solid texture. Also, the drug can be taken orally, which once again indicates the quality of this product.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Aromatica cocoa butter has a good price-quality ratio

The price ranges from $ 1 – $ 2. for 50 g. Country of manufacture: Ukraine.

Oil from TM “Fragrant World”

TM “Fragrant world” will cost an average of $ 9,52. for 150 gr. This cosmetic oil is refined and is not suitable for oral administration. Perfect for external use and adding to masks and creams. Produces USA.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Fragrant world cocoa butter can only be used for skin and hair care

Interesting! Quality experts say: It doesn’t matter which oil manufacturer. It is important that the product meets the required standards.

Application for face skin

Not many people know that cocoa butter is very beneficial for facial skin. The use of cocoa bean product in cosmetology is appreciated for its effectiveness in combating skin fatigue and aging. On an oil basis make day, night creams, as well as masks. Using the product correctly, you can quickly achieve the expected results. We offer effective and proven recipes.

Moisturizing Night Cream

The cream is recommended for prone to dry skin.

Preparation: Mix a spoonful of cocoa butter with 3 tablespoon. tablespoons olive, add 1 tea jojoba.

Heat all ingredients and cool. Beat with a blender by adding a couple of drops of sandalwood oil. Night cream is ready to use. Apply to clean skin before bedtime. From the first days of use, a positive result will be visible.

Anti-aging mask

Recommended for those who wish to maintain youth and tighten their skin.

Preparation:  Mix parsley chopped with a blender with a spoon of kefir and add melted cocoa butter – 2 tablespoon. spoons. By combining simple and affordable components, a wonderful anti-aging agent is obtained. Apply for 30 minutes, then rinse and enjoy the pleasant sensations. Make no more than 3 masks per week.

Nutritious cream

Suitable for any skin. It is recommended to use in the cold season. The value of the composition lies in the fact that in cold weather the skin needs more nutrition than at other times. The cream nourishes and nourishes with vitamins.

Preparation: Take 1 teaspoon of rosehip and sea buckthorn oils, mix with a tablespoon of warm cocoa butter. Combine the components and add a couple of drops of vitamin A and E. In the finished mixture add 1 tablespoon. a spoonful of cream. Apply in the morning after washing.

Wrinkle mask

Preparation: Add a yolk to a teaspoon of cocoa butter. In a separate container, mix carrot juice and honey. Take 1 teaspoon of the ingredients. Combine and apply to pre-scraped skin. Hold for 15 minutes.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
A mask with cocoa butter nourishes the skin and prevents wrinkles

Doing the procedure is necessary no more than 3 times a week.

Application for body skin

You can become the owner of elastic and smooth skin of the body by experiencing the properties of cocoa butter. The use in cosmetology of this product for the care of problem areas is very important, especially in the fight against the so-called “orange peel”. Cocoa butter will tone the skin and smooth out the relief.

During an anti-cellulite session, the use of cocoa butter instead of massage gives a good result. The tool fights against stretch marks, it is recommended to use during pregnancy.

Effective recipes

Nourishing cream for body skin

Elastic skin after using this remedy is provided.

Preparation:  Mix cocoa butter and coconut – 1 tablespoon. spoon, add 3 drops of lavender oil. Apply daily after shower.

Stretch Mark Cream

Suitable for pregnant women for prevention and those who have this problem. A month later, you can already evaluate the first results.

Preparation: You need to mix 30 g of melted cocoa butter with 10 g of castor oil, add 5 g of jojoba. Combine the ingredients, apply in the morning and evening. Store the composition in a dark place.

Anti-cellulite cream

This cream is salvation for those with an orange peel.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Body cream with cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin, nourishing and smoothing it.

Preparation: It will take 30 g of beeswax and 4 types of oils. Take 30 g each: cocoa, coconut, olive and shea butter. Grate the wax and melt in a water bath, cook for 5 minutes, cool, introduce the rest of the ingredients. Beat the resulting mixture. Rub the cream with massage movements into the problem areas 3 times a week on previously steamed body skin.

Hair application

I want to look well-groomed – you need to work a lot on yourself. Sometimes such leaving brings a negative result. For example, the use of a hair dryer and hair styling products spoil its structure. To restore the health of hair, cocoa butter is used in cosmetology in the form of masks. Due to the composition of useful components, damaged hair can be restored.

The cocoa bean product is a valuable helper in home hair care. Its properties can help solve the problem with split ends, and brittle hair can be given strength and smoothness.

The systematic use of cocoa butter will prevent hair loss and increase growth. The option of independent use of oil is possible, and you can increase the effect by mixing other useful components.

Important! Masks should be done on dry and clean hair. The oil must be warmed up before use.

Dry hair mask

The usefulness of this mask is that it contains many vitamins that can turn dry hair into healthy, thick and shiny.

Preparation of the composition: Mix 3 tablespoon. tablespoons of burdock oil and cocoa butter. Add 3 drops of grapefruit oil. Combine the components and add 4 drops of Vitamin A and E at the end. After mixing the ingredients, apply the mixture to clean hair, rinse after 2 hours.

Nourishing hair mask

It is believed that a mask in which there is little cocoa is already nutritious due to the composition of fatty acids. Restores damaged hair and saturates with vitamins.

Preparation: Ingredients take 1 tablespoon. spoon. Combine wheat germ oil, cocoa, jojoba with one yolk. Apply the mixture first to the roots, rubbing into the skin, and then along the entire length. It’s good to leave such a mask for the night, but if this is not possible, a couple of hours is enough. Do it 2 times a week.

Mask for hair strength

Using this recipe, you can get strong, strong and shiny hair. To do this, you need to devote 2 hours once a week, and the result is noticeable already from the first procedures. It takes time to prepare the recipe.

Preparation: Take 1 glass: brandy, sea salt and honey. Mix the constituent elements and put in a dark place for two weeks. After the elapsed time, add 3,38 fluid ounce of cocoa butter. Store the infusion in a jar with a tightly closed lid.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Due to the rich composition of cocoa butter, a mask based on it strengthens the hair, gives it shine and elasticity

Apply once a week before shampooing. A couple of hours before the shower, apply the mixture to the length of the hair, including the roots, after which the composition must be washed off with shampoo.

Growth mask

Preparation: Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter with 3 tablespoons of burdock and 1 castor. Heat the mixture and apply overnight. It is recommended to do no more than 2 times a week. An interesting feature of healthy oil is that when applied to hair, it rinses off well, unlike other oils. A single application of shampoos is enough to remove the excess.

Use for delicate skin of lips and eyelids

Lip Cocoa Butter

The composition of cocoa butter is rich in vitamins and natural fats. The vitamin K present in the composition is often used in cosmetology to solve the problems of chapped lips. By applying a couple of times a day to the lips, you can quickly forget about this problem.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Cocoa butter balm will be a savior for flaky lips

This recipe will return your lips to a healthy appearance.

Preparation:  Take 1 tablespoon. a spoonful of cocoa butter and wheat germ mix with 2 tablespoon. spoons of beeswax. Once the cream has set, you can use it.

Cocoa Butter for Eyelids

The delicate and delicate area of the face is the skin around the eyes. It requires care and the right approach, because not every oil is suitable for this zone. Having learned about the useful features, we can safely say that oil is a universal remedy for the whole body.

The skin around the eyes is thin and requires careful handling. Penetrating into the skin, oil impregnates each cell with essential fatty acids. Helps to get rid of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. By applying oil to the area around the eyes, the skin gains firmness and elasticity.

How to use: A simple and effective method is to apply oil on the skin of the eyelids and cover your face with a bath towel. Hold for 20 minutes, do daily at bedtime for 3 weeks.

Also in the fight against wrinkles, such a mask will be effective.

Preparation: Mix cocoa butter with sea buckthorn oil 1: 1 and add 5 drops of vitamin E. Keep the mixture for 15 minutes, do 3 times a week.

Features of use in pure form and as the main ingredient of the cream

For body care, you can purchase ready-made products, in which cocoa butter has already been added. But there is another option, for example, to use oil in its pure form. The product can be used instead of moisturizing and nourishing cream, but not on an ongoing basis.

Features of the use of oil as a single agent are that before applying the product, the skin must be cleaned.

Procedures are recommended in the evening, so that the oil has time to absorb. To do this, you need to have about two hours in stock. But, for example, adding cocoa butter to the cream, this will allow you to use it at any time of the day. The product will have a less oily texture. In combination with other oils, it gives a much greater effect.

Cocoa butter - useful properties and application in cosmetology. Recipes for the skin of the face, hands, body, hair at home
Cocoa butter is widely used in cosmetology

They complement each other perfectly, in a complex for face and body care, shea butter. Using oils, combining them, will achieve gorgeous results, sometimes which are achieved only with expensive cosmetics and procedures. This option is much more convenient and cheaper.

Precautions and contraindications

Having considered the beneficial aspects of using the oil, one should not forget about the precautions for its use. It almost does not cause allergic reactions, but nevertheless, such cases may occur.

Precautions for the use of cocoa butter:

  • Make a cocoa bean product tolerance test. Apply a couple of drops of the product on the wrist and after 2 hours assess the condition of the skin. If itching and redness do not appear, you can safely proceed to cosmetic procedures.
  • It is important to purchase natural oil. You should not risk it and buy a cheap product of dubious quality. Unexpected results are possible.
  • Do not use a substance that has expired. It is important to familiarize yourself with contraindications and only then apply the composition to the skin.

Contraindications for use:

  • Individual intolerance.
  • Not recommended for people with oily skin.
  • Categorically it is forbidden to use for diabetics, people with sleep disturbance and obesity.

How to store and expiration date

The oil does not have special conditions for storage, but it is worth remembering that it melts at a temperature of 32 degrees. The composition is well preserved in a dark place at room temperature. Packaging or other containers must be hermetically sealed. The shelf life of the oil is about 2 years. It is worth paying attention to this before buying.

Recommendations for preparation and use

In order to benefit from the use of the tool, it is worth following these recommendations:

  • In cosmetology, the condition for the successful use of cocoa butter is cleansing the skin before use. To clean the skin you need not only cosmetics, but also from dead cells – use scrubs. Thus, the cream can penetrate deeply and start the regeneration process.
  • Before use, the oil must be warmed to body temperature.
  • Do not use pure oil daily. Everything should be in moderation.

To a greater extent, the frequency of use of cocoa butter depends on the procedure. For masks – approximately 2-3 times a week. Procedures are recommended to be done in courses of 10 -15 applications, and after a break of 4 weeks is required. Thus, it is possible to treat the skin and hair, and at the same time give the body the opportunity to show its protective functions.

Cocoa butter is a universal useful remedy in home cosmetology.

It is recommended to use it not only inside, but also externally to prolong the youth of the body and external beauty. The tool has no special contraindications, it is allowed for children. A natural product will only benefit the body.

At the same time, you should be careful in choosing the oil, adhere to the above recommendations. The use of cocoa butter in home care for body and hair brings true pleasure and amazing results.

Video on the use of cocoa butter in skin care

A detailed recipe for eye mask based on cocoa butter:

How to cook your own moisturizing face cream with cocoa butter:

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