Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

During weight loss, as a rule, resort to fairly well-known methods – massages, anti-cellulite procedures and balanced nutrition. But on the body there are special points that help a person deal with overweight. Few people know about this method, and most of those who have heard about it do not believe in the effectiveness of the method.

What is acupuncture, principle of action

Acupuncture originates from ancient China, is a substitute for traditional medicine. The ancient Chinese believed that the basis of human health – in the proper circulation of life energy (Qi). If this energy is correctly distributed, a person feels healthy and full of strength. Otherwise, the art of acupuncture helped to overcome the disease.

The acupuncture method allows you to eliminate problems with the female organs, gastrointestinal tract, depression, sleep disturbances, back and head pains, and also fights against nervous disorders. It is not uncommon when, with the help of acupuncture, addiction to tobacco and excess weight are won.

Acupuncture helps to improve the general condition of the body, is a good anti-inflammatory and painkiller. And the effect of acupuncture is due to the fact that during the procedure, the body begins to release serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and endorphin.

The principle of operation is based on working with 12 main meridians and 8 channels passing through the whole body.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Before the acupuncture procedure, diagnostics of the meridians with which it is necessary to work is carried out. The needles are inserted at different depths, depending on the age of the patient, his state of health and the time of year at the time of the procedure. The angle of the needle is also important, the larger the muscle, the greater the angle.

Is it possible to lose weight with acupuncture

During the fight against excess weight often resort to acupuncture. Its effectiveness and efficiency is obvious and has long been proven. The points on the body for weight loss are very active. Therefore, it is important, when seeking the help of an acupuncture specialist, to take into account his experience, since the result will depend largely on this.

At the very beginning of the course of acupuncture aimed at losing weight, the specialist acts only on 2-3 points in the area of the ears, subsequently adding new ones. The session time, as a rule, does not last more than 30 minutes.

Positive dynamics become visible a month after the start of the acupuncture course. The appearance of a positive result is explained by the fact that the craving for even your favorite food is noticeably reduced.

Acupuncture methods and features

Acupuncture requires regularity, it must be done daily or every other day. If the procedure is carried out in the morning, the body will receive vigor and energy. If the session takes place in the evening, the body will relax. The course of acupuncture takes 10-20 procedures, which should be repeated every 2-3 weeks, depending on the expected effect.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video
The article discusses the active points on the human body that are responsible for losing weight.

The main feature of acupuncture is the use of special needles that differ in metal. Needles can be gold, silver or steel. Their extraction from active points occurs either slowly, within 1-2 minutes, or in one rotational movement.

Massage Points

In addition to the usual acupuncture, which is carried out exclusively by a professional specialist, it is possible to carry out the so-called acupressure (massage of active points) by massaging or pressing them. Instead of needles during massage use thumb and forefinger, the effectiveness is the same. Each point is interconnected with some internal organ.

The points on the body for weight loss are randomly located. If, when pressed, a pronounced pain sensation is felt, the point is found correctly. In order to detect an active point, you need to know the measure – cun. This is the gap between the folds when the middle phalanx of the 3rd finger is bent.

Length measure What to compare
1 inch Maximum thumb width
1,5 tsun The total width of the index and middle fingers
2 tsun 3 fingers width: index, middle and ring finger
3 tsun Width of fingers from index to little finger inclusive

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

The points are mainly located in the following places:

  • Auricle;
  • dimple behind the earlobe;
  • neck to shoulder transition;
  • on both sides of the navel, 0’8 inch from it (symmetrical points);
  • nasolabial hollow (center);
  • place 4 fingers above the ankle.

Each point is recommended to massage for at least 1 min., And the full course is 25 days.


In China, for about 5000 years, acupuncture has been used to treat most diseases. But this method helps not only treat diseases, but also prevent them. The difference between acupuncture is the use of thin needles, the thickness of which varies from 0/32 – 1/32 inch. They have a special sharpening, so their introduction does not bring severe discomfort and vivid pain.

The technique has virtually no contraindications and eliminates a side effect.


  • improves the nervous system;
  • boosts immunity;
  • eliminates inflammation in the body;
  • treatment of chronic diseases.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Acupuncture requires absolute knowledge in human anatomy, since biologically active points can be located not only subcutaneously, but also deep in the muscles.

Which method is more effective

The effectiveness of both acupuncture methods is equally proven, but still slightly different. To perform acupressure it is not necessary to have a specialist, this procedure can be performed at home. If we are talking about acupuncture, you can not do without a qualified specialist.

The method of acupressure is to influence the active points, so you should not do the massage for too long or often , but you can do it regularly, not to say about acupuncture, whose sessions are limited.

The difference in these methods is only how long visible improvements come. With acupuncture, the result is noticeable much earlier, since the needle acts on deeper points.

Contraindications to acupuncture

Points on the b
ody for weight loss can be responsible for other internal organs. Therefore, there are many contraindications to the acupuncture procedure. This is due to the fact that during the procedure there is an indirect effect on the internal organs.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

The most important contraindications:

  • age up to 18 years – the skin in childhood is quite thin, it is difficult to enter the needle to a safe depth, it is easy to damage it. In addition, such a procedure is psychologically unpleasant for a child;
  • increased body temperature – during this period, muscle tone changes, which minimizes the effectiveness of acupuncture;
  • infectious diseases – in this case, the immune response cannot be predicted, there is a risk of the opposite effect;
  • pregnancy – acupuncture causes great excitement, internal changes in the state of the body, it can be dangerous for the fetus;
  • hypertension, thrombosis – during acupuncture, blood circulation increases, which can adversely affect the patient’s condition;
  • oncological disease – increased blood circulation can trigger the formation of metastases, tumor growth is accelerated;

It is also important that there are no warts, moles, ulcers, rashes, and varicose veins in places of active points on the skin.

Overweight with hormonal problems

If you are overweight, an acupuncture procedure should be screened for hormonal problems. If for a long time you can’t get rid of this problem, the reason is to look inside your body.

Point Cv 4 (Guan – Yuan)

Slimming is promoted by the most important point on the body – Cv 4. To correctly determine it, you need to lie on your back so that the muscles relax, put your palm below the navel. At a distance of 3 fingers below the navel in the center will be the point Guan – yuan.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Next, do the following:

  1. Click on a point and hold for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Massage in a circular motion for about 30 minutes.

It is recommended to act on this point every day, in the morning, on an empty stomach, for 1 month. In this case, without much effort, you can lose up to 11 pounds of weight. You need to press on the exhale.

Point Pc 9 (Zi Gong)

These are 2 symmetrical points 4 inches down from the navel and 3 inches to the left and right.

The following actions are performed:

  1. Get up straight.
  2. Put your hands on your waist.
  3. Fingers on both sides to press on the same points.
  4. At the same time, make 30 circular movements with the hips.
  5. 30 rotations in each direction.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Perform the exercise 2-3 times a day.

Overweight with menopause

A frequent case is when a woman gains excess weight only after reaching a certain biological age. In such circumstances, it is difficult to deal with the problem, since diets and other means for losing weight practically do not bring results.

Point Gb 20 (Feng Chi)

This point is quite large and it is located in a hollow under the back of the head (meridian of the gallbladder). The impact on the point occurs by the method of toning and pressure. The Feng-chi point helps to quickly cope with severe dizziness and nervous strain. It is strictly contraindicated to work with this point during pregnancy.

Point Li 4 (He-gu)

If you squeeze the index finger and thumb together, then the point Li 4 will be located at the very top of the fold formed between the fingers. This point is responsible for bowel problems, quickly and effectively eliminates constipation and diarrhea. When activated, you can feel the instant activation of the intestines.

Overweight due to malnutrition

This is the most common reason for gaining weight, it is not easy to deal with it due to an excess of harmful foods and chemicals in foods. Therefore, it is worth considering acupuncture, it is a safe and universal method that is suitable for almost everyone.

Point Sp 6 (San Yin Jiao)

This point is located above the tibia bone by 3 inches. Pressing occurs with the thumb, and hold for about 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 30 times. Repeat the same thing on the second leg. Influencing the point is recommended 3 times a day for the best effect. At this point, the energies of the Kidney, Spleen and Liver are combined.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

When it is activated, the work of not only the hormonal background, but also the rest of the organs improves. This point will have an excellent effect on diseases such as uterine bleeding, dizziness, any intestinal disorders, and also treats male diseases of an intimate nature.

Point Sp 9 (Yin Ling Quan)

The point is on the bend of the knee. The following actions are performed: stand straight, raise the leg to the side and hit the point Sp 9 with a fist with moderate force. It is performed several times a day for the best effect.

Overweight due to stress and mental stress

In today’s world, stress has become an integral part of life. Active everyday life is always accompanied by a violation of diet, sleep and rest. The body reacts to this with various diseases. Most often, stress is seized by high-calorie foods, gaining excess weight.

Point Pc 6 (Nei Guan)

The point is on the forearm, 2 zuns up from the wrist between the tendons. The following actions are performed: standing, while inhaling, raise your hands up. Lower your hands to the chest and press with your thumb on the point, hold for 2 seconds. The main thing is regularity; activation of a point is recommended several times a day.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Nei-guan helps to normalize the functioning of the heart, and also this is one of the few points that pregnant women are allowed to act on. The activation of this point is performed in case of convulsions in pregnant women, as well as in diseases of the mammary glands, with difficulties in isolating and producing milk after childbirth.

oint Lr 3 (Tai Chun)

This point is located on the foot, between the joints of 1 and 2 fingers, in the fossa. On the exhale, you need to strongly press on the point and keep the pressure for 5 seconds. Repeat 30 times. Tai chun is a center for stimulating organs such as the liver, eyes and bladder.

Overweight caused by depression and emotional overeating

With the help of special points, you can quickly deal with stress and psychological overeating. In addition, by acting on them regularly, you can reduce your appetite.

Point Gb 26 (Dai May)

The point is located at the level of the navel, between the pelvic bone and the last rib.

The exercise is as follows:

  1. Get up.
  2. Hands are on the waist.
  3. Click on points from 2 sides.
  4. Rotate the housing to the sides alternately.

This exercise strengthens the back and perfectly treats neurosis.

Point St 25 (Tian Shu)

This symmetrical point is 2 tsuny on both sides of the navel.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Follow these steps:

  1. Get up straight.
  2. Hands on the sides.
  3. The body is slightly inclined forward.
  4. Press for 5 seconds.
  5. Run 30 times.

Overweight caused by chronic fatigue, loss of vitality

Massage of some active points helps not only to cope with excess weight, but also with headaches. In addition, they fill the body with energy and eliminate the breakdown.

Point St 36 (Zu San Li)

To correctly find this point, you need to count 3 tsuns from the patella down and 1 tsun from the lower leg. When exhaling, press hard on the point and hold the pressure for 5 seconds, then weaken the force.

Point Gv 20 (Bai Hui)

This point is located on the top of the head. With your middle fingers, click on the points and hold for 5 seconds. To improve the effect, when pressed, you can climb on toes to increase pressure.

Overweight due to sleep disturbance

Stimulation of some points promotes moderate appetite, helps fat burning. It also contributes to the normalization of sleep.

Point Gb 31 (Feng Shi)

The point is located on the side of the thigh, at the end of the fingers and there will be a Feng Shi point. Follow these steps: while standing, raise your leg to the side and hit your hip with your fist.

Point Ht 7 (Shen-Men)

The point is on the wrist. You can affect this point an unlimited number of times. On the exhale, you need to strongly press on the point and keep the pressure for 5 seconds.

Points of harmony and youth on the ears

The points on the body for weight loss are located not only on the ears, but it is here that they are most concentrated and are distinguished by their effectiveness. The most effective way to influence these points is by acupuncture. But in the absence of such an opportunity, self-massage will be effective, the main thing is correct execution and regularity.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

Constant exposure helps to reduce appetite, reduce the stomach and normalize the digestive tract. In addition, the metabolism is accelerated and the hormonal background returns to normal.

The most important points that help reduce weight are:

  • 18 – Overeating stress is often the cause of weight gain. When exposed to this point, the feeling of hunger is dulled and the psychological state improves;
  • 22 – point of the endocrine system. Helps restore hormonal levels. This is true when the cause of excess weight is an imbalance of hormones;
  • 25 is the brain point. Another point that prevents overeating;
  • 28 – a point that fights not only psychological hunger, but also natural. It is not recommended to abuse it, since hunger is nevertheless a physiological need;
  • 52 – massage of this point gives a feeling of satiety for a long time;
  • 55 – a relaxation point, helps to cope with stress and thoughts of hunger, preventing overeating;
  • 87 – the point is directly connected to the stomach. Pressure on it helps to normalize the work of the stomach, excellent prevention of its stretching.

The remaining points are secondary, but their stimulation is also important.

Points on the body for weight loss of the abdomen, sides, hips. Acupuncture of the human body, scheme, photo, video

All of the above points can be influenced not only by acupuncture, but also self-massage. There are a lot of active points on the body, so before you start their activation, you should study them well so as not to harm your body and the process of losing weight is faster.

Author: Pestova Ekaterina

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