Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video

Balayazh is a modern type of coloring, the use of which brings fresh notes to the created image. A salon procedure, or dyeing done at home, will help visually increase the volume of hair, hide gray hair and emphasize the unique features of each girl’s face.

Features of the balayazh technique

The balayazh technique provides for partial clarification of individual curls without changing the overall tonality of the hairstyle. When performing, 2-4 shades are used, which are only 1-2 tones different from the main hair color.

Thus, against the general background, areas imitating sun glare are distinguished. The hairstyle becomes visually more voluminous, and the limited scope of the use of dyes significantly reduces the dyeing damage to the general condition of the strands.


  • If painting is carried out for the first time, it is advisable to pre-cut the hair. Changing the order of the procedures will lead to the violation of harmony in the image.
  • The technique is difficult to conduct, and is not suitable for independent execution.
  • To minimize the harm of lightening, balayazh technique is used on stale hair. Thus, the effect on the ends of the hair is reduced, their dryness and brittleness is prevented.
  • When choosing shades, sharp color transitions should be avoided. The purpose of the technique is to create the effect of burnt hair. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
  • Burnout of dark hair is not possible under natural conditions. This is worth remembering when choosing shades for lightening. In each case, a strictly individual approach is used.
  • The technique looks best on dark hair due to a more pronounced effect, but this type of staining on light and red curls has been successfully applied.
  • The color transition line can be smooth or pronounced, but a clear border of the processed strands is not traced.
  • The basal area of the hair is not affected by the brightening composition. Often, masters use tinting agents for a subtle change in natural color. This allows you to soften the transition during hair regrowth.
Benefits disadvantages
  • The technique has no age restrictions. Equally good staining looks on young girls and older ladies.
  • To lighten a balayazh, the length and structure of the hair is not important.
  • Successfully executed technique emphasizes facial features, visually rejuvenates the owner.
  • The technique helps mask gray hair without resorting to a complete hair dye.
  • A hairdresser will have to visit much less often than with a full dye.
  • Balayazh looks good on curly curls. Even sharp color transitions visually soften due to curls. On straightened hair, the technique will look completely different and diversify the image.
  • Balayazh is ideal for short graded haircuts like bob or bob.
  • There is no problem of overgrown roots.
  • Stain renewal is required every 4 months.
  • Using the services of an inexperienced master or conducting an independent procedure can lead to an unaesthetic result.
  • The technique is not carried out on dyed hair. In this case, the tips of the curls can be painted in a pleasant red shade, or in a dirty brown color.
  • Balayazh requires daily hair care and styling. The best option is to wind all the hair or just the ends.
  • Some cases suggest applying a clarifier to pre-combed hair strands. This technique makes dyeing more perfect, but causes additional damage to the hair.
  • An unsuccessful staining result cannot be corrected immediately. Before the second procedure, at least 25-30 days should pass, depending on the condition of the hair.
  • Balayazh is considered a gentle technique, but hair will require additional care in the form of special shampoos, masks or balms from the “for colored hair” line.

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The difference between a hut and other popular staining techniques:

  • Shatush

Like balayazh, shatush makes it possible to achieve the effect of curls burnt out in the sun, carried out on straight or curly hair. There is no restriction on the initial hair color. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video

Most often, the entire length of the curls is processed, but only the tips can be stained. Tone transitions are noticeable minimally, but the line of transition of the painted part to the unpainted is well pronounced in the horizontal direction.

When performing the technique, the dye is applied with short strokes, foil or cellophane is not used. The hair is processed gradually, in strands of 0’8 inch thick, pre-combed.

Shatush requires an adjustment every 4 months.


The technique creates a glare in the hair. It has no restrictions on the initial color of the hair. The main difference is the technique. Strands with a width of 0’4 inch are blown by a stream of cold air to filter out weak hairs.

Staining is carried out at 30-50% of the original volume. Foil is used to isolate the treated strands. Color correction is carried out every 6 months.

  • Ombre Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video

The method is developed for dark-haired girls; it involves smooth lightening of hair from roots to ends (classic version) or in the opposite direction (reverse ombre). All hair is processed, not individual strands. Correction is required once every 6 months or longer, since the roots remain unpainted.

  • Bronzing

It repeats all the principles of balayazh technique, the main difference is the placement of the transition line between the painted and unpainted areas. Bronding covers most of the hair, the transition is shifted to the basal zone, retreating 0’8 – 1’2 inch.

  • Marble staining

Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
Only one tone of paint is used, lying perfectly on dark hair. Uneven lightening gives hair extra volume.

  • Highlighting

Highlighting from the balayazh technique differs in the direction of applying the paint. When highlighting, the paint is distributed vertically, and the transition border is more pronounced.

Stain preparation

Balayazh (hair coloring) at home is a time-consuming process, so stylists recommend contacting professional masters.

The specialist will accurately select the appropriate shades and sequence for combining them, choose the appropriate technique for the procedure and control the process according
to the standards of technology and the individual characteristics of the client.

The cost of such services is quite high, so many resort to the use of balayazh technique at home. When choosing a self-staining, the first performance may not bring the desired result, but compliance with the painting technology will achieve an acceptable effect.

Before the procedure, damaged hair is restored and saturated with moisture. It is a well-known fact that dry locks absorb paint better, but the color falls unevenly and the hue fades. Split ends cut off.

Do not bleach freshly washed hair, this will increase the harm of the procedure.

Color selection

General principles of color matching:

  • The basic rule is a harmonious combination of skin tones and curls. Pink or light skin suits red color, olive skin looks good with black hair, bronze skin harmonizes with brown hair, light skin looks advantageous with all shades of blond. To preserve the natural appearance, it is worth choosing shades several tones lighter or darker than the natural color. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
  • An important role in choosing paint is the color type, which is determined based on the natural color of the hair. Warm colors and shades are suitable for girls of the summer color type, winter color type corresponds to a cold palette.
  • When choosing hair color online, it is worth considering that only in the virtual world all manipulations are performed simply and quickly. In real life, repainting a brunette into a blonde is a lengthy and costly process.
  • The older the woman, the brighter the paint should be to effectively mask gray strands. Dark curls visually add several years to real age, while light shades rejuvenate the face.
  • When choosing paint on a palette in a store, it is worth remembering that the hair from the palette was previously completely highlighted, and only after that it was dyed in the color presented. In real conditions, the result may vary depending on the original hair color. Manufacturers often indicate the expected result on hair of different colors.

Taking into account fashion trends and general principles of color selection, experts made recommendations for women, based on the original color of the curls.

Original hair color Optimal shades
Black and dark
  • Caramel – suitable for brown-eyed brunettes of the summer color type.
  • Gold / coffee – preserves natural naturalness, suitable for girls with tanned skin.
  • Copper / red – creates a moderately bright image
  • Blue / green are popular colors among teens. Create an extravagant image.
  • Copper / mother of pearl – perfect for all shades.
  • Caramel / coffee – suitable for dark shades of color.
  • Chocolate – looks perfect on light shades.
  • Gray / ashen – most often used by girls with a cold color type.
  • Blue / green / violet – extravagant colors for bright images.
  • Red – extravagant color, requires appropriate makeup
  • Chocolate – allows you to smooth a bright red color.
  • Honey is the most popular.
  • Pearls / ashes are popular shades for girls of the summer color type. It goes well with walnut tips.
  • Silver / platinum – indispensable for “winter” girls. The tips are often stained in wine / chocolate tones.
  • Chestnut – looks spectacular at the ends of sunny hair.

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Necessary facilities and tools

  • Pre-selected paint in different shades. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
  • Ware for mixing coloring mixtures of any material, excluding metal.
  • Brush for applying the mixture to strands. It is better to choose a tool with a comb for convenient separation of curls.
  • Gum.
  • Sharp-end comb.
  • Film / foil. Strips 5’9 inch wide are prepared in advance. The length is adjustable depending on the length of the curls + 3’9 – 5’9 inch.
  • Hair Clips.
  • Gloves, protective equipment for shoulders and neck.
  • Shampoo and care products.

Step-by-step staining instructions

Balayazh (dyeing) of hair at home is difficult to perform, so it is much easier to perform the technique with an assistant. For different hair lengths, there are specific features of the procedure.

For short hair

Benefits disadvantages
  • Balayazh on short hair gives the haircut an extra volume, and the image is fresh and bright notes.
  • The technique looks good on women of any age, as it rejuvenates the owner.
  • After a month, the painted part can be cut off with the overgrown tips. Balayazh is an effective way to return to the natural color of hair after full dyeing.
  • In case of unsuccessful staining, it is impossible to hide the undesired result. The only way out is to cut the curls, making the haircut even shorter.
  • If the selection of paint is unsuccessful, there is a risk of serious damage to the hair structure.
  • It is better to contact professionals. On short hair, dye can drain to the ends, ruining the look of the hairstyle.
  • Correction is necessary as hair regrowth (1 time for 30-40 days).

Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video

Short hair coloring scheme:

  1. First of all, the preparation of all necessary materials and the coloring composition is carried out, safety measures are taken.
  2. Hair is aligned in one direction with a comb. With the help of clamps, the curls are divided into bundles of 1
    ’2 – 1’6 inch in diameter.
  3. Alternately, the curls are combed so that the ends remain free from the outside. The movements necessary for fleece are carried out exclusively from the bottom up.
  4. If you plan to highlight the area at the roots – the pile is shifted to the side of the scalp, the edges are left flat.
  5. The area of hair that will be processed is wrapped with foil or film on one side.
  6. The coloring composition is applied to the hair with a special brush. To soften the color transition, a sponge is often used.
  7. The composition is stretched along the curl evenly. Smears are shaded as much as possible. Excess paint is combed with a comb to achieve naturalness.
  8. Each colored curl after treatment is insulated with foil / foam.
  9. The coloring composition is aged on the hair in accordance with the instructions on the package.
  10. The hair dye is washed off with running water, after which the hair is washed using shampoo and balm, sometimes with a tinting effect.

Balayazh on very dark hair at home is performed, previously using a clarifier, dyeing the natural color no more than 4-6 tones.

For medium hair

Benefits disadvantages
  • Balayazh on medium hair rejuvenates the owner and helps to effectively hide gray hair.
  • The technique looks good on cascading haircuts, adding variety to an already created image.
  • Correction is required much less often than on short hair.
  • Dyeing is performed in the middle of the hair, reducing the effect on the general condition of the hair.
  • The technique is difficult to perform and without an assistant, at home, it is impossible to do.
  • An unsuccessful result is difficult to disguise, and shearing the painted part is not always acceptable.

Color scheme for medium hair:

  1. A coloring composition is prepared and protective equipment is put on. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
  2. On the entire surface of the head, identical locks are formed, fixed with elastic bands. The smaller the tails, the more harmonious the result will look.
  3. Erasers drop in curls to the proposed transition line.
  4. The loose ends are carefully stained with a special brush. Particular attention is paid to the tips.
  5. Treated hair is wrapped in foil or film.
  6. The coloring composition is aged on the head in accordance with the instructions on the package and washed off with running water.
  7. Hair is washed with shampoo and treated with balsam.

Balayazh (dyeing) hair at home involves the use of one shade, which smoothly flows into a natural color. More sophisticated technology using 2-3 tones requires experience and skill.

The application of the coloring composition to different parts of the curls is divided in time. First, the middle of the strands is dyed, after which the edges are tinted. An additional complication is the correct combination of colors.

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For long hair

Benefits disadvantages
  • Balayazh emphasizes the depth of the natural color of the hair, brings tenderness and femininity to the image.
  • Effective gray hair masking
  • The technique allows you to experiment with the image by twisting or straightening curls.
  • The complexity of the execution is proportional to the length of the hair.
  • Long hair will require more time to complete the desired.
  • With an increase in the length of curls, paint consumption and, consequently, financial costs increase.

There are 2 execution techniques:

  • With small tails.
  • With fleece.
    Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
    Balayazh hair coloring scheme

At home, the technique of small tails is most often used:

  1. All preparatory actions are carried out: preparation of the coloring composition, closing of the neck and hands with protective equipment.
  2. The total mass of hair is divided into narrow strands, which are fixed with elastic bands at the desired level.
  3. The paint is applied to the hair from the elastic to the ends and is evenly distributed over the volume of the strand.
  4. Each tail is insulated with foil / film.
  5. To achieve the gradient effect – after 20 minutes after applying the paint, the gums descend to the middle of the painted area, the tips are treated with a different shade.
  6. Hair is re-wrapped in foil.
  7. The coloring compositions are aged 30 minutes and washed off with running water.
  8. Hair is washed with shampoo and treated with care products.

If all the rules are followed, a vivid image is obtained that does not require special efforts to maintain it.

Hair care after the procedure

Balayazh (dyeing) of hair at home, if the implementation technique and safety measures are not followed, can harm the hair.

To eliminate the consequences, as well as to prevent color loss or tarnishing of curls, it is worth following a number of care recommendations:

  • Damaged hair must be repaired regularly, using care products in the form of masks, balms, conditioners, oils and serums, which contain collagen, proteins, silicone.
  • If necessary, and after a medical consultation, it is worth drinking a course of vitamins.
  • It is worth giving preference to the line of means for washing and caring for hair from the rulers for dyed or fair hair. They include additional nutrients and substances that eliminate yellowness. With yellowness, tinting agents of a purple or silver shade can effectively cope. Balayazh hair coloring. Photos, instructions at home, video
  • It is worth abandoning the heat treatment of the strands with a hairdryer, ironing, and
    braid. If it is impossible to avoid thermal effects, a heat-protective spray is first applied to the curls. The hairdryer should be switched to cold mode.

Hair dyeing using the balayazh technique at home gives individuality and modernity to the image, which greatly adorns the girl. Features of the technology allow you to always look beautiful without the need for frequent visits to the stylist and hairdresser.

Video about staining balayazh

How to dye your hair using balayazh technique:

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