Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

Skin-cap is a line of cosmetology medical products for combating skin diseases and pathologies of the scalp. Different forms of release: from cream to aerosol – make the application convenient. The instructions are easy to understand, if you consider it in detail.

The composition of the cream Skin-cap

The main component, which to a greater extent provides the therapeutic effect of the product, is zinc pyrithione activated. This is the same zinc pyrithione, but used in human skin care. The substance copes with a wide range of harmful bacteria: from staphylococci and E. coli to fungal bacteria. Zinc is known for its anti-dandruff benefits.

He also:

  • nourishes the skin;
  • helps her breathe;
  • strengthens the walls of hair and scalp cells;
  • destroys some pathogenic microorganisms.

The composition also contains auxiliary substances. They vary depending on the form of release.

For cream, this is:

  • glyceryl stearate;
  • stearyl alcohol;
    Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues
    According to the composition in the instructions for use, the Skin Cap Cream contains ethanol, so it is not recommended to use it for dry skin type!
  • glycerol;
  • chemical compounds with fatty acids and carbohydrates of coconut oil;
  • ethanol;
  • sodium chloride (sodium chloride);
  • distilled water;
  • flavorings.

The product is not based on hormones, therefore it is not addictive or exacerbated after discontinuation of use. At the beginning of 2000, the Heminova International company (founded in Spain) was embroiled in a scandal over charges of adding the hormone clobetasol.

The substance is not prohibited, it is used in pharmaceuticals, eliminates edema, itching, and is excreted from the body with waste products. The claim was that clobetasol was not indicated in the composition, which implied consumer fraud. In 2007, the company was able to justify itself by proving the absence of hormones in the product.

Release form

Skin-cap cream, the instructions for use of which will be discussed below, is most often used in the treatment of dermatological diseases, although the drug is also produced in the form of:

  1. Spray. Its advantage over other forms of the product is that it can be applied without touching the skin, spraying from a distance. This process is no more difficult than spraying hairspray. There are also disadvantages: the aerosol has a characteristic odor that quickly spreads through the air. Also, when wearing contact lenses, the molecules of the substance adhere to them, making the lens unusable. Therapeutic actions do not differ from other forms, but the spray, in contrast to them, slightly dries the skin. It is sold in packages weighing 70 g or 35 g (concentration 0.2%), the nozzle is included.
  2. Gel. It is used as a preventive shower gel and is not a medicine. It can be acquired with very little irritation or with rashes that are not associated with serious ailments (with allergies / prickly heat / acne). The gel saturates the skin with moisture, relieves irritation. You can buy in bottles of 5,07 fluid ounce. The bottles themselves are packed in cardboard boxes. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues
  3. Shampoo. Designed for scalp, combats dandruff and all its accompanying symptoms. It is convenient to apply to hair, like an ordinary shampoo. Not intended for body. Available in 5,07 fluid ounce vials. The concentration of the active substance is 1%, which makes the shampoo more effective than aerosol. You can find small test bottles of 5 g.
  4. Cream. The most preferred option if the affected areas are not on the scalp, but on the face or body. A white substance with a characteristic odor is easy to apply, heals cells and relieves symptoms of the disease. The cream is available in tubes of 15 or 50 g. The concentration of zinc pyrithione, as in the spray, is 0.2%, but the cream does not dry, but moisturizes the epithelium.

Pharmacological properties

Skin-cap is absorbed into the skin and envelops pathogenic bacteria, destroying them. These microorganisms cause skin irritation and exfoliation of the upper layer (this is how dandruff scales appear), so their death leads to normalization of the integumentary tissue.

Many groups of harmful bacteria, staphylococci and other pathogens become victims of skin-cap. Fungi Pitirosporums do not stand.

In addition to antibacterial and antifungal, the drug also has a calming effect, which is necessary to accelerate cell regeneration. Zinc strengthens their membranes and remains in them. Because of this, the drug is excreted from the body for a long time. It first remains in the skin, then penetrates deeper and in small doses enters the bloodstream. It was revealed that this is not dangerous.

Indications for use

Skin-cap cream, the instructions for use of which are described below, can not be used thoughtlessly.  The main reason for the appointment is psoriasis. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

Symptoms of its appearance:

  1. Inflammation on the skin, which can manifest by thickening of its upper layers, red spots, swelling. Most often, signs appear on the head, back, or in the area of the joints: on the elbow bends, on the knees, on the bends of the fingers. Sometimes the nails and areas around them are affected. These are separate types of psoriasis.
  2. Red spots have clear boundaries, they itch heavily, dry particles of skin peel off from their surface.
  3. At a more advanced stage, plaques with a white crust of flaky skin on top form.

Skin-cap can also be used in less serious cases. Here it is worth separating the products according to the form of release.

Indications for shampoo:

  1. Mild dandruff: seasonal / persistent / caused by stress, malnutrition or poor hair care products.
  2. Itchy scalp. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues
  3. Congenital or acquired seborrheic dermatitis (a fungal disease that occurs on the scalp, most often on the head).
  4. Seborrhea of any type: oily, dry or mixed.
  5. Atopic dermatitis. The onset of the disease is similar to seborrhea, but it is not the same thing. Plaques form at the roots of the hair, under which tissue-damaging processes occur, and when they are removed, bleeding ulcers often remain.

Indications for spray and cream:

  1. Seborrheic or atopic dermatitis.
  2. Eczema (not associated with
    bacteria or fungus and therefore not contagious skin inflammation, accompanied by redness, rashes and burning).
  3. Neurodermatitis (dryness, roughness and peeling of the skin, sometimes with a rash on the background of nervous discomfort and allergies; most often in adolescents).

Also, the cream separately from other drugs can be applied to excessively dry skin. The gel, as already mentioned, does not fight diseases.


As a result of research, specialists did not reveal any contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components. Moreover, an allergy to the external use of zinc is a very rare occurrence, so it can be concluded that there are almost no contraindications.

Restrictions on use are pregnancy, lactation and childhood, but this will be mentioned separately below.

Method of application, dosage

All forms are designed exclusively for external use. For each of them, there are slight differences in use.


Shake well before application and then spread a small layer over the affected areas of the skin. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analoguesRepeat 2 times a day for 1 month (plus or minus a week depending on the disease and its severity).


Shake the balloon actively. If you need to apply on the scalp and hair interfere, then you need to wear a specially attached nozzle in the kit. Move the balloon 5’1 – 6’7 inch away from you and start spraying the affected areas. Repeat 3 times a day until the symptoms of the disease pass.

To consolidate the effect, you should continue to use aerosol for another 1 week twice a day. During spraying, the cylinder should not be tilted horizontally so that the sprayer works normally. Also, do not inhale the product or spray it close to open eyes.


Shake the container before application, squeeze 0,17 fluid ounce in the palm of your hand and distribute over them, then massage into wet hair. After this, the head should be rinsed, massaging movements usd into the scalp another dose of shampoo and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

After that, you can use balm or conditioner. You can repeat the procedure during each shampoo, but no more than 3 times a week for 5 weeks with psoriasis or 2 times with seborrhea. If you managed to get rid of the symptoms, then you can continue to use as a prophylactic once a week.

The gel is used as an ordinary body cleanser.

For children

The almost complete absence of contraindications allows you to purchase a Skin-Cap even for newborns when they have the first symptoms of seborrhea, psoriasis, etc. The earlier the reproduction of the fungus and bacteria is stopped, the better. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

Skin-cap is recommended for babies from 12 months. The smallest (from a year to 1.5 years) are better suited aerosol, which is easy to apply. If the baby is already more than 18 months old, then you can usd the cream on any area of the skin.

If for adults a slight burning sensation after application does not promise any negative consequences, then in case of side effects, the child should immediately stop treatment and rinse the place of application under running water with baby soap.

Also, before starting treatment, an allergy test is needed. For this, the product is applied to a non-extensive area of the skin. If there is no discomfort, then an allergy is unlikely to manifest itself in the future.

For adults

For adults, there are no restrictions other than hypersensitivity. In 97% of cases, the drug is well tolerated by them.

With pregnancy, breastfeeding

The instruction for the use of Skin-cap cream contains a note that the benefits for the mother should exceed the risk for the child developing inside her.

Experts do not believe that the components of Skin-Cap in any way affect the fetus, but still pregnant and lactating women are recommended to take tests after the start of use.

Such caution is explained by the fact that activated zinc pyrithione is drawn into the cells of the mother’s body, which means it also goes to the baby . It is important to notice in time if the product harms him and stop using it. Acute allergies during gestation are also highly undesirable.

special instructions

A number of usage notes have been compiled:

  1. Intensive shaking before application is necessary. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues
  2. There are no coloring components in the composition, therefore, changing the color of the skin or hair is impossible. If this happens, the product may be fake.
  3. The line is suitable for any type of skin and hair.
  4. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, including in the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

Side effects

People with sensitive skin are sometimes allergic. Also, at the beginning of the course, a slight burning sensation is possible from the cream. If the patient is not a child and there is no serious discomfort, then this will soon pass and you do not need to stop the course.


Cases of overdose are not known.


Skin-cap cream (the instructions for use given in the article is a reference and does not replace the official annotation of the drug) does not react with other drugs. So the research and tests showed.

Vacation and storage conditions

The product is non-hormonal and sometimes serves for cosmetic rather than medicinal purposes, so in pharmacies it can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. However, it is not always available. In this case, the tool can be ordered on the Internet, which also does not require special documents from the doctor. Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

Skin cap should be kept cool. The optimum temperature is from 41 – 77°F. The manufacturer does not give notes regarding humidity and light, but, as with most pharmaceutical products, it is better to keep the packaging in the dark. Storage should be limited to children.

The shelf life for aerosol and shampoo is 5 years from the date of manufacture (it is indicated on the packaging), for cream – 3 years.

Analogs of cream Skin-cap

Skin-cap cream, the instruction for use of which contains many restrictions, has a list of analogues from domestic and foreign companies.

  1. Tsinokap cream. There is also a spray. An almost complete copy of the Spanish product, but cheaper (almost twice) and produced in USA (Pharmstandard- Las Vegas). The main substance is also zinc pyrithione. Nevertheless, most buyers believe that the American duplicate is not so effective, it did not help many. Another difference is a shorter shelf life (2 years). Cream Skin-Cap. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues
  2. Line Friderm from the North American company Mifarm . A similar active substance, method of application and indications, but the price is on average less. Quite effective and common drug. Shampoos from this line, in addition to eliminating problems with the scalp, also improve the structure of the hair.
  3. Pyrithionine Zinc . A simple drug, entitled by the name of the active substance. Release is made in various forms.
  4. Psoriderm and Psorikam – special remedies for psoriasis, quite popular in the near abroad, especially in Ukraine. They are not for sale in USA.

Price Skin-cap in pharmacies in New York, Los Angeles,

The minimum prices for the Skin-Cap line in the constituent entities of the American Federation. It is worth noting that you can not buy goods at local pharmacies, but order at medical online stores. As a rule, in them the price is constant for all, only the cost of delivery can change.

  Cream (15 g), usd. Shampoo ( 5,07 fluid ounce), usd. Aerosol (35 g), usd. Shower gel ( 5,07 fluid ounce), usd.
New York 974 1300 138 907
Los Angeles 810 1358 1498 685
Atlanta and 892 1470 1800 900
Washington and the 900 1305 1623 824
Miami 900 1319 1600 924
Kamchatka Krai 977 1475 1907 1060
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 922 1393 1801 1000
Altai 892 1348 1743 967
The Republic of Dagestan 931 1426 1728 977
Atlanta city 705 1069 1047 690
Rostov 892 1163 1498 810
Seattle 922 1393 1480 964
Zabaykalsky Krai 922 1300 1801 960

Reviews of doctors and patients about the effectiveness of the drug

Specialists in the field of dermatology and allergology warmly respond to this Spanish product, as it does not contain hazardous substances and hormones. Doctors often prescribe it to children.

Customer reviews vary. Most are satisfied with the result, Skin-Cap really helps: plaques and itching go away. Unfortunately, some complain of symptoms returning after cessation of use. This may be the reason that they did not carry out the recommended weekly prophylaxis.

However, none of the patients reported dangerous side effects. Buyers find the skin-cap more effective than analogues, not only American, but also foreign.

The use of cream, aerosol or shampoo Skin-cap is a step in the fight against pathologies of integumentary tissues, which can be done both by agreement with a doctor and independently. In both cases, it is necessary to study the instructions.

Video about Skin Cap cream

The whole truth about Skin Cap cream in the treatment of psoriasis:

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