Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

High-quality fitness classes held in a gym are considered much more effective than home workouts. Regardless of the goal, to lose weight or gain muscle mass, in the gym a person will be able to quickly achieve a visible result due to the presence of a large number of additional equipment.

Understanding how to independently create a training program, as well as knowing which exercises will be most effective in a particular case, an athlete can not only transform his body in the shortest possible time, but also avoid getting injured during training.

Training program

Classes in the gym aimed at reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat should be conducted under the guidance of a professional fitness trainer.

The specialist will not only competently draw up a training program taking into account the state of health, physical fitness, as well as the desired result of the athlete, but also will monitor compliance with the technique of performing exercises. This will reduce the risk of injury and the likelihood of a result of classes to come to a “reverse result.”

Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises
For classes in the gym to have a result, you need to work out with a fitness trainer

In the absence of the opportunity to use the services of a professional, a person can independently draw up a training scheme for himself, observing the basic recommendations for performing physical exercises for weight loss:

  • include exercises for various muscle groups in a complex planned to be completed in one day (this will help to work out the whole body evenly, avoiding overtraining of its individual sections);
  • within one training session, it is recommended to alternate exercises that are different in their orientation (strength and cardio; “pull-push”, etc.) This will help to avoid premature overwork of the body and make the maximum number of approaches);
  • as the final part of the training (hitch), you should use a high-intensity cardio load (helps accelerate metabolic processes, which play a major role in the process of losing weight);
  • it is important to observe all stages of the session (hitch, core, warm-up, stretching exercises), because it is only in this way that you can evenly work out the whole body, while not giving the cardiovascular system a harmful load.

Despite the fact that cardio loads are considered the most effective for weight loss, it is not recommended to include only them in the program.

The same intensity, maintained throughout the workout, leads to rapid addiction to the body and the lack of results.

Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. ExercisesIf there are contraindications that prevent full training (strength and cardio loads), the athlete should compose a training plan so that exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system have different intensities within the same training.

To achieve this goal, losing weight it is necessary to engage in the gym at least 3 times a week for 2 – 2.5 hours. The number of approaches in each exercise should not exceed 3.

If the specified number of approaches is significantly exceeded, the athlete runs the risk of overtraining the muscles, which subsequently leads to pain in the body due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the body.

Warm up

The warm-up should consist of exercises, the intensity of which usually increases as the introductory part of the complex is completed. At this stage, the athlete’s goal is to maximize muscle preparation for further training, accelerate metabolic processes, as well as set the breathing rhythm for the subsequent load.

The most effective exercises for warming up are:

Exercise Number of repetitions Execution algorithm
Neck stretching 3 * 10 1. Get up straight; legs should be shoulder width apart; hands put in the of the belt; push the chest forward slightly; stretch your neck.

2. Slowly tilt your head to the right shoulder and, as much as possible feeling the stretching of the muscles of the neck, smoothly return to its original position (PI).

3. Repeat step 2 by tilting in the opposite direction.

4. Repeat step 2 by tilting the head forward.

5. Repeat step 2 by tilting the head back.

6. Turn your head to the right, as if trying to touch the shoulder joint with your chin. Fix the position for 3 seconds, and then return to the IP.

7. Repeat step 6, turning your head to the left

Head spin 5 for each side 1. Get up straight; put the legs in a free position; raise the chin; place your hands on the belt.

2. Head in the air to draw a circle (left shoulder – forward – right shoulder – back) Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

Circular hand swings 2 * 10 1. Take a vertical position; breast forward slightly; Arms should be placed along the body.

2. Perform rotational movements of the hands, using the shoulder joint

Stretching the lateral muscles of the body 20 1. Get up straight; to place the feet at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders; place your hands on the belt.

2. Tilt the upper body to the right, while controlling that the pelvis remains stationary.

3. Return to the IP, and repeat step 2 by performing a similar tilt to the left

“Castle” 30 sec 1. Get up straight; breast forward slightly; fasten the arms behind the back, bending the spine forward in the thoracic.

2. Fix the position for a specified amount of time, maximally stretching the muscles of the chest. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

3. Slowly relaxing, return to SP

Circular knees 20 times for each direction 1. Stops put as close to each other as possible; close your knees; put the back of the palms to the knees, slightly bending the lower limbs; the back is straight.

2. Without spreading the knees apart, make the necessary number of rotational movements of the knee joints, while ensuring that the upper
part of the body remains stationary

Cardio exercises

Classes in the gym should include both weight training and cardio exercises. Theoretically, it is possible to strengthen the cardiovascular system using any exercise performed with minimal burden at a fast pace.

One of the most effective cardio complexes for weight loss is training on the most popular simulators, including:

Exercise lead time Execution algorithm
Running on a treadmill 20 minutes. The intensity of classes should be chosen taking into account the weight of the athlete. If a person’s body weight exceeds 187 pounds, you should not work hard on the treadmill, thereby injuring the joints and bones, as well as negatively affecting the cardiovascular system. If you are overweight, it is enough to walk at a moderate pace, controlling the frequency and depth of breathing. If the athlete’s body weight is in relative norm, to transform in his case, running is required, implying a gradual increase in speed and incline (the indicator is set by the treadmill’s functionality)
Stepper walking 20 minutes. The stepper is suitable for people who do not have diseases of the joints and bone system. Classes in such a simulator involve energetic alternating bending of the legs, resting their feet on the pedals of the device. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. ExercisesResistance is regulated independently by a person or an automatic program is selected that changes the load after a certain period of time. The stepper not only helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also helps to reduce subcutaneous fat in the buttocks, thighs and legs
Exercise Bike Riding 20 minutes. Exercises are the safest, since the load on the heart during their implementation is as close to natural as possible (for example, during an easy run in the fresh air). Modern simulators simulating cycling allow a person to not only set the resistance level independently, but also to control the pulse range, which when losing weight should vary from 120 to 140 beats per minute.

Cardiotraining is recommended to be performed in a well-ventilated area to ensure full oxygen access to the body. Otherwise, during the training, the athlete may experience dizziness, nausea, pressure drop sharply and a feeling of lack of air may appear.

Strength exercises

Classes in the gym, in particular their main part, must necessarily include strength exercises. Depending on the gym equipment, as well as the specific training features, this type of load can be performed using weights or with your own weight.

Weight Training

Exercise Approaches * number of repetitions. Execution algorithm
Forelimbs walking 3 * 45 sec. 1. Position the feet at a distance equal to the width of the hip bone; straighten your back.

2. Bend forward and lean with the backs of your hands on the floor, placing them in front of your legs.

3. Gently transfer the main part of the weight to the forelimbs and, alternately pushing them forward, take several “steps” until the formation of a straight line through the whole body.

4. Without pausing, by similar “steps”, but in the opposite direction, move your hands to the IP.

Seated body turns 4 * 20 1. Sit on a hard surface; bend your legs at the knees and set in front of you; place your hands on the back of the head; straighten your back. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

2. Slightly move the body back without changing the position of the back; tear off the foot from the supporting surface.

3. Turn the body to the right and simultaneously tighten the lower limb on the same side of the body, while maximally stretching the second.

4. Return to the IP, and then repeat step 3 by turning in the opposite direction

Squats followed by a jump 4 * 15 1. Position the feet at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders; straighten your back; breast forward slightly; hands to fix on the belt.

2. On the exhale, bend the knees, bringing the buttocks to the floor until a parallel forms between the floor and the back of the thigh.

3. In a jerky movement, straighten the lower limbs and, without stopping in the PI, jump as high as possible.

4. Repeat step 2-3 as many times as necessary.

Weight Training

Weight training is recommended only under the supervision of a professional fitness instructor, who is in the gym during the training period. He will be able not only to follow the correctness of the exercises, but also to insure in the case of an athlete with large weights.

 Exercise Approaches * number of repetitions. Execution algorithm
Dumbbell bench press lying on a bench 3 * 15 1. Settle on a horizontal surface, pressing the back against it as tightly as possible; take dumbbells of the required mass in your hands and press them to the chest area; feet rest on the floor. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

2. Inhale deeply, after which a powerful effort to “squeeze” the dumbbells so that at the top point they are above the chest area.

3. Without stopping in the upper position, slowly bend your elbows, returning them to the FE

Deadlift (using boom) 4 * 30 1. Get up straight; feet set shoulder width apart; in the hands to fix the bar with the required number of pancakes; extend your neck; bend back slightly forward in the thoracic.

2. Lean forward without bending your knees and back.

3. Touch the floor bar in the area of the tips of the toes, and then immediately, avoiding jerking, return to IP

Dumbbell Lunges 4 * 20 for each leg 1. Stand vertically; in your hands to fix sports equipment of the required mass; straighten your back; put feet together. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

2. Take a step with your right foot; bend it at the knee, and then lower the body to the floor until the support touches the knee of the left leg. Weight at the time a person is at a lower point should be equally distributed between both limbs.

3. Return to PI, avoiding sudden movements, and then repeat step 2, taking a step with his left foot

Simulator exercises

Classes in the gym, especially those that focus on reducing body weight, imply the implementation of a number of exercises in simulators and complex installations. At the first lesson, it is recommended to establish a minimum load, gradually increasing it in the future as the body gets used to it.

Exercise Approaches * number of repetitions. Execution algorithm
Leg press 3 * 20 1. Settle in the design of the simulator; press the back against the supporting surface; stop against the moving block in feet; grasp the metal handles with brushes.

2. On the exhale, straighten the legs, lifting the movable block with the efforts of the muscles.

3. Return to PI and, without resting within the framework of one approach, repeat the exercise the required number of times

Upper Block Rod 3 * 25 1. Stand facing the side of the simulator; grab the handle with the brushes, after selecting the necessary level of weight; feet should be located shoulder width apart; back slightly forward, pushing the buttocks back. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

2. Releasing the previously accumulated air from the lungs, pull the handle toward you until the hands are at the level of the lower abdomen.

3. Avoid jerking, slowly relax your hands, thus assuming the original position.

“Butterfly” 3 * 20 1. Sit on the supporting part of the simulator; hands to fix in mobile platforms; feet rest against the floor.

2. On the exhale, bring the moving platforms together, maximally involving the muscles of the chest. The back and legs should remain motionless.

3. After surviving for 2-3 seconds, slowly return to PI, maximally relaxing the pectoral muscles

Leg breeding in the simulator 3 * 15 1. Sit in the simulator, placing your legs in the moving blocks, and pressing your back against the supporting surface.

2. With a powerful effort of the muscles of the outer surface of the thigh, move the moving blocks to the sides. Pause for up to 5 seconds. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

3. Gradually relaxing the muscles, allow the legs to slowly take the PI

Leg mixing in the simulator 3 * 15 The principle of this exercise is similar to the above. The difference lies only in the direction of movement of the moving platforms. In this case, the athlete needs to bring his legs (using the muscles of the inner thigh), obstructing the resistance set by the simulator
Lower block pull 4 * 20 1. Sit in the simulator; straighten your back; firmly press the feet to the floor; fix the movable handle in the hands.

2. Simultaneously with the exhalation, pull the lower block towards yourself, controlling that the position of the body remains unchanged. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

3. Without pausing the exercise, slowly return the hands to their original position. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

Stretching Exercises and Flexibility

Technique of execution:

Exercise Repetitions Execution algorithm
“Reverse hitch” 2 minutes. 1. Get up straight; arms and legs should be in a free position; slightly r
aise the chin; extend your neck.

2. Bend the right hand and lower the forearm behind the back, placing your hand on the shoulder area.

3. Bend your left hand and put it behind your back from below, trying to touch the fingers of your right hand with your fingertips. Classes in the gym for beginner girls without a trainer for weight loss. Exercises

4. Stretching the muscles in this position for 30 seconds, swap hands

Stretching the anterior thigh 2 minutes. 1. Get up straight; put your legs as close to each other as possible; breast forward slightly; Arms in free position.

2. Bend the left leg and put it back, fixing it with the hand of the same side on the ankle. Gently pull the leg up, thus stretching the front surface of the thigh.

3. Repeat step 2, stretching the right leg

Stretching from the wall 2 minutes. 1. Stand facing the wall, leaning on it with the back of your hand; bend your right leg at the knee and place it close to the wall; put your left foot back at a distance of 1 step.

2. Increase the bend angle in the knee joint of the right leg, while controlling that the heel of the left leg remains pressed to the floor, and the left limb itself is straight.

3. Repeat item 1 – item 2, swapping the right and left legs

Sports classes held in the gym, not only contribute to the weight loss of the athlete, but also to the overall improvement of his body, as well as strengthening the muscle corset. In order to avoid injuries during the exercise, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with their technique in advance, as well as make sure that the training complex used is drawn up correctly.

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