Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

As a person grows, all parts of his body develop disproportionately, reaching certain sizes, stop increasing. According to statistics, more than a third of women around the world are unhappy with the small size of their breasts, which can be changed with the help of tablets.

Factors Affecting Breast Size

The mammary glands are composed of adipose, glandular and connective tissues, as well as ducts.

Among the factors that affect the size of the female breast are the following:

  • genetic or hereditary;
  • physiological characteristics of the body (when losing weight or gaining weight, the size of the bust changes due to fat cells);
  • playing sports and physical exercises tighten the pectoral muscles;
  • taking hormonal drugs (the effect is due to fluid retention in glandular tissues);
  • breastfeeding – the lactation period passes under the influence of the hormone prolactin (the size returns to normal within 6 months after the end of feeding). Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

Based on the above factors, we can conclude that the size of the bust is hormone-dependent. Any physiological changes in the female body or the intake of hormonal drugs entail an increase in breast size by an average of 1 size.

The role of estrogen in breast enlargement

Initially, the mammary glands are the same in structure, both in girls and boys. The change can be noticed only after the onset of puberty. Breast growth in girls aged 10-14 years is the first signal of her transformation into a girl. This is due to increased activity of the production of sexual active substances.

Ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone, the active substances produced by the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands, affect the size of the mammary glands.

Estrogen is an active biological substance that promotes accelerated cell division, which are lined with ducts and connective tissue of the gland. An increase in the level of the hormone in the blood begins in the first phase of the monthly cycle and reaches its maximum value at the time of ovulation.

In the second phase of the calendar, its concentration decreases. Estrogen is associated with the production of prolactin (a hormone that affects breast growth during lactation). The first is a natural stimulator of secretion of the second. Estrogen activates the genes that are responsible for the synthesis of prolactin.

The female breast is a hormone-dependent organ that is associated with the entire reproductive system.

Advantages and disadvantages of using tablets

Tablets for breast augmentation are a dosage form of drugs in the form of solid, dosed active powdered substances.

The benefits of a tablet form of drugs include:

  • exact dosage of active substances;
  • masking of unpleasant taste, smell, color of active components due to the application of shells;
  • the point effect of the drug in the desired section of the esophagus through the use of coatings that dissolve in acid or alkali;
  • prolongation of the active substance;
  • the possibility of producing many globular tablets that are sequentially injected into the body several types of active substances;
  • marking the surfaces of tablets for the prevention of errors of reception;
  • This is one of the proven and safe methods for breast augmentation with a minimized list of side effects;
  • obtaining a long-lasting result of increasing the size of the bust;
  • minimum time spent on the procedure for receiving funds (1-2 minutes);
  • the influence not only on the size of the chest, but also on the shape and its elasticity;
  • breast enlargement is up to 3 sizes;
  • the possibility of obtaining the desired bust without surgical intervention. Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

However, this dosage form has a number of disadvantages in the form of:

  • slow assimilation of drugs (the result can be seen 2 months after the start of administration);
  • the impossibility of introducing the form into the body if a person has a gag reflex or a fainting condition;
  • the introduction into the complex of a medicament of substances that do not have therapeutic characteristics, but have a number of side effects (allergic reactions or irritation of the gastric mucosa).

The mechanism of action of drugs

The best option without surgical enlargement of the bust is the use of appropriate tablets. This method differs from other methods in its efficiency and safety.

With the help of medications, you can achieve not only the growth of the bust, but also improve the elasticity of its tissues, tightening the mammary glands. Tablets help balance estrogen and progesterone, which are continuously produced in the body, to normal or optimal values.

Preparations are more effective when combined with physical exercises to increase the muscle tone of the chest, and lifting gels and creams can also be used.

Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviewsThe mechanism of action of tablets is based on the stimulation of prostaglandins – substances that appear in the chest cells of teenage girls from the time of puberty. At the physiological level, there is a direct relationship between the size of the bust and the production of prostaglandins.

How to choose effective tablets with safety in the pharmacy

Pills for breast augmentation, presented in pharmacies, have many characteristics:

  • manufacturing companies;
  • composition of drugs;
  • mechanism of action;
  • effectiveness;
  • security
  • cost.

When choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account the above parameters, on which not only the result, but also the general state of health depends.

The algorithm that allows you to choose a means to increase the bust with minimal health risks is as follows:

  1. If there is a prescription from a doctor, then the recommended tablets are preferred. Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews
  2. When a drug is selected without a prescription, the advantage should be given to products that contain only natural substances that have been tested experimentally. Avoid drugs that contain ephedrine (a toxic alkaloid).
  3. You should pay attention to funds that have vitamins and minerals in their composition, since their presence will have a positive effect on the health of women.
  4. The choice is made from a line of drugs with the same active substance, but from different manufacturers according to their financial capabilities.
  5. For safe reception, strict adherence to the instructions is also necessary.

Names, composition and regimens of pills for breast augmentation

There is a variety of drugs that affect glandular tissue growth based on the following components:

  • hormones;
  • contraceptives;
  • plants;
  • pharmaceuticals.

Plant-based products

The components of some plants, getting into the human body, tend to be converted into hormones, they are called phytoestrogens.

Distinctive features of phytoestrogens is that their effect on physiological processes is weaker than exposure to hormones.

Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviewsPurpose of the use of substances based on plant materials:

  • correction of the hormonal background (the course of menstrual cycles);
  • change in breast size;
  • reduction in the risk of tumors;
  • a tightened, elastic appearance of the mammary glands;
  • rejuvenation;
  • prevention of osteoporosis.

A number of well-known preparations include soy isoflavones, which are made on the basis of soy extract. The drug is used twice a day, 2 tablets at a time during meals. The course of use should be more than 3 months.

Maxi tablets contain maritime pueraria, soy isoflavones, hop cones. The daily dosage is 1 capsule 3-4 times a day with meals. The beginning of the use of the drug is compared with the monthly (from the first day). When the packaging ends, a break is made until the new monthly cycle. The duration of admission is from 3-4 months. and more.

Feminal is made on the basis of red clover extract. The safety of the drug has been experimentally proven, therefore it is allowed to be used continuously for more than 3 months. 1 tablet per day. Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviewsThe deadline for receiving funds is up to 24 months.


Breast augmentation pills are dietary supplements produced on vitamin complexes and plant components.

Such means are contraindicated:

  • pregnant and lactating women
  • with severe liver diseases,
  • with diabetes
  • in the presence of diseases of the heart and nervous system.

In addition, it is recommended to use local preparations for rubbing into the glands. Hot Push Up capsules, which are related to nutritional supplements designed to maintain the elasticity and shape of the mammary glands, to maintain muscle tone, are popular.

The components of the tool include:

  • malt and hop extracts;
  • aloe vera;
  • jojoba oil;
  • caffeine. Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

Method of application involves the adoption of 1 table. per day for 6 months.

Another Evagor product holds extracts from over 10 plants. The drug was created to ensure comfortable and effective growth of the bust with the acquisition of elasticity and raising muscle tone.

The drug is used in 2 tablets 1 time per day after breakfast.

Biotech is a natural food supplement that includes:

  • berries of palm serenoa;
  • wild yam root, reindeer moss, dandelion, ginseng;
  • fennel seeds;
  • bookus leaves.

The drug is used 1 tablet twice a day with plenty of fluids. It is not recommended to use it simultaneously with caffeine or carbonated drinks.

Hormonal drugs

An increase in the breast glands with the use of hormonal tablets is a secondary phenomenon in the treatment of gynecological pathologies (infertility, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, menopausal syndrome).

Such medicines have a list of contraindications:

  • the presence of hormone-dependent tumors;
  • adolescence up to 18 years;
  • complex pathologies of internal organs;
  • thrombosis and vein disease;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • uterine bleeding of unknown origin;
  • diabetes.

In particular, the intake of hormonal drugs includes a number of side effects:

  • weakness;
  • insomnia; Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews
  • pressure surges;
  • Depression
  • migraine;
  • weight gain;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • allergic reactions.

A number of well-known hormonal agents include Byzanne. The main active substance of the drug is dienogestagen. Vizanna is used once a day, starting from any day of menstruation, continuously for a period of 3 months. and more.

Another Proginov remedy contains estradiol valerate. Tablets are taken orally, without chewing 1 piece per day for 14 days. If menstruation is observed, then the drug is taken on the 5th day of the cycle. Then a break is made until the next menstruation and the cycle repeats. The course of treatment is from 3 months.

Femoston contains the active substances estrogens (gestagens) and their homologs (antagonists) in combinations. Indications for use are postmenopausal osteoporosis and menopausal or climatic manifestations in women.

The drug is taken at 1 tablet per day: the first 14 days of the cycle are marked with the number “1”, in the next 14 days capsules marked with the number “2” are used. The course of treatment is prescribed from 3 months.

Contraceptive drugs

Contraceptives are used to protect against unwanted fertilization and conception, to normalize monthly cycles, as a preventative measure against diseases of the reproductive system.

The principle of action of tablets is based on the regeneration of the activity of glandular tissues. Side effects and restrictions on the use of contraceptives are the same as for hormonal drugs. Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

The list of the most widely known drugs includes Regulon with the active components of ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel. Taking tablets is carried out 1 time per day (recommended before bedtime), and can not be missed, in the amount of 1 piece. The beginning of the use of the drug should coincide with 3-5 days of menstruation.

When the packaging ends, the time is kept at 7 days and then the reception is resumed.

Jeanine contains the active components of ethinyl estradiol and dienogest. Reception is carried out on 3-5 days of menstruation, 1 tablet daily. After the packaging ends, a pause of 7 days is expected, and then the cycle repeats again.

Yarina contains ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone as active ingredients. Application is carried out daily for 1 table. (better in the evening), starting from 3 days of menstruation until the end of packaging. Duration of courses is from 3 months.

Drug Price

You can choose a drug for bust growth on any wallet.

The price ranges of funds are summarized in the table: Pills for breast augmentation in a pharmacy. List, prices, reviews

Title Number of pieces per pack Range of cost per package, usd.
Maxi 60 1100-1400
Feminine 30 700-800
Soy Isoflavones 60 1900-2300
Hot push up 90 2500-3000
Evagor 90 2500-3500
Biotech 60 1200-1500
Vizanne 28 3100-3500
Proginova 21 500-700
Femoston 28 900-1200
Regulon 21 300-450
Jeanine 21 900-1200
Yarina 21 900-1300

When choosing pills to increase the bust, a woman should consider that most drugs are not an independent way to solve the problem of breast size. In most cases, they are issued for therapeutic purposes, so preference should be given to the most effective and safe drugs.

Breast Enlargement Pills Video

How do breast enlargement pills work:

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