Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

The problem of subcutaneous acne on the face, and what methods to use to get rid of them, arise in front of many people, regardless of age.

What are subcutaneous acne

Problem rashes have several names: acne, acne, acne, but the essence is the same – they are unsightly subcutaneous tubercles that rise above the skin. The mechanism of acne is associated with follicles – hair follicles with a hair life support system. The bulb lives in a cavity into which fat and sweat are supplied from the glands through the ducts to nourish and moisturize the skin and hair.

The access of air into the chamber is through the pores. On the skin there are areas where the number of glands and their secretion is increased – seborrheic zones. On the face – this is the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin. With the proper functioning of the glands, all fat is consumed for the needs of hair and skin. When departing from the norm in the seborrheic zones of the gland, they intensively produce fat. Over time, the consistency of fat in the pore canals condenses.

Particles of the epidermis, cosmetic residues, and dust enter the fat. Thick mass clogs the pores. Due to the cork, fat accumulates in the enclosed space, pressure builds up, the ducts of the glands expand. The accumulated fatty medium attracts the bactericidal flora, it multiplies. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

By the nature of the manifestation of acne are divided into 2 types:

  1. Without inflammation – comedones (cork). Comedones come in 2 forms. Open (not subcutaneous) – is formed on the surface of the skin, due to oxidation acquires a dark shade – a black dot. Closed is a subcutaneous formation. The cork is formed in the deep layers of the skin, is a small protrusion of white color – a white dot.
  2. With the inflammatory process. There are 2 species. The papule arises from a closed comedone, has clear boundaries and protrudes above the skin with a red or burgundy tuber. Pustule is a cavity with purulent contents, has a pronounced head. It originates on its own due to pathogens or can be reborn from a papule. The skin around the acne is red, inflamed.

Causes of subcutaneous acne on the face

There are certain conditions for the formation of subcutaneous acne on the face. How to get rid, to attack lime – only knowing the causes of occurrence, the issues of recovery are resolved. The fact of the appearance of acne indicates a violation of the normal functioning of the body . Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

There are several main factors leading to the disease:

  • Hormonal malfunctions of the body – youthful restructuring, endocrine diseases, in women – pregnancy and childbirth, taking contraceptives.
  • Enhanced secretion of the sebaceous glands due to increased production of male sex hormones (androgens). In this sector of factors, the cause of the appearance of acne in women is also the increased production of androgens.
  • Incorrect facial skin care , or lack thereof. Excess peeling can lead to the disease. If the oily skin has increased, do not forget to carry out morning and evening water procedures with a gel for washing.
  • Dermatological diseases .
  • Gastroenterological diseases .
  • Immunity disorders . Lack of trace elements and vitamins, especially zinc, stress on the nervous system, severe stress, low resistance to colds leads to it.
  • Genetics . Susceptibility to chronic hereditary disease of furunculosis.
  • Demodex is a subcutaneous tick. It lives in the fat secretions of the sebaceous glands in many people.

Signs of an internal acne

Not all skin lesions are acne. In addition to acne, a person is susceptible to dermatological or infectious diseases. At the same time, the skin changes picturesquely: it turns red, becomes covered with spots, rashes, blisters. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

To determine acne disease, there are certain symptoms of the formation and development of an ailment in the body:

  • At the beginning of the formation, a small area of redness appears on the skin of the face.
  • The ripening process takes a long time. It lasts up to several weeks.
  • From touch there are painful sensations.
  • The pus contained in it cannot break through the upper layers of the skin.
  • The skin in this place experiences a burning sensation, itching, peeling. When acne is formed due to subcutaneous ticks, it experiences especially severe itching.
  • The acne volume grows, the size reaches up to 0’4 inch.
  • Growing, the pimple changes the color of the skin, can become white, yellow, red.
  • The skin around the tubercle becomes swollen, swollen.
  • The damaged area acquires an unhealthy redness and tuberosity.

Medication for subcutaneous acne on the face

Successful treatment of subcutaneous acne on the face and the question of how to get rid of the disease depends on the choice of means of control. A dermatologist or gynecologist is involved in the treatment of the disease. The doctor determines the severity, prescribes laboratory tests and studies. According to the results of research, the doctor makes a diagnosis and conducts therapy of the disease.

Additionally consults with other narrow specialists:

  • gastroenterologist,
  • endocrinologist
  • therapist,
  • beautician.

3 main stages of severity are determined:

  1. Easy – comedones are formed, there are local papules and pustules, up to 10 elements in number. For treatment, they use exclusively external agents.
  2. Medium – the composition of acne is the same, there are isolated foci in which acne is of different stages of maturation. Number of elements up to 40 pcs. For the fight, complex treatment with external and internal drugs is used.
  3. Severe – there are many foci or an extensive part of the face is affected. Large acne up to 6/32 inch with a bluish tint, traces of acne can be observed. It is treated continuously and exclusively with internal drugs. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

In each case, drug therapy involves the use of various groups of drugs :

  • antibacterial;
  • acids;
  • antibiotics
  • hormonal (birth control drugs);
  • retinoids;
  • probiotics.

External treatment

External acne control is given a particularly important role.

Ointments, creams, lotions equally negatively affects the factors associated with the formation of acne, namely:

  • contribute to the death of microbes, bacteria, fungi;
  • lower secretion of glands;
  • reduce the number of bacteria around the follicles;
  • contribute to the cleansing and narrowing of the
    ducts of the glands.

In addition to positive qualities, funds also have negative side effects. Be careful about your choice.

The action of the drugs can manifest itself in redness of the skin, allergic reactions, in an increase in dryness, accompanied by itching.

Proper nutrition as an acne control

If signs of the disease appear, conduct an analysis of the nature and diet. Subcutaneous acne on the face is a signal that some products should be eliminated. First of all, sweet, flour, fatty, fried, pickles, marinades and fast food should be removed from the diet. All of the above is presented as a type of refined product. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

Refineries contribute to the excessive production of insulin. In turn, insulin leads to increased production of androgens, and this increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. If there is a predisposition to acne, then such a diet will accelerate their growth. Another negative factor for the formation of blackheads. Bowel motility suffers from such a range of products.

With weak bowel function, the removal of harmful substances from the body is difficult, which leads to intoxication.

The diet must necessarily include products containing:

  • fish fat;
  • omega acids;
  • vitamins A, B, E;
  • zinc.

Drink plenty of clean water. When cooking, try to use less fat, spices and salt. Steam your meals – bypassing the reduction in vitamins. Correctly organize the regimen of food intake – alternation, number and systematicity.

Alternative methods of treatment

Alternative recipes are relevant for a mild case of subcutaneous acne on the face. There are many options for how to get rid. The constituent components are natural minerals, oils, tinctures, decoctions, plant juices. Tools are used in the form of masks, wipes, lotions. Oils are applied precisely to acne without touching the adjacent part of the skin.

Here is an overview of some acne removal ingredients:

  • Soda has bactericidal properties, normalizes the work of glands and blood supply to the skin, removes dead epidermis, and accelerates cell regeneration. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home
  • Clay is a natural antiseptic that saturates the skin with microelements, has excellent cleansing properties, and eliminates post-acne spots.
  • Essential oils are represented by a large list, highly effective for deep purulent rashes on the skin. Relieve inflammation and soothe the skin.
  • Brewer’s yeast contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. The main property is restoring the balance of intestinal microflora, and as a result, a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Aloe juice is an excellent remedy for inflammation, it quickly draws out pus, and has a regenerating and healing effect.

Ozone therapy

With this method, oxygen fights with purulent manifestations. An oxygen-ozone mixture is injected into the problematic part deep into the skin. Using rollers impregnated with the same mixture, surface layers are processed. In more severe cases, intravenous infusions are performed. On average, treatment is carried out in 4-6 sessions.

Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home
One of the methods to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face is ozone therapy, but before it is necessary to consult a doctor without fail.

After injections, after just 2-3 hours, inflammation and swelling subside.

As a result of the procedures, the following parameters come back to normal:

  • intracellular processes;
  • activation of blood circulation;
  • Acne maturation acceleration
  • softening and quick absorption of sebum;
  • cleaned after the acne.

Despite many positive qualities, there are a number of contraindications to the use of the method, read it before use. Side effects are possible – renal colic, frequent urination, increased levels of liver enzymes. After a few days, they should disappear on their own. If they do not disappear in 2-3 days, consult a therapist.

Elos Technology

Electro-Optical Synergy is a combination of electromagnetic and light waves. To date, Elos-therapy is considered the most effective therapeutic method. The technology allows you to get rid of inflammation, cleaned after acne. Contributes to the narrowing of pores, metabolic processes are updated, the secretion of glands is reduced. Subcutaneous acne on the face. Reasons to get rid. Fast treatment with folk remedies, ointments, medicines at home

The procedure is a hardware effect of a beam of light from a xenon lamp on a pimple . Luminous flux affects the products of the secretions of bacteria – porphyrins. They are destroyed and emit free radicals, which are detrimental to the bacteria themselves.

At the beginning of treatment, 2 procedures are performed per week, subsequently reduced to 1 time. The average number of procedures is 8-10. After the session are possible: slight swelling, slight discomfort on the skin, in extremely rare cases, blisters, ulcers, scars may form. The method is not suitable for everyone, there is an extensive list of contraindications.

Is it possible to remove internal acne on my own

Acne on the face – first of all, these are problems of an aesthetic nature. The patient’s first impulse is the desire to remove an ugly formation that spoiled the mood. But take your time! In the case of a single acne, squeezing the tissues will lead to its growth and the appearance of new ones. The tissues around the pimple will be damaged and become easy prey for bacteria.

It will heal more painfully and longer.

Deformations when acne is squeezed can lead to rupture of the purulent sac cavities and closely located blood vessels. Pathogens and pus enter the bloodstream. The result may be a long debilitating treatment for blood poisoning. In addition, this method of “therapy” will lead to the appearance of wounds and scars, their healing is very slow.

In case of small rashes, do not resort to extreme measures, wait for the pimple to ripen. Use products to accelerate ripening. If the problem is significant, make an appointment with a b
eautician and avoid creating even bigger problems. The specialist will determine the action against arising subcutaneous acne on the face.

It will develop a strategy on how to organize life activities in order to get rid of the emergence of new complications. Of course, acne is an ugly phenomenon, but do not be alarmed by modern methods and drugs will help correct the situation.

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