Mammoplasty – breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews

The first breast implants appeared in cosmetic surgery in the mid-60s. Since then, they are widely used in cosmetology clinics around the world, the materials of their manufacture are constantly being improved.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviewsBreast plastic surgery, as one of the most common procedures of the plastic beauty industry, involves any correction
, including an increase, decrease in the mammary glands, and a change in the shape of the breast.

To familiarize the public with the effectiveness of the procedure, the numerous photographs posted by cosmetology clinics on the Internet present the results of operations – the patient’s chest before and after plastic surgery.


Mastopexy is the most popular type of breast plastic surgery. It is used if a woman has mastoptosis – prolapse and loss of elasticity of the female breast. Mastoptosis is a natural sign of a woman’s body aging, and can also be a genetically determined sign.

On the Renault scale, there are 3 stages of mastoptosis.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviewsThese photos show the breast before the disease and after breast surgery. Mastopexy allows you to restore breast elasticity and beauty.

However, in the presence of mastoptosis, breast plastic surgery is not necessary. The choice always remains with the woman.  The cost of this operation ranges from $ 2720 – $ 4080. 

Augmentation mammoplasty

This type of breast plastic surgery (as seen in the photo before and after surgery) demonstrates the effectiveness of this procedure. Augmentation mammoplasty allows you to change the shape of the breast, as well as increase its size.  It is also called augmentation mammoplasty.

During the procedure, silicone implants are placed in the woman’s chest.

This operation is recommended for those patients in whom the breast has undergone prolapse or mastoptosis. Also, increasing mammoplasty is done by women who, by nature, have small or underdeveloped breasts.


In plastic surgery, this term refers to repeated surgery to change the shape of the breast. Sometimes it is required to correct small defects made during the first mammoplasty.

All possible causes of endoprosthetics are determined by the testimony or direct desire of the client. Often, the mammary glands are deformed due to pregnancy or lactation.

Hormonal changes can displace the nipple, make the chest less elastic. Nevertheless, one should not exclude from the possible indications for this operation a poor-quality implant or unprofessional plastic surgeon.

Reduction mammoplasty

Breast plastic surgery in the photo before and after reduction mammoplasty shows what can be achieved as a result of this procedure.

The operation allows you to reduce the size of the mammary glands and tighten them. In the process of reduction mammoplasty, doctors remove excess skin and some adipose tissue. This procedure is considered one of the most difficult plastic surgeries. It is divided into several types – ways to reduce breast.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews
1. Ptosis of the chest. 2. Displacement of the nipple-areolar complex. 3. Removal of excess tissue. 4. The connection of tissues. 5. The result.

The main methods of breast reduction include the following:

  1. Complete removal of internal tissues.
  2. Removal of excess skin and movement of the nipple-areolar complex.

The price of this service is more than $ 2720.

Correction of the nipple-areolar complex

This procedure allows you to change the size and shape of the nipple with areola. Correction is carried out when the nipple has an irregular or inappropriate shape. This occurs with age, weight changes, pregnancy and lactation.

The appearance of the nipple-areolar complex sometimes depends on hereditary predispositions or birth defects.

It should be understood that such deformation is not a pathology . The procedure for the correction of nipples and areoles begins only if their appearance affects the mental state and complexes of the patient.

Breast liposuction

This type of plastic surgery eliminates excess body fat in the chest area. The procedure is carried out using a cannula. Fat is softened using various methods, making it fluid. Then it is pulled out using a vacuum apparatus and cannula.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviewsOften, lipoxation is carried out in cases where the patient has too large a chest , causing various inconveniences. This operation can be carried out both with one breast, and with both. In the first case, the indication is the asymmetry of the mammary glands.

Indications for plastic surgery

For each of the above operations its own testimony.

Augmentation mammoplasty is indicated in the following cases:

  1. Breast plastic surgery is performed when defects appear after childbirth . This photo shows that before childbirth, the breast does not look stretched or saggy.
  2. With breast reduction due to sudden weight loss. Also, the size of the mammary glands is inherited and may be a genetic predisposition.
  3. The breast was removed as a result of the procedure for the treatment of any cancer.
  4. The chest is underdeveloped.
  5. The mammary mammary glands are asymmetric.

An important is the psychological aspect. Due to dissatisfaction with the breasts, girls are forced to wear pads or bras with foam rubber. Patients do not feel self-confidence, they are clamped, so the only way out is to have plastic surgery.

Indications for endoprosthetics are as follows:

  1. Damage to the implant. This is a very serious complication, after which the patient needs endoprosthetics. Most often, rupture occurs due to a poor-quality implant.
  2. Rupture of the implant. This is a very serious complication, after which the patient needs endoprosthetics. Damage occurs due to a poor-quality implant, mechanical damage, or unprofessional plastic surgeons.
  3. Wave deformation. This indication occurs due to an improperly selected implant. Due to the characteristics of the patient’s muscles, an overly heavy implant will be inconvenient.
  4. Capsular contracture. This is a complication characterized by the presence of a seal near the implant. Because of this, it can be deformed.
  5. Dystopia is the displacement of the prosthesis. This may occur due to improper pocket formation.
  6. Expiration or deflation of an implant is a complication arising from a poor-quality or unreliable prosthesis.
  7. During the first mammoplasty surgery, mistakes could be made, which is why pressure sores occur from the implant pressure on the gland .

To change the nipple-areolar complex, there is the following series of indications:

  • deformed nipple;
  • irregular shape of the nipple (too elongated or wide);
  • hypertrophied nipple;
  • partial or complete absence of the pigmentation zone of the skin around the nipples and areola;
  • too retracted nipple – with this indication, a special plastic is made of the retracted nipples;
  • asymmetry of nipples on different breasts.

The operation of plastic surgery to reduce the mammary glands is not performed solely on the basis of the patient’s wishes. These photos show how the breast may look before and after the operation.

Indications for breast augmentation surgery are as follows:

  • asymmetry due to different breast sizes;
  • voluminous breasts that interfere with the patient and cause physical inconvenience;
  • external discrepancy between the size of the mammary glands and the proportions of the rest of the body.


Contraindications for breast plastic surgery are as follows:

  • HIV, hepatitis and other infections;
  • critical days;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • serious diseases of the internal organs;
  • diabetes;
  • lactation, pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • thyroid disease;
  • the presence of a pacemaker and serious heart disease;
  • injuries and rashes on the skin, tumors in the chest area;
  • poor blood coagulation.

All of the above plastic surgery operations are contraindicated in minors.

Preparation for mammoplasty surgery

After choosing a clinic and a surgeon, the examination begins, preceding the operation. First of all, a survey is carried out, which carries 2 tasks.

These include the following:

  1. Identify all kinds of diseases that are contraindicated in mammoplasty.
  2. Establish the emotional state of the patient. It is necessary to understand whether she is mentally prepared for surgery and rehabilitation after her.

The procedure is delayed if the patient has an inappropriate emotional or physical condition.

This occurs for the following reasons:

  • if the patient is depressed or depressed;
  • very worried, experiencing stress;
  • sick with colds;
  • going through a period of menstruation.
Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews
In order to avoid negative consequences after surgery, you should undergo a comprehensive examination, pass the necessary tests and honestly answer all the questions of a specialist. Only in this case can a successful mammoplasty be guaranteed.

After interviewing the patient, it is necessary to consult a group of specialists and pass a series of tests.

These include the following:

  1. General blood analysis. This will determine the Rh factor, blood type.
  2. Clinical and biochemical blood tests. They are taken to determine the composition of the blood. In case of anemia, inflammation or an infectious disease, mammoplasty will have to be abandoned.
  3. Analysis for the detection of HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis.
  4. Pregnancy test. Pregnant women are contraindicated in mammoplasty because medications that must be taken adversely affect the fetus. Also, surgical intervention often deprives the patient of the possibility of breastfeeding.
  5. Blood test for clotting speed. This will exclude the development of thrombosis and heart attack.
  6. Immunoglobulin assay. This is a test of immunity and allergy to anesthesia. Also, this analysis helps to prevent complications after surgery.
  7. Examination of sex hormones to indicate hormonal levels.
  8. Analysis for tumor markers. This will allow you to make up the percentage probability that the prosthesis does not take root.

In addition to taking tests, you will need to go around several doctors to get information about the state of health. To do this, an examination is prescribed by a therapist, mammologist, gynecologist and dentist. The patient should pay attention to taking medication.

Two weeks before the procedure, it is not recommended to take a number of drugs.

Prohibited drugs include the following:

  1. Aspirin and aspirin-containing drugs. Due to its ability to thin the blood, coagulation decreases after taking it. This impedes surgical intervention.
  2. Steroid drugs , medicines that are needed to prevent hormonal diseases.
  3. Non-steroid drugs . They affect the walls of blood vessels and blood flow.

Also, a month before the procedure, hormonal methods of protection are contraindicated . They will be allowed to take only after a month of rehabilitation.

There are additional training measures. Intensive and debilitating workouts are prohibited during the preoperative period. It is necessary to lead a measured and calm lifestyle.

It is necessary to abandon junk food , namely: fast food, soda and spicy foods. It is necessary to purchase clothes without fasteners, protruding decorative elements, thick seams.

Shoes should be worn with low heels. It is also recommended to purchase special compression underwear designed to support the breast in the postoperative period.

How is the operation

Mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. In time, the operation takes 2-3 hours. The duration of the procedure depends on the degree of complexity. Liposuction is the shortest operation. It lasts no longer than 1 hour.

Before starting the procedure, the surgeon draws lines on the patient’s chest with a special medical marker to indicate the location of the incisions.

The operation is divided into the following stages: 

  1. An incision is made according to the drawn lines, the location of the future nipple and areola is determined.
  2. Remove excess adipose tissue.
  3. Raise the nipple-areola complex.

If during the operation there are any difficulties, then the specialist installs drainage, which is removed after 2-3 days.

Recovery (rehabilitation) after breast surgery

Postoperative care

When the patient recovers after anesthesia, she will feel chest pain. Discomfort in the chest area is natural and inevitable. The first few days, doctors recommend taking painkillers.

During this time, the woman is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. They will monitor the patient’s condition during rehabilitation. After 3-4 days, if there were no complications, the woman is discharged.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews
The first time after mammoplasty is to wear compression underwear. It reliably fixes the chest, reducing the likelihood of complications after surgery.

The patient will have to sleep on her back for the first week. It is not recommended to touch the chest and lie on it. You will also need to wear special underwear purchased in advance. For convenience, doctors advise putting something soft under your back – this will prevent swelling.

Sutures applied during surgery are removed one week after the procedure. 2 weeks after rehabilitation, it is allowed to take a shower. It is strictly forbidden to touch and feel the breast a lot, wash it with a hard washcloth.

If breast swelling is noticeable, then it is not recommended to take a bath. In this case, it is better to take a light shower. If you use the appropriate drugs recommended by doctors, the swelling should go away.

In the first months after rehabilitation, you can not actively engage in sports, lift weights.

You can do special exercises for the chest. When 1 month of rehabilitation passes, the patient should do salon procedures: make a wrap or apply special serums.

It is necessary to maintain the beauty and health of the mammary glands. The patient should also monitor body weight. Rapid and uncontrolled weight loss can disastrously affect the shape and size of the breast.

In the period after the procedure, the woman will have to abandon the thermal procedures – a solarium, baths, saunas. Still have to refrain from air flights and tours to other cities. The first year is better to constantly be under the supervision of a treating plastic surgeon. The first two weeks you can not drive a car and have sex.

Recovery time

After 5 months, the scar will be almost invisible, and the chest will not bring discomfort. Full rehabilitation lasts 1 year. At its expiration, if the girl complied with all the recommendations, there should not be any complications.

Appearance of the scar

Breast plastic surgery in the photo before and after the operation shows how the scar looks in the initial stages of rehabilitation. The first week the seam will be clearly visible, then it is removed.

After 2 weeks, a scar in the form of a straight strip under the nipple will be much smaller and hardly noticeable. After 4 weeks from the scar, a faint red carpet will remain.

Result of breast plastic surgery

After complete rehabilitation, the chest will look elastic. If an operation was performed to increase the breast, then it will become 1.5 or 2 times larger. Also, the chest will change shape. If before the operation it was small, then it will take a rounded shape.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews
Breast plastic surgery. Photos before and after mammoplasty provide an opportunity to evaluate the result of the operation.

This result can last a very long time. If there are no complications, then the chest will retain its shape and size for 5-10 years. However, there are cases where the prosthesis has not been replaced for a longer period of time.

Possible complications after breast surgery

After any surgical intervention, there may be complications. Mammoplasty is no exception. This does not mean that there will be complications. At the moment, this is a fairly widespread operation, which is quite safe.

It should be understood that pain after surgery, bruising and a small edema are not complications.

Hematoma and seroma

Hematoma and seroma are accumulations of serous fluid or blood in the chest. They occur if blood vessels were not sutured or touched during the procedure. Often a hematoma appears already during rehabilitation if the vessel bursts.

The cause may be poor blood coagulation , improper implant size, or sudden pressure drop. The hematoma is removed using a special drainage tube.

Infectious wounds (wounds)

Infectious wounds occur for a number of reasons. Due to ignoring the rules during surgery, an infection can get into the wound. It can also occur due to improper care after the procedure.

A wound can fester if you do not immediately consult a doctor. First, the patient is prescribed medication and antibiotic therapy. In the worst case, a repeat procedure. In this case, the implant is removed and it is possible to return it only after 5-6 months.

Keloids and hypertrophic scars

Keloids and hypertrophic scars most often appear when a woman has such a predisposition. This does not affect well-being, but does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Scars make the breasts not beautiful. They rise above the skin and take the form of a dense roller. With this complication, doctors dissect the scars and sometimes remove excess tissue.

Capsular fibrous contracture

Capsular fibrous contracture is a complication characterized by the formation of a compacted membrane near the prosthesis. The background of the complication is not yet known, but this problem can be solved only by replacing the prosthesis.

Implant rupture

An implant rupture is a violation of its integrity. If the saline prosthesis ruptures, the mammary glands contract, so the breast loses its original shape. The reason is often the thin shell and low cost of the implant.

Mammoplasty - breast plastic surgery. Before and after photos, cost, reviews
Modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality breast implants. They are resistant to natural wear as a result of respiratory movements of the chest, which significantly reduces the likelihood of damage.

Currently, this is practically impossible, but at the time of using prostheses, such consequences sometimes occurred.

Chest prosthesis displacement

The displacement of the breast prosthesis causes breast asymmetry after mammoplasty. The reason may be anatomical features, the size of the prosthesis and its incorrect location.

Double fold

Double fold is a common defect in the mammary glands. It appears with improper installation of the endoprosthesis. This complication is corrected only by another mammoplasty operation.


Calcification is a complication that occurs only when a lot of calcium salts have accumulated around the implant. Outwardly, it looks like a seal in the area of the prosthesis.

Implant Allergy

Allergy to an implant is a rather rare feature of a woman’s body. This complication is due to intolerance by the body of the material from which the implant is made.


Symmasty is a complication that appears in the form of two breasts splice
d together. A prerequisite may be the close location of the breasts before the procedure.

Safety and efficiency of the operation according to experts

Mammoplasty has been successfully practiced for many years in cosmetology and medical centers around the world. The risks during plastic surgery have always been and will be, however, many doctors have enough experience to provide a good result for more than half of their patients.

Photos before and after breast plastic surgery, reviews of women on the Internet prove that a successful procedure without serious complications is achieved with a 90-95% probability .

Most specialists believe that with proper care, a fundamental and serious approach, calmness and restraint of the patient, this operation is effective and safe.

Useful videos about breast plastic surgery. Photos before and after mammoplasty

Breast plastic surgery (mammoplasty) – what is it, features of the operation, types of implants:

Breast plastic surgery. Photos before and after surgery, the result:

Breast plastic surgery – the cost of plastic surgery, which affects the price:

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