Breast lipofilling – what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications

Breast reconstruction or surgery is one of the most sought after in plastic surgery. Despite this, they still cause many concerns in connection with the invasive procedure of silicone implants.

An alternative safe method was developed – breast lipofilling, which does not require the use of foreign materials and is not harmful to human health. Photos before and after surgery impress with their efficiency and excellent result of this technology.

Breast lipofilling – what kind of operation

Breast lipofilling (photos before and after the procedure confirm the safety of this surgical intervention) will help to make breasts painlessly attractive.

Breast lipofilling is a plastic surgery that corrects the breast by transplanting its own adipose tissue from problem areas into the mammary gland. Subcutaneous fat is taken from the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, where its main accumulation occurs.

It is not rejected by the body, takes root in time in different ways, depending on the state of health and the individual characteristics of the patient.

With the help of lipofilling, you can increase the breast no more than by one and a half sizes, while the shape remains to look natural. In addition, the introduced adipose tissue is evenly distributed throughout the chest, which eliminates sharp, unnatural transitions, as is often the case with silicone implants. Allergic reactions are not possible due to the use of our own natural material.

Pros and cons compared to other methods

Breast lipofilling (photos before and after the procedure clearly demonstrate excellent results) clearly has more advantages compared to other breast changes.

Compared to silicone implants, lipofilling has significantly fewer contraindications and the risk of complications.

Advantages of breast lipofilling:

  • chest to the touch and in appearance – natural;
  • artificial materials are not used, thereby eliminating the risk of rejection and inflammation;
  • the ability to breastfeed remains;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • lack of postoperative scars;
  • the procedure is harmless and painless;
  • the ability to solve two problems at once: to change the breast and remove excess fat from other parts of the body;
  • result for a long time.


  • breast augmentation no more than one and a half times;
  • possible need to repeat the procedure in connection with the natural resorption of adipose tissue;
  • small cysts in the chest may form, which eventually pass;
  • difficulties with transplanting their own tissues in thin girls (in such cases, donor adipose tissue is used);
  • price, which can vary significantly depending on the amount of work and the characteristics of the female body


Breast lipofilling (before and after photos also prove its aesthetic advantage) is the safest and most gentle. Plastic surgery to change the mammary glands are of several types. They differ among themselves, primarily the material used. Different implants give different results and consequences.

Examples of implants that are used in modern medicine:

  • Salt implants. They are used in medicine longer than others, but less often than silicone. They are elastomeric round forms that are filled with saline that is completely biologically adapted to the human body. Implants can be filled with solution before and during surgery. If this happens during the procedure, then the incisions of the skin are much smaller. Rupture of the implant poses no threat to the patient’s health, since the substance filling it is well tolerated and accepted by the body. But after the rupture, a second operation is required, since the breast loses its shape. Salt implants lose their popularity, primarily because they can be felt to the touch, as well as to feel the presence of fluid in the chest. Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • Silicone implants. The most popular in modern plastic surgery. They are silicone molds that are filled with gel. The implant surface may be rough, smooth, and also textured. They are considered safe, since when damaged, the gel does not spread and does not enter the mammary glands. Silicone implants are almost invisible to the touch, and are also able to maintain the initial shape of the breast. There is a need to do an MRI once a couple of years to monitor the condition of the implants. The procedure is quite traumatic, since a noticeable tissue incision is made during the process.
  • Own adipose tissue. As a breast filler, there is its own material, which is taken from parts of the body where it is more than normal, and transferred to the mammary glands. Actually, this is breast lipofilling, the safest and most non-traumatic method of breast change.


Doctors do not give special appointments for lipofilling. Patients decide on their own whether to perform this procedure or not. But, as well as before any surgical intervention, there are indications and contraindications.

Indications for breast lipofilling:

  • sagging breasts after a lactation period;
  • different forms of mammary glands;
  • small breast size;
  • form recovery after previous operations;
  • breast enlargement when it is impossible to establish silicone implants;
  • postoperative scars.

How many sizes can breast enlarge

Breast lipofilling maximizes breasts by only one and a half sizes.

In the photo before and after, you can clearly see how the breast changes after lipofilling. Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications

In some cases, to achieve the desired result, one procedure is not enough, and after some time it will have to be repeated. If you need to increase the chest by 2 or more sizes, then you should turn to other types of plastic surgeries.

Preparatory measures. Tests and examinations

In order for the operation to be successful and without side effects, you should properly prepare for it. First you need to consult a doctor who will operate.

Tell him about the characteristics of his body, past illnesses, the presence of allergies to certain medications, and the use of medications. You also need to visit a therapist before the procedure.

Be sure to undergo the following studies:

  • biochemical blood test;
  • general tests of urine and blood;
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands;
  • fluorography; Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • tests for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis.

Before lipofilling, it is recommended to exclude the use of alcohol, smoking, drugs that promote blood coagulation, as well as the ingestion of food and liquid. Do not use makeup.

How is the procedure

Breast lipofilling does an excellent job of correcting and changing breasts. In the photo before and after it is clearly visible. But in order to take such a step as plastic surgery, you need to familiarize yourself with how the procedure goes, what it consists of, what actions the surgeon performs.

This information allows the patient to objectively evaluate the whole process and make the right decision.

The lipofilling procedure lasts from 2 to 3 hours and consists of several stages:

  1. Preparing for the operation. This is the delivery of tests, th
    e passage of doctors and additional research.
  2. Liposuction of fat. The process takes place under anesthesia. At this stage, material is collected from problem areas of the body that will be implanted in the chest. A small incision is made on the skin into which the tube is inserted. Through it, a medical solution that breaks down fat cells is fed into the tissues. Next, the required amount of fat is pumped out using a vacuum.
  3. Material cleaning. The pumped out fat goes through the processing stage. It is cleaned of excess impurities in a centrifuge and washed for sterility purposes.
  4. Implantation of the material. With the introduction of material into the chest, incisions are not made. Fat is introduced slowly through minor punctures, in small portions using special cannulas. The doctor evenly distributes the material in the required areas, giving it a certain structure.
  5. Rehabilitation. After the operation, the patient fulfills all the recommendations for the restoration of the body, attributed by the doctor.


Breast lipofilling can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The choice of type of anesthesia depends on the volume, complexity of work, as well as the patient’s pain threshold. Painkillers are administered intravenously or using an inhalation device.

Rehabilitation period

To eliminate side effects and achieve a positive result, you must strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations. The rehabilitation period lasts from 2 weeks to a month. The result of lipofilling is immediately noticeable, but the final result will be visible after about 4 months. There may be small bruises in the puncture area, after 2 weeks they will completely disappear.

During the recovery period, it is strongly recommended:

  • wear a compression bra for a month after surgery; Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • put cold compresses and use ointments to prevent or relieve swelling;
  • sleep for 2 weeks on your back, not on your stomach;
  • in case of prescribing drugs by a doctor, take them all recommended period;


  • take a bath for 4 weeks (3 days after lipofilling only take a shower);
  • perform any exercises for the chest for a month;
  • expose the body to high temperatures and overheating;
  • drink alcohol and smoke during the entire recovery period;
  • knead the chest for 14 days after the procedure.

Consequences and possible complications

Negative consequences and complications are extremely rare. Side effects can occur as a result of surgical errors, implantation of more fat than necessary; very rarely due to the individual characteristics of the body, as they transplant their own adipose tissue, which essentially cannot be torn away.

For the above reasons, the following negative consequences may occur:

  • hematomas or swelling;
  • seals and cysts of the chest;
  • infectious infection through non-sterile medical instruments;
  • temporary decrease in breast sensitivity;
  • rejection of fat cells by the mammary glands;
  • different forms of left and right breasts.

The occurrence of tumor formations as a result of the operation is excluded, since its own natural material is used. Tumor formation may be due to silicone implantation, but even this is very rare.


There are certain contraindications for breast lipofilling:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • menstruation;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes; Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • excessive thinness;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • mental disorders;
  • autoimmune diseases.

Results – how much and how the tissue takes root

After the lipofilling procedure, it takes some time for the fat to survive. Typically, the material takes root up to a maximum of 6 months. Therefore, the final result of the work done can be seen only after this time, since the fat has the ability to absorb and be rejected under certain conditions.

In modern medicine, many doctors achieve 95% survival, although it is already considered the norm if at least 60% of the material has taken root . In some situations, it is necessary to repeat the procedure in order to achieve the desired result.

Before and after photos

  • Immediately after the procedure, it is noticeable that the chest has acquired the correct contours and shape. Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • Obviously resizing. Small hematomas and swelling may occur.
  • After 2 weeks, the bruises from punctures and swelling disappear. Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications
  • After 5 months, the final result of the operation is observed.

How long is the result

With a positive course of affairs, the result of lipofilling can remain up to 5 and even 10 years. In some cases, the operation has to be carried out more often, since under certain conditions the implanted material can rapidly absorb or be rejected.

Sometimes doctors advise to do not one, but two procedures with an interval of 7-8 months to consolidate the result.

Do I need to make corrections over time

Breast correction should be done 1 time in 5 years, if the processes proceed normally. If premature absorption of adipose tissue occurs, then the doctor may recommend a correction every 2 years. If the patient does not like the result of the first procedure, the correction operation can be done after 7 months.

Opinions of doctors and cosmetologists

Most opinions on lipofilling are positive. Doctors confirm that this procedure is the safest and most effective alternative to other plastic surgeries. Experts emphasize the lack of artificial materials, a natural and neat appearance of the mammary glands and a short rehabilitation after lipofilling. Breast lipofilling - what kind of operation, types, effectiveness, price, photos, consequences and complications

Doctors also note that such shortco
mings as incomplete survival of the input material and the inability to perform surgery for thin girls are eliminated. And today donor tissue transplantation is possible, and methods for tissue engraftment are being improved (up to 95% of the material).

Patient Reviews

According to reviews, the result of breast lipofilling remains unchanged even after two or more years. The chest looks natural and symmetrical. Postoperative side effects and complications are extremely rare and are most often associated with temporary minor bruises and swelling of the chest.

Also, patients note a painless procedure and an easy recovery process. Patients observed slight resorption of adipose tissue after a few months, but this does not affect the overall aesthetic appearance.

Cost in New York, Los Angeles and

The prices for breast lipofilling depend on several factors: on the qualification of the surgeon, on the level of the medical institution, on the location of the clinic, on the amount of work and on the characteristics of the patient’s body.

The average lipofilling prices are as follows:

  • In New York: $ 1496 – $ 2040;
  • in Los Angeles: $ 1088 – $ 1632;
  • in the – $ 816 – $ 1360.

Breast lipofilling on credit

Optionally, you can make an operation on credit or by installments. For many patients, this is a necessity and at the same time a solution to the problem. Therefore, for some, payment in installments is the only way out.

To get a loan, you must visit the selected clinic, consult about the possibility of the procedure, the consequences and cost of the service. Further, if a positive decision is made, fill out an application for a loan in the form of a bank and wait for the approval of the application.

To apply for breast lipofilling in installments, a passport, a visit to the clinic and consultation with a doctor are sufficient. Before and after, you will see what problems there may be with the appearance of the breast and how the lipofilling procedure solves them. Some agencies require a down payment.

Breast Lipolifting Video

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