Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done

Permanent makeup is one of the best practices for creating makeup in the 21st century. A popular procedure for introducing a coloring pigment into the inter-ciliary space will allow female representatives to visually enlarge their eyes and correct their asymmetry. Tattooing is one of the ways to make your look brighter and more expressive.

The essence of intermuscular tattooing

Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space is the introduction of a dye into the epidermis through the eye. Tattooing makes the look more saturated and piercing, also with the help of it you can correct the shape of the eyes.

The presence of permanent makeup on the face allows women to significantly reduce the time spent on everyday makeup and achieve the effect of thick and voluminous eyelashes.

The result obtained lasts a long time (from 2 to 5 years) – it depends on the type of skin, age, depth of introduction of the dye.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up of inter-eyelash space, in contrast to everyday makeup, has the following advantages:

  • Does not require washing. After water procedures (baths, baths, pools), the arrows remain in their places: even and distinct. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
  • Easy correction . If desired, the client can change the shape of the arrow lines on his own with cosmetics (eyeliner or pencil), which is easy to erase, and the base itself will remain low.
  • Time saving. In the presence of permanent makeup, it is enough to paint or comb the eyelashes (when building) and the makeup is ready.
  • Brightness and expressiveness. After the permanent tattoo is healed, the eyelashes visually become thicker and have a healthy appearance, which make the look deeper and more expressive.
  • Change the flaws . With the help of permanent tattooing, you can correct the asymmetry and incision of the eyes.

Contraindications, safety procedures

Permanent make-up of inter-ciliary space is performed by the master with the help of a special tool equipped with a thin needle that pierces the upper layer of the epithelium and immediately fills it with a coloring substance (pigment). The circulatory system of the body is not affected, so the trauma of this procedure is minimal.

Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space is contraindicated in attacks of epilepsy, asthma, and renal or liver failure.

It is strictly forbidden with:

  • pregnancy (lactation);
  • sensitivity of the skin, prone to scarring;
  • allergies to coloring matter.

Options for inter-eyelash tattooing

Permanent make-up of inter-eyelash space can be performed in 3 different techniques, thanks to this, each patient will select the version of the procedure that suits him better and will hide or emphasize his merits.


The most natural tattooing technique is eyeliner. The contour, which is applied to the intermuscular space, along the line of eyelash growth. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it doneHe makes his gaze open and piercing. Eyeliner is an excellent foundation for a cult makeup called Nude.


The arrows (shape, length and color) depend on the section of the client’s eyes and his preferences: some like thin, barely noticeable, while others prefer wide, dense in the style of “Grazh”. The peculiarity of this technique is the coloring pigment is applied to the intermuscular space with graphic lines having a clear expressive contour.


Using the shading arrows, the wizard creates the Smoky eyes effect, replacing the use of eye shadow and eyeliner. The arrow itself is shaded throughout the eye. The advantage of this technique is that the master can combine 2 or more colors for a natural shade. Then a colored pigment is applied over the arrow, which replaces the shadows.

Rules for choosing color and pigment

After agreeing with the client the technique of applying permanent makeup, it remains to choose the color of the dye (pigment) – for this the master repels from the primary shades that do not require mixing: red, blue and yellow.

Thanks to them, it turns out natural colors. Then the wizard adds secondary colors – green, purple or orange to get more natural shades.

Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
Permanent color permanent make-up of intermuscular space is performed according to color types

When applying mixed pigments to the skin, the color may slightly differ from the source depending on the characteristics of the epidermis. After a while, the coloring pigment fades under the influence of light and the primary shade remains.

What needles are used

The needles that are used when applying permanent makeup are divided into 3 types:

  • Modular needles.

Such needles have a protective membrane so that the pigment does not get into the part of the machine that is not to be sterilized.

  • Separate nozzles.

Such needles with special grooves make the procedure less painful, since in 1 piercing the instrument introduces a large amount of dye.

  • Products in a plastic base (1-3 prong needles).

Such needles are used for micropigmentation. Using them, the master applies small haircuts and contour lines to a shallow depth ( 0/32 – 5/32 inch).

Preparation for tattoo

Before applying the permanent to the inter-ciliary space, the client needs to know the following:

  • The durability of the tattoo depends on the type of skin (on oily skin, it will peel off faster). Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
  • For a cosmetic procedure, it is better to choose the cold season (autumn, winter). With solar activity, permanent tattooing heals more slowly and the coloring pigment survives worse.
  • On the eyes, namely, on the eyelids, thin skin that “strikes after applying permanent makeup. It is not worth planning important meetings 2-4 days after the cosmetic procedure.
  • With menstruation, the wounds heal worse and bleed hard
    er. It is not advisable to do permanent tattooing these days.
  • The day before the cosmetic procedure, you can not drink alcoholic beverages, coffee and vasodilator drugs as the wounds will also bleed heavily.
  • Before a cosmetic procedure, you can not curl eyelashes.

How is pricking done

At the consultation with the master, the technique of applying the coloring matter and the color of the pigment are first agreed upon. The future shape of the arrows is applied to the client with a special marker.

The sequence of operations when applying permanent tattoo of the intermuscular space:

  1. The master applies an anesthetic ointment to the client, with the help of which the nerve endings are “frozen” for a while (15-20 minutes).
  2. Next, the master at the client takes out and unpacks a disposable needle and inserts it into the machine, wrapped in special polyethylene. It is very important that sanitary standards are observed.
  3. With the introduction of pigment, the client can feel mild pain depending on the pain threshold of the skin. The wizard begins by filling in the inter-ciliary space, then arrows are drawn and shading is done. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
  4. A cream is applied that “seals” the damaged areas of the skin, which further protects against harmful bacteria.
  5. The client is given a memo on the proper care of the tattoo of the inter-ciliary space.

What do eyes look like after a permanent makyazh

Immediately after the procedure of permanent makeup, the eyelid swells, redness and swelling appear. Self-medication is not worth it, the swelling itself will go away after 2-3 days, and the tattoo itself will heal within 2 weeks. All this time, the interciliary space should be lubricated with a healing ointment, which the master will advise, usually this: Bepanten or Panthenol.

It is recommended to do permanent tattoo before the weekend in order to less expose it to the environment: the sun, wind and dust on.

Is it painful to make a permanent intermuscular space

The degree of pain during a permanent intermuscular space depends on the skin and pain threshold of the client. Many women and girls easily endure a cosmetic procedure, some even tickle.

Owners of a low pain threshold and capillaries located close to the surface of the epidermis are not so optimistic about the “pricking”. In such cases, the master has to interrupt the session and apply painkillers again.

How many eyelids heal

Permanent makeup is the point damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. Therefore, the more wounds, the longer in time the intermuscular space will heal. Rehabilitation takes place in 3 stages. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done

  1. After the session (1-2 days), the eyelids noticeably swell and blush. Small hematomas may form. Of the wounds (puncture site) stands out a sacred tree.
  2. On day 3, the swelling gradually begins to subside. In its place, crusts are formed, which, as was written earlier, is forbidden to peel off independently.
  3. For 5-7 days, the crusts completely dry and fall off themselves.

How long does the effect last

The preservation of permanent makeup for each girl and woman is individual and depends on factors: hormonal cycle, age and skin type.

On average, high-quality permanent tattoo lasts from 1 to 5 years, but there are exceptions that indelible eyeliner pleases the owner up to 10 years.

Tattoo Care

Caring for the inter-eyelash tattoo is very simple, so that after healing the look is bright and expressive, it is necessary to follow the rules below.

  • Within 24 hours it is forbidden to wet your eyes, as well as 3-4 days to go to the sauna or bath.
  • The next day after the session, crusts begin to form in the eyes, which should disappear within 5-7 days. In no case can they be torn off on their own, as in the future there may be problems with color and pigment engraftment.
  • While tattooing does not heal, it is forbidden to use mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow.
  • It is forbidden to use scrubs and peels for 10 days.
  • Do not wipe face skin with tonics and alcohol solutions. Carefully clean the resulting sucrose with a cotton swab moistened with Chlorhexidine.
  • Do not use lenses within 24 hours after the session.
  • For 7 days, physical activity and sports are prohibited. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
  • 2 times a day to process the inter-ciliary space with ointments, which the master advised after the session.


During the rehabilitation of the epidermis of the tattoo, it loses the saturation of the shade of the coloring matter and therefore it is recommended to make a correction after a month. The master again introduces the coloring pigment into the inter-ciliary space – the eyebrows will acquire the desired color and shape. The second session is much faster and less expensive and not as expensive as the first clogging of the paint.


Permanent make-up of inter-eyelash space refers to the elite procedures carried out in the salons by professional masters. Many cosmetologists equate it with contour plastic, as it can be used to change the appearance for a long time.

The prices for tattooing of inter-eyelash space are various and depend on the experience, professionalism and qualifications of the master. Below is a table with approximate prices for tattooing for masters with different levels of training.

Master (work experience) The price of permanent make-up of the intermuscular space Correction
Novice master (less than 5 years of experience) from $ 27200 from $ 20400
Leading master of the salon (work experience more than 5 years) from $ 68000 from $ 47600

The consequences of a failed procedure

When deciding to do permanent make-up of the inter-eyelash space, it is very important to choose a professional with high qua
lifications and rich experience so that the procedure is carried out correctly and without further complications, except for swelling and slight redness. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done

There are rarely cases when girls and women after a session after some time encounter the following consequences that are caused by inexperience, negligence of the master:

  • allergic reactions;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • the appearance of herpes;
  • scars formed on the skin;
  • eyelash loss;
  • infection with a dangerous infection (HIV, hepatitis);
  • damage to capillaries and the eyeball.

When saving on materials, for example, on coloring pigments, a saturated shade will change color after some time: light pigments will turn red; dark pigments are blue. In such cases, only removal with a remover or laser in several sessions will help, rarely when in 1 session.

How to remove boring tattoo

If the client does not like the result (color, shape) after permanent makeup – there are ways to fix it: in the salon or at home.

  • Camouflage. The procedure consists in the fact that the master uses special equipment to drive pigment into the flesh-colored inter-ciliary space, which “will mask the unfortunate shade.
  • Electrocoagulation This method is not very popular. Using a heated electrocoagulator, the cosmetologist burns pigmented skin integument to the desired temperature with an electrode.
  • Dermabrasion (surgical removal). This procedure for 1 session will help get rid of an unsuccessful permanent tattoo. A surgeon (cosmetologist) using a special diamond spraying excites pigmented areas of the epithelium until the stain is completely removed.
  • Cryotherapy. During this procedure, the master uses a compress moistened with a solution of liquid nitrogen. Then, the impregnated tissue is temporarily placed on the skin pigmented integuments before the formation of “ice” crusts on the epithelium, which will disappear on their own after 2 weeks. The client has a small scar – with proper care after a while, he becomes less noticeable or completely disappears. Permanent make-up of the intermuscular space. Photo, how much is held, price, how is it done
  • Laser removal. The safest and most popular method. A cosmetologist using a laser beam destroys the skin in which the pigment is located. Removal is carried out in several sessions. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.
  • Remuver. The cosmetologist, using a special device filled with a suspension, penetrates the upper layer of the epithelium, thereby removing the stain. The “magic” liquid consists of metal oxides, which do no harm to the circulatory system and blood vessels. Removal is carried out in several sessions.
  • Folk remedies. If after an unsuccessful permanent makeup of eyebrows, the client no longer has confidence in the masters, then you can bring the tattoo to home. Such procedures consist in daily application of compresses from:
  1. castor oil (the most effective method);
  2. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution;
  3. “Gruel” from a mixture of table, sea salt;
  4. vinegar essence;
  5. a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  6. tinctures of celandine.

Permanent make-up of inter-eyelash space is today a popular cosmetic service in salons, with the help of which any girl or woman can make her look bright and expressive for a long time. It can not be washed off with water, it will not flow in hot weather.

Video about the permanent make-up of the intermuscular space

Tattooing lessons – inter-eyelash:

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