Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews

An operation aimed at eliminating sagging skin and internal tissues in the forehead and eyebrows is called endoscopic lifting. The procedure is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon in a clinical setting. There are several types of this cosmetic procedure.

When choosing this or that technique, it is necessary to take into account that surgical correction for the purpose of rejuvenating and removing excess skin in the frontal and eyebrow involves a period of rehabilitation and recovery. The indications should be taken into account, as well as a number of possible complications and contraindications to its implementation.

What is an endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift, prices

Endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lifting is a modern technique of rejuvenation and correction of negative age-related changes. Ptosis, or sagging, is formed as a result of aging processes , the natural effects of gravitational forces. As a result, there is a loss of tone, excess skin tissues are formed.

With natural compensation, the body tries to restore the state of ptosis, after which excessive muscle hypertonicity often occurs, which leads to the appearance of deep horizontal wrinkles. With such changes, a person may become tired or angry.

Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
Endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lifting is indicated for ptosis

Thanks to endoscopic facelift, correction and rejuvenation can be carried out using a special apparatus – an endoscope. Unlike classical plastic surgery, endoscopic technique involves cutting small incisions.

After the operation and recovery, the incisions remain invisible, most often they are performed in invisible areas – in the parotid, oral cavity or on the scalp. During the operation, excess skin is not excised, an endoscope performs a lift of the subcutaneous structures with subsequent redistribution of internal tissues.

The method has several features:

  • Endoscopic facelift can be combined with other methods – blepharoplasty, circular lifting, the introduction of fillers.
  • The length of the cut is not more than 0’4 inch.
  • Minimal surgical intervention is characterized by a minimal risk of complications and a short rehabilitation period.

Before deciding to conduct a similar rejuvenation and correction procedure, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the method:

pros Minuses
After manipulation with an endoscope, sagging eyebrows return to their original position. The appropriateness of surgery can only be determined by a qualified and experienced specialist.
The effect of rejuvenation is achieved, the eyebrows acquire a more aesthetic shape, The desired effect is possible only with the exact choice of operation technique
The frontal area is smoothed, the tissues come in tone, the facial expression is more affable Without auxiliary plastic procedures (blepharoplasty, contour plastics), you can not achieve an aesthetic result to the fullest

The cost of this operation is affected by many factors:

  • professionalism and qualifications of a specialist;
  • correction method and type of equipment;
  • prestige of the clinic;
  • location and.

So, in the capital’s clinics, the price of the procedure for endoscopic facelift of the upper face zone will be from $ 1360 – $ 2584. In, the cost of the operation varies from $ 1020 – $ 1768. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews

After a successful procedure, the eyebrows acquire the correct arched shape, there is a persistent effect of rejuvenation, positive changes in the shape of the eyes, the elimination of wrinkles, deep folds on the face.

In order to determine the feasibility of an endoscopic lifting session, it is recommended, in preliminary consultation with a qualified specialist, to carefully evaluate all the decisive factors, get acquainted with the advantages and features of the method, and also take into account the individual characteristics of the body.


Facelift, which is carried out with the help of an endoscope, is a safe operation with minimal surgical intervention.

Correction is shown:

  • in case of sagging or low eyebrows creating a haggard or gloomy expression; Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • with deep horizontal wrinkles crossing the entire forehead;
  • in the case of deep interbrow creases and wrinkles in the nose;
  • with the omission of the outer corners of the eyes caused by ptosis of the upper eyelids;
  • with the omission of the internal tissues of the upper third of the face;
  • in case of weakening of muscle tone and increased flabbiness of the skin in the temporal zone;
  • with fat deposits and overhanging the skin in the periorbital (above the eyes).
  • with numerous small wrinkles in the eye area – “crow’s feet”.

Such an operation is advisable after the age of 40, since it is during this period that a pronounced effect of gravity is observed, which leads to the development of ptotic pathologies. In exceptional cases, under the age of 35-40 years, in the presence of a pronounced drop in the eyebrow line, the doctor may prescribe a correction with an endoscope.

The technique is applied no later than 50 years, at a more mature age, this correction technology will not give the desired result. After assessing the initial state of the internal tissues and skin integument, the specialist selects the appropriate endoscopic technique.


Endoscopic lifting is a universal technique of correction, effective rejuvenation of the forehead and eyebrows, which eliminates the aesthetic problem of pronounced deep wrinkles caused by prolonged exposure to gravitational ptosis.

Before choosing a particular intervention technique, as well as immediately before the operation, the specialist must establish the presence or absence of a number of factors that are a contraindication to endoscopic exposure.

This procedure is not performed if there are the following factors:

  • malignant neoplasms;
  • diabetes of any type in the stage of decompensation; Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • thyroid pathologies;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • disorders in the circulatory system, low blood coagulation;
  • tendency to excessive increase in pressure, arterial hypertension;
  • infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pathologies and chronic diseases of internal organs in the acute s
  • low elasticity of the skin in the upper third of the face;
  • significant body fat or excessive skin thickness in the upper third of the face;
  • external and internal damage to the skin in the area of the frontal lobe.

Due to the fact that endoscopic lifting does not provide for excision of excess skin, it is not recommended to carry it out in the presence of wrinkles of excessive depth. Surgical practice shows that too much bent forehead can cause certain difficulties during the operation. An endoscope correction technique is more suitable for a short and flat forehead.

Possible complications and consequences

Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrow is a complete surgical intervention.

Therefore, one should take into account the risk of possible negative consequences after surgery:

  • Necrosis. The cause of skin necrosis can be a lack of nutrition of internal tissues that occurs in the area of greatest tension – in the area behind the ears.
  • The appearance of hematomas . Blood can leak through the seam lines, and the volume of tissues in the behind-the-ear area increases. Hematomas appear 4-6 hours after surgery, therefore, measures to eliminate the negative consequences must be taken immediately. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • Scarring. The appearance of hypertrophic scars occurs due to an individual predisposition of the body or as a result of compaction of the seams. To avoid such a manifestation, drug therapy is prescribed with drugs that improve blood microcirculation.
  • Suppuration. If an infection or a bundle of hair gets into the incision, as well as a result of necrosis or the appearance of hematomas, suppuration may develop.
  • Hair loss. The consequence, which is local in nature, can be caused by a strong tension of the skin in the scalp with damage to the hair follicles. 2-4 months after surgery, hair growth is usually normal.

Also a common negative manifestation after tightening is the appearance of traces of hyperpigmentation at the incision sites. An unprofessional approach, an incorrectly selected technique or low qualification of a specialist can cause serious complication in the form of deformation of the oval of the face.

What equipment is used

Facelift with minimal surgical intervention is carried out using a special apparatus – an endoscope. The main advantages of using such advanced equipment is a significant reduction in operation time and low invasiveness of the procedure with an accelerated recovery process.

The endoscope consists of 3 main parts:

  • A thin tube with a light source at the end, inserted into micro-incisions on the skin.
  • A microscopic camera, with which you can accompany the operation process visually. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • A monitor that broadcasts a detailed enlarged image of the state of subcutaneous structures.

During the operation, surgical instruments are used to perform incisions, remove excess fatty tissue, and also tighten stretched tissues and muscles.

Operational tightening techniques

Endoscopic lifting is used for:

  • eyebrow line correction;
  • smoothing creases in the forehead and supra-nasal area;
  • changes in the boundaries of the hairline.

The appearance of age-related changes – puppet wrinkles, “widow folds” leads to the fact that facial expressions become more gloomy and tired.

Surgical techniques are used to correct these aesthetic problems:

  • coronary technique (open frontlifting);
  • endoscopic method;
  • temporal technique;
  • thread reinforcement;
  • transpalpebral lift;
  • eyebrow technology;
  • method with a notch on the extreme hairline.

Each technique has advantages and disadvantages, as well as the appropriateness of application. The appropriate surgeon selects the appropriate technique, assessing the severity of the aging process, as well as the presence of indications for face lifting of the upper third.

Coronary technique

Coronary frontlift is a classic method of surgical correction and rejuvenation. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews

The operation is shown in the following cases:

  • in the presence of gross creases and wrinkles in the frontal part;
  • with visible manifestations of gravitational ptosis of the brow;
  • with an excess of sagging skin tissues in the area of the supraopera.

An operation is performed under general anesthesia.

After the examination, the doctor selects a strategy for manipulating the type of incision:

  • bicoronary, located outside the border of hair growth (at a distance of 2’8 – 3’1 inch from the borders);
  • modified, bending in the frontal part, near the temporal zone;
  • along the border of hair growth, in the presence of bald patches or with a high type of forehead.

In the process of surgical procedures, the excess skin is excised, and drainage is established. During tightening, the coronary method involves soft tissues, including the periosteum, which makes this method the most traumatic, requiring complex and lengthy recovery.

The disadvantages of the method include the risk of deformation of the oval proportions, numbness, impaired growth, intense hair loss. The advantage of frontlifting technology is the duration of the result, the absence of noticeable postoperative traces.

Endoscopic method

Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows is considered the most effective and safe method for correcting age-related defects. Frontlift using an endoscope allows the surgeon to fully control the process using a camera and a monitor, which broadcasts the state of subcutaneous structures and tissues.

Depending on the amount of work, the manipulation can last 1-4 hours. The technology of endoscopic correction is recommended for all categories of patients, except for those with deep gross wrinkles, a high forehead and severe ptosis. In these cases, coronary frontlift is more effective. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews

The algorithm for endoscopic lifting:

  1. In close proximity to the border of hair growth – in the temporal and frontal areas, small incisions are made, each length is no more than 0’8 inch.
  2. A thin tube with a light source and a microscopic camera is introduced inside the section.
  3. Dissection of certain muscles that are responsible for the formation of wrinkles, as well as tissues along the eyebrow, is performed.
  4. Muscles and tissues rise to the desired level and are fixed in the appropriate position.

All manipulations are performed quickly and clearly, which entails a reduction in the risk of blood loss and the development of complications during the period of subsequent rehabilitation. The advantages of endoscopic technology are low invasiveness of the method, high efficiency and quick recovery after surgery.

Other techniques

In modern plastic cosmetology, there are several alternative methods for correcting and rejuvenating problem areas of the frontal and eyebrow zones:

  • Lifting with endotins . A feature of the method is the installation of thin absorbable plates with guiding spikes-immobilizers through micronadres. After 4-6 months, complete resorption of the endotin plates occurs, which leads to the formation of a new collagen framework. The formation of new fibers provides a lasting lifting effect. The advantages of an innovative technique with endotins are the accuracy and reliability of plate fixation, a low likelihood of complications and a stable lifting result. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • Temporal Lift Technology. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, the manipulation time is not more than 45-60 minutes. To ensure a lifting effect, incisions are made in the temporal zone with excision of excess skin and tissues. As a result, the relief is smoothed out, small wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes are eliminated, and the cheekbones line is pulled. The method has practically no contraindications, it is effective, low-traumatic, for the best result it is recommended to combine it with other plastic and cosmetic correction methods.
  • Thread lifting. The modern technology of rejuvenation with the elimination of visible age-related defects consists in implantation of special threads subcutaneously. After fixing the thread cage, the relief is aligned with the pull-up effect. For manipulations, absorbable or non-absorbable threads are used. Reinforcement is carried out under local anesthesia, the operation will not take more than 60 minutes. First, punctures in the temporal are performed. Then, with the help of special needles and cannulas, the threads are stretched under the skin, leading out into the cheekbone zone. The principle of lifting is achieved at the moment when the thread is pulled in the opposite direction from the introduction, then the notches are fixed in the tissues. After the reinforcement there is no trace of the operation, the technology is safe and effective, does not require long-term rehabilitation. The main task of a specialist is to choose the right type of threads, form a frame.

In addition to these methods of correction and rejuvenation in aesthetic surgery, a lifting method with eyebrow incisions and transpalpebral lifting technology are also used. These techniques allow the correction of wrinkles and eliminate sagging in the upper part of the periorbital zone, frontal and eyebrow.

Non-surgical exposure

In the presence of visible age-related changes, the appearance of which is due to gravitational ptosis, non-surgical exposure is ineffective. All non-invasive techniques can be used as prophylaxis or maintenance therapy, but they do not give a quick and visible result of lifting.

So, for the purpose of prevention, you can use:

  • biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid injections to restore water balance; Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • mesotherapy with the introduction of cocktails to nourish, moisturize and enhance skin immunity;
  • Botox injection therapy with the effect of temporary muscle paralysis to eliminate wrinkles and facial wrinkles;
  • Massage hardware techniques to improve lymph flow and blood flow , oxygen saturation of cells, exposure to fibroblasts to activate collagenesis;
  • laser light exposure, photorejuvenation, thermolysis and other techniques to stimulate collagen synthesis and tone;
  • thermage using radio wave exposure to seal collagen fibers, strengthen internal tissues and increase the elasticity of the epidermis.

All supporting cosmetic procedures are recommended to be carried out in a course, but even prolonged exposure is not able to eliminate the signs of pronounced ptosis of the frontal and eyebrow zones.

Rehabilitation and recovery

The risk of developing side effects, as well as the duration of the lifting effect, depends on compliance with a number of rules during the rehabilitation period after surgery:

  • Starting from the second day, the doctor prescribes the passage of physiotherapy with a course of 7-10 sessions. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews
  • The first 4-5 days, a compression dressing is applied to the postoperative areas. Sutures are removed after 5-10 days.
  • After the operation, it is recommended to exclude physical activity.
  • It is forbidden to randomly take medications without first consulting a doctor.
  • Exclude fatty, spicy, salty foods from the diet.
  • Seams should be provided with appropriate care with antiseptic drugs prescribed by your doctor.
  • It is recommended to refrain from visiting the solarium, baths, saunas and swimming pools, to minimize exposure to the open sun.

If the incisions were made on the scalp, it is not recommended to wash it until the joints are completely healed. To improve well-being, you can drink herbal teas without sugar, mineral water. It is recommended that you choose a sleeping pose on your back so that your head is above body level. To relieve pain and with the appearance of edema, hematomas, it is recommended to apply cold compresses.

Duration of Result

The final effect can be assessed only after the end of the rehabilitation period, after 1-3 months. The aesthetic result of tightening after end
oscopic frontlifting lasts an average of 7-10 years. Repeated surgical lifting is possible, but after 10 years, specialists in most cases prescribe a circular lift.

If you follow all supportive and preventive measures, minimize exposure to the sun with UV rays, lead a healthy lifestyle, you can permanently maintain the effect of the transferred anti-aging procedure. Endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. Photos before and after, as performed, consequences, reviews

An effective modern rejuvenation procedure, endoscopic lifting, is most often used to correct the forehead and eyebrows. To achieve the best result, you can combine the operation with alternative procedures – blepharoplasty, SMAS-lift, laser resurfacing, it is also important to adhere to all the rules and recommendations of the doctor.

Video about endoscopic lifting

Circular endoscopic facelift:

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