Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

Shugaring the bikini zone has distinctive features from hair removal in other parts of the body for many reasons that are important to consider (video tutorials will be later in the article).

The procedure itself is a hair removal using caramel mass. But unlike the wax method, this method eliminates the likelihood of ingrown hairs, does not damage the skin like a razor, does not irritate the mucous membrane like a cream. The effect after the procedure in the delicate area of the bikini lasts for a long time, and the method itself, when properly performed, is relatively painless.

Advantages of the method over analogues

The bikini zone shugaring technique has gained popularity due to its advantages:

  1. The result is stored for a long time (more than 10 days). Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  2. The homemade composition contains exclusively natural ingredients that not only remove hair, but also give silkiness to the skin by exfoliating dead cells.
  3. Weak pain compared to the wax technique of hair removal.
  4. Ease of use and accessibility for independent use.
  5. With constant removal of hair in this way, they become thinner, invisible and grow more slowly. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  6. After shugaring, with the right technique, the hair does not grow.


Shugaring bikini is classified into types, depending on the area of the processed surface.


  1. Classic bikini shugaring – remove hair on the inside of the thigh and in front, which are visible in underwear.
  2. Deep shugaring – leave a certain amount of hair closer to the genitals, treat with caramel mass the lower abdomen, the side zones of the pubis, the intergluteal fold, and the inner surface of the thighs.
  3. Shugaring Brazilian bikini – implies complete removal of hair in the intimate area.

Features of the technique

  1. The best result is achieved with the manual shugaring technique, because it is easier to handle all the body bends and skin folds with your hands, although the bandage technique can also be used.
  2. It is important to experimentally select the optimal thickness of the caramel layer. It should not be very thin and not too thick. A thin layer will poorly grasp the hairs and will tear, a thick one will be more difficult to remove, and the pain will intensify.
  3. Without preliminary treatment of the skin with antiseptics, they don’t start the procedure, as there is a high risk of infection, which will cause inflammation, irritation, and the appearance of purulent acne.
  4. Unlike the wax method, caramel paste is applied against hair growth, and removed, on the contrary, by growth. It is because of this that after shugaring, one rarely has to deal with ingrown hairs. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  5. The hair length should not be too long and not too short: from 5/32 – 10/32 inch. If the length is shorter, the procedure should be postponed for now, if it is longer, it is recommended to cut the hairs.
  6. The paste is applied not to the entire surface to be treated, but to small areas, so it’s more convenient to work.
  7. It is not recommended to pass the paste over one area more than 3 times, since skin can be injured. If single hairs remain, use tweezers.
  8. If you perform the procedure yourself, you need a mirror.
  9. The paste is not left for long on the skin. Citric acid can cause irritation, peeling, and inflammation.
  10. After the procedure, it is necessary to carefully observe the principles of hygiene, since the first few days, bacteria can easily penetrate the skin through microdamages.


Shugaring bikinis is not so painful as to be sure to use painkillers. In addition, the pain of the procedure is more dependent on the actions of the master.

Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

The more accurate and sharper his movement, the less pain the client experiences. However, if the pain threshold is low, the skin is tight or the hair is too thick, it is worth using special medications.

Anesthesia can be carried out by the external and internal method. Local anesthesia is performed with lidocaine or anesthetic ointment, cooling gels.

The drug should be applied an hour before the procedure under the film. The effect lasts for about 40-50 minutes. The master will have enough of this time to carry out the procedure.

They also take painkillers in non-steroidal tablets or combined action, for example, Diclofenac, Analgin, Tempalgin, Pentalgin. Of the ointments, Emla and Anestol preparations are used. For one procedure, you will need 1 tube of ointment.

There may be an allergy to pain medications. In addition, they have contraindications, which should be familiarized with before use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shugaring bikini has the following advantages:

  • Lack of injuries.
  • Fast and high-quality hair removal.
  • Only 3/32 inch long hairs can be removed.
  • Ingrown hairs rarely appear.
  • The composition for the procedure is non-allergic.
  • The keratinous layer of the skin is removed.
  • After each procedure, the hair grows thinner and thinner.
  • New hair does not appear for a long time.
  • Availability of consumables – pasta can be prepared at home.


  • You need to select the density of the paste, depending on the type of hair.


Preparation for the procedure begins a few days before the event:

  1. Shugaring is planned by the time the hair length reaches at least 3/32 inch – for repeated depilation. If the event is held for the first time, then you need to grow hairs about 9/32 – 10/32 inch long.
  2. So that hair removal is not painful, it is necessary to pre-scrape the zone of future depilation. As a result, the upper layer of the skin softens, the hairs will be pulled out with less effort, which means that there will be less pain. Do this 2 days before the event. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  3. Before the procedure, during the week, experts do not recommend sunbathing both on the beach and in the solarium – tanning provokes irritation after depilation. Also during this period it is not recommended to use cosmetics containing alcohol to care for the treated area.
  4. Before the procedure, carried out at home, you need to take a hot bath: the pores of the skin will expand, and hair removal will be carried out faster and more efficiently.

Shugaring Techniques

Manual technique

is a classic working technique, and it consists in using fingers only when applying and tearing off the mixture. Suitable when using any kind of caramel paste.

The dense composition before application needs to be slightly warmed up in a microwave oven. When working with medium-density paste, it is enough to separate a small piece of the mixture (the size of a chestnut) and knead it with your fingers until it acquires a golden opaque color. The properties of the paste will also change: it will become more sticky. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

The paste is stretched with your fingers against hair growth, pressing caramel to the skin. After a few seconds, the mass will stick to the hairs, harden a little, and then it is torn off the skin with sharp jerky movements, not immediately the entire area, but in small parts, without breaking the caramel tape.

Bandage technique

The bandage technique is more like waxing. This technique will require a caramel paste of soft consistency. It must be heated to 36-38 degrees and applied to the treated area with a thin layer – it is convenient to do this using roller cartridges or a spatula.

Then, a strip of fabric is pressed against the caramel. Giving the composition to seize (no longer than 10-15 seconds), tear off in one motion. This technique is recommended for use by more experienced people, it is not suitable for beginners.

Advantages of bandage technology:

  1. Helps capture smaller hairs.
  2. The process is faster.
  3. It is more convenient to remove the composition from hard-to-reach places, where it is difficult to choose a convenient position of the hand for manual removal of the paste.


In the salon, the master carries out the procedure in the following order:

  1. The skin is treated with an antiseptic.
  2. Sprinkle with talcum powder to remove possible drops of sweat.
  3. Then the specialist applies a heated professional paste against the hair growth to the treated area.
  4. It waits a few seconds and tears off the hardened tape with a sharp movement.
  5. After treatment, cleanses the skin of the remnants of a caramel mixture and applies a moisturizer.

Experts advise for the first time to experience shugaring in a salon in order to visually get acquainted with the technique of the procedure, to remember the movements of the master.

What will be needed for the procedure at home

For the shugaring procedure, sugar paste is primarily required. You can purchase the finished composition or make it yourself. The thick paste is most suitable for the bikini area. It will be easier for beginners to cope with it and perform the procedure qualitatively. But you can use medium-density formulations. However, some experience will be required to work with them. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

In addition, it is recommended to prepare an anesthetic (if you decide to use it), a spatula for shugaring (also optional), an antiseptic, talc, anti-inflammatory cream, for example, with panthenol.

How to make sugar paste

If you cook pasta for shugaring at home, then the procedure will cost you quite inexpensively, because for the preparation you use available products – lemon juice, sugar. In addition, there will definitely not be any preservatives, unnatural ingredients, or herbal ingredients in homemade pasta that can cause allergies or irritation.

Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
Numerous photos and video materials will help you prepare your own pasta and successfully conduct shugaring, including a deep bikini at home.


  1. To prepare the paste for several procedures at once, you should use the following recipe. Take 2 pounds of granulated sugar (refined sugar can also be used if desired), pour into a metal pan or bowl, add 8 tablespoon. water and 7 tablespoon lemon juice. They put on a stove over medium heat. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved, for 2-3 minutes. Then the heat is reduced to a minimum and, having covered the pan with a lid, cook for about 10 more minutes. The mixture should be checked periodically so as not to digest. They check it like this: drop a drop of caramel into water, if it does not dissolve in water and keeps its shape, then the paste is ready. The finished paste should be golden brown. It is important to immediately transfer the mixture to another dish, otherwise it will reach a couple of minutes in a hot saucepan and may be digested. The finished composition is stored in the refrigerator,and before use, a little heat in the microwave.
  2. For a single use, 10 tablespoons are required. Sahara. Mix sugar with 2 tablespoon. water and squeeze juice 1/3 lemon. Prepare in the same way as in the previous recipe.

It is important to “catch” the moment the paste is ready, because the undercooked paste will not be elastic and liquid enough, which will not allow it to be used to remove hair, and the overcooked composition, on the contrary, will lose elasticity and will not adhere well to the hair.

It is recommended to try the recipe on a small amount of ingredients, especially for the first time. Only when it is clear how to determine the readiness of the mixture, you can prepare the composition in large portions.

Ready paste for shugaring

Not everyone can cook pasta on their own. And some prefer to use ready-made compounds, because you can choose the desired consistency of the paste. Before buying, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the composition of the product. It should not have any letters “E”, dyes, flavorings. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

Of the additional ingredients, the paste may include honey, essential oils, plant extracts. Ready paste is available both in small jars, for example, 200, 400 g, and in large packages of 3 -7 pounds. But for home use, a small package weighing about 2 pounds will be enough. This is taking into account the processing of all problem areas.

The paste is consumed sparingly and lasts a long time. One piece of paste is used several times during the procedure. For example, you can treat a hand or foot with one piece of paste.

Experts recommend purchasing pasta from these manufacturers:

  • Gloria;
  • Cannaan;
  • Dolce Vita;
  • Riviere Sucre.

Carrying out the procedure at home


  1. The treatment area must be wiped with a disinfectant before starting the procedure.
  2. Then it should be sprinkled with talcum powder.
  3. The skin should be absolutely dry.
  4. Processing is recommended to begin with the pubic area.
  5. Take a comfortable pose. For example, the procedure can be performed standing or in the frog pose.
  6. The paste is rolled against hair growth, and removed by growth.
  7. After application, you should wait a few seconds, but not for long. From long contact with the skin, the paste heats up and becomes more fluid. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  8. When tearing off the paste, the skin should be pulled with the second hand to increase the processing efficiency.
  9. If a manual technique is used, then the skin is treated in small areas.
  10. On the same site, paste is applied no more than 3 times.

Care after sugaring a deep bikini

The following activities are recommended:

  1. After shugaring, a slight redness may appear, which is in no way associated with inflammation, but is a physiological reaction of the body. Redness on its own passes within a few hours. The inflammatory process, if it does occur, is treated with Chlorhexidine or other means with antibacterial properties, such as hydrogen peroxide, Solcoseryl. You can wipe the skin with chamomile tincture.
  2. After shugaring, it is not recommended to wet the treated area on the first day, and it should also be protected from mechanical stress for 4-5 days. For example, do not usd this area with a washcloth or scrub. This injures the skin, and pathogens can enter the skin through microdamages.
  3. For 2-3 days, experts do not advise visiting baths, saunas, pools.
  4. Tanning beds and beaches should be avoided.
  5. Underwear in the first few days you need to wear cotton so as not to provoke skin irritation.


Despite all the precautions, following instructions and recommendations after shugaring, there can still be complications, although they are very rare.

Among them:

  1. Ingrown hair . This complication appears after shugaring if the procedure is not followed, especially when the direction of hair removal is confused – you need to remove it by growth. Also a risk factor is a hereditary predisposition. To avoid hair growth, it is necessary to verify the correctness of the procedure. 3-4 days after the procedure, ingrown hairs appear due to the fact that they were not removed with the root. If the hairs are thin and delicate, then it is necessary to use a scrub more often. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  2. Herpes. In some, shugaring causes herpetic eruptions, because after the procedure local skin immunity decreases, which provokes a rash.
  3. Acne . Appear if the ducts of the sebaceous glands are overgrown with skin. May appear in a single amount or in the form of a rash.
  4. Abrasions and hematomas. The reason for their appearance is the non-compliance with the technique of the procedure – insufficient skin tension during the removal of caramel paste.

How often do you need to do bikini shugaring

After 1-2 shugaring procedures, the hair will grow back faster than after subsequent procedures. On average, the process will take 10-14 days. After which the procedure will need to be repeated. But later, the hair will become thinner and thinner, and the procedure can be carried out after about 3 weeks or even once a month.


Despite all the advantages of shugaring, it is contraindicated in:

  • varicose veins;
  • diabetes mellitus (sugar is absorbed through the skin into the blood);
  • allergies to the components of the mixture;
  • skin diseases;
  • damage to the skin; Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos
  • oncology;
  • hanging moles in the treatment area;
  • candidiasis;
  • pregnancy.

Can I spend during critical days

The period of menstruation is not a contraindication for shugaring. The only thing that needs to be done is to tell the master about this and use a swab. During menstruation, the pain threshold may be unstable. Usually at the very beginning of menstruation, it decreases, and increases towards the end of critical days. However, this must be verified empirically.

Pregnancy Shugaring

Professionals do not recommend sugar epilation during pregnancy, because pain during the procedure can provoke an increase in uterine tone and miscarriage. Shugaring bikini deep, classic. Video how to do at home for an intimate area. Before and after photos

Specialists allow the procedure to be carried out only in some cases:

  1. If complications are not diagnosed during pregnancy, in particular, increased tone.
  2. If the hair in the bikini area is thin and delicate thanks to the previously performed shugaring procedures.
  3. If the master is experienced and able to carry out the procedure as accurately as possible.

To carry out the shugaring of the bikini zone, it is not necessary to go to the salon. The procedure can be performed at home, even having independently prepared the composition. It was the convenience and accessibility of the procedure that made her so popular among women.

Shugaring deep bikini videos

Bikini Shugaring Video: Pros and Cons

How to do shugaring deep bikini:

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