Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews

Permanent eyebrow makeup is performed by modern masters in several techniques. The most popular among women today is hair. She gives the overall image naturalness due to the fact that this type of tattoo is an imitation of natural eyebrows.

To permanent makeup for a long time retained its original appearance and liked its owner, it is necessary not only to know how to properly care for him, but also to have an idea about the process of its creation.

What is a hair brow tattoo

Permanent hairline eyebrow makeup is performed using a special machine that drives pigment into the upper layers of the skin of the face. The master draws the hairs from the roots to the ends, controlling that they all have the same orientation. Thus, you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows, give them expressiveness and improve the appearance of a person as a whole.

Permanent makeup of eyebrows in the hair technique is different from a tattoo, despite the visual similarity of the processes of their creation. Unlike tattoo, the paint for a classic tattoo is driven into the deep layers of the skin, which ensures the preservation of its original appearance for a long time.

Permanent eyebrow makeup over time requires a color correction procedure, and in its absence it is completely washed off the surface of the girl’s face.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

The creation of permanent makeup, like other cosmetic procedures, has a number of indications and contraindications. It is necessary to take them into account in order to avoid unforeseen consequences for the woman’s body and appearance.

Eyebrow hair is recommended if:

  • thin eyebrows;
  • “Bald spot” in the eyebrow lines; Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • uneven distribution of color and number of hairs;
  • asymmetries of eyebrows;
  • unequal bends of the eyebrows;
  • the desire of a particular girl to adjust the natural state of her eyebrows (for example, she does not like the shape or bend);
  • scars, scars or other skin defects in the area of the eyebrows that impede the normal growth of hairs;
  • previous tattoo, the appearance of which does not suit a woman.

Before you sign up for a hair tattoo procedure, you should make sure that you do not have a number of contraindications, the presence of which directly affects the result of permanent makeup.

Among them:

  • skin diseases (regardless of the lesion sites);
  • pregnancy planning (due to the fact that the tattoo procedure can provoke a miscarriage if a woman comes to her, not knowing about her situation);
  • menstruation period (the vast majority of women note a significant decrease in the pain threshold during this period);
  • high blood sugar;
  • circulatory dysfunction;
  • any diseases in the acute stage (regardless of the nature of their origin); Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • herpes of any type;
  • benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • problems in neurology;
  • epilepsy attacks (regardless of their frequency);
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance to the composition of the pigment used by the master for tattooing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Permanent makeup of eyebrows in the hair technique has not only advantages, but also objective disadvantages. It is important to study all aspects of the upcoming transformation process well in advance of the procedure in order to minimize the stress experienced by the body in the process of tattooing.

Benefits of Hair Tattooing The disadvantages of hair tattoo
  • reduction of the time spent by a woman in the future on the creation of makeup;
  • getting rid of congenital or acquired defects in appearance;
  • emphasizing individuality with the help of correction of appearance at will;
  • saving the result for a long time;
  • the ability to independently choose the bend of the eyebrows, lift, shape and thickness.
  • the high cost of the service, including the necessary subsequent correction, the frequency of which is determined by the type of skin of the girl;
  • unpredictability of the result (depends on the experience of the selected master);
  • the likelihood of pain in the process of creating a tattoo (anesthesia may not work);
  • the risk of developing subcutaneous tissue fibrosis (after numerous frequent corrections);
  • high cost of pigment withdrawal (if the end result does not suit the girl);
  • danger of contracting serious diseases transmitted through improperly handled equipment of the master;
  • the likelihood of a pigment changing during the process of tattooing or erasing the boundaries of the drawn hairs (depending on the type of skin of the girl).

Types of permanent hair makeup eyebrows and their features

The technique of permanent hair makeup eyebrows is of two types:

  • European (the master draws the same width and length of hair, regardless of the individual appearance of a particular girl). In this case, the hairs are drawn in parallel at the same distance from each other. To make the eyebrows look natural, the master selects several shades of pigment – dark and light; Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • Eastern (tattooing implies a thorough imitation of the growth of natural hairs, taking into account the structure of the girl’s face). In this case, the hairs are drawn different in length and thickness; their directivity may vary slightly. In the framework of this type of hair technique, it is allowed that several drawn hairs intersect each other.

Tattoo color selection

Permanent hair brow makeup will look beautiful only if the correct shade of the pigment driven under the skin is correctly selected. Usually the desired color is determined by the master.

To verify the qualifications of the chosen cosmetologist, the girl, before the session of creating permanent makeup, should also independently study the information about which shade of eyebrow dye will suit precisely her color type.

The main recommendations for selecting a shade are as follows:

  • girls with blond hair need to choose a pigment, darker hair colors by 1-2 tones;
  • owners of dark hair are best suited for color, lighter than their natural 1-2 shades.
    Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
    The color of hair permanent makeup eyebrows is selected according to the color type

The main color
s used for permanent makeup are graphite and brown. Based on the individual characteristics of a particular girl, the master can also use their various tones, while adhering to generally accepted recommendations:

  • a graphite shade is recommended to be used in tattooing for girls with light eyes (gray, blue, light green);
  • brown color is suitable for the dark-eyed representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Eyebrow shape matching according to eye section, face contour

The main factors in choosing the shape of the eyebrows are the section of the eyes and the oval of the face. If the girl has an oval face, classic horizontal eyebrows are suitable for her, with a minimum bend, giving them elegance. If the face is extended, straight eyebrows will help to expand it visually.

For a round face, the optimal shape will be long eyebrows with a thin tip and a wide base, having a noticeable bend that helps visually stretch the woman’s face. For owners of a square face with clear lines and pronounced cheekbones, rounded arched eyebrows with smooth transitions are suitable.

If the girl’s eyes are set close, then her eyebrows should be at a sufficient interval from the beginning of the nose. With deep-set eyes, the eyebrows should not be thick, of medium width, with a clearly visible bend in the area closest to the tip.

For classic almond-shaped eyes, masters prefer to make curved eyebrows with smooth transitions, and for holders of round – wide and thick.

Preparation for tattoo

Special measures for the preparation of eyebrow tattooing in hair technique are not required.

It will be sufficient to follow the general recommendations before creating permanent makeup of any kind:

  • refuse to use blood thinning medications (the main group is aspirin-containing); Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • refuse to drink coffee drinks, alcohol, energy drinks and sweet sparkling water;
  • exclude from the diet seafood and dishes that can trigger the occurrence of allergic reactions;
  • 3 days before a tattoo session, start taking antihistamines (for example, Zodak or Fenistil).

Do anesthesia

To anesthetize the process of creating permanent eyebrow makeup, drugs are used that are manufactured by manufacturers in the form of a cream substance.

The product is applied to the intact skin of the eyebrows, cover the treated area of the skin with plastic wrap and incubated for 15-30 minutes. After the specified time, the cream is removed from the face and begin to drive the pigment. Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews

In order to avoid an unforeseen reaction of the body to the paint (the color may change, allergies may occur, and so on), many modern tattoo artists recommend that their clients refuse to use local anesthesia. Pigment is best placed on the skin with a “live reaction”, and permanent makeup done “lively” retains its original appearance for a longer time.

How to do permanent eyebrow makeup

The procedure for creating permanent eyebrow make-up in the hair technique involves the master following the classical algorithm:

  1. Wear gloves, making sure that the equipment that you plan to use is clean and sterile.
  2. Straighten eyebrows by removing excess hair with tweezers or thread.
  3. Using a make-up pencil, draw on the face the shape of the eyebrows that should be the result. Check it with the girl. Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  4. Minimize the length of existing hairs with scissors.
  5. If necessary, anesthetize the necessary area of the skin.
  6. Using a disposable needle or a special machine, draw the contour of the eyebrows and draw the hairs in its internal part in the required quantity and proper appearance.
  7. Fill the previously prepared “grooves” with the selected pigment.
  8. Remove excess paint from face.

How does the healing process take place

Permanent hair brow makeup means a short rehabilitation period lasting from 5-10 days. Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviewsIn the process of healing, crusts are formed, which are strictly forbidden to exfoliate yourself. After the crusts fall away, the pigment will become less bright, and the eyebrows will get a neat look.

How to care for eyebrows after the procedure

In order for the skin restoration process to take as short a time as possible, it is necessary to follow the cosmetologist’s recommendations for eyebrow care after the procedure:

  • do not apply cosmetics, including leaving creams and gels until complete healing;
  • on the first day after tattooing, the eyebrow area should be treated with chlorhexidine every 2-3 hours; Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • do not wet your eyebrows until crusts form (if water does get in, carefully remove the liquid with a lint-free cloth);
  • Do not usd the eye area and try to touch it at least in principle;
  • if after applying permanent makeup the eyebrows swell or hurt, you should consult a cosmetologist about taking antihistamines and painkillers to relieve the discomfort of the procedure.

How long will the effect last and is correction necessary

On average, the effect of the decorated eyebrows after the initial application of the tattoo lasts up to 6 months. The exact amount of time is determined by the type of skin, the girl’s lifestyle, as well as how she cares for permanent makeup.

A month after the first procedure, it is recommended to visit your cosmetologist to assess the external condition of the eyebrows. In the vast majority of cases, when re-examining, there is a need to correct the drawing, due to the fact that during the driving in of the pigment, the injured skin due to its redness and swelling does not allow the master to thoroughly assess the density of the applied paint.

Possible complications and consequences

Possible complications and consequences of an incorrectly organized procedure for applying permanent makeup include:

  • acquisition of asymmetry of eyebrows;
  • discrepancies between 2 eyebrows in their shape, bend or length;
  • loss of natural hairs;
  • scarring or scarring;
  • the occurrence of allergic reactions; Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • infection by infectious diseases (due to the lack of proper processing of the tools used by the master in work).

The cost of the procedure in New York, Los Angeles

The cost of permanent eyebrow makeup in New York varies from $ 136 – $ 204. for the initial procedure (for the correction of the master usually take 50% of the initial cost of tattooing). In Los Angeles, beauty salons estimate a similar service from $ 122 – $ 204. The final amount depends on the skill of the master and the prestige of a particular institution.

Can I get a tattoo from a private master at home

Doing a tattoo with a private master at home is highly discouraged.

The main reason for the categorical nature of such a judgment is the lack of sufficient information and the client’s confidence that the tools used to work on transforming his appearance are properly processed and pigments are stored in appropriate conditions (professional beauty salons carefully monitor this).

What to do if the tattoo is unsuccessful

If the tattoo was unsuccessful, you can contact another master to correct it. A professional will evaluate the shortcomings of his colleague’s work and give recommendations for further actions. Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews

For example, if the girl does not like the resulting shape of the eyebrows, a qualified specialist will be able to block the previous work. If you want to change the color, in particular to a lighter, before the second procedure, you will need to first remove the old pigment, brightening it with special cosmetic products or a laser.

Which is better: hair tattoo or shading

The shading technique is suitable for girls who, with the help of tattooing, simply want to emphasize the natural beauty of their eyebrows, giving them a clear contour and decorated look.

Permanent hair make-up is able to correct significant shortcomings in the appearance of a girl, including insufficient eyebrow density or uneven color distribution of hairs. Accordingly, it is necessary to decide what will be better for a particular girl – hair tattoo or shading, only after analyzing her natural data.

Hair tattoo and microblading: what are the differences

The main differences between hair tattooing and microblading are:

  • pigment driving technique (microblading involves the creation of numerous deep cuts with a thin blade); Permanent hair brow makeup. What is it, photo, how is it done, reviews
  • time to save the result of the procedure (microblading will last a lifetime, and the pigment used in hair tattooing will begin to lose its saturation after 6 months);
  • the need to undergo numerous corrections with the hair technique (this fact significantly increases the cost of the procedure in comparison with microblading);
  • the similarity of the result of the procedure with natural eyebrows (it is almost impossible to distinguish microbleeding, provided that it is of good quality, from the girl’s real eyebrows);
  • the degree of injury to the skin of the eyebrow areas after the procedure (microblading always provokes swelling, redness, itching, which over time can even spread to the eye area).

Permanent makeup of eyebrows, regardless of their technique, is a gross interference in the normal course of the functioning processes of the body, in particular, blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin of the face.

Despite the fact that hair tattooing is considered to be the safest, it is only necessary to perform it after a thorough study of the state of your health, consultation with a competent cosmetologist, and familiarization with the main stages of the upcoming procedure (including driving in pigment and skin care after applying the tattoo).

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Video

Beautiful permanent tattoo of eyebrows with hair technique: 

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