Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (which is mostly positive) is used to correct minor nasal defects using techniques that do not require surgery.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty and its secrets

Non-surgical nose rhinoplasty, reviews of which give the impression of it as a promising and very widely used procedure, allows you to eliminate defects in this protruding part of the face:

  • quickly. It lasts from several minutes to half an hour, after which the patient goes home;
  • almost painless; the most unpleasant effect these are injections with a needle;
  • without rehabilitation. Slight swelling and redness of the face quickly pass, and the application of a bandage is not required. The person who has undergone the procedure remains in the system, can immediately or the next day proceed with the planned affairs;
  • in most cases without complications;
  • not traumatic: tissues are not damaged by a scalpel;
  • without resorting to general anesthesia, which adversely affects the central nervous system.

What is the difference between non-surgical rhinoplasty and serious surgery in that it does not change the appearance of the bones of the nose, but only smoothes out minor defects of the protruding part of the face by filling in voids, correcting forms, eliminating volumes.

What problems does the procedure solve

Non-surgical nose rhinoplasty (reviews of surgeons about it often show respect for this method of improving appearance) allows a person to get rid of obvious annoying problems that interfere with building personal life, arouse the confidence of business partners and reduce self-esteem.

The procedure is aimed at improving the following areas.

Nose tip correction

It is necessary to eliminate defects of the tip of the nose after injuries and to correct its congenital features. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

The procedure involves for the tip of the nose:

  • raising;
  • narrowing;
  • smoothing forkedness.

Correction is possible by injection or the introduction of special threads.

Rid of a hump

Effectively and quickly, within a few minutes, the fillers fill in the places near the nose of the nose (above and below it), which smooths and disguises it. But to hide a large hump with this method without surgery will fail.

Fracture recovery

Solving problems that occur after a nose fracture is rarely possible with non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is a serious pathology, as a result of which nasal breathing is disturbed, which leads to psychological problems and disturbances in the respiratory system.

After an untreated fracture of the nose, defects often remain in the form of a hump, curvature of the nasal septum.

If the patient does not want to resort to radical surgical measures, undergo surgery under general anesthesia for 2-3 hours, then he can use non-surgical rhinoplasty with temporary correction of deficiencies by fillers. But with a violation of nasal breathing, it is better to perform an operation.

Backrest alignment

Using fillers, you can:

  • correct the curvature of the back of the nose, make it straight; Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews
  • change the width of the back of the nose;
  • align its contour.

The back is lifted, as it were, if the nose has a saddle shape, or the height is aligned – the hump.

Wing reduction

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is used to eliminate small defects of the nose wings. They can be narrowed by the introduction of hormonal drugs that reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and intercellular fluid. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. ReviewsThe nose contracts and looks normal.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for non-surgical rhinoplasty for women and men are the same: the presence of cosmetic problems of the nose, which can be corrected without serious surgical intervention.


  • saddle shape;
  • hump;
  • uneven back
  • too big nose, fleshy, “potato”;
  • sharply protruding wings;
  • lowered or raised tip of the nose;
  • slight asymmetry of the nose;
  • in the past, an unsuccessful operation and the like.

Contraindications are as follows:

In men

The procedure should not be carried out if there is:

  • diseases of the endocrine system, including diabetes;
  • hemophilia or difficulty in clotting;
    Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews
    Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose is contraindicated in hemophilia
  • increased likelihood of colloidal scars;
  • diseases with abnormal production of autoimmune antibodies;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • previously introduced synthetic gels in place of the proposed correction;
  • epilepsy;
  • skin diseases;
  • acute respiratory infections;
  • herpetic infection in the acute stage.

Among women

Women include the same contraindications as men, plus:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • menstruation.

At what age is rhinoplasty performed

Can it be carried out by a person who has reached the age of majority, when cartilage and bone tissues have fully formed, and then any age.

Is anesthesia necessary

The advantage of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques lack of need for general anesthesia, dangerous for health. In some cases, local anesthesia is used, sometimes this type of anesthesia is omitted.


The nose area is very sensitive, and some people may experience pain and lacrimation during the procedures.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. ReviewsSometimes specialists use anesthetic cream or anesthetic anesthesia for pain relief.

With rhinoplasty using fillers, the procedure in some cases is carried out without pain relief, it is not very painful; only the needle injection itself causes discomfort. A number of filler preparations already contain a strong local anesthetic lidocaine that relieves pain.

With the introduction of drugs using a special cannula, the manipulation is non-traumatic, there are no tears in the tissues and hemorrhages, which helps to reduce the pain of the procedure.

Injective reconstructive rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, reviews of which push some women to the procedure, is most often performed by injection in different parts of the nose. They help, both to
give optimal volume and beautiful lines to the nose, and to reduce excess tissue in this area, thereby achieving an attractive aesthetic effect.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. It fills the intercellular spaces and areas between the fibers of tissues. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

Acid injections have no allergic and toxic effects due to the identity of this drug to the substance contained in human skin.

Often the acid is introduced in the form of the drug Yuviderm Volift, which is a new generation of fillers. In addition to it, it includes the anesthetic substance lidocaine and a phosphate buffer that stabilizes hyaluronic acid and protects it from decay.

Hyaluronic acid is also introduced with the preparations Perline, Restylane, Surjiderm.

Hormonal drugs

Their action is aimed at the partial removal of cartilage in the nose, which expands it visually. The tissue is dissolved by hormonal drugs. This more often refers to the wings and tip of the nose.

The method of rhinoplasty with hormones is done in several stages with intervals of 7-10 days (to prevent tissue atrophy) and has a relatively long-lasting effect. First you need to consult with an endocrinologist and check the hormonal background of the patient. If problems are not identified, then resort to the procedure.

In the corrected areas of the nose, the doctor injects the drugs Diprospan or Kenalog. It is very important to accurately determine the dosage of the substance, otherwise there will be “dips” in the nose, which can only be restored by surgery.

Lipolitics Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

These are drugs that help to cope with an oversized, massive, fleshy nose, and adjust its round tip.

Lipolytics act in the nose like this:

  • remove swelling, excess intercellular fluid;
  • enhance regeneration processes, which helps eliminate porosity;
  • reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat by splitting adipose tissue.

As a result, the tip of the nose narrows.

An example of a lipolytic MesoSculp.

Types of Fillers

Minor changes in the shape of the nose can be corrected by fillers, gel preparations. They are able to fill with themselves various irregularities and defects, folds of the skin.

Typically, fillers these are hyaluronic acid preparations. They are harmless and practically do not cause complications. Fillers can correct defects in the nose of the back, nose tip, nose bridge. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

In addition, filler injections are useful for the consequences of a runny nose, because they moisturize the nasal mucosa. To get rid of defects, a single procedure is enough. Fillers to improve the shape of the nose have a denser consistency than others, to simulate the nasal cartilage and hold the desired shape of the nose.

Synthetic or biodegradable

Synthetic fillers are now not used as actively as in the second half of the 20th century. They are made of silicone or paraffin and do not absorb in the body. They have a dense consistency. Their effect is manifested for a long time. Negative side rejection by the body of the foreign material from which they are made, the appearance of allergic reactions.

Examples of biodegradable fillers:

  • Silicone
  • Bellafill;
  • Sculptra; Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews
  • Radiesse


Today it is the preferred form of substances for injectable rhinoplasty. Biodegradable gels are of natural origin, often created using hyaluronic acid.

They are not torn away by tissues and dissolve independently in the body for about a year. The same property can also be called a drawback, since a regular repetition of manipulation is necessary to maintain the desired appearance.

Also absorbable fillers are created from substances:

  • calcium hydroxyapatite;
  • polylactic acid;
  • collagen.

When using such fillers, side effects are rarely observed.

Biodegradable fillers are used:

  • Juvederm;
  • Restylane Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews
  • Captique;
  • Teosyal;
  • HylaForm;
  • Surgiderm.


These are preparations that include fillers based on animal collagen with the addition of synthetic components that are most compatible with the human body.

Often cause allergic reactions.

Filler examples:

  • Radiesse Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews
  • Cosmoderm;
  • Ellanse;
  • Sculptra.


These are fillers created on the basis of the body’s own tissues. In particular, fatty. Healthy human tissue is taken and transplanted into the necessary zone.

The result is a lasting effect, but accurately predicting the duration of the result is problematic. This type of filler is rarely used in practice.

Injection-free rhinoplasty

It is possible to correct the imperfections of the nose without injecting a modeling substance: with the help of langetas and threads.


Non-surgical nose rhinoplasty (reviews about it can be read later in the article) also implies the use of a very gentle method overlay langeta. This is a solid device that fixes the nose in the right condition for the patient. Under the pressure of the cuff, the soft tissues of the nose are adjusted.

It should be worn daily for 2-4 hours for 1-4 months. Then, supportive use of the langeta is possible several times a month. Are lightweight appliances used for the same purpose clips, nose clips.

With this method of rhinoplasty, the results are achieved:

  • nose wings are adjusted;
  • easy asymmetry is corr
  • the tip of the nose narrows and rises slightly, eliminating excessive length and inclination.

Aptos Threads

The thread nose lift allows you to slightly shorten its length or raise the tip. The nasolabial angle changes to 105-110 °, and this causes the visual effect of facial rejuvenation. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

Threading can also help restore impaired nasal breathing by expanding the internal valve in the nose. The result of the procedure is immediately visible, and rehabilitation is practically not required.

Correction with threads is performed under local anesthesia. They are inserted in the right place, then fixed and tightened to obtain the desired shape of the nose. Correction of the nose with threads is carried out infrequently, because at the same time the nose is sometimes given an unnatural appearance, the threads seem to drag it.

Technique and pre-training

Advantage of the procedure lack of special preliminary training. First you need to make an appointment with the clinic. When visiting a doctor, you need to look at the portfolio with photographs of patients, which shows the result of the intervention (before and after). It is necessary to make a computer model of the desired nose.

Before the procedure, it is advisable to wash your hair, because then immediately it is not recommended to bend down and wash your hair.

With rhinoplasty using fillers:

  1. The patient is comfortably laid.
  2. Wipe the skin at the injection site with an antiseptic, preferably not containing alcohol.
  3. Then a syringe needle is injected with a small needle into the right place and the required amount of filler is introduced. In this case, anesthesia is not performed or the anesthetic is administered as part of the drug.
  4. During the procedure, the doctor can make several injections in different places, depending on the purpose, while he as if he fashioned with his fingers the desired shape of the organ, wrung the substance inside, massaged under the skin so that the filler took tissues.

With the introduction of threads, local anesthesia is used. All actions are carried out using punctures. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. ReviewsA needle with a thread threaded into it is inserted under the skin of the nose in the nose, is carried along the nose inside and displayed in the area of its tip. The needle is removed, and the threads remain and tighten until the desired level of the tip of the nose is reached.

When using a cuff, the principle of correction is regular pressure on certain zones. The patient himself puts it on at home, when it is convenient for him.

How long does swelling last after surgery

Due to the injection, the patient appears slightly red and not very pronounced edema, but when using fillers in general, it quickly passes, with a maximum of 24 hours. With thread correction, edema can resolve up to 7 days. Punctures become completely invisible 2-3 days after the manipulation.

Possible complications

As with any intervention with penetration into the body, non-surgical rhinoplasty can also cause complications.

Such: Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

Nasal tissue ischemia The cessation of blood flow, leading to necrosis (necrosis) of tissues. Occurs when:
  • a too large dose of the administered substance; it is necessary to control its volume and not use non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct gross defects in appearance;
  • needle damage to blood vessels. Therefore, it is better to use a less traumatic cannula for manipulation in the tissues of the nose;
  • too little break between correction procedures. A person does not want to wait until the injected substance is completely resolved, he wants to maintain his appearance and comes to the doctor before the drug is completely dissolved, which is dangerous
Swelling Appear with the introduction of fillers, from trauma to the needle, threads
The appearance of tubercles and irregularities at the injection site It is possible when using biosynthetic, synthetic fillers and hyaluronic acid, but in the latter case, the skin surface is smoothed over time
Bleeding, bruising at the injection site The procedure itself is painless and not bloody. If the instrument enters the blood vessel, there may be some bleeding for some time, but a large hematoma, as a rule, does not form
Displacement of the drug from the injection site or its contouring (manifestation of contours under the skin) Most often occurs in patients with thin skin, therefore, it is necessary to manipulate people with thin skin
Filler Migration Refers to biodegradable drugs. Requires immediate removal of filler from the body.
Inflammation Occurs when using thread correction, aseptic disorder
Allergy Often when using synthetic and biosynthetic fillers; the body perceives them as a foreign body
The appearance of irreversible changes in the soft tissues With a passion for fillers from youth. Changes are possible after 5-7 years of use. Persistent edema and a violation of the uniformity and density of the skin
Blockage of blood vessels When using biosynthetic fillers
Blindness With all the advantages of hyaluronic acid fillers, more than 100 cases are known when its inept administration caused a loss of vision in a patient
Fibrosis of surrounding tissues Overgrowth of connective tissue that occurs over time when non-absorbable fillers are introduced
Atrophy of the skin and soft tissues It may appear with the excessive administration of Diprospan to reduce the cartilage of the nose. Pits appear, th
e skin is thinning. This complication is difficult to fix even surgically.

What results to expect and when

Everything is very individual here. When introducing fillers, one patient is enough for some patients, for someone – 2 or 3. After the first session, slight swelling is possible, and in the following days everything is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, you just need to help your nose to take the necessary shape, slightly helping with your fingers. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

In general, the result after the introduction of fillers is obvious immediately, but within 10-15 days the effect will increase due to the synthesis of collagen, filling and alignment of tissues. And the appearance will still improve.

When using threads, the effect is noticeable right away, but you can see the maximum result in a few days, when hyperemia and edema pass in the area of the entrance and exit of the needle. When correcting with a brace, clamping requires patience in anticipation of the result (up to 4 months).

How long does the effect lastIs a correction needed over time

The effect after rhinoplasty with fillers lasts from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the amount of drug administered. Hyaluronic acid is completely absorbed within 15 months.

With a thread lift, the result can also be observed up to 1 year. But it is not necessary to wait for the completion of the effect of the procedure. Periodically, it can be extended by applying new threads or using fillers.

Some doctors advise first to introduce a little drug, which would be enough for 6 months, which will serve as a kind of rehearsal for the procedure. In this case, the patient will determine whether he is satisfied with the shape of his nose, if he would like to change anything in it.

What to do if the operation is unsuccessful

If the procedure did not give the result that the patient was counting on, then he should solve this problem with his doctor. He must determine the cause of the complications and do everything to correct the situation. In this case, the short-term effect of non-surgical rhinoplasty plays into the hands. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

In case of an overdose of hormonal drugs and a decrease in cartilage tissue to an undesirable level, you will have to resort to serious surgery to restore normal appearance.

If the doctor refuses to solve the problem, you need to:

  • make a written claim to the clinic with their requirements;
  • wait for a response to the claim;
  • if you ignore the letter, go to court.

How to choose the best clinic and doctor

Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose, reviews of which must be carefully studied in specific clinics, involves a careful choice of a medical institution for the proposed procedure.

It is necessary to pay attention to proven clinics, where many patients have already been treated and where the results of rhinoplasty “before” and “after” can be shown in photographs.

It is important that the doctor has extensive experience in such activities, documents on education and relevant specialization, high qualification. It is necessary that the specialist regularly undergo internships in USA and abroad, be aware of all the innovations.

It should be noted that the clinics are equipped with modern and high-quality equipment.

It is best not to rush, carefully analyze and compare institutions among themselves and make a choice in favor of the best, since the person this is a business card of a person, medical errors are unacceptable here.

The price of rhinoplasty

The price of non-surgical rhinoplasty varies depending on the quantity and quality of the introduced substance. Non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose. Photos, how to do it, how to choose a clinic, doctor. Reviews

The approximate cost of the procedure for introducing fillers and thread plastics are in the range from 11000 to $ 544 – $ 680, in expensive New York clinics up to $ 1224. The introduction of lipolytics is cheaper, from $ 48. For a nose for a nose correction, you can pay from $ 4 – $ 27.

Tips after the procedure

Doctors recommend after the procedure non-surgical rhinoplasty:

  • in the first hours do not strain the muscles of the face, sneeze, cough;
  • 15 days not to visit the bathhouse, pool and sauna;
  • 2 weeks do not engage in sports with intense loads;
  • avoid visits to the solarium for the first 3-4 days;
  • cosmetics, facial preparations can be used. It is better to refrain from applying foundation.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a corrective procedure for minor flaws in the nose, which many patients respond positively to. It restores the proportions of the nose and restores harmony to the face. Those who follow their beauty can think about it.

Video about non-surgical rhinoplasty

Pros and cons of non-surgical rhinoplasty:

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