Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews

The use of products with fruit acids helps to establish the work of the sebaceous glands and effectively clean the pores. After the procedure, the skin tone is leveled, metabolic processes improve, and oily sheen disappears. This type of peeling is recognized as safe and gentle. A session can be held not only in a beauty salon, but also at home.

Types of peels with fruit acids

The second name for fruit acids is alpha hydroxy acids. They have a mild effect.

Among the most popular alpha hydroxy acids for peeling:

  1. Glycolic. Obtained from sugarcane. It is the most popular among other substances. The range of its concentration is extensive. For home tonics, 2% is enough, when up to 70% is added to professional products.
  2. Almond . It is in sweet almonds. A distinctive feature is a delicate action.
  3. Dairy. It is not a fruit acid in origin. Received thanks to milk fermentation. The effect and action does not differ from fruit varieties. Therefore, it can conditionally be attributed to this class. It is recognized as the softest among acids. Indicated for use on sensitive and dry skin.
  4. Pyruvic . It is also called tartar. Contained in grapes. Peeling with its use can be more effective than with glycol. For penetration into the deeper layers, a certain concentration is used.
  5. Apple. It is synthesized not only from apples. It is also extracted from fruits and berries such as cherries, cherries and apricots. It has a pronounced antioxidant effect.
  6. Lemon . It is used in whitening peels. It helps brighten pigment spots and exfoliate dead skin cells. It is found both in citrus and blueberry.
  7. Fitinovaya. Gently cleanses the skin, has an antioxidant effect. The acid is synthesized from an extract of quinoa, rice and other cereals.

Advantages and disadvantages

The chemical type of peeling using fruit acid is often used.

The procedure owes its popularity to such advantages as:

  1. Universality. It fights against inflammation, acne and fine wrinkles.
  2. Extensive scope. It features a large list of appointments.
  3. Safety. The procedure is contraindicated in rare cases. It has a small chance of side effects.
  4. Short rehabilitation period. After a superficial cleaning, the skin takes only 2-3 days to recover.
  5. The possibility of holding at home. This feature allows busy people to take care of themselves, saving money and time.

Specialists note that fruit peeling also has several disadvantages. They must be considered before using acids.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews

Among the cons:

  1. Discomfort. During the cleaning process, patients note a slight tingling and tingling sensation.
  2. Regularity. One session to achieve the desired result is not enough. For a pronounced effect, a course of procedures is required.
  3. Seasonality . Facial cleansing depends on the time of year. Acids cannot be used in summer and spring when the sun is as active as possible. Ultraviolet radiation after peeling can cause increased pigmentation. Therefore, the best period for the procedure is November – February.

Fruit peeling for the face has a superficial effect. It is not suitable for troubleshooting running problems. Most effective in the fight against fine wrinkles and rashes.


Peeling with fruit acids can be done to prevent the early appearance of signs of aging and facial wrinkles. It is suitable for cleansing the skin with regular face care. Beauticians recommend that special attention be paid to this procedure a girl of the age group from 25 to 35 years. During this period, there are still no serious problems, but the skin requires maintaining a good condition.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews
The main indications for using peeling with fruit acids

Indications for cleansing the face with fruit acids:

  • increased secretion of sebaceous glands;
  • enlarged pores;
  • acne and acne;
  • comedones and black dots;
  • a dull skin tone with a gray tint and greasy sheen;
  • folds, age and expression lines;
  • signs of aging integument;
  • freckles and increased pigmentation;
  • scars and scars;
  • rough skin and hyperkeratosis;
  • sagging face contours;
  • decreased tonus of the cover.


It is not recommended to prescribe peeling with fruit acids yourself. The procedure has contraindications for use. To cleanse the face yielded the desired result and not harm health, you must first consult with a cosmetologist and your doctor.

When the use of fruit acids is unacceptable:

  • inflammatory process on the face in the form of acne, boils and ulcers;
  • individual intolerance to the active components of the cosmetic product;
  • the tendency of the integument to the appearance of scars;
  • cuts, abrasions and wounds on the skin;
  • rosacea;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • fever;
  • ARVI;
  • herpes; Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • neoplasms on the treated surface;
  • circulatory system disease;
  • increased sensitivity of the epidermis;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • critical days;
  • recent tan obtained in a solarium.

Experts advise you to test the peeling tool before the procedure. The organism may respond to fruit acids with an allergic reaction. A preliminary check helps prevent complications after a session in the form of rashes and irritations on the skin.

Peelings rating

The right choice of peeling with fruit acids will help make the skin smooth, radiant and youthful. Proven remedies will reduce pores and superficial wrinkles.

Beauticians recommend choosing when paying attention to:

  • plant components in the composition;
  • the presence of perfumes and alcohol;
  • cost;
  • consistency and smell;
  • availability.

Aravia Professional with lactic acid

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews

A popular American-made product is based on lactic acid. It is created specifically for professional cleaning of the layers of the skin.

Suitable for oily sheen and dryness. During the use of the composition, the regenerative proce
sses in the cells are activated, and the microcirculation of the blood improves.

Consumers note that peeling gives a pronounced moisturizing effect. After it, the skin becomes nourished from within. The consistency of the product is pleasant. It is easy to apply to the surface. In the process, there is a slight tingling sensation.

After the procedure, there is a narrowing of the pores and lightening of the black dots. Acne marks fade, and the skin does not peel. Beauticians note the mild effect of peeling from Aravia Professional. The product qualitatively cleanses the layers of the epidermis.

The cost of a 5,07 fluid ounce bottle is $ 9,52.

The main advantages and disadvantages are presented in the table:

Benefits disadvantages
suitable for all skin types cost
gentle cleansing
effect after 1 application
economical consumption

Biomatrix mindindalin

Fruit acid peeling is suitable for all skin types. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to use in any season. Effectively narrows enlarged pores and eliminates black spots.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsMandelic acid normalizes the process of sebaceous secretions, accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues.
After application, the skin tone acquires a healthy appearance, the oily sheen disappears, age spots become less pronounced.

At the end of the procedure, a cream with a high SPF filter is required. The drug has a positive assessment of cosmetologists and patients. The price of the bottle is $ 27. Cost is the only negative.

The advantages include:

  • efficiency;
  • profitability;
  • deep impact;
  • getting rid of superficial wrinkles;
  • the fight against acne and traces after them;
  • removal of the inflammatory process;
  • skin tone smoothing.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Fruit peeling from the English brand is characterized by the mild action of acids . Its delicate texture is easily applied to the surface of the face. In the process does not dry out. The aroma is pleasant with notes of fruit.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsThe composition is distributed and incubated for up to 20 minutes. In this case, there should be no discomfort or burning sensation. After time, the peeling is washed off with clean water. The price of a package of 0,51 fluid ounce is $ 41. Funds are enough for 6 applications.

Users are happy with the effect and believe that Elemis has no shortcomings. Among the advantages distinguish:

  • delicate texture;
  • ease of use;
  • pleasant fruity aroma;
  • unique composition;
  • smooth surface without strong peeling as a result.


The product is designed for home use. It has a texture of oily cream, is easily distributed on the surface. The smell is a bit sour, but pleasant.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsComposition Components:

  • artesian water;
  • Vitamin E
  • almond oil;
  • lactic acid;
  • salicylic acid;
  • papaya extract;
  • immortelle extract;
  • lime extract.

The cost for 1,01 fluid ounce of the product is $ 6,12. Reviews of girls who have tested peeling recommend a product. Despite the price, the product exceeds expectations and effectively fights skin problems. After application, the epidermis is updated and black dots disappear.

Pros and cons of MI&KO are presented in the table:

Advantages disadvantages
profitability discomfort after application
pore blockage control
velvety and delicate skin surface as a result
convenient bottle and dispenser

Fitness Model with Gold Powder

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviews
The product is intended for deep cleaning of skin layers. The action of active substances is comparable to the use of a professional cosmetology apparatus.

The composition includes gold powder and fruit acids. Thanks to these components, the production of collagen and elastin is enhanced, which affect the process of cell renewal.

The brightness of pigment spots and the severity of wrinkles and folds are also reduced . Papaya and pineapple enzymes give a light lifting effect and even out skin tone.

Peeling is popular among women of different age categories. It is chosen for its visible effect and pleasant texture. The product can be easily purchased at the cosmetic store. The cost of the product with gold powder starts from $ 1,63.

Advantages disadvantages
budget price dryness and tightness after application
natural composition ineffective in running situations
neutral flavor not suitable for aging skin
gel consistency
easy flushing
deep cleansing

Oz! OrganicZone with AHA Acids

Fruit acid peeling is available in a dark glass bottle equipped with a convenient dispenser. Good for home use. When applied, the gel texture does not spread. It has a light aroma and transparent color.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsAmong the components:

  • succinic acid;
  • lactic acid;
  • pyruvic acid;
  • Apple acid;
  • lemon extract;
  • mint extract;
  • silver citrate;
  • potassium sorbate.

This formula gives a moisturizing and whitening effect. The result after peeling is immediately noticeable. After the procedure, a strong exfoliation of the stratum corneum is observed. Relief and tone are aligned, pores are narrowed. Consumers note that cosmetics after a session go better. The cost of a product with a volume of 1,69 fluid ounce is $ 5,71.


  • economical consumption;
  • compliance price-quality;
  • structure;
  • pore cleansing;
  • easy application;
  • moisturizing.

After the procedure, burning and itching may be felt. Within 2-3 hours, reddening of the integument is observed, which passes independently.

Procedure step by step

A consultation with a specialist is required immediately before starting. Beautician examines the skin. The composition of the peeling and the concentration of acids in it are selected individually in accordance with the condition of the integument and the health of the patient.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsA test is performed on the skin, which shows whether there is an allergy to the product. Doctors advise you to stop taking medication 2 days before the session. Antiviral drugs may also be prescribed.

Step-by-step fruit peeling:

  1. Cleansing. Skin and dirt are removed from the skin. Using makeup on the day of peeling is not recommended.
  2. Composition distribution. A pre-prepared composition is applied to areas that require deep cleansing. Most often these are the zones of the neck, eyelids, decollete and face. The product is left for 3-10 minutes.
  3. Removal of residues. The product is washed off with clean water in a large volume. Removal is carried out with extreme caution. Otherwise, the acids that make up the composition can get on the mucous membranes.
  4. Final processing. After removing the composition, it is necessary to treat the covers with a moisturizing cream with a calming effect. Beauticians recommend choosing products with an SPF filter. In special cases, ointments are used that remove redness from the skin.

After a skin session, special care is required, because cleaning leads to great stress of the body. On the day after peeling, you can not paint, wash and stay on for a long time. The first 14 days will have to abandon scrubs, saunas and baths. Actively playing sports is also not recommended.

How long will the result last

Peeling with fruit acids is a course that consists of 5-7 sessions. Between each procedure take a break of 7 days. The severity of the result depends on the concentration of acid in the composition. Its high percentage causes severe exfoliation, but during the application, the patient may complain of discomfort.

Peeling with fruit acids. Recipes for home use. Prices, reviewsThe first procedure is usually carried out with a milder means, increasing the ratio of components over and over again. The effect persists for 4-5 months. after completing the course.

Possible complications

Usually fruit peeling is tolerated satisfactorily by people. Normally, when distributing the composition, the patient should not complain of unpleasant, painful sensations. A slight burning sensation is acceptable. Despite this, the likelihood of a negative reaction of the body exists.

After analyzing the patient reviews, we can conclude that some people get allergies and burns as a result of using fruit acids. Such an organism reaction to a substance is not common. To avoid it, it is recommended to follow all the recommendations of a cosmetologist during the recovery period.

Permissible slight redness of the skin, a feeling of tightness and peeling after exposure. These symptoms are not pathological and do not require intervention. Pass on their own for several days.

Peeling with fruit acids in the composition improves the condition and appearance of the skin. It returns surface smoothness. Black spots and acne disappear after the procedure.

Experts recommend performing facial cleansing in a beauty salon by a professional master. Subject to the specifics of implementation and taking into account contraindications, the session can be carried out at home.

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How to make fruit peeling at home:

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