Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

Hair dye Palette: a palette of colors, a photo and a description of various rulers will help with choosing the perfect shade of hair. Palette brand products appeared on the American market more than 10 years ago, and immediately won the hearts of the fair sex.


Among other hair colors, Palette stands out for its natural composition. Essential oils (almonds, oranges, cacao) and healing herbs act as natural coloring pigments; they give curls life and shine. In some lines, ammonia is present in the composition, but its smell is barely perceptible.

Due to the unique composition and texture, the paint is easy to apply at home. The products are manufactured on the latest equipment using advanced and innovative technologies.

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Advantages over other cosmetic products

Which paint is better, Pallet or Garnier, you may wonder when choosing a cosmetic product.

Pallet definitely has many advantages:

  • the main advantage is the price, now every girl can afford beautiful hair;
  • in addition to price, this brand boasts excellent quality;
  • one of the main advantages is a diverse color palette;
  • ease of use;
  • new textures and formulas;
  • rulers that completely paint over gray hair;
  • various levels of durability;
  • natural ingredients that make up.

Despite the many advantages, girls emphasize the following disadvantages:

  • some lines have a strong smell of ammonia; Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price
  • the resulting result may differ from the image on the paint package.

Solving these problems is easy. Choose a series without ammonia in the composition. And the resulting shade of curls depends on how accurately you follow the instructions recorded in the instructions, on the structure and tone of the original hair.

Color tips

The shades of Pallet paint are multifaceted, even the most finicky fashionista will be able to pick up her color for herself.

The following tips will help you make the right choice:

  1. If you are not sure whether the color is suitable, it is recommended to use a light, unstable paint first. This method is not suitable for owners of gray hair.
  2. When choosing a color, you do not need to be guided with 100% certainty in the photo that is shown on the package, since you are unlikely to get such a color. The shade must be selected according to a special catalog.
  3. When choosing a hair color, you need to start from the skin tone, it can be warm or cold. For a warm tone, a greenish vein is characteristic, and for a cold blue color. For girls belonging to the first category, golden, bronze, caramel shades are ideal. To the second – ash, brown, black, blond.
  4. Red hair color is suitable only for owners of a pink skin tone or very pale.
  5. For girls who have naturally brown hair, blond curls are most likely not suitable, since such a shade will make facial features not expressive. In this case, you can try highlighting.
  6. If gray hair is present on the hair, only resistant paint can block it.

Instructions for staining at home

Despite the large number of different shades, the desired shade of hair from the first try is almost impossible to achieve. The result obtained depends on the structure of the hair. For example, thin hair absorbs more pigment, the color is more vivid. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

  1. All means must be mixed in a glass bowl, before the procedure itself, since the mixture is not stored for long. Stir well.
  2. Apply the mixture to dry hair, starting from the roots, after waiting a couple of minutes, gradually going down to the tips. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price
  3. Keep hair dye for about 30 minutes. With clarification – 35 minutes. Having overexposed the paint, the curls can deteriorate, and the result will be completely unexpected.

Before use, it is important to check the expiration date of the product. Also test for an allergic reaction by applying a little paint to your wrist.

Since there is very soft skin, allergies will appear immediately. Use paint strictly with gloves. Owners of long, thick hair will need more than one package.

A few nuances:

  1. In order not to dye the skin during hair coloring, it is necessary to apply a greasy cream on it.
  2. The instructions indicate the time how much it is necessary to keep the paint on the hair, but still it is worth considering the structure of the hair. If you have thin hair, it is recommended to reduce this time.
  3. If the skin is still dyed, a special product that is sold in departments with professional paint will help remove the paint.
  4. Painted curls require special care. You need to wash them with cool water, using shampoo, balm and a mask designed for colored hair. Try not to expose the curls to thermal effects, refuse a hair dryer, ironing, curling irons. Do styling with wax or modeling paste.

This brand has 3 degrees of staining:

  1. Easy coloring. This staining is considered harmless to the hair. The paint does not penetrate the structure of the hair, it just lays on their upper layer, slightly changing the shade. The color is not saturated and completely disappears after 5-7 hair wash. A great option for fans to experiment with their curls. You can choose your own shade in the Palette Instant color line of tinted gels.
  2. Semi-resistant staining. The color remains saturated for a month. The color of curls changes by a couple of tones. This result can be obtained using paint from the Palette Color & Gloss line. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price
  3. Persistent staining. With this series of colors you can radically change the image. The coloring pigment penetrates the deep structure of the hair, the color remains for a long time. It is only required to tint the hair roots as they grow back. Resistant paints include all other Palette lines.

Paint Palette “Golden Coffee” will help radically change the image, 100% paint over gray hair.

In order to choose an option suitable for yourself, you need to consider all the lines in detail.

Hue Palette Gel

The gel is suitable for temporary dyeing to understand whether such a shade of hair is suitable. The coloring pigment will not penetrate deep into the hair, but only emphasize their natural shade, refresh, create beautiful overflows. The range does not include ammonia and peroxide, it contains orange oil, which gives a special shine and rich color.

The line for gentle staining represents 10 different shades:

  • 2 shades are presented for blondes: matte and sunny blond, numbered 0.02;
  • most of all in the line of natural colors: from medium chestnut to blue-black;
  • For bright red-haired beauties, there are 3 shades: pomegranate, red-chestnut, dark cherry.

Cream-paint Palet Fitolinia

Despite the name, this line is for permanent staining. The composition contains ammonia in small quantities, its smell is barely perceptible. The line has a strong nutritional property, a number of vegetable oils are present in the composition, hair after dyeing will only get better. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

Other features of the line:

  1. It contains a lot of oils that actively care for strands. For example, aloe extract does not allow moisture to evaporate from the hair during dyeing.
  2. Color fastness and full shading of gray hair.
  3. 1 package is enough to color long curls.
  4. The set includes air conditioning with argon oil, which perfectly restores and nourishes the hair. A good option for dry hair.
  5. New emulsion formula.

In the lineup 27 shades:

  • 14 natural shades: from light blond to black;
  • a line for blond beauties, consisting of 6 colors: from the Scandinavian to the golden blond;
  • the line for red-haired girls includes 6 shades: from ruby red to chocolate purple.

Special collection “Oriental dreams” consisting of 3 tones:

  • 868 – Chocolate chestnut;
  • 560 – Nutmeg;
  • 390 – Light Copper.

The Pearl Blonde Palette paint will give your hair a perfectly white hue, without yellowing. Those wishing to lighten their hair are recommended to first use this shade.

Pallet Deluxe Series Products

Paint Palette: colors (a palette for hair, consisting of 22 shades) for a complete change of image. This series is suitable for a radical change in the shade of curls, since ammonia is included in its composition, the shade is very expressive. Not recommended for use on lifeless, dry curls. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

Line of colors:

  • 4 tones for lightening: from extra-light blond to white gold;
  • 11 natural colors: include very beautiful shades, such as the golden sheen of cinnamon, golden caramel, glamorous chestnut and black mahogany;
  • 7 red shades are presented in the line: for lovers of brightness, just a find – from intense red-violet to luxurious ruby-black.

The kit contains a special mask with pearl and cashmere proteins. Gives hair dazzling shine and softness. The paint is washed off gradually, so when deciding to grow its natural color, the strands will look decent.

Color Gloss Line Palette

In this series, shades for blondes will not be found, since the composition is very soft, without chemical elements, with a high content of vitamins and natural components. Suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The line of medium durability, presented in 18 shades:

  • 14 natural shades: from glossy caramel at number 6-0, to raspberry sugar at number 5-68.
  • Red and violet shades: spicy cinnamon, strawberry jam, red currant, purple cherry.

Color will last about 4 weeks.

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Paint Pallet Salon Color

The paint is very economically consumed, 1 package is enough for long hair.

Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price
Color palette for hair dyes Pallet Salon Color

The series features 16 different shades:

  • 10 natural shades: from golden light blond to black;
  • in a series for blondes, consisting of 3 shades, the pigment will not be able to paint over gray hair, it can only update the existing blonde color;
  • red-red tones: light copper, red-violet, dark saturated red.

Color Picker Palette Fitolinia

Palette, hair dye, – a palette of colors with numbers of fashionable shades:

  • 868;
  • 390;
  • 780;
  • 460;
  • 770;
  • 465;
  • 557;
  • 757;
  • 568;
  • 678;
  • 569;
  • 575;
  • 580. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

The remaining numbers in this line relate to natural coloring. In order to completely paint over the gray curls and get a visible effect, it is necessary to mix the paint from two rulers. To get a beautiful, even hair color, the first numbers of colors should be the same.

Paint-Mousse Pallet

Distinctive features of the series:

  1. Pleasant berry aroma.
  2. Durability.
  3. No need to use an additional container, you can mix all the components in the package.
  4. High durability.
  5. Mousse is a thick consistency that does not flow into unnecessary places.
  6. Gray hair is completely painted over. Hair-dye Palette (Palette). A palette of colors, photos on the hair, reviews, price

A series of 14 fashionable, trendy colors:

  • 10 colors of natural tonality: from nougat to golden brown.
  • Red tones: 668 – red-chestnut, 368 dark red.
  • For blondes, 2 shades are intended, ultra blond at number 2000 and super blond at number 1000.


Hair dye Pallet – reviews on the network are mostly positive, people distinguish the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • the main advantage is the price, a girl with any income can afford this hair dye;
  • people notice a large palette of shades;
  • good quality at a budget price;
  • clear correspondence of the obtained shade with the color table;
  • after prolonged use, the quality of the hair remains the same;
  • durability;
  • gray hair is completely painted over;
  • the package contains a standard set: coloring agent, emulsion for color development, conditioner after staining, disposable gloves, instructions;


  • the smell of paint does not immediately disappear, it remains on the hair for a long time;
  • pungent smell of ammonia;
  • dries hair.

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approximate cost

The cost of paint Pallet varies from $ 0,95 – $ 4,1, depending on the selected line. For example, the Palette Pearl Blonde paint costs $ 1,22.

Among such a wide variety of rulers, it’s easy to get confused, but having gone deep and sorted out in each series, now you can make the right choice. It is not necessary to be a professional hairdresser, you can achieve a beautiful shade of hair on your own. This will help Palette hair dye (color palette), photos and reviews of girls who have already used the dye.

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