Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video

Constant physical activity is needed to maintain muscle tone and maintain a toned look. You can perform exercises for the general development of muscles or for losing weight, work on the body in the gym or at home, choose a complex for men or girls – the parameters depend on the tasks. To lose weight, you need to allocate time daily or every other day, completing the entire list of tasks.

The essence and basic principles

To lose extra pounds, you will need to study the issue of training at home comprehensively to draw up a lesson plan.

It must match the requests:

  • like – so as not to lose motivation;
  • be safe for the body – so as not to lose working capacity;
  • to be effective – this will not let you lose the meaning of classes and will allow you to see the result during their first weeks.

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls should be included in the complex, based on these 3 rules. Otherwise, training will become boring, and after a month a new habit will be forgotten without bringing any result. The basic rule, if the goal is losing weight, is to take a comprehensive approach.

You can not select one muscle group, focusing only on it, as this will lead to the active development of one part of the body and the drying of the other. Therefore, complexes for weight loss are designed in such a way as to work out everything, because of this, the duration of one workout increases.

A set of exercises for the whole body:

Area of impact Sense of fulfillment
Warm up To warm up the muscles, to prepare them for the load, do not damage it with intensive exercises
Hands Complex for strengthening the shoulders, tightening and development of biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles
Housing Exercises eliminate the loss of skin tone in the area of the shoulder blades, remove fat folds
Loin Strengthening the area promotes a waist lift
Press The complex removes folds in the lower abdomen
Buttocks Exercise helps to reduce cellulite, tighten the contour of the buttocks
Legs Performing leads to a decrease in cellulite and hip volume
Stretching Muscle relaxation to consolidate the result

Stretching is performed within 5-7 minutes. It is done on a top-down basis. The first exercises help to stretch the neck and shoulders, then all the folds from the shoulders to the ankles are worked out sequentially.

The block of exercises for the hands at home includes:

  1. The study of biceps – push-ups from the floor, including with a weighting agent, which can be used as a child planted on his back.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  2. Exercise triceps – back push-ups from a low sofa or stable chair.
  3. The development of the deltoid muscle is a bar performed with emphasis on the knees or toes.
  4. Lifting arms with dumbbells. You can perform for the development of any of the 3 main muscle groups of the hand. If the movements are performed to the sides, the emphasis is on the delta. Lifting vertically upwards helps the development of biceps, and abduction – triceps.

The body slimming block includes a bar, push-ups with weighting. You can supplement it with twists: lying on your back, legs and body simultaneously rise and fall. If the exercise is difficult, you can replace it with quick turns of the body, but for efficiency, you need to take dumbbells in each hand. Weight loss in the lower back causes difficulties.

Choosing the right exercises to work on the muscles in this area is problematic.

But several options are available even at home:

  • hyperextension – lying on the stomach, the top of the body rises;
  • boat – at the same time lifting the hull and legs from the supine position;
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  • mill – with legs spread shoulder-width apart and leaning at a right angle, alternately need to touch outstretched toes of the socks of the opposite legs.

The bar will also help, and if it is possible to find dumbbells, then you can also perform deadlift at home. But with the last exercise, you need to be careful to do it with a safe weight for the lower back so as not to damage the spine. Exercises for losing weight at home for girls include working out the press. They are not needed to reduce inch at the waist – this is an erroneous opinion.

The development of muscles in this area is necessary to accelerate the process of burning fat and tightening the skin in the lower abdomen. All twisting options from the prone position will help in this: straight, side, with rotation. To perform, you will need a rigid fixation of the feet and knees. The study of gluteal muscles has become fashionable for girls, as it helps to simultaneously acquire mouth-watering forms and get rid of cellulite.

To do this:

  1. Deep squats. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the knees do not go beyond the line of the toes when moving.
  2. Dynamic back plate. Lying on your back, knees bend and heels are pressed to the buttocks. From this position, the lower back rises with emphasis on a full foot, the shoulder blades remain pressed to the floor. At the upper point, fixation occurs, a delay of 3-5 seconds, and the buttocks again fall.
  3. Lunges. You can’t try to make them as deep as possible. It is easy to verify the correctness: if you can jump from the lower position by changing your legs in the air, then the work is being done correctly.
Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
Exercises for weight loss at home, for girls. Lunges are one of the basic and simple exercises.

To achieve the perfect shape of the hips, the above exercises are also suitable, since it is almost impossible to use only the buttocks separately.

< strong>Additionally, you can perform several complexes for individual muscles:

  1. For the development of calf, squats are performed with an emphasis only on the forefoot (on the “toes”).
  2. Squats are also suitable for strengthening the muscles on the inside of the thigh, but doing them should be unusual. The legs are spread very wide, the feet are placed parallel to each other. During the downward movement, the buttocks are bent as far back as possible, and the knees are in a static position, forming a 90 ° bend. It is important to stay at the lowest point for at least 7 seconds.
  3. The back part is pumped by means of the abduction of the legs from the “on all fours” position. In this case, you can clamp the dumbbell, bending the knee, which will give additional weight.
  4. The front of the thigh also needs a more pronounced relief, which is achieved by straightening the legs with a weighting agent. You need to sit on a chair or a hard chair, put a bottle of water on the bend in the ankles, dumbbell or even put the child on, and gradually raise and lower the load.

Stretching completes the workout. It is needed to relax the muscles and saturate them with oxygen. This will help to recover faster, reduce pain after intense training. Exercises should be selected taking into account the maximum intensity of performance.

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video

Since it is difficult to find additional equipment for classes at home, you can restrict yourself to the simplest home equipment (dumbbells, a low bench, a handle for a shovel). In addition, for effective weight loss, girls should focus on the number of repetitions, the speed of the exercises and working with their own mass.

Indications for use

To determine that you need to start classes in the near future, you can by signs:

  1. Body mass index. If it is higher than 23 for girls and more than 25 for boys, you will need to change your lifestyle by adding exercise to your daily activities schedule. To make the calculation, you will need to divide the weight in pounds by the square of growth in foot.
  2. By body quality. The appeared cellulitis speaks of insufficient care of the body. In addition, sagging and sagging skin, appeared folds in the lower abdomen, on the waist, on the back will be a signal for action.
  3. An increase in the usual volume of the hips, waist or arms, a change in the shape of the face. Depending on the type of figure, you can notice deterioration in the listed parts of the body. If they become apparent, urgent measures must be taken to return the form.

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls are more convenient than going to the gym, so often after the appearance of one of the signs, it is easier to start training immediately. This will help to achieve the result faster. In addition, not every woman is ready to admit the presence of a problem, preferring to cope with it imperceptibly to others.


Any physical activity except for benefit has contraindications. For some groups of people, such manipulations are strictly prohibited.

These include:

  1. Patients diagnosed with marble disease. This is a congenital disease characterized by fragility of bone tissue throughout the body.
  2. If signs of osteoporosis are found. Due to metabolic disturbances or a lack of minerals, human bones become thinner and more brittle.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  3. In case of progressive varicose veins. The diagnosis is diagnosed in the early stages, but if periodic maintenance therapy is not carried out, it goes into more serious forms. The disease is easy to notice due to deformation of the veins, their expansion, which is often noticeable on the legs.
  4. If a girl periodically experiences muscle cramps, cramps that lead to immobility. Regardless of the cause, the symptom is enough to refuse classes in general, and to perform exercises on their own, without the supervision of a doctor, in the first place.

Not so strict restrictions are imposed for those who:

  • wears a corset due to curvature of the spine;
  • suffers from flat feet;
  • suffers rehabilitation after bone fractures.

These girls can with extreme caution begin to train, eliminating potentially dangerous types of stress. You can not be limited, if health is normal. If in doubt, consult a professional physician specializing in your area.

Useful Tips

When preparing to start homework, pay attention to:

  1. The amount of time that is planned to be given to exercises daily, and regularity. Achieve the result will be obtained through constant training, which take place either every day or every other day. In the first case, you can perform part of the complex, and leave the second the next day. In the second, more time will be required, since all will have to be done all at once.
  2. On well-being. If, after light exertion, dizziness, darkness in the eyes, dots running in space, or other suspicious manifestations are observed, you should consult a doctor.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  3. For rest and relaxation after training.

Also, do not abandon the inventory, in addition, the positions can be replaced with home-made and no less safe ones:

  • dumbbells replaced by a closed water bottle;
  • Yoga mat or thin plaid, thick towel.

Other additional positions are not considered necessary, but, if possible, it is worthwhile to purchase an elastic band or a set of them, as well as a fitness ball.

Main complex

The weight loss exercises for girls at home described above can be used as the basis for a lesson plan.

Warm up (each exercise is performed 5 times on each side):

  1. Tilts the head in both directions, forward and backward.
  2. Circular rotation with shoulders, elbow bends and wrists of both hands back and forth.
  3. Waist in both directions, back and forth.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  4. Circular rotation back and forth with each leg in the hip joint.
  5. Putting each foot on the fingers, make a rotation in both directions in the
  6. Standing on one leg, knead the ankle in a circular motion.
  7. Putting your legs together, bend deeply, try to wrap your arms around your knees and freeze motionless – this exercise will be performed once, but the pose is fixed for 10 seconds.

Each exercise of the main training is done in 3 approaches, each 10-15 times. The exact amount depends on the initial preparation, but when executed, the maximum possible number is selected.

Exact sequence:

  1. Push ups.
  2. Direct twisting.
  3. Deep squats.
  4. Back push ups.
  5. Twist twist.
  6. Dynamic backward lath.
  7. Planck – one approach, stand time 30-60 seconds.
  8. Straightening legs with weighting.
  9. Simultaneous raising of both hands with dumbbells to the sides.
  10. Squatting on toes.
  11. Leading the legs back from the “on all fours” pose.
  12. Planck – one approach, stand time 60–90 seconds.

Stretching involves a change in posture, in each of them you need to hold out for 10-30 seconds, depending on preparedness:

  1. Sitting on the buttocks, the feet are aligned, and palms are placed on the knees. It is necessary to gradually press on the legs to the point when it becomes painful.
  2. Without changing the position, the legs are straightened, firmly pressed to the floor and to each other. Hands are stretched forward.
  3. One leg from a sitting position bends and heels against the pubic bone. The second straightens to the side. The body leans towards the outstretched leg and is pressed against it as much as possible. You can help yourself with your hands, pulling the body to the leg.
  4. Having stood on all fours, alternately the spine first bends downward by an arc, then symmetrically upwards. The movement is called “cat”, which corresponds to the sensations.
  5. In a standing position, the left hand straightens to the left, the right hand captures the left shoulder. There is a slow turn to the left until the maximum possible twisting. The same is repeated to the right.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  6. Hands are fully extended and extended overhead. Palms in the castle. Alternately, one hand pulls the other.

Result fixing

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls should be supplemented by other methods developed for this purpose. Since work on the body is not only in sufficient physical activity, it is recommended to pay attention to other components.

For instance:

  1. Revise the food menu. Desserts, sugar and all products from flour should be excluded from it, even if it is corn. This will reduce the consumption of “empty calories” – foods high in carbohydrates, which provide an excess of energy, but do not provide satiety.
  2. Take a closer look at the amount of water drunk during the day. Exclude drinks – teas, coffee, juices from the calculations. Ordinary water must be drunk, and at least one and a half gallon per day. This will help improve digestion, reduce hunger, reduce the appearance of cellulite and facial swelling.
    Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video
  3. Include more protein and vegetable fats in your diet. The first is the building material for all cells of the body, which is necessary for muscle building, which will burn fat accumulations faster. The second will be indispensable when, after reducing the volume of the body, the skin needs to tighten. Elasticity is guaranteed if you add one teaspoon of flaxseed oil in the morning and a handful of any dried nuts during the day.
  4. Start counting calories. This is the most convenient method for controlling the amount of food eaten.

A versatile approach will not increase the effectiveness of exercises, but it will help you quickly see the result – a sculpted body and minimal body fat.

When to expect an effect

To determine when the result will be noticeable, it is advisable to make an approximate calculation. The training described above burns an average of 130–150 cal. In one pounds of accumulated fat, about 7700 cal. This means that if you train daily without reviewing the diet, you can achieve weight loss per pounds in 50-60 days.

Exercises for losing weight at home for girls in pictures, video

However, there is another comforting indicator – the number of calories burned at rest. When a person sleeps at home, sits, doing nothing, energy is still wasted, but in much smaller amounts than during weight loss exercises. If you develop muscle mass for girls, it will be more, and the figure is higher.

The difference will be noticeable in the case of regular classes, but to burn the same 2 pounds will turn out a little faster – in 45–55 days.

Weight Loss Exercise Video

Workout for losing weight at home:

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