Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

The absence of silicones in hair cosmetics, parabens in face care products, carcinogens in makeup products: more and more consumers are paying attention to these indicators. Therefore, in the last 5-7 years, a lot of brands that produce organic cosmetics have appeared.

How to understand which cosmetics are organic and natural

Natural cosmetics containing a minimum of artificially synthesized components, purified of potential allergens of synthetic origin, undergoing enhanced quality control, it is suitable for children and adults.

The composition of the funds includes:

  • herbal extracts;
  • vegetable and essential oils;
  • flower hydrolates;
  • beekeeping products;
  • acids of organic origin.

These substances easily penetrate the skin without causing negative reactions in the form of clogged pores or local dryness. However, the presence of components of natural origin is not a guarantee that the product will not cause allergies. Since skin and systemic allergic reactions are individual, any element of the composition can become a potential irritant.

Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands
Organic cosmetics made on a natural basis.

It is important to be able to distinguish between natural and organic cosmetics. Despite the similarities in the name, these are different segments of the cosmetic market, the products of which are aimed at meeting the needs of different consumer groups.

What is the difference between natural cosmetics and organic

Index Natural Organic
Structure Means have at least 1 component of natural origin Products contain from 95% natural ingredients
Preservatives The composition may contain parabens, aldehydes As preservatives, vitamin C, essential oils and tocopherol are used.
Perfumes Chemical flavors are widely used. Cosmetics have no aroma or smell of herbs and natural oils that make up
Cosmetic base The products contain silicones, oil products The products contain algae extracts, squalane, minerals, oils
Animal testing It can be tested in this way. Not tested on animals
Water use The composition includes plain water The composition includes purified, spring, thermal, mineral water, hydrolytes

Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

Brands that produce organic cosmetic products are particularly careful in the selection of raw materials. Plants are cultivated in specially selected areas free from industrial pollution. They are not processed by chemical means, undergo minimal transformations in the process of making cosmetics.

Basic principles of international eco-certification of organic cosmetics

As the number of enterprises producing natural cosmetics, household chemicals, and food products is constantly increasing, the need arose for organizations that could confirm or deny the status of “organic production of products from natural components”.

In many countries of the world, certification of natural cosmetics must be carried out in accordance with the law. At the same time, you can go through it not in one, but in several companies, so that the consumer is confident in the quality of the purchased products.

According to the requirements of certification companies, organic cosmetics should not include:

Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

  • perfume additives (isoeugenol, lyral, citral);
  • oil products (paraffin, petroleum jelly);
  • genetically modified sources;
  • animal fats;
  • chemical preservatives (urea derivatives, bronopol, parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzene);
  • synthetic dyes and phthalates;
  • technical oils;
  • methyl and benzyl alcohols;
  • ammonia;
  • chemical ultraviolet filter oxybenzone;
  • sodium fluoride;
  • surfactants;
  • mineral oil;
  • propylene glycol.

Organic cosmetics, whose brands can be labeled “Bio” or “Eco cert”, must be made in a special way:

  • products do not pass testing on animals;
  • the manufacturer allows employees of certification companies to conduct unscheduled inspections at the enterprise;
  • on the packaging of funds indicated the complete and accurate composition;
  • industries are environmentally friendly, do not pollute air and water bodies;
  • in the manufacture of products plastic and cellophane are not used.

The Cosmos label can only appear on cosmetics that do not contain GMI, radioactive components and synthetic additives. Increased environmental safety is guaranteed by the certification of EuroAzEco, which is more often held by domestic manufacturing companies.

Rating of the best brands of organic hair cosmetics

Natural hair care products do not contain silicones that can accumulate in scales. Initially, these polymers envelop the hair shaft, increasing its volume and giving shine. As a result, a person begins to use balms and masks constantly.

Silicones are poorly washed off with ordinary shampoos, and with the systematic use of such products, they become more and more, as a result, the hair becomes heavier, and as a result it breaks, dims and loses its healthy appearance.

Natural hair care products contain:

  • extracts of herbs (nettle, chamomile, succession);
  • decoctions and hydrolytes of roses, leaves of usma, laurel, henna;
  • oils of argan, cocoa, coconut, shea, jasmine, cactus, tea tree;
  • beekeeping products (royal jelly, propolis);
  • polysaccharides and soap nut extract instead of surface-active components as a detergent base.

Such products have
a short shelf life – from 3 to 6 months after opening the package.

American brands

The market for natural cosmetic products in our country is not yet as developed as in Europe, where the trend for environmental friendliness appeared more than 20 years ago. However, in recent years there has been an increase in the pace of development. There are many American companies producing such cosmetics that have European certificates.

Organic cosmetics, whose brands produce hair products in USA:

  • “Teana” is a manufacturer of medical and natural caring cosmetics. It is used both in cosmetology clinics during procedures and during home care. In the line of hair products, shampoos are presented, which include oils, vitamins and acids, ampoule concentrates for healing hair and stimulating their growth, indelible heat-protective sprays. All cosmetics have a natural composition. There are no silicones and mineral oils in the products. The cost of products is included in the mid-price segment. The price varies from $ 7 – $ 14. for the tool;
    Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands
  • Siberian Health is a network company that uses natural raw materials and the latest scientific developments, in addition to biologically active additives and household chemicals, produces hair cosmetics. The large list of caring products includes healing shampoos, balms, express masks, and protective sprays. Among the components of the compositions are controversial (glycerin, caprylic, cetearyl alcohol), however, the cosmetic basis is plant extracts and oils. The manufacturer recommends the use of funds systematically for the appearance of a cumulative effect, without mixing with professional hair products. At retail, shampoo or balm can be purchased, on average, for $ 4,49, a mask for $ 4,76, and sprays and serums for $ 3 – $ 3 .;
  • Ecolab is a American manufacturer of organic cosmetics. In the manufacture of hair products, extracts of passionflower, turmeric, green tea, rosemary oil, wheat germ, macadamia are used. One of the minuses consumers call the presence in some products of strong perfumed fragrances. The average price for a hair product is from $ 4 – $ 5 .;
  • “Recipes of grandmother Agafia” – a company that produces budget natural cosmetics. The basis of the compositions of cosmetics is based on old folk recipes using extracts of medicinal herbs. The lineup includes shampoos, lotions, oils, masks with a minimum of chemical components. The cost of shampoo varies from $ 1,09 – $ 1,6, lotion – from $ 0,95 – $ 1,4, oil – from $ 1,77 .;
  • Natura Siberica is one of the first American brands to pass European certification. It produces shampoos with a natural composition, balms and hair masks. The sea buckthorn series containing only natural ingredients is recognized as the best seller. The price of these products varies from $ 4 – $ 8. for the tool.

Foreign brands

Since many foreign companies engaged in the production of natural cosmetics have accumulated considerable experience over the years, the formulations have repeatedly undergone changes and improved to achieve the best results. Therefore, their products are in demand around the world.

Organic cosmetics, whose brands are of foreign origin and produce hair products:

  • “Nude.” The cosmetics of this German manufacturer contains the bacterial components of probiotics. They correct the work of local immunity and contribute to skin health. Brand hair products contain soy protein, bamboo, peppermint and rosemary extracts. You can buy them in American online stores by paying from $ 8,16. for the product;
  • Korres This natural product comes from Greece. Manufacturer cosmetics contains fortified oils and minerals and has healing properties. The cost of products ranges from $ 8 – $ 12. for the tool;
    Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands
  • “Light Organic”. A manufacturing company from the USA produces exclusively organic, environmentally friendly products only by hand. You can buy it on the official website of the manufacturer. The cost of hair products ranges from $ 8 – $ 12 .;
  • “Dr. Hauschka. ” This German brand is widely known in USA, it is sold both in chain supermarkets and in online stores. One of the main components of caring cosmetics is the damask rose. The cost of products is included in the high price segment. Shampoo can be purchased at a price of $ 18 .;
  • “Zaman Damask.” It is a Syrian manufacturer of organic cosmetics. He devotes much attention to the development of hair products. The compositions contain olive and laurel emulsions, nettle, barley, rosemary oils, extracts of black cumin, eucalyptus, frankincense. The price of shampoo or balm varies between $ 9 – $ 12.

Rating of the best brands of organic face makeup

Natural, environmentally friendly decorative cosmetics can be used by women suffering from acne and acne, dermatitis and psoriasis, without fear of deterioration of the skin.

Organic cosmetics, whose brands produce the most popular facial products:

  • “Ilia”
  • ELF Cosmetics
  • “Kjaer Weis”
  • “Natura Siberica”
  • Tammy Tanuka
  • “Lime Crime”
  • Isabelle Caron
  • ChocoLatte

Such cosmetics do not cause irritation, as it contains natural pigments, oils and preservatives.

Domestic brands

Natural decorative cosmetics are produced by few domestic manufacturers, because they do not have the necessary production capacity and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Among the most famous brands:

Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

  • “Natura Siberica”, the range includes affordable eyeliner and lip liners, compact face powders, lip glosses containing only plant extracts and oils, and therefore having a short shelf life;
  • Mirra, which produces a wide range of natural face decorative products – safe tonal foundations, lipsticks, nail polishes containing natural pigments at a price of $ 6,8 .;
  • Crystal Decor, a brand producing mineral cosmetics in the form of friable powders, eye shadows and pigments based on crushed natural minerals and crystals, offers products at a price of $ 4,08 or more. per unit of goods;
  • Tammy Tanuka, a American brand that produces mineral hypoallergenic eye shadow pigments and face powders in the price range from $ 3 – $ 8 .;
  • Mineral Makeup.rf, in its line of organic face decorative products are powders, shades, lipsticks that do not contain talcum powder and chemical oils, at a price of $ 4,08 or more.

Foreign manufacturers

Popular foreign companies producing decorative organic cosmetics are:

  • «Lime Crime» (shadows, lip glosses, glitters and costs from $ 20.);
  • “NYX” (organic line – blush, correcto
    r, eye kayal from $ 6,8);
  • “Ecotools” (sponges and makeup brushes at a price of $ 4,08);
  • “Urban Decay” (line for vegans – tonal foundations, pencils, proofreaders worth from $ 20);
  • “ELF Cosmetics” (budget shadows, powders, brushes worth $ 2,72 or more).

Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

This cosmetics will not last more than a year due to the presence of natural preservatives in the composition, but will not cause skin reactions such as clogged pores, allergies to chemical dyes and perfumes.

Rating of the best brands of organic facial cosmetics

When using natural healing agents, it must be remembered that they have cumulative properties. The effect can be evaluated 3 weeks after the start of the use of cream or serum of natural origin. It is important to combine such means correctly. If you use organic serum with cream from the mass market, its effectiveness will be minimal.

This is due to the fact that inexpensive cosmetic skin products containing silicones or petroleum jelly will not allow the natural components to work at full strength, blocking their effect. Therefore, when introducing natural products into care, you will have to immediately change the entire cosmetic line: facial cleanser, toner, serum, day and night creams.

Domestic brands

Many manufacturers of caring cosmetics launch a line of products with natural ingredients, then moving on to a full cycle of environmentally friendly production.

Organic cosmetics, whose brands produce face products in USA, which are the most popular:

  • “Spivak” (creams, lotions, face cleansers based on herbal extracts at a price of $ 1,63 or more); Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands
  • “Botavikos” (butterflies, alginate masks, creams in the price range from $ 3 – $ 8);
  • “ChocoLatte” (scrubs, foams, creams for a cost of $ 2,72 or more);
  • “Workshop of Olesya Mustaeva” (“natural” masks, hydrolates, vibes at a price of $ 2,45);
  • “Mi & Ko” (gels and oils for washing, creams, caring masks in the price range from $ 7 – $ 14).

Such natural cosmetics should be stored in a dark and cool place so that they do not lose their properties throughout the shelf life.

Foreign manufacturers

Popular foreign brands that produce organic care products that use only components of natural origin.

For instance:

  • “Weleda” (foams and cleansing milk, creams and emulsions at a price of $ 10,88);
  • “Zeitun” (lip balms, hydrolates and creams worth from $ 8,16);
  • “Josie Maran” (cosmetic oils, creams and gels in the price range from $ 10 – $ 27);
  • “Patyka” (a ruler for a face at a price of $ 16 per unit of goods);
  • “Stem Organics” (anti-aging natural creams, serums and gels worth $ 20).

In the compositions of such natural cosmetics, you can find apple polysaccharide, sodium alginate, gelatin, clay, plant extracts.

Rating of the best brands of organic body cosmetics

Manufacturers of natural body cosmetics often enrich it with vitamins.

The composition of the funds may include:

  • provitamin B5 (moisturizes the skin and promotes tissue regeneration);
  • tocopherol (increases local immunity, nourishes and strengthens, stimulates collagen production);
  • pyridoxine (soothes and relieves irritation);
  • retinol (promotes renewal of the skin, prevents aging);
  • ascorbic acid (stimulates the formation of collagen fibers, regulates pigmentation processes);
  • phylloquinone (strengthens capillaries).

Also in the composition of such cosmetic products are often present ground coffee, sugar, chopped apricot kernels with scrubbing and polishing properties.

Domestic brands

Among American brands of natural cosmetics, a wide range of cosmetics for the body have:

  • “Green Mama” (shower gels, scrubs, lotion at a price of $ 2,04);
    Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands
  • “Organic Zone” (liquid soap, gels, body butters for a cost of $ 4,08 or more);
  • “Innature” (essences, hand creams, scrubs at a price of $ 3,54);
  • “Spivak” (natural soap, shower gels, bath foam for a cost of $ 1,63 or more);
  • “Recipes of grandmother Agafia” (body scrub, massage oil, mild soap at a price of $ 0,95).

Some of these products even contain chopped leaves, herbs, cinnamon, and nutshells.

Foreign manufacturers

Body cosmetics with anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, tightening effect, containing only natural ingredients are in the lines of the following manufacturers.


Organic cosmetics for hair, body and face. The best American and foreign brands

  • “HIP” (scrubs, shower gels, body lotions worth from $ 18);
  • “Ren” (lotions, creams for hands and feet, oils at a price of $ 41);
  • “Korres” (shower gels, body milk, soap in the price range from $ 11 – $ 23);
  • “Andalou Naturals” (shower milk, gels, scrubs worth from $ 12,92);
  • “The SeaWeed” (body cream, foot butter, hand cream at a price of $ 8,16).

When choosing one or another organic caring or decorative product produced by the brand of natural cosmetics, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product, the presence of possible allergens or unwanted components.

It is also necessary to consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist if the cosmetics is declared as medicinal and contains extracts of medicinal plants.

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Natural cosmetics – a lie or the truth:

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