Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

Masha Malinovskaya is a well-known TV star of American show business, who gained popularity thanks to her talent and interesting appearance. Many fans are interested in information about how Masha looked before and after plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for correcting her appearance, because from year to year the girl changes radically for the better or for the worse.

A little biography

Maria Malinovskaya was born on January 21, 1981 in the city of Denver, where her childhood passed. The girl grew up as an exemplary and calm child, obedient, calm and cheerful. Only positive qualities did not help her find friends. In the yard, the girl had a couple of comrades, in the class she openly did not like her.

According to parents and acquaintances, Masha often could hear insults in her direction about her appearance and character.

When Maria matured, she transformed and became an attractive girl. After graduation, she entered the Institute at the Faculty of Economics and Management. But the application to his talents and attractive appearance found in another area, so that continues to gain popularity.

Personal life

Malinovskaya’s personal life cannot be called easy and happy. A major role in it was played by an unpleasant incident from the past. According to the TV presenter, at 16 she was subjected to violence, which left a serious negative mark on the physical and moral condition of the young girl.

The first husband of Mary was Maxim, about whom there is no information. For the first time, a star became pregnant in this marriage. The man said in all seriousness that he did not need a daughter, only a son. The girl was shocked, she had an abortion and left her husband. The second marriage also did not work out. The fault was the problem with the law of the new husband. The actress did not want to put up with her husband’s inclinations.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

The third marriage was more successful, but also ended in divorce. The presenter married a successful businessman Denis Davitashvili , to whom she gave birth to a son. The marriage lasted until 2014, but fell apart on the initiative of Malinovskaya. The reason was domestic violence. The son stayed with his mother.


Masha’s successful career began with the modeling business. At the very first casting, she was noticed and offered cooperation. At first she studied the technique of makeup and hairstyles. After the girl began to appear for magazines and commercials.

After graduation, the television star got a place on television. In New York, she passed a casting on MUZ-TV and got a leading role. Issues received high ratings, after the first transfer Mary began to be recognized ons.

In 2005, Malinovskaya left the TV show and began to look for her place in life. I managed to visit a party of the LDPR and the Atlanta Duma. Acted as a singer, but recorded one song. And in 2007, Malinovskaya released her book, which did not dare to gain the desired success.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

In 2011, the celebrity returned to MUZ-TV, but simultaneously starred in a program called “Temptations with Masha Malinovskaya.” The television program was very popular among a wide range of viewers.

At the moment, Malinovskaya is involved in various television shows and even starred in films.

What did Masha Malinovskaya look like in childhood

At an early age, the girl was no different from other children. Masha was a sweet and pretty attractive child. But with age, she began to change. Until the age of 16, Maria was not beautiful, she was not even loved in class.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

The girl for a long time struggled with deficiencies in appearance, in particular with acne. But at one point Malinovskaya transformed and turned into an attractive girl, who began to notice the guys.

How did the appearance adjustment begin

According to Mary, the correction of appearance began after the birth of the baby. During gestation, she recovered by about 22 -26 pounds. Many expected the star to do liposuction. But Malinovskaya said she was not going to lose weight, but did not miss the opportunity to increase her breasts.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight
In the photo Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery.

Next was the operation – rhinoplasty. Thanks to her, the girl’s nose became a little shorter and more upturned. From this the facial features of the girl became more refined and more accurate. Often a celebrity turns to cosmetologists for help. Laser peeling helped get rid of acne and the effects. The imperfections of the skin disappeared, and the skin became soft and even. It took less than a month.

What operations did Masha Malinovskaya

Many fans believe that the star did a lot of plastic surgery, however, in fact, Malinowski did only such:

  • rhinoplasty;
  • change in breast size;
  • changing the size of the lips.

The rest that Maria subjected herself to is only cosmetic procedures and methods for correcting her appearance.

The last time a celebrity resorted to a breast reduction service. The fact is that Maria lost weight. The chest lost shape and began to look worse. For this reason, she decided to correct and reduce the breast.


Masha Malinovskaya before and after the operation looks incredibly attractive. Lips are a sore subject for many celebrity fans and detractors. First, the girl changed the shape and size of her lips through fillers. A little later, the star decided to resort to cheiloplasty.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

The essence of the operation is that a small part of the skin under the nose is excised, from this the upper lip is slightly pulled up. But the fans did not like these changes. Malinovskaya herself was pleased with the work of the surgeon and the appearance of her lips. In 2021, the celebrity decided to return to its original forms. The girl got rid of excessively puffy lips. From this, the mouth acquired a view given by nature.


Representatives of show business often resort to breast adjustment. Stars make suspenders, radically change the size. Malinovskaya is no exception. Masha Malinovskaya before and after the operation had a beautiful breast, which everyone could envy.

The reason was pregnancy. After giving birth, the girl gained weight, and her chest sagged a little. Therefore, Maria made a tightening and breast augmentation, so that with a new weight she looked more attractive. These changes brought more popularity and attention to her person.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

Recently, a celebrity decided that how big a breast she does not need. Moreover, it has become more difficult to live with such forms. For this reason, she resorted to breast reduction services. And she got 3 size instead of 5. The operation failed, one implant was 1’6 inch less than the second. The star sued and turned to another surgeon.


Maria twice resorted to a nose change. But only one operation was surgical. The second is cosmetological. During surgery, some of the shape of the nose was changed. Its tip was slightly shortened, and irregularities were also corrected. As a result, the nose became smaller and neater, and the tip slightly lifted.

From this traits girls became more noble and attractive. At the same time, naturalness was not lost.

Maria wanted to make her nose smaller, but did not want to lie down under the surgeon’s knife. She chose a new technique of non-surgical intervention at that time. During such an operation, injections are introduced into the nose, and then gypsum is applied. But the desired effect was never achieved, which upset the star.


More often than not, Malinovskaya turned to dentists. This is easy to understand, because for a long time the celebrity’s teeth were in full view of everyone. Thanks to the girl’s constantly open mouth, she was able to determine that she had set herself veneers.

It is also known that Mary for a long time tried to correct the bite. After a large number of procedures, she succeeded. But experts are inclined to believe that the smile has become only unnatural and vulgar. Many will envy her snow-white smile.


It is not known for certain whether Malinovskaya did something with her eyes. To understand this, you need to compare photos before and after all operations. Few would say with complete certainty that there are changes. The eyes of a celebrity have always been large with an attractive shape. Many experts claim that Maria did blephoplasty.

Face oval

The oval of the girl’s face is naturally attractive and sophisticated. But over the years, he has changed slightly. The blame for the cosmetic procedures. The celebrity resorted to procedures using hyaluronic acid and other means. From them quite often the face becomes rounder. This did not pass over Malinovskaya. But in general, the shape of the face has not changed.

Chronology of operations

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery – these are really practically different people. The operations were varied, but not numerous.

  • In the beginning of 2000, Malinovskaya first enlarged her lips. This has been explained by childhood complexes.
  • By the mid-2000s, Maria had lost weight and had a large breast.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

  • And in 2009, Malinovskaya decided to radically change her appearance. She lets go of her hair, begins to twist curls constantly and makes her lips even bigger. Do not forget about the appearance of cleft lip. Some argue that the celebrity did blephoplasty because her look became more open.
  • In 2010, Maria begins to give Botox injections, changes her eyebrows to thicker and slightly reduces her breasts. Changes were caused by fashion trends.
  • 2014 was marked by dramatic changes in appearance. Malinovskaya is repainted in dark color, shears a haircut, tans, gets filler injections. At the same time, the star does not stop using Botox, from which the face becomes more round.
  • In 2021, the celebrity’s face became thinner and cheekbones more distinct. This can be explained by a procedure called “lumps of Bisha.”
  • After a short period of time, Masha Malinovskaya changes her lips again. She decides on the operation – “Cupid’s Bow.”

In recent years, the TV star has returned to her former thinness and reduces her breasts. Fans do not believe that the girl pumped up the perfect press herself and sin on lipofilling.

Height and weight

The growth and weight of the TV presenter did not change due to plastic surgery. The celebrity’s height is 5’6 foot. This is not such a high figure, but Malinovskaya with such growth is considered a long-legged beauty. It is difficult to call the weight small. The actress weighs about 163 pounds at the moment. Malinovskaya used to be thin.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

It is difficult to notice Malinovskaya’s changes in weight before and after operations. She was always thin and got better after giving birth. To date, they say that the girl resorted to liposuction services (pumping fat from the most problematic areas: abdomen, hips).

Anorexia: was it or not

In 2013, the famous presenter was suspected of health problems. Many felt that Maria Malinovskaya developed anorexia. The blame for the sharp weight loss. Instead of congratulations and sincere joy, the girl flew accusations of intentionally worsening her health.

The presence of problems with the star with weight has not been confirmed. Close and friends only said that Masha was always slim.

What other procedures did

In addition, it is worth noting the numerous cosmetic procedures of the celebrity. Malinovskaya has her own beautician who copes with her duties 100%. Most often these are anti-acne procedures, but sometimes there are injections of fillers.

What Malinovskaya looks like now

By today, the appearance of the artist has changed dramatically:

  • she refused puffy lips and cleft lip;
  • reduced luxurious breasts;
  • dropped those extra pounds.

Masha Malinovskaya before and after plastic surgery. Photo, age, height and weight

These changes made the girl’s appearance more attractive and natural.

Shape options

The parameters of Masha Malinovskaya were never perfect. Under ideal proportions, it is considered 90-60-90. But the TV star never lost weight in order to achieve these parameters. Malinovskaya adheres to magnificent forms. It is difficult to imagine that the artist will come to the standards of beauty. The luxurious breasts and hips of a girl who are far from 35’4 inch are worth a lot.

Malinovskaya without makeup

Masha without makeup is a rare occurrence; a star does not appear on people without makeup. Pictures can be found on the artist’s personal page. Touchingly look at the photo with his son. Earlier, Malinovskaya did not dare to appear even in personal photos without makeup, because for a long time she suffered from acne.

Masha Malinovskaya did many operations and procedures to correct her appearance, the photos before and after the transformations are really impressive. The only important thing is whether the star will stop at his experiments or will improve further, for the sake of an ideal appearance, as devoted fans always see her.

Video about how the appearance of Masha Malinovskaya

Masha Malinovskaya from childhood until 2021:

Why did Masha Malinovskaya perform operations:

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