Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

Removing unwanted body hair can be done in a variety of ways (using a razor, wax strips, or laser). These methods differ not only in the method of hair removal, but also in the painfulness of the procedure, side effects and the duration of the effect. According to these parameters, epilation using a neodymium laser is most popular.

How does a neodymium laser affect hair

The main principle of the laser, during hair removal, is the destruction of the hair bulb, which leads to death and hair loss.  Depending on the wavelength of the device, the cause of the death of the follicle changes.

For short and medium waves, the laser acts on melanin (a pigment responsible for the color of the skin, eyes and hair), which absorbs the light wave, which consequently leads to heating of the bulb (it contains a high concentration of melanin) and its destruction from high temperatures.

As a result, lasers with a given wavelength cannot be used for tanned skin (you can get a burn due to the large amount of melanin in the epidermis) and fair hair (the amount of melanin in them is minimal and the procedure will not be effective).

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews
The figure shows the depth of exposure to a neodymium laser for hair removal.

A neodymium laser can emit medium and long waves, which can penetrate the skin to a depth of 10/32 inch.

Long waves do not act on melanin, but on the vessels that nourish the hair bulb. The beam is absorbed by hemoglobin, as a result, the walls of the vessel are heated, and it is sealed. This leads to a cessation of the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the follicle, which subsequently leads to its death.

Due to the absence of the effect of the beam on melanin, neodymium laser hair removal is allowed for any color of skin and hair. Regardless of the laser wavelength, the destruction of the bulb does not impair the functioning of adjacent tissues. The beam affects only the follicle and the capillaries that feed it. As a result, the hair does not grow back on the spot of the fallen bulb.

It is important that the death of the bulb from the laser is possible only when it is in the active phase (the hair is in the growth stage at this time). The procedure does not have the desired effect on the “sleeping” follicles. Therefore, it is impossible to destroy all hair follicles during a session, and a repeat of the procedures is required.

Benefits of Neodymium Laser Hair Removal

A neodymium laser for hair removal stands out among other hair removal procedures, including laser, with the following advantages:

  • the beam affects only the hair bulb, nearby tissues are not injured;
  • removes hair of any color;
  • it is allowed to carry out the procedure even on sensitive skin;
  • in the place of the destroyed bulb, the hair no longer appears;
  • the procedure is almost painless;
  • the integrity of the epidermis is not violated;
  • the tone of the skin is restored;
  • pigment spots are removed;
  • the elasticity and resilience of epidermal cells improves;
  • removes a tattoo without damaging the skin;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes on the epidermis, which helps to reduce acne rashes;
  • can be used for any type of skin, even after tanning;
  • the likelihood of side effects (including skin burn) is minimal;
  • there is no effect of “ingrown” hair after hair removal;
  • the beam in the device can be adjusted to different lengths;
  • after passing the desired course of procedures, the likelihood of hair appearing on the treated area is minimal.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

Neodymium laser hair removal can be performed even in the summer, when most of the procedures are prohibited due to the action of sunlight and the likelihood of pigmentation.

Indications for use

Neodymium laser is recommended by cosmetologists in the following cases:

  • the presence of ingrown hair on the skin;
  • with sensitive epidermis, when other procedures cause severe irritation;
  • hair removal in the intimate zone and on the face;
  • the presence of increased facial hair content in women (mustache or beard);
  • rapid hair regrowth after depilation (with this procedure only hair is removed, the bulb remains in place).

Also, the laser is used for hair removal, when other procedures did not give the desired result.

Differences in hair removal for men

Neodymium laser for hair removal in men is used in the following cases:

  • lack of free time for daily shaving;
  • tendency to irritation after hair removal with a razor;
  • rapid growth of beard and mustache;
  • excessive presence of vellus hair on the face and body;
  • giving the desired shape to the mustache and beard. After the procedure, the adjustment of the form is not required.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

The process of laser hair removal in men has the following differences from procedures in women:

  • duration of the procedure and its cost. In men, the area of treatment of the skin is usually larger than in women. In this regard, the session time increases, and, consequently, the cost;
  • course duration. Male hair has a more rigid structure, therefore, to eliminate vegetation completely (in the desired area) more procedures are required.

Also, male hair removal is considered quite complicated due to the stiffness of the hair, so it is important to choose a high-level salon and a master with the skills to conduct these procedures in men.


Hair removal using a neodymium laser is considered the safest and most effective procedure.

But before her choice, it is important to familiarize yourself with the available contraindications in order to reduce the likelihood of side effects:

  • the presence of chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • the period of breastfeeding or bearing;
  • the presence of tumors of a malignant nature;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of laser treatment;
  • dermatological pathologies especially of an infectious nature;
  • poor blood coagulability;
  • the presence of epilepsy or other diseases that are accompanied by convulsive seizures;
  • with colds or in the presence of fever;
  • the presence of an allergic reaction or intolerance of the components to the cooling compound;
  • with severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system or the presence of a pacemaker;
  • the presence of moles in the treatment area;
  • the period of menstruation, due to hormonal changes, the likelihood of developing a negative reaction increases and the effectiveness of the procedure decreases;
  • age to 18 years.

You can not carry out laser hair removal after a tanning bed or fresh sunburn for 10-14 days. If there are doubts with contraindications, it is recommended to visit a therapist for their complete exclusion.

Conducting an epilation session on the face, body

Hair removal is performed in stages, regardless of the area of influence of a neodymium laser.


Preparation for laser hair removal plays an important role in the outcome of the procedure.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

Therefore, all the nuances must be discussed in advance with an employee in the selected salon:

  • exclude all possible contraindications;
  • preferably in 20 days (allowed in 2 weeks) hair removal is allowed only using a razor;
  • the hair length at the laser exposure area should be 4/32 – 6/32 inch, that is, the last shave should be no later than 5 days before the procedure;
  • for 14 days to exclude a visit to the solarium or sunbathing;
  • for 10 days it is impossible to treat the skin with alcohol-containing compounds (deodorants, creams, lotions), aggressive peels (hardware or mechanical skin cleansing) are also prohibited;
  • 7 days before the session, saunas, pools and baths are prohibited;
  • stop taking blood thinners for 30 days. Also, the procedure cannot be carried out if antibiotics were taken for a month;
  • the day before epilation, you can not drink alcohol, and enhanced physical activity is also prohibited;
  • 3-5 days are tested with drugs that will be used during the procedure to exclude the development of an allergic reaction to them.

On the day of the procedure, you can not use cosmetics, even moisturizers or nourishing creams.

Duration 1 session, sensations

The process of hair removal itself occurs in the following sequence:

  1. The specialist puts the patient on the couch.
  2. Determines the structure of hair and skin condition. After that, it tunes the device to the desired beam length and pulse frequency.
  3. The treatment area is being cleaned with a special cleaning agent.
  4. After that, the skin is treated with a disinfectant and a special gel is applied, which will ensure smoothness and ease of sliding of the device at the treatment site.
  5. At the request of the client, a cream with anesthetic effect can be used. It must be applied in advance so that anesthesia occurs at the time of the manipulation.
  6. The patient and specialist wear safety glasses.
  7. A hair removal procedure is being performed. On average, women have a session duration of 40 minutes, men 80 minutes.
  8. After completion, the remnants of the gel are removed from the skin and a soothing and restoring cream is applied. It is removed after 10 minutes.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

The patient can go home after receiving information about skin care during the recovery period. Since the device is equipped with a special skin cooling system, the patient during the procedure practically does not feel anything and can even sleep if desired.

Is a burn possible

The probability of getting a skin burn during the session is minimal. This is due to the fact that the beam acts only on the vessels, without affecting the melanin present in the skin and hair.

The reasons for getting a burn can be:

  • low qualification of a specialist. As a result, the device may be incorrectly configured, the device may be delayed for a long time at one point;
  • lack of cooling system in the device;
  • concealment by the patient of contraindications that can lead to the development of a burn;
  • improper preparation for the procedure (visiting the solarium before hair removal, using aggressive peeling the day before the session or using alcohol-containing products);
  • device malfunction.

The most common causes of burns are: malfunction of the apparatus and low qualification of a specialist.

How many sessions will be required for complete hair removal

A neodymium laser for hair removal during the first session allows you to remove only about 30% of the bulbs. About as much is in the stage of active growth. From the 2nd to the 5th procedure, up to 66% of follicles die. And after the 8th laser exposure, up to 95% of the hair in the treated area is destroyed.

The exact number of sessions per course is selected individually and depends on the area of the treatment site, hair structure and the number of bulbs in the active phase (on average, from 4 to 8 procedures). Hair loss at the site of laser exposure occurs within 10-14 days after the session.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

The average number of sessions depending on the zone being processed:

Laser exposure Number of treatments
On foot 5-9
On hands 4-8
Armpit area 3-6
In the bikini area 6-10
On the face 4-6
On chest or back 8-12

It is important that a recovery period is required between each session. Between the first procedures, rehabilitation lasts up to 40 days, after the 2nd laser exposure – up to 2 months. With each subsequent session, the recovery period is increased by 2 weeks. On average, it takes 12-18 months to completely remove hair.

Recovery period

The effectiveness of laser exposure and the likelihood of side effects will depend on compliance with the rules during the rehabilitation period (the specialist gives a special memo after the procedure).

After laser hair removal:

  • apply restoring or soothing cream to the treated area (recommended products with panthenol) up to 3 days;
  • avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, do not visit the solarium and baths for 14 days;
  • on the first day to abandon water procedures. In the next 2 weeks, use soap or detergents without aggressive ingredients in the composition for washing;
  • it is forbidden to scratch the treatment area even with severe itching and remove crusts (they can occur in rare cases);
  • when going outside apply a cream with UV protection, otherwise pigment spots may appear;
  • Do not use cosmetics (other than those prescribed by the cosmetologist) for 14 days;
  • if possible, exclude the use of medicines (especially antibiotics, hormones and blood thinners) for 10 days;
  • physical activity is prohibited for 5 days;
  • You can not do massage in the treated area up to 10-14 days.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

fore the end of the hair removal course, between sessions, it is allowed to remove hair on the laser exposure zone only with a razor. The first shaving is acceptable a week after the procedure.

Possible exacerbations

If during the rehabilitation period not all the rules were observed or they were completely ignored, as well as as a result of the low qualification of a specialist, the following complications may develop:

  • hematomas occur in rare cases, mainly due to a malfunction of the apparatus;
  • the development of the inflammatory process in the hair follicles (can be caused by visiting the bath, physical activity and cosmetics);
  • black spots. These are dead follicles, which for some reason remained in the epidermis;
  • burns. When using a neodymium laser, it is extremely rare;
  • rash, swelling, severe itching and other signs of an allergic reaction. A side effect is noted if allergy tests were not performed before the procedure. To eliminate the symptoms, antihistamines must be taken;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases, if they were not excluded;
  • the appearance of acne. It occurs due to an increase in the sensitivity of the skin to pollution, in the absence of hygiene measures;
  • increased pigmentation. It appears if the treated area has been exposed to ultraviolet for a long time (this is a visit to a solarium or sunbathing during the first days after the procedure);
  • visual impairment if goggles were not used during the session.

Neodymium laser to remove hair on the face and body. Before and after photos, price, reviews

Redness of the epidermis immediately after the session is considered normal. Skin color is restored for 2-3 days. It is also acceptable to feel discomfort from the hairs, which are curled by the laser and fall out only after the bulb dies.

The durability of the effect of epilation with a neodymium laser

After completing the full course, the number of removed bulbs in the laser exposure area is up to 95%. In rare cases (mainly as a result of hormonal imbalance), new regrowth of new hairs is possible. To eliminate them, it is recommended that every 6-24 months, a correction be performed (repeated laser treatment, usually consisting of 1 session).

Hair Removal Zones and Prices

The table shows the allowed areas for processing with a neodymium laser and the average cost for the procedure in USA (in usd)

Laser exposure area Price
Over the upper lip 3500
Chin and cheeks 6000
Hips and legs For women 12000
For men 19000
Stomach 3000
Back 4000
Hands 9000
Hands 4000
Armpits 2000
Classic bikini 8500
Bikini deep 11000
The ears 2500
Nose 2000
Buttocks 8500

The price of procedures for a specialist and additionally used materials are immediately included in the price of procedures in the salon.

But in some cases it is recommended to clarify possible additional financial expenses. A neodymium laser allows you to effectively eliminate hair on any part of the skin effectively, almost painlessly and with a low probability of developing side effects.

The advantage of this method is the absence of restrictions on the color of the skin and hair, as well as the minimum risk of damage to the skin (the laser does not affect melanin, which reduces the likelihood of a burn of the epidermis). Importantly, the procedure has contraindications that must be excluded before the hair removal procedure begins.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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