Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

Niacin helps to normalize metabolism, dilates blood vessels. It is actively used in cosmetology to revitalize hair growth. In addition, it is suitable for all types of hair, and masks prepared with it help restore hair’s natural beauty. The substance is suitable for regular use.

What is nicotinic acid

Niacin – Vitamin B3, also called niacin or vitamin PP. The body produces a certain part of it itself, and the rest of the necessary amount comes with food, drugs.

Vitamin PP is necessary for the lipid process, to stop the aging of all tissues, including hair. It contains nicotinic acid, sodium bicarbonate, and purified water. Rubbing niacin into the scalp, follicles are stimulated, growth is enhanced, and hair is strengthened. They become silky and shiny.

Benefits of Vitamin PP

Nicotinic acid is very soluble in water. It is distinguished by regenerating, moisturizing, firming actions.

Vitamin may:

  • increase blood circulation;
  • eliminate dandruff; Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists
  • renew the hair structure;
  • affect oily hair;
  • to strengthen hair;
  • treat extensive baldness;
  • protect from the harmful effects of the environment;
  • slow down the aging process.

The product is able to penetrate deep into the skin and nourish the follicles. As a result, the hair becomes silky and obedient.

Contraindications and harm

The main contraindications of taking niacin inside is the presence of a supersaturation with vitamin PP, an allergic reaction to the drug.

And also care must be taken when using:

  • hypertension
  • gastrointestinal ulcer;
  • hemorrhages;
  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • children under 12 years old.

During pregnancy and lactation, the drug is used exclusively under the guidance of a doctor.  Do not often use the drug, as it can hurt the head.

The use of masks and rubbing into the skin should be avoided when:

  • skin diseases;
  • vegetovascular dystonia.

The tool affects the functioning of the sebaceous glands, in which case the hair will become oily faster, become untidy. Therefore, it is important to carefully use this product for oily hair type. Do not use it in the period or a few days before menstruation.

Do not use for hair loss caused by drugs.

Do not use more than 2 ampoules of the drug, because the drug can serve as a source of allergy. Slight odor can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.

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What is better to use: powder, tablets or ampoules

Niacin is made in the form of powder, tablets, liquid in ampoules. Tablets and powder are suitable for internal use, but only under the guidance of a doctor.
For cosmetic procedures, the substance in solution is ideal, since it has a quick effect.

Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists
Nicotinic acid for hair growth should be bought in ampoules.

Use ampoules for injections under the scalp is not worth it, because severe allergies, hypertensive crisis, stroke can occur.

The benefits of using nicotinic acid

Niacin for hair growth has several advantages over other drugs:

  • vitamin PP has no smell, it can be used at any time;
  • does not affect fat and does not pollute hair;
  • affordable price;
  • the result is visible after a single application;
  • a vasodilator that does not dry out the scalp;
  • the drug is suitable for all types of hair.

How to use nicotinic acid

Niacin for hair growth is easily combined with any natural ingredients. It is important to observe one condition – all components must be at room temperature or the mask is heated with hot air from a hair dryer.

Rules for the use of niacin in cosmetology:

  1. After opening the ampoule, the contents should be immediately mixed with other components.
  2. In one mask should not be more than 3-5 components.
  3. After applying the mask, you need to insulate your head.
  4. If vitamin PP is used with oil, then niacin is applied first, then oil. So it will be more efficient.
  5. Do not use metal objects during mask preparation. They can oxidize, and the mixture itself can take on a different color.
  6. The mask must be used immediately, because it can, by reacting with oxygen, change its properties.
  7. If the mixture contains oil, it is necessary to rinse it 2 times with shampoo.

Masks are made a maximum of two times a week. If redness of the skin, itching occurs, you need to wash off the mask, or replace its components. Since the drug is addictive, so they need to use courses. If there is a small specific smell, then, during the drying of the strands, it will disappear.

Scalp massage with nicotinic acid

If nicotinic acid is rubbed into the scalp, it will work even more efficiently. This procedure is done on washed hair. Thus, the hair flakes open better, and dirt does not get into the follicles. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

Stages of application of the substance:

  • contents from the ampoule can be accessed with a syringe without a needle;
  • the product is distributed along partings, starting from the temporal areas, ending with the back of the head;
  • fingers need to massage the scalp well.

During the procedure, a slight burning sensation may be felt. If itching is severe, and a rash appears on the skin, the product must be washed off immediately. The drug in rare cases can cause allergies. For best results, do not recommend washing your hair for a day.

Niacin can be used for a month 2 times a week.

Then you need to take a month of rest, and then repeat the course again. Do not massage the head with niacin every day, as dizziness and headache may appear.

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Inside use

The drug is available in the form of tablets that can be drunk inside. You can use them only under the guidance of a doctor and after the examination. Take 1 tablet. dosage of 0.5 g. every day for a month. You need to drink tablet
s after meals, so as not to cause stomach problems.

One month after the end of the intake, you can repeat the use of the medicine. The use of tablets and liquid for external use provides a beneficial effect on the hair.

Adding to Shampoo

Nicotinic acid can be used with the usual shampoo. For this, niacin must be poured into a shampoo or balm, but only before applying it to the hair. If niacin is poured into the container itself, then over time the drug will lose strength and there will be no result. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

Do not use a shampoo with silicone, as the components in it do not allow hair to be saturated with vitamins. It also stops growth.

Classic mask with niacin

For this mask you need 1-2 ampoules with a nicotine. For convenience, to evenly distribute the product on the scalp, you need to type the contents into a syringe. It is important to remember that the substance in the open form is destroyed, so you need to quickly work with it. Hair should be washed and a little wet, a coating of grease and dust serves as a barrier. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

Apply a few drops on the frontal and temporal part of the head, and usd, moving to the top of the head. Finally, process the occipital part as well. The mask is not washed off. Perhaps a slight burning sensation, redness of the skin, which should soon pass.

Using a nicotine for a month helps to accelerate hair growth, stop baldness.

The procedure can be resumed in a month. If the skin is very sensitive, then the drug is diluted in equal proportions with water.

Repair mask

Propolis alcohol tincture, saturated with the necessary vitamin and mineral complex, allows hair to be strong and shiny. For the mixture you need a nicotine (2 ampoules), stir the tincture of propolis (20 drops) with 1 yolk and 1 teaspoons aloe juice. Rub the scalp with a mask and leave it for 40 minutes. After that, rinse hair with water.

Mask for all hair types

To make the mixture, you need to combine 1 small tablespoons of liquid honey, raw yolk, 5 drops of vitamin E with 2 tablespoon. l of olive oil and 1 ampoule of niacin. First, usd the scalp with a mask, and then smear the rest with hair. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews TrichologistsYou need to hold the product for at least 1 hour, wrapping your head in polyethylene and a towel, after which you need to rinse your hair with water.

Mask for hair growth with nicotinic acid

For the mask, you need a nicotine (1 ampoule), mix the tincture of red pepper (20 drops) with aloe juice (1 tablespoon. L). The base base in this mixture is olive oil (2 large tablespoons). It is rubbed first into the scalp, and also smeared on the hair itself. The tool enhances blood circulation, gives strength and density to the hair.

Mask for hair loss

The vitamin mixture helps strengthen hair follicles, as well as nourishes, making them more durable.

It is necessary to mix the components:

  • vitamin A – 0,03 fluid ounce;
  • burdock oil – 2 tablespoon. l;
  • niacin – 2 ampoules; Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists
  • Vitamin E – 20 drops.

The skin is actively rubbed with a mixture of the scalp, then wrapped in a film and insulated with a towel. 20 minutes later the mask is rinsed with water. For the result to be, it is necessary to repeat the procedure twice a week, for a month . The course can be resumed after 2 months.

Firming mask

Nicotinic acid (1 ampoule) was distributed in partings and held for 20 minutes. Then gradually usd the nettle broth (2 tablespoon) or chamomile with your hands. There is no need to mix niacin with herbal decoctions to strengthen, since each component has its own effect. Massage the scalp for 15 minutes.

Mask with vitamins

For the mask, you need to mix 1 ampoule of niacin, vitamin A and vitamin C, pour the contents of 1 capsule of vitamin E (in liquid form, you need half a teaspoon). Apply the product on a comb and comb the hair for 5 minutes. Then you need to put a shower cap on your head, insulate with a towel. The duration of the procedure is 20 to 40 minutes.

With burdock oil

Nicotinic acid for hair growth is excellently combined with burdock oil. For the mask, you need to mix 1 ampoule of the substance with 1 cl. l aloe juice and 2 tablespoon. l of oil. Spread the product completely on the locks of hair, and after 30 minutes, wash them with shampoo. A mask based on burdock oil helps combat the problem of split ends and baldness.

Mask with egg and honey

The combination of natural components and niacin allows you to moisturize your hair and cope with oily hair. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

For a mask it is necessary:

  • liquid honey – 2 tablespoon;
  • yolk – 1 pc;
  • niacin – 1 ampoule.

You can use the whole egg, but then wash the mixture with cool water so that the protein does not curl and the process of combing is not complicated. After combining the mixture, it must be smeared on the hair, and left for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair with water.

Mask with propolis

Make a mask by combining the components in a non-metallic dish:

  • alcohol tincture of propolis 0,68 fluid ounce;
  • 1 ampoule of the drug.

Then you need to apply the mixture on the scalp and massage. Rinse with water after an hour. A mixture in this composition allows you to strengthen the hair and enhance their growth. Also, propolis tincture has a fight against seborrhea and has antibacterial properties. To achieve the result, you need to make 10 masks every 4 days.

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Mask with jojoba oil

A mask is prepared by combining jojoba oil (2 tablespoon. L), with a nicotine (2 ampoules), yolk and vi
tamin E (20 drops). The mixture is smeared completely on clean, slightly wet hair. It is necessary to keep it for 40 minutes, then rinse with water only. The mask moisturizes dry hair. It should be done twice a year, courses 3 times a week.

Mask with nicotinic acid and dimexide

Prepare the mask by mixing the components:

  • Dimexide – half a teaspoon.
  • niacin – 2 ampoules.
  • olive oil – 2 tablespoon. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

The mixture must be applied in a warm form. To do this, you can heat it in a steam bath, or in the microwave. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. It can be used twice a week, not more than a month. Thanks to Dimexidum, all beneficial substances get deep into the scalp, and the mask brings maximum benefits.

Mask with ginger and oils

The composition of the mixture includes:

  • ginger root -1 cl. l;
  • niacin – 1 ampoule;
  • olive oil – 2 tablespoon. l;
  • Vitamin A 10 drops.

Carefully mix and distribute everything through the hair. Perhaps a slight burning sensation, but need to be patient for 15 minutes, then rinse the mixture. Ginger mask enhances blood circulation and improves hair growth.

Dry hair mask

The mixture is prepared by mixing nicotine (2 ampoules), coconut oil (half a tablespoon), with any hair mask (1 tablespoon. L). The prepared mixture is spread on the hair and insulated with a towel. Keep it for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Mask for fine hair

For the mixture you need:

  • 1 pack of colorless henna; Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists
  • half a tablespoon of yeast;
  • 1 ampoule of niacin;
  • a couple drops of verbena.

Before stirring everything, you need to pour henna with boiling water and let it cool slightly.

She must be warm. Separately, the yeast is soaked with water.

By combining the components, apply to slightly wet hair. Hold the mask for 1 hour, then rinse with shampoo.

Vitamin PP in a scrub

Scrub with niacin is great for solving problems with oily hair, dandruff. Before applying it to your hair, you need to wash your hair with shampoo. Next, in a ceramic bowl mix 1 tablespoon. l of salt, 1 ampoule of vitamin and a few drops of ether of any citrus. Rub into the scalp, and after 5 minutes, rinse with water. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

You can also make a scrub by combining the juice of one onion and 2 tablespoon. l of sea salt, 1 tablespoon. l of olive oil. Such a composition not only nourishes the scalp, but also enhances blood circulation. Within 5 to 10 minutes you need to usd the mixture, hold for 30 minutes after massage. Scrub can cause a slight burning sensation.

After applying the product, you need to wash your hair several times with shampoo to eliminate odor and greasy.

It is necessary to use scrubs 7-10 times, 1 time per week.

Nicotine spray

In order to prepare a spray, you need a spray tank with purified or mineral water without gas. The contents of the ampoule can be taken out with a syringe so as not to get hurt, and added to water, as well as add 1 drop of essential oil of thyme, sage, pine, rosemary. The spray is stored in the refrigerator for 3 days. Spray the spray onto the roots of wet hair.


Correctly applying masks with nicotinic acid, you can improve the natural beauty of hair, enhance their growth.

Also, with continuous use, you can get the following results:

  • hair loss will decrease;
  • density will increase;
  • the problem of split ends will be reduced;
  • natural color will be restored;
  • gray hair will decrease.

Well-known manufacturers

Their list is as follows:

  1. Renewal companies produce niacin in USA. It is very convenient to use for cosmetic purposes. Distinctive features: a large amount of active substance, as well as safe, convenient packaging with a special opening system. The package contains 10 ampoules of 0,17 fluid ounce each, which are enough for a month. The price of the product: $ 2,72. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists
  2. Nicotinic acid Dalchimpharm is available in USA. Ampoules have a file, therefore it is easy to open and get contents. The drug can be used for hair growth in its pure form, as well as in masks. The cost of vitamin PP: $ 2,3.
  3. The manufacturer of the drug Pharmstandard is USA. Estimated price of niacin: $ 1,75. The product does not cause severe itching when it gets on the scalp, has no smell.
  4. Vial niacin, manufactured in collaboration between USA and China, is considered one of the highly effective hair care products. Cost: up to $ 4,08. per pack of 10 ampoules.
  5. Niacin produced by Darnitsa (Ukraine) costs about $ 1,77. The drug must be typed with a syringe, since it does not pour out from a glass ampoule. Apply only to washed, slightly wet hair. After a couple of minutes, a slight burning sensation on the head is felt, which indicates an increase in blood circulation.
  6. Preparation itself nicotinic acid companies Bufus (USA) is located in a plastic bag with a special tip that provides the ease of opening. The cost of niacin in a pharmacy: $ 1,5. A potent drug to stop the process of hair loss and enhance their growth.

Where to buy nicotinic acid

Niacin for hair growth is sold in any pharmacy. It is produced in the form of tablets, liquid in ampoules, in the form of a powder. But for cosmetic purposes, niacin in ampoules is ideal, and tablets can be used to act on the follicles from the inside. The price of medicines can be in the range of $ 1 – $ 4.

Reviews of doctors – trichologists

Trichologists speak of the drug as a quick and cheap method of hair care. With severe baldness, you can undergo treatment using vitamin PP in ampoules by injecting under the scalp. But this should be done only in a special case after the examination, and under the strict supervision of a doctor.

It is important to follow all recommendations, do not exceed the dose of the substance used.

Course application, due to increased circulation, restores hair, and enhances their growth. Negative opinions about vitamin PP indicate only individual intolerance to the vitamin.

Customer reviews

Women share that the use of masked niacin has an amazing effect. Hair per month is lengthened by 0’4 inch. The amount of hair loss is significantly reduced. They especially note the availability of the drug and ease of use. Niacin for hair growth. Indications, instructions for use in ampoules, tablets, masks. Reviews Trichologists

Nicotinic acid as a cosmetic product is suitable for any type of hair. This is an inexpensive tool that can restore the natural beauty of hair. Regular use enhances hair growth, strengthens them, gives shine and silkiness.

Nicotinic Acid Hair Growth Video

The opinion of the trichologist about the effectiveness of nicotinic acid:

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