Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

Physical fatigue, emotional stress, insomnia – all this negatively affects the condition of the skin and inexorably accelerates the aging process. There are many methods of preserving youth and beauty, one of which is face lifting for the face.

The first steps in this direction were taken at the beginning of the XVII century, but the most effective procedures that help tighten the skin without surgical intervention, developed and began to be actively applied less than 100 years ago.


The term facelift is translated from English as a facelift. The purpose of the procedure is to eliminate or reduce the external manifestations of age-related changes. The effect is achieved by removing excess body fat, smoothing small wrinkles and deep skin folds, as well as correcting the natural oval of the face.

Modern rejuvenation technologies offer several types of facelift, differing by the method of implementation:

View Treatment options Effect of the procedure
  • photolifting – exposure to the skin of high-intensity light pulses;
  • laser lifting – laser beam processing;
  • myolifting – stimulation of the facial muscles by electrical impulses;
  • ultrasonic and radio-fiber lifting.
Hardware lifting is aimed at regulating metabolic processes, burning fat deposits, accelerating the regeneration of skin cells, stimulating the body’s protective functions. As a result, the skin acquires the necessary tone, which helps to adjust the contours of the face.
  • plasma lifting – point injections from the patient’s own plasma;
  • mesotherapy – injections of vitamins and nutrients;
  • contour lift – injection under the skin of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
The result depends on the composition of the injections. Some drugs start the process of natural cell regeneration, others block muscle activity, others help to adjust the shape of the face (add volume, or remove local fat deposits).
  • thread lift – contour correction due to skin reinforcement with threads;
  • surgical tightening – correction of the face contour due to surgical removal of excess skin.
A radical method of rejuvenation, which is recommended for women aged at least 40 and not more than 60 years. The operational method allows you to fix severe deformations of the oval of the face and get rid of the deepest wrinkles. The effect lasts much longer than after a hardware or injection lift.
Gymnastic Various sets of exercises aimed at adjusting the contours of the face. Gymnastics for the face is aimed at increasing the tone of muscle fibers. Regular training allows you to increase the volume of the facial muscles, due to which, the skin covering them is tightened, the oval of the face is corrected.

Surgical face lifting for the face is considered the most effective, but unsafe option for adjusting age-related changes.

However, each of the above methods has its drawbacks:

  • the result of hardware lifting can be seen only after passing a course of expensive procedures; Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures
  • injections dissolve and do not provide a lasting result, and fillers can cause allergies and change position under the skin. They are not excreted and if the result is unsatisfactory, they can only be removed surgically;
  • surgical tightening is a radical method that has many contraindications and side effects. The result depends entirely on the skill of the surgeon. A mistake in choosing a clinic and a contractor can be expensive;
  • gymnastics for the face, or Facebook building – this is daily work. This method is only suitable for organized and disciplined people. But it is absolutely safe and does not require material investments.

However, even Facebook building has several contraindications:

  • high blood pressure;
  • pathology of the facial nerve;
  • Botox or filler injections;
  • plastic surgery on the face, from the time of which less than 2 years have passed.

The absolute advantage of gymnastics for the face is the fact that there are no age restrictions for it. Even after 60 years, using regular exercises for the muscles of the neck and face can significantly improve the appearance, but it will take more time than a young woman.

Muscles can be trained at any age. With the help of gymnastics, they can not only be strengthened, but also slightly increased in volume. During the classes, blood supply to the tissues is activated, which contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen and nutrients, as well as the improvement of metabolic processes, resulting in an amazing rejuvenating effect.

The most effective lifting exercises for every facial area and neck. Execution technique

Over 50 different muscles are responsible for the mobility of the human face. With age, they lose their elasticity and volume, which explains the manifestation of the first signs of wilting. This can be avoided by doing gymnastics for the face. The facial muscles are quite small and easy to study, so the result of regular training will not be long in coming.

Face lifting for the face, the most effective sets of exercises for which have been developed over several decades, allows you to achieve impressive results:

  • the tone of the facial muscles increases;
  • blood flow to the upper layers of the epidermis is stimulated, due to which the color and condition of the skin improves;
  • swelling is reduced;
  • there is a correction of problem areas and a face contour lift;
  • excess fat deposits are burned, which allows to give clarity to the contours;
  • wrinkles are reduced. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

Standard training takes place in several stages:

  1. Warm up – muscle training and exercise. To do this, apply cosmetic oil or greasy cream to your face and massage your forehead, cheeks and chin with light taps of your fingertips.
  2. The main part is the alternation of dynamic and static loads of various intensities, contributing to the elimination of age-related changes and the modeling of clearer contours.
  3. Relaxation is a relaxing facial massage that calms the muscles and helps them recover after a workout. It can be done with anti-wrinkle products.

Face lifting for the face, the most effective sets of exercises for which were developed by famous cosmetologists, fitness trainers and celebrities, may differ in concept and methodology, but the ultimate goal is the same: prevention of age-related changes in the face without the use of cosmetic procedures and surgical intervention.

Nasolabial folds

The following exercise will help to remove nasolabial folds:

  1. Close your lips tightly.
  2. Place the index fingers o
    f both hands along the nasolabial folds from the nose to the chin and lightly press on the skin.
  3. Press lips firmly to your teeth. The fingers remain motionless, creating resistance to muscle movement.
  4. Fix the position for a few seconds, feeling the tension, then relax.

The exercise is repeated 5 times.


The following exercise will help reduce wrinkles under the eyes and strengthen the lower eyelid:

  1. Press the forefinger pads lightly on the outer corners of the eyes. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures
  2. Raise your eyebrows as much as possible, feel how the upper eyelid is tightened, overcoming the resistance of finger pressure.
  3. Pressed with the fingertips of the inner corners of the eyes and repeat movement No. 2.

Do 10 reps. It is very important that the fingertips provide uniform, delicate pressure, all with a surface. The skin around the eyes is very tender and can be stretched with excessive zeal.

To strengthen the upper eyelid, it is tedious to perform the following actions:

  1. Fix the gaze on an object located at eye level.
  2. Raise the upper eyelid as much as possible, making sure that the eyebrows remain motionless, and the forehead does not frown.

Perform 5 repetitions, then relax.

Exercises against swollen bags

The following exercise will help get rid of swelling in the eye area:

  1. Put your palms on your forehead. Unnamed fingers should cover eyebrows.
  2. Close eyes.
  3. Fix the little fingers on the contact line of the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Look first up, then down, without opening your eyes.

Repeat movement 15 times.


To cleanse the forehead of horizontal facial wrinkles and vertical folds between the eyebrows, the following actions are recommended:

  • put the tips of the index fingers on the bridge of the nose and gently press the inner corners of the eyebrows. The pressure should be even and delicate. Without relieving pressure, try to frown and then relax. The fingers should be motionless, creating resistance to movement. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures
  • put the palms of both hands on the forehead so that the ring fingers are located above the eyebrows, and the index fingers under the hairline. Press lightly on the skin. Slowly raise your eyebrows, feeling overcoming resistance, then return to starting position.

Repeat exercises 10 times.


You can get rid of sagging cheeks using 2 simple exercises:

  • get air in your mouth. Start rolling the “balloon” from side to side, alternately inflating either the right or left cheek. Then direct it to the lips and repeat the rifts in the vertical direction: from the upper lip to the lower and vice versa. Perform 10 repetitions. In this case, the lips and teeth should be tightly compressed; Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures
  • inflate your cheeks and begin to slowly press on them with your palms, being careful not to let the air out. Perform 15 repetitions. When doing the exercise, you need to feel how the muscles of the cheeks work.

Face oval

The following exercise will help preserve the natural oval of the face and get rid of wrinkles above the upper lip:

  1. Grit your teeth tightly.
  2. Lower the lower lip so that the teeth are exposed as much as possible. Make sure that the corners of the mouth do not fall, and the lower jaw remains motionless.
  3. Lock in position for 5 seconds, then relax.

Perform 3 to 5 repetitions.

Lower third of the face

This area includes the lips, cheekbones and chin. Regular gymnastics effectively helps in the prevention of wrinkles, prevents lip line changes and helps strengthen the muscles of the cheekbones.

  • Tightly tighten your lips, raise the corners, making sure that the central part remains motionless. To feel the movement of the muscles, you can put your fingers to the corners of the lips. Lock in position, then relax. Repeat the exercise for 20 s.
  • Inhale deeply, and then, for 5 s, slowly exhale air through compressed lips. Then relax and smile. In this case, the lips should be energized. Repeat 10 times.
  • Pull lips out with a tube and in this position, first open and then close your mouth 10 times.


The following exercise will strengthen the muscles of the neck and prevent the appearance of a double chin:

  1. Straighten your back.
  2. Tighten the lower lip so that its tip extends beyond the row of lower teeth.
  3. Close your mouth, tighten your lips and slowly lean your head back, feeling the neck muscles tighten. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

Repeat exercise 5 times. It is very important that during its execution the back is straight.

The second version of the exercise for the same muscle group:

  1. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders.
  2. Slowly throw back your head, feeling how the skin is stretched from the chin to the line of the clavicle.
  3. Extend the lower jaw, increasing the tension of the cervical muscles.
  4. Lock position for 10 s.

Chin Exercises

To prevent double chin, you need to regularly do the following exercise:

  1. Support your head with your fist, positioning your hand so that the back of your hand is facing out, and the knuckles of your fist rest directly at the point where the double chin begins.
  2. Slowly lower the lower jaw, I feel the resistance of a clenched hand.
  3. Fix the position for 2-3 seconds, then relax.

The movement must be repeated 5 times.

Face-building method from professional trainers and celebrities

Face lifting for the face, the most effective procedures of which can be carried out with the help of surgical operations or cosmetic procedures, and face building are not the same thing.

Facebook building is a kind of cosmetic fitness: a set of exercises aimed at developing facial muscles, in combination with massage procedures. Maybe that’s why the author of one of the most popular methods for prolonging youth without contour plasty was the former fitness trainer Evgenia Baglyk.

< span id="i-13">Complex Eugenia Baglyk

The main idea of the rejuvenating complex of exercises of Evgenia Balyk is that the muscles of the face give in to training no worse than the muscles of the body. Regular exercises with the right load will increase the volume of the facial muscles and prevent sagging skin. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures
Facelift for face

Before embarking on a program, Eugene carefully studied the structure of each muscle of the face and analyzed the features of their interaction with active facial expressions. Having gone through many trainings, and highlighting the best of the most popular world practices of Facebook building, she began to compile her own set of exercises.

Each movement in the exercises is designed taking into account the functionality and structure of the muscle being worked out.

Gymnastics for the face according to the method of Eugene Balyk has no age restrictions, however, it promotes an individual approach, depending on the needs of the client. She has preventive, anti-aging, and corrective exercise deficiencies. It is recommended to start classes with a trainer who will help you leave the program and tell you in detail how to perform the exercises correctly.

Galina Dubinina complex

The technique of Galina Dubinina is a symbiosis of advanced exercises, according to the system of the American cosmetologist Carol Maggio and the recommendations of one of the best plastic surgeons Reinhold Benz. Her complex consists of elements of face-building, yoga, body-flex and other progressive practices aimed at improving the general condition of the body.

The full comprehensive program of Galina Dubinina includes:

  • massage of bioactive points;
  • study of problem areas of the neck and face;
  • gymnastics for the eyes;
  • bodyflex and breathing exercises.

The set of different practices makes up a single system, so the exclusion of any exercise included in the complex will negatively affect the overall result. If there is not enough time for classes in the full program, it is recommended to stay only on Facebook.

Carol Maggio Complex

Face lifting for the face, the most effective exercises for which were developed by the American cosmetologist Carol Maggio, is gaining more and more followers in USA. Her concept is based on the relationship of internal energy and the physical condition of a person. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

According to Carol, training will provide the expected result only if the exercise is fueled by positive emotions and energy flows aimed at achieving the goal.

To obtain the effect, exercises should be performed taking into account the recommendations of the author of the methodology:

  • in order to verify the correctness of the exercise, you must perform it while standing in front of the mirror;
  • correct body position: the back is straight, the stomach is tightened, the muscles of the hips and buttocks are slightly tense;
  • you need to tune in to the exercise, focus on the accuracy of the movements, feel every involved muscle;
  • each exercise must be completed with complete relaxation of the muscles of the face and body. Then tightly tighten your lips and try to draw air with force, feeling their vibration and tension;
  • after class you can do a light facial massage.

The complex from Carol Maggio contains 13 exercises. She is constantly improving and improving her technique. At 70, a woman looks at a maximum of 50, which clearly proves the effectiveness of facelift.

Anastasia Burdyug complex

Anastasia Burdyug – one of the followers of Carol Maggio. She was certified by the author of the methodology and created on her basis an author’s project called “Super Face”. The complex consists of 13 exercises aimed at maintaining and increasing the tone of all facial muscles.

The main condition for achieving the result is the consistent execution of all exercises in the recommended order at least 2 times a day: morning and evening.

Charging for the face takes no more than 8 minutes, however, the first positive changes will be noticeable after a week of regular classes:

  • there is an increase in skin tone;
  • complexion improves;
  • swelling goes away. Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures Facelift for the face. Effective exercises, methods against puffiness, for lifting the oval, before and after pictures

The Anastasia Bourdyug complex includes the following exercises, which must be performed in strict order:

  1. To return clarity to the oval of the face.
  2. To strengthen the neck.
  3. For lifting cheeks and cheekbones.
  4. To enlarge the eyes.
  5. For lower eyelid lift.
  6. For lip augmentation.
  7. To improve complexion.
  8. To adjust the shape of the nose.
  9. From transverse wrinkles on the forehead.
  10. For lifting the corners of the lips.
  11. To remove nasolabial folds.
  12. To fight the double chin.
  13. From sagging neck.

Jacqueline Kennedy Complex

Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the most popular women of her time. She was an example of style and grace, and managed to maintain her beauty without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. A set of exercises for the muscles of the face was developed for Jacqueline by her personal beautician Ray Harlow. The program includes 13 exercises for the implementation of which you need to spend from 5 to 7 minutes per day.

Cheek Exercises:

  • take a deep breath through the nose, puff out your cheeks and then produce a strong step-wise exhalation through tightly compressed lips. Repeat 3-4 times;
  • repeat the first exercise, fixing the corners of the lips with the pads of the index fingers;
  • take a deep breath through the nose, inflate the left cheek and with strong jerks release air through the left corner of the mouth. Lips must be tightly pressed. Then repeat the exercise for the right cheek. Do 3-4 repetitions;
  • draw air into your mouth, create an imaginary balloon and roll it from side to side, causing the cheeks to inflate alternately.

Lip exercises:

  • tightly compress the jaws, open, and then tightly close y
    our lips. Repeat 5-6 times;
  • pronounce in turn the sounds “a”, “o”, “and”, “s”. When pronouncing, follow articulation. Repeat exercise 5-6 times.

Eye exercises:

  • place palms on the cheeks so that the pads of the index and ring fingers fix the corners, and the middle fingers cover the upper eyelids of open eyes. Close your eyes tightly, feeling resistance, then open your eyes and relax. Do 4-5 repetitions;
  • close eyelids tightly, count to 5, then open your eyes wide and fix the position for 5 s. Ensure that the forehead remains motionless. Do 3-4 repetitions;
  • follow the pendulum with your eyes: right-left. The head should not turn. After 10 s. close your eyes and count to 3. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times;
  • make 2 slow circular movements of the eyes, first clockwise, then against it. Repeat 2-4 times;
  • straighten your back, straighten your shoulders. The head should be motionless. Slowly raise your eyes upwards, making sure that your forehead does not wrinkle, then lower it down. Keep your eyes up and down for 2 seconds. Between sets, relax and close your eyes for 3 seconds. Do 3 to 4 repetitions;
  • quickly blink, counting to the rate of movements up to 10. Give the eyes a rest for 3 seconds, then close them and repeat the exercise, simulating the blinking of the tension of closed eyelids. Repeat the cycle 3 to 6 times;
  • take a deep breath, turn your head first right to the stop, then left. Then lower it to the chest, exhale and relax.

To achieve the result, you need to do exercises every day. Facelift for the face does not require much time. The most effective exercises are simple enough, and to do them correctly you do not need to finish courses. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate technique, to allocate from 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

Face Fitness Videos

Face Fitness:

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