Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health

The habit of doing exercises has undeniable advantages and gives multiple positive effects on women’s health. You should not consider a set of exercises for charging after waking up in the morning as a waste of time. In fact, these are profitable investments in one’s own health, positive state of health and attractive appearance for many years.

The benefits of morning exercises for women are as follows :

  • Helping the body cheer up quickly.
  • Giving tone to the muscles of the body, supporting a beautiful figure.
  • Unloading for the heart.
  • Acceleration of blood, heating vessels and capillaries.
  • Improving overall well-being, health.
  • Mood boost.
  • Increased availability.
  • Improving joint mobility.

Many fitness trainers and doctors are sure that morning exercise prolongs life, as it fills the body and soul with energy for the whole day, which contributes to a strong endurance of a person in difficult psychological situations and during physical exertion.

A set of exercises morning exercises

You should start exercises for charging in the morning without immediately jumping out of bed. A competent sequence of actions is essential. It is most advisable after a complete awakening to do a light warm-up massage for the body.

Movements go from the periphery to the center of the body in order to further activate the lymphatic system and contribute to the additional cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins. In addition, the nervous system should be awakened and there are also effective methods for this.

For example, the following algorithm can be used (right in bed after waking up):

  • rubbing the palms of hands against each other, first one palm presses slightly on the other, then vice versa;
  • light facial massage with warm palms, movement from the top to the neck, press the palms to the eyes, massage the area around the eyes;
  • press the centers of the palm to the ear canals, create a small vacuum, sharply remove the palms (improves the sense of hearing), then massage the ears, easily rinse the lobes and cartilage; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • stroking each hand from fingers to body, easy slipping;
  • identical actions with the legs;
  • stroking movements along the body with a concentration on the touch, in order to feel the body completely and whole, go to activity.

This algorithm can be supplemented by some other actions to your liking. For example, some people like to massage eggs separately in the morning, and this makes sense and benefits. One way or another, the point is to prepare yourself for more active movements, warm up and better feel the body.

Hand and forearm warm up

The first exercises for optimal charge in the morning are most often warm-up movements for the hands. This part is also possible to do sitting in pastels, but in order to better warm up, it is better to stand. The sequence may be different, but the following is specially arranged to get the best effect.

Morning exercises for warming up joints and tendons:

  • fold your palms at the chest (as for prayer) without tearing apart from each other to spring and press down a little – 10-20 movements;
  • arms to the sides, extended as much as possible, movement only with brushes up / down with a feeling of tension to the fingertips – 10-20 movements;
  • rotation at the elbows to / from yourself – 10-20 movements in each direction; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • stretching the arms above the head up, unscrew the wrist lock, stretching up from the shoulder joints – about 20 seconds;
  • wrist lock in front of you, springy movements to the chest and back while maintaining the wrist lock – 10-20 movements; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • one hand stretches forward, the palm looks up, with the other hand grabs the fingers and pulls down, trying to bend straight fingers in the opposite direction, repeat it on the second hand – 10-20 movements for each hand;
  • the hand rises, bends at the elbow, which is above the head itself, and the palm behind the back above the cervical vertebrae, with the other hand press on the elbow and knead the shoulder joint – 10-20 small movements.

Kneading muscles:

  • intensive flexion / extension of the fingers into a fist – 20 seconds; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • push-ups from the wall, standing – 20 times;
  • hands on the wall, the body bends so that both the hands and the body are perpendicular to the surface, springing movements of the body up / down – 20 seconds;
  • independent tension / relaxation of the hands completely – 10-20 times;
  • simulation of lifting the barbell (dumbbell) for biceps – 10-20 times (light dumbbells can also be used).

Such a warm-up of muscles, joints and ligaments improves grip strength and develops muscles, helps to tighten muscles and improve the appearance of hands.

Body warm-up

Morning exercises do not include aerobic exercise. Therefore, in the warm-up of the body, mainly static exercises are used, which on the one hand give a high positive effect and prepare the body for the upcoming day, but also do not give excessive load and require a minimum of time.

The standard duration for each exercise is 30 seconds, depending on the preparation, the duration should be increased.

  • Strap. Known exercise. Stand for push-ups only on the forearms, palms pressed to the floor. The buttocks are slightly tightened, the legs tighten the pelvis slightly tucked towards the body. Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • Side plank. The emphasis is only on one arm (the position is identical to the previous one), the second arm lies on top along the body. The body is flat, straight. Running to each side.
  • Holding feet. Lying on your back, body and buttocks are pressed to the surface, straight legs rise 45 degrees above the ground. Perhaps in addition to do a hold at 30 and 60 degrees. Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • Rotation of the housing. Standing, feet in parallel at a distance of about 11’8 inch, legs are fixed. Circular movements only the upper part of the body in one direction and another, about a minute.
  • Pulling the body. The pose is identical to the previous exercise. One arm along the thigh is pressed, the other rises upward, stretches out, the side is tilted, toward the side of the arm pressed to the thigh. The upper arm tends to the distance, helps to further extend the body. Running on both sides with a fixation position.

Static exercises additionally train stabilizer muscles and tendons. The result of such regular training is a pleasant appearance of the body, as well as the absence of fatigue during the day, the correct position of the body when sitting and walking.

Legs warm up

Exercises for charging in the morning not only give energy, but also trigger metabolism. They are an integral part of a weight loss and maintenance program.

Kneading joints and tendons:

  • swing legs forward / back and sideways – 10-20 times, if necessary, support on the wall;
  • rotation of the pelvis – half a minute in opposite
    directions; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • rotation in the knee joints, thigh parallel to the floor, lower leg on weight – 10-20 times;
  • foot rotation on weight – 10-20 times, on each leg, rotation in different directions;
  • the leg is slightly raised ( 2 inch from the ground) the foot is pulled with tension from the body and pushed back, striving with an effort to the lower leg – 10-20 times on each leg.

After the joints and tendons are stretched, you should work on the muscles. To do this, first rises on the socks for about a minute.

Next, various variations of squats are performed 10-20 times each:

  • Squats when legs are pressed to each other;
  • Squats when the feet are approximately under the shoulders;
  • sumo squats
  • squat-plie. Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health

After squats, it is useful to do exercises for transverse and longitudinal twine. In general, these exercises improve trophic tissue in the legs, relieve fatigue and are an excellent prevention of cellulite.

Neck exercises

Morning exercises for the neck have contraindications. If you have any ailments like a hernia in the cervical spine or osteochondrosis, you should do the minimum amplitude of movements and first ask the specialist what exercises are permissible.

For those who have no restrictions, it is useful to perform the standard complex:

  • side bends;
  • rotation in different amplitudes;
  • traction with fixation in different directions.

After this warm-up is completed, the so-called plow is performed: lie on your back, straight legs are thrown behind your head, hands lie on the floor. The emphasis is on stretching the back and cervical spine.

Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
Morning exercises for the neck improve blood supply to the brain all day.

It is also useful to use the exercise from the training of wrestlers. Starting position: standing on all fours with emphasis on the palms, the head rests on the floor with the space between the forehead and the crown. In this position, body movements (mainly the shoulder girdle) are performed in different directions to warm up the neck.

The benefit of this complex is mainly in preventive and therapeutic effects. Muscles are being worked out that support small cervical vertebrae in an optimal position, and blood supply to the brain improves.

Often, a regular warm-up is enough to get rid of migraines and clamps in the collar zone.

Basic exercises

If there is a need to optimize the process and reduce the duration of the charge, it is possible to do basic exercises and movements. Although they may look a little primitive, even such a sequence gives significant benefits and prepares the body for a new day:

  • rotation by hands, in different directions, in the hands, elbow and shoulder joints; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • rotation of the body and pelvis and head in different directions;
  • swing legs forward / backward;
  • Squats with jumping 10-15 times;
  • push-ups 10-15 times;
  • twine – 2-3 minutes.

For such a warm-up it will take about 7 minutes, a contrast shower after completion will bring additional benefits.

Charging completion

In the final stage, it is useful to “collect” the whole body.

Therefore, the appropriate basic exercises are used here, in the following sequence:

  • bending forward to straight legs while sitting, without sudden movements and with fixation – about a minute;
  • fixed bridge (if necessary, preparatory lifts to the bridge and rest are made, and then the position is fixed) – half a minute; Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • push-ups – an affordable but not excessive number of repetitions.

After the set of exercises for charging in the morning is completed, lie down calmly and relax for 2-3 minutes. Next come wash and do other morning things.

A set of exercises for weight loss

The essence of exercises, which provide not only vigor, but also help to lose weight, is to further enhance metabolism. In addition, they are more energy intensive and allow you to burn calories better. Only in order for the body to burn precisely subcutaneous fat, exercises need to be done strictly on an empty stomach.

  • Dynamic workout. Jumping: legs to the sides / legs together; hands along the hips / above the head. Run cotton, about a minute. Further on the spot with the hips raised – a minute and the same run only with the lower leg.
  • Strengthening and losing weight of the legs. The stand, as for transverse twine, is high enough to be able to bend one leg and “sit” on a bent leg. The second leg is a straight, bent knee around the shoulder. From this position a “roll” is made to the second leg, the body is kept lower. Performing about a minute.
  • Legs and body. Lying on your back, first the legs are thrown behind the head, then they return to their original position and the body is lifted with an inclination to the legs. Performing about a minute. Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • Climb to the chair. You should firmly place a chair or choose another surface of convenient height, so that one by one from one leg stands on this surface and descends. It is performed 20-30 times on each leg.
  • Squats Nowhere without them. Especially after the previous exercise, the effect will be more vivid. Morning exercises for women. A set of exercises for weight loss and health
  • Push-ups with a
    Also a classic that acts. 10 push-ups are performed, then 20 seconds of the bar. The cycle is repeated at least 3 times.

How to complete a weight loss complex

Finish the workout by performing simple exercises, as at the initial stage – warm-up aimed at calming and relaxing the muscles. Simple calm walking helps to stabilize the pulse and heartbeat.

It takes about a week for a beginner to get used to the load. After this, the training should be gradually and gradually complicated, increasing the number of exercises in one approach and the number of approaches. Particular attention should be paid to rationalizing nutrition in order to accelerate metabolism. So the process of burning fat will be more effective.

In order to more conveniently carry out exercises for charging in the morning, it is useful to have a plan pre-drawn up on paper with a clear sequence of actions. There it is advisable to note the main parameters, for example, the available number of repetitions (to fatigue) and observe the progress, gradually increasing the load.

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