Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

The use of various oils in cosmetology and to promote health is popular today. Many are well aware of the beneficial properties of pink, sandalwood, orange and other oils and successfully use them.

Argan oil, despite its great benefits, is not so often used in medicine and personal care. Knowing its useful properties, composition and recipes for use in various fields, you can include oil with benefit in the diet and beauty recipes.

How to get argan oil

Argan oil is one of the most expensive and exclusive. It is obtained from the seeds of a tree called argan or “iron tree”. It is distributed only in certain climatic latitudes and is found in Africa in Morocco and Algeria. It reaches 32’8 – 39’4 foot in height and can live 150-200 years (sometimes more).

A limited growth zone, and a difficult method of obtaining increase the cash value of argon oil. The oil itself is an oily liquid with a golden tint and has a sophisticated aroma. Argan tree oil has a number of useful healing properties in cosmetology and medicine, and also finds application in cooking.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration
Argan oil. Properties and application. Advice.

Despite the automation of labor and the widespread introduction of technological innovations designed to help people today, getting oil from seeds of argan fruits remains a very laborious and complex process.
In order to get 0,3 gallon of oil, first collect 1 centner of fruits (it grows so much on about 13-14 trees).

This fruit volume contains about 66 pounds of seeds, which in turn contain kernels that are used to squeeze the oil.

After harvesting, the fruits are dried for some time in the sun. Then they are split, most often by hand. It takes 1.5-2 days of painstaking work. Then the fibers are removed from the seeds of the fetus and the seeds are extracted, which is also a very complex process, since the shell of the seeds is strong and hard.

Further processing depends on the purpose of further use of the oil:

  • for use in cosmetology and medicine – the seeds are simply squeezed out of the seeds, using cold pressing, which helps to neutralize the nut smell;
  • for food purposes – the bones are pre-fried a little, allowed to cool, and then wrung out mechanically.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

First-pressed oil has a higher value and is more expensive. For second-pressed oil, the cake obtained from pressed seeds is extracted with water or special compositions, which allows the raw materials to be fully used. However, such oil after extraction is unclean and therefore costs a little cheaper.

Composition, properties and calorie content of argan oil

Argan oil contains a whole range of useful substances, their combination in it is unique:

  • linoleic acid – a beneficial effect on the state of the body as a whole, a person can get linoleic acid only from outside, since it is not synthesized;
  • about 85% are saturated fatty acids (omega-6) – they slow down the aging process, lowering the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases;
  • tocopherols, polyphenols – relieve inflammatory processes, have a detox effect on the body;
  • sterols – a rare component that is present in a limited number of products and has powerful anti-allergenic properties;
  • Vitamins E, A, F – useful for the skin and for health in general.

Iron tree oil has a high nutritional value and contains 830 kcal per 100 g.

Oil application

Argan oil, the properties and application of which are not known to everyone, is used in medicine, cosmetology, cooking:

For food purposes Apply dark oil “iron” wood. Dark color is caused by heat treatment of grains. It is famous for its nutritional value and on its basis in Morocco they prepare a national product – amlu. This is a paste made from argan oil, honey and almonds (chopped). Also, a special piquant aroma helps culinary specialists create exquisite dishes. Added oil will emphasize the taste of fish dishes, sauces, couscous. The healing effect when using such an oil is to lower bad cholesterol.
In cosmetology The light type of oil is used to care for hair, skin, nails.
For medical (medical) purposes Oil is mainly used to treat skin diseases: eczema, atopic dermatitis, excessive dryness.

In medicine

Successful use for medical purposes is due to a number of properties of argan oil:

  • moisturizes;
  • promotes rapid regeneration of the epidermis;
  • relieves inflammation;

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

  • helps to cheer up, maintain tone;
  • is a powerful antioxidant.

Finds application with:

  • high blood sugar (diabetes);
  • progressive Alzheimer’s disease;
  • heart and vascular diseases,
  • infectious diseases;
  • problems with bones, pain in joints and muscles,

Oil occupies a special place in dermatology, as shown for increased dryness of the skin and eczema manifestations. It also contributes to the speedy healing of wounds, the healing of scars, scars, burns.

In cosmetology

Argan oil, the properties and application of which is not widely known, like some other oils, is successfully used for cosmetic purposes. According to many cosmetologists, this is one of the best oils that can radically transform and improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

When used on the skin, it penetrates not only the outer layer (epidermis), but also the deeper layers of the skin – the dermis, providing the skin with everything necessary.

For instance:

  • protects hair from UV radiation, overdrying, strengthens them;

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

  • helps restore cracked, weathered skin;
  • slows down the processes of extinction of tissues and prevents a decrease in elasticity, loss of moisture;
  • fights sakna, helps in the care of oily oily skin;
  • suitable for children for the treatment of diaper rash, rash;
  • smoothes wrinkles in the eye area;
  • prevents the appearance of scars and scars on the skin;
  • removes whitish stripes on the skin (stretch marks);
  • promotes the revival of the hydro-lipid skin layer;
  • restores nails, gives them a brilliant well-groomed look.

How to determine product quality

Based on the purpose for which the oil is purchased, one should be able to distinguish between food and cosmetic. Very often, for cosmetic try to give out edible oil. You can distinguish them by smell. The aroma of oil suitable for cooking will have a pronounced nutty hue with an almond impurity.

Oil for cosmetic purposes will have a very muted nutty flavor.

Often, manufacturers want to sell low-quality goods, masking them in darkened plastic packaging. In such containers, oil loses its beneficial properties. Quality oils are sold in glass bottles that can be darkened. On a bottle of good quality argan oil you can find complete information about the manufacturers and wax seal.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

The color of the quality product will have an amber hue, while the fake will be a yellowish-golden color. The consistency of the original oil allows it to be quickly absorbed without greasy marks and smudges. 

If the oily liquid gives off a rancid odor and is too liquid or, on the contrary, too thick, it is worth considering the improper quality of such a product.


Most manufacturers indicate that there are no prohibitions on using argan oil.

However, there is a category of persons for whom caution should be exercised, using any means, including argan oil:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • allergic people;
  • personal intolerance to the product.

The use of argan oil after childbirth and during pregnancy

The use of oil during pregnancy and feeding the baby outwardly is possible (provided there is no allergic reaction). This oil is extremely saturated with vitamin E and helps young mothers prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as make them visually less noticeable after childbirth.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

It enhances blood circulation and activates the processes of epithelization and granulation of the skin, where necessary.

Argan oil in cosmetology: rules and instructions for use

Argan oil, the properties and application of which are known to some women watching themselves, are actively used for cosmetic purposes. The oil added to the finished makeup products makes it unique and surprisingly effective.

Oil can be used both separately (independently) for medicinal purposes, and be an additional component:

  • in various creams for skin care of hands and face;
  • in kind;
  • in the composition of face masks and hair;
  • in lotions, emulsions.

The oil is perfectly absorbed into the skin and does not leave greasy marks, a sticky feeling. It is perfect for skin care before and after tanning, it allows you to get a uniform dark color.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

It can be used for any type of skin and various problems: for wrinkles, acne, dryness. The beneficial substances contained in the oil help to maintain the turgor of the skin at the proper level and slow down photoaging.

Usually, in the package with oil, you can find an annotation, which gives the following instructions (instructions) for use:

  • it is used for problematic, oily skin, with inflammation and blackheads, for dry skin, prone to peeling, for aging skin, with wrinkles and not sufficiently moisturized;
  • with caution – in the presence of wounds and sores on the skin of the face (head, hands), with poor oil tolerance.

Basic rules for using oil:

  • carefully check the quality of the product so as not to stumble on a fake and not harm the skin with a non-quality emulsion;
  • it is better to store oil in a cool place in the refrigerator;
  • for those who apply in the first place, it will be useful to make a simple test for an allergic reaction – apply a small amount of oil on your wrist and observe if any unwanted manifestations appear on the skin within 24 hours;
  • Before use, the oil can be slightly heated to enhance the effect of the skin (or hair);
  • Do not use metal utensils to prepare masks and heat oil to avoid oxidation of this valuable product.

Mask for dry skin

For lifeless, overdried skin that needs to be moisturized, you can prepare such a mask: crush half the avocado pulp (medium-sized) and combine with a small amount of sour cream, add 1 tablespoon. softened honey and 1 teaspoons argan oil. Apply the resulting composition to previously cleansed face skin. Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

Soak for 15-20 minutes and then carefully remove from the face with cotton pads and water. To enhance the effect, apply a moisturizer to the skin with a few drops of argan oil.

For oily skin

Argan oil will help owners of rough, dense, oily skin with enlarged pores:

  • Beat 1 egg white with a whisk or fork and add 1 large tablespoon of warm (heat in a water bath) argan oil. Apply to prepared face skin (previously cleansed) and leave for 10-15 minutes. After the specified time, a feeling of tightness may appear. Wash off the composition and wipe the face with lotion, narrowing the pores;
  • Mix 1 large spoonful of warm argan oil with a few drops of tea tree oil (5-6 drops) and evenly distribute the police. The mask perfectly dries, tightens pores and helps with inflammation and acne, typical for oily skin.


The purpose of such a mask is to sculpt the oval of the face, to increase the production of collagen and elastin. To achieve a noticeable effect, visually, 10-12 sessions are required.

To prepare the mask you will need:

  • 20-25 drops of argan oil;
  • 1-2 tablespoon of dried kelp;
  • 10 drops of rose oil.

Laminaria is crushed with a blender and oils are added. Before applying the mask, the skin is prepared, not only cleansing, but slightly steaming. The composition is applied to the face and left for about a quarter of an hour. After removing the mask, a nourishing cream or argan oil is applied at night.

 For acne

The anti-inflammatory properties of argan oil allow it to be successfully included in various combinations for masks to combat acne and blackheads. Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

One of the mask options:

  • 1 large tablespoons of argan oil;
  • 1 large spoonful of almond oil;
  • 1 small spoons of clay (blue or black);
  • 1-1.5 tablespoon of water.

Clay is diluted in water and oils slightly heated in a water bath are added. The mask is left on the face for 15-20 minutes. Apply 2-3 times a week, depending on the intensity of the rashes.

For eyelashes

Oil is famous for its healing effect on hair and many girls and women have successfully used it also for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administrationIf in pure form it’s easy to comb the eyelashes at least once a day every day, then after a few weeks they will become stronger, thicker, longer and their natural color will become expressive.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

For an even more effective result, argan oil is often mixed with other oils useful for eyelashes and hair: coconut, avocado, almond.

Very effective is a combination of argan oil with burdock or castor oil. When applying oils, care must be taken not to put oil on the eyes themselves, their mucous membranes.

How to use Argan Hair Oil

Argan oil, the use and properties of which are best known for hair, really perfectly affects their structure and healthy appearance. With the help of this oil, you can get rid of problems with the scalp (seborrhea, dandruff), restore overdried and damaged hair, stop their loss.

Before use, it should be noted that this tropical oil is highly concentrated and a minimum amount is enough for the preparation of masks, and a large volume can cause undesirable reactions.

Basic rules for using oil:

  • pre-check whether there is an allergic response to this product;
  • to increase the efficiency of the procedure, slightly warm the oil emulsion;
  • masks with oil can be applied both to a freshly washed head and to contaminated hair;

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

  • the application of the composition is best accompanied by massaging movements of the root zone;
  • to enhance the effect and maximize the disclosure of all the properties of oil, you can wrap your head with a film and a towel for the duration of the mask;
  • since the oil is very active, do not leave it on the hair and scalp for more than 30 minutes;
  • shampoo should be used to rinse without leaving a greasy coating.

A perfect end to your care will be rinsing your hair with natural bains of herbs (nettle, chamomile). With therapeutic purposes, with severe dry hair, loss and lifelessness, you can carry out procedures 2 times a week. To maintain the natural beauty of the hair and nourish it is enough to apply the oil every 10-12 days.

At home for hair care you can:

  • make masks;
  • wraps;
  • do aroma combing;
  • add oil to shampoos, balms.

Hair Mask Recipes

There are a great many recipes for mask compositions and you can always experiment by mixing the components as you wish:

  • a simple mask – a small amount of warm argan oil is applied to the hair along the entire length, starting from the roots and ending with the tips. The head is warmly covered and kept for no more than 30-35 minutes;
  • nourishing mask – beat one egg and add 1 large tablespoons of argan oil and 1 tablespoon. softened honey. Apply to hair and leave for 40 minutes, covering his head with a warm towel.

Hair strengthening

  • for hair restoration – connect the yolk from two eggs with 2 large tablespoons of argan oil;
  • for dry, lifeless hair – mix 2 teaspoons. olive oil, 2 tablespoon. argan oil, 6 drops of sage oil and 3 drops of lavender oil;

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

  • with rare, falling out hair – combine burdock and argan oil in a ratio of 3 to 1. Slightly warm the mixture and apply to the hair from roots to ends. The exposure time is 30-40 minutes.

In the absence of time for masks, combing the hair with the addition of a few drops of oil on the comb will also be useful.

Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil can also be used to cleanse hair:

  • adding a few drops to the usual care shampoo;
  • for oily hair – 3 tablespoon. Dissolve soda in 4,06 fluid ounce of warm water, add the juice of a lemon slice and 1 tablespoon. argan oils;
  • to increase the density of hair – beat 1 egg, add 1 tablespoon. soda and a little lemon juice, 1 teaspoons argan oil.

Nail Strengthening Oil

Argan oil will help with brittleness and fragility of nails, slow growth and yellowness, and problems with cuticles. It is recommended to use it for everyone who does a lot of homework or hands are constantly exposed to adverse factors.

Thanks to the content of vitamin E and unique antioxidants, it perfectly softens and nourishes the skin, quickly calming it after a cut manicure, promoting the healing of microcracks and exerting an antiseptic effect on the nails and rollers around them.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

It does not allow dark spots to appear on the nails, fungus develops, gives the nail plate a well-groomed radiant and smooth look. To care for the nails, it is enough to usd the oil 2-3 times a week into the nail itself and the area around it. When performing a manicure, a few drops of oil can be added to a warm bath for nails.

The use of oil for health: instructions, recommendations

Argan oil, whose properties are unique and multifaceted, also finds application in recipes for the health of internal organs. After all, argan oil can be used not only externally, but inside. To do this, choose a product made from unroasted seeds. Such an oil will retain more beneficial substances.

Argan oil is indicated for oral administration with:

  • diabetes Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration
  • obesity;
  • gastrointestinal diseases (colitis, gastritis, constipation);
  • frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis);
  • dise
    ases and pathological conditions of the heart and blood vessels (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, ischemia);
  • for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, flu;
  • reproductive disorders in men and women (broken cycle, low sperm quality, impotence);
  • eye diseases (conjunctivitis, cataracts, decreased visual acuity);
  • to prevent the development of onco diseases.

Also for therapeutic purposes, oil is used for:

  • joint and muscle pain;
  • dermatological problems (boils, psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis);
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (gout, arthritis, osteochondrosis).

For the treatment of these diseases, it is used both in its natural (natural) form and as part of ointments, creams, and balms.

The main recommendations for use are:

  • to achieve the effect, it should be taken before meals, preferably in the morning;
  • start with 0.5 teaspoons and gradually increase the dosage to 2-3 teaspoons;
  • use in combination with other drugs and additives is possible.
  • Before use, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Taking oil does not replace the main prescribed treatment.

For digestion

Oil helps with:

  • colitis;
  • heartburn;

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

  • enterocolitis;
  • gallstones;
  • constipation.

To normalize digestion, oil is taken in 0.5 teaspoons. 15-20 minutes before the meal for 14 days. Then take a break. If necessary, repeat the course after a month.

For the liver

Being one of the most complex organs of the human body, the liver takes on the elimination of all toxins, poisons and unnecessary substances. Without proper care and support, the body wears out quickly and ceases to be a reliable filter for the body. To support it, argan oil can be used for prophylaxis.

The protective properties of this oil will perfectly support the liver and improve its cells.

For the purpose of prevention, it is enough to add 1 teaspoons. butter in any dish daily.

For heart

The use of oil as an additive in salads, side dishes and soups will help protect blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, and thereby prevent the development of atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

For the treatment of heart disease, you can take 1 teaspoons daily. oils 2-3 times a day as adjunctive therapy.

For the prevention of oncology

The presence of antioxidants in the oil allows you to remove free radicals from the body that regularly form in the human body and cause oncology. Argan oil is especially effective for the prevention of cancer of the bladder and prostate gland. It is enough to take 1-2 teaspoons. shortly before meals for a month.

Against dermatological diseases

Argan oil is also good for treating skin problems caused by dermatological diseases. With psoriasis, eczema and neurodermatitis, the affected areas are lubricated with oil several times a day until the condition improves.

Storage Rules for Argan Oil

For longer storage, it is best to keep the oil in a dark container. Usually, oil is immediately sold in darkened containers. The oil is stored closed for no more than 24 months, and open until 3-4 months, provided that it is in the cold.

Argan oil. Properties and application in cosmetology for hair, skin, oral administration

It is undesirable to let direct sunlight fall even on a darkened bottle, so the best place to store the bottle is a refrigerator. After two years, the oil will be unsuitable for use, since it will lose all its beneficial properties, it may begin to bitter and change color.

How to choose argan oil

When choosing, you should pay attention to the presence of a wax seal on the bottle, the presence of a label indicating information about the production date and information about the manufacturers. Choose containers made of dark glass.

Also, the opening of the bottle (neck) should not be too wide and open, it is better if it is equipped with a drip cap . This protects the oil from airing, prevents it from becoming rancid and simplifies the dosing process.

How to distinguish a fake

Many unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to pass off the oil of the second extraction as a product of the first exit, or they even replace the oil with another liquid. Typically, fakes are poured into transparent containers and the neck of such bottles is wide and in no way protected. If the label indicates a shelf life of more than 2 years, then most likely the product is counterfeit.

Oil cost

Prices for cosmetic oil range from $ 4 – $ 5. up to $ 27 – $ 41. depending on the manufacturer. Food costs in the of $ 41 – $ 54.
The use of argan oil for cosmetic and medicinal purposes allows you to achieve good results thanks to the unique properties of this amazing African product.

Argan Oil Video

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