Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

A female body is considered harmonious if it has the correct and beautiful proportions, the extra pounds provide disharmony. In order to always stay in the first state, nutritionists recommend monitoring nutrition, so if you need to “dry” your body, you should adhere to a competent menu drawn up special for each girl and designed for at least a month.

General principles of nutrition

The main words that need to be learned are rigor and discipline.

In order for weight loss to have a positive result, you must strictly adhere to the following principles:

  1. The amount of protein is calculated by the formula: 2 g of this substance per 2 pounds of its own weight. The use of protein is a daily diet, you can get it from products such as chicken or lean red meat, egg white, special protein shakes. Such a protein intake will allow you to burn fat, while maintaining muscle mass. Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week
  2. The amount of carbohydrates should be low (80 g) or moderate (140 g), this will allow you not to lose the necessary energy and at the same time burn extra pounds. Nutritionists recommend alternating between low and moderate carbohydrate intake, and you should choose foods that are rich in fiber: potato crops, rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread.
  3. The amount of fluid should be at least 0,8 gallon per day. As drinks, it is better to use plain water, but sometimes it is not forbidden to drink tea.

Drying the body is a real challenge for the body, so it is important for girls to maintain motivation all month. In order to stick to the menu and not break down, it is allowed once a week to replace one meal with your favorite food or drink: pizza, roll, beer.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

Familiar sweets can be replaced with protein bars and smoothies that do not contain carbohydrates and fats. In addition, photos taken before the diet will help support motivation, because it will be so nice to compare the result in a month.

Expected results: photo before and after drying

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

The main ones are 3 products:

  • egg whites – a quickly prepared and affordable product that does not contain fat and cholesterol;
  • oatmeal – charges with the necessary energy, in addition, it is rich in fiber and has a low sugar content;
  • green vegetables – help to get enough, dull the hunger, are rich in substances necessary for the body during weight loss: amino acids, vitamins, trace elements.

Other products recommended.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

Among protein you can eat:

  • chicken fillet, white fish (tilapia, pollock),
  • fillet of squid, cottage cheese (5%).

Allowed Carbohydrates:

  • buckwheat,
  • Brown rice,
  • beans (peas, lentils, chickpeas),
  • whole grain pasta,
  • fruits (apples, bananas, pears), berries.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week
Unsaturated fats:

  • fish (trout, salmon) and fish oil,
  • linseed or olive oil.

Nutritionists note that the following foods must be completely excluded from the diet:

  • white bread and any flour products;
  • soft wheat pasta;
  • smoked meats and sausages; Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week
  • canned goods;
  • mayonnaise;
  • cream cheese.


Any diet is stressful for the body, so it is recommended that you consult a specialist before starting it.

In general, drying the body is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cardiovascular ailments;
  • in the presence of muscle deficiency;
  • during a period of nerve stress.

Body drying menu for girls for a month

Body drying is usually calculated for a month: for girls this is a great opportunity to prepare for an important event. The menu is signed weekly and daily in advance, this will make it more diverse and include all the necessary products. The following is an exemplary diet that can be used after consultation with a nutritionist.

First week

The first week is considered the most difficult, since the body needs to be reorganized into a new type of food.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

During this period, carbohydrate intake should not exceed 2.5 g per 2 pounds of your weight , so cereals (rice, buckwheat), vegetables and fruits, fish and chicken (turkey) meat, dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, sometimes cheese), fresh herbs, citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit).

Second week

In the second week of the monthly body drying, the menu undergoes the following change: 1 g of carbohydrates per 2 pounds of girl’s weight
. It is recommended to eat them before the evening meal. For dinner, only protein foods are suitable – fermented milk products.

Third week

The third week is characterized by the fact that the amount of carbohydrates is reduced to 0.5 g per 2 pounds of weight, fruits are completely removed from the diet.

Fourth week

The fourth week involves a complete rejection of carbohydrates.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a weekAll that remains is protein food,
in addition, carrots are removed from the diet.

Training during the drying period

Drying the body for girls (the menu for the month is presented above) requires
mandatory physical training. This is necessary in order not to lose muscle mass.

It is recommended to visit the gym 3 times a week. At the same time, 1 time per week they prefer power loads, which will help build muscle. Such exercises are performed with dumbbells or barbell. In the remaining 2 days, you need to do cardio workouts, aerobics, exercises with several approaches.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

The program for drying the body for girls, in addition to following the diet, which is set out in a monthly menu, includes classes in the gym with a predominance of strength exercises.

The training should include running / walking on the treadmill, jumping rope, swing legs in various positions. Training can be carried out at home, here are suitable: shuttle running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming.

During training, all muscle groups should be occupied:

  1. For arms and shoulders. Lifting the bar for biceps, bench press, swing and flexion with dumbbells, exercises in the block simulator.
  2. For the chest. Bench press / dumbbell bench press, push-ups, exercises in the block simulator.
  3. For the back. Pull-ups on the crossbar, vertical and horizontal traction, pullover from the upper block with a rope handle.
  4. For the press. All kinds of vacuum, twisting, bicycle, leg lifts.
  5. For legs and buttocks. Squats with a barbell / dumbbells, lunges, Romanian traction, information and breeding legs.

Expected results

The diet in question, subject to its accurate implementation, allows you to lose up to 6 pounds per week. In general, the loss of 2 -3 pounds per week is considered the norm. It is necessary to record the results once a week, while weighing is recommended at the same time without clothes.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

If after 7 days there is no positive dynamics, then it is necessary to work on the errors . First of all, nutritionists recommend increasing cardio loads: perform exercises 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening. The next step is a sharp reduction in carbohydrates from 2 g to 1 g (0.5 g).

If after such changes the weight will not go away, you should consult a nutritionist.

“Exit” from the regime of fat burning

It is important to know that it is impossible to sharply renew the usual diet, since the weight will quickly return, it is necessary to leave the diet smoothly. If after 30 days the desired result is achieved, then to consolidate it, you need to start moving in the opposite direction: from the last week to the first, while training can be reduced to 2 times a week.

Menu for drying the body for girls, a diet for a week

If there is no desired result, then nutritionists recommend sticking to the menu for 4 weeks and continue to train in the same mode. After taking a month’s course of drying the body and completely leaving the diet, to maintain a beautiful figure, girls should follow the following recommendations when drawing up the menu:

  • cook omelet with whole grain bread for breakfast;
  • replace the usual dinner with dairy products;
  • instead of sweets, use protein bars and cocktails;
  • reduce the amount of unhealthy fats.

A properly organized process of losing weight will help not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improve overall well-being. Drying the body allows you to normalize yourself in just a month, while it does not require large casualties, most importantly, adhere to its basic rules.

Video about drying the body for girls: menu for the day, week, monthly results

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