Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews

Dermahil – a series of cosmeceuticals from the South Korean manufacturer Caregen CoLtd. Rulers of biomimetic peptide preparations are used from bags under the eyes, dark circles, as well as solutions to many cosmetic problems.

Cosmeceuticals – a synthesis of cosmetics and pharmacology, belongs to the category of medical cosmetics, which is safe to use, but has a number of features of use and contraindications.

Advantages of the line of drugs

Dermahil from bags under the eyes, as well as preparations for rejuvenation, solutions for iontophoresis, cocktails for mesotherapy and other aesthetic procedures, is a patented and approved by the CTFA body line.

Benefits of using Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals:

  • The basis of all preparations is a rich nanocapsule complex of highly effective peptides, active growth factors, amino acids, minerals, vitamins.
  • Due to the cosmeceutical properties, a deep effect on the dermal layers, the cellular structure is provided, providing activation of renewal, regeneration processes.
  • All drugs undergo multi-stage control and thorough cleaning in laboratories, which eliminates the presence of harmful impurities and allergen components.
  • Any of the Dermahil rulers is safe. Components do not cause malignant neoplasms, mutations and cell damage. Means provide protection from the damaging effects of free radicals.
    Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews
    Dermahil helps to get rid of bags under the eyes without surgery.
  • The effect of the use of Dermahil is long-lasting, substances that can change the cellular DNA structure are excluded in the component composition. That is why the dermal structure does not change after the introduction of mesococtails.

Indications for the use of mesotherapy for the area around the eyes

Mesotherapy with a line of Dermahil preparations in the periorbital is an effective way to deal with various problems.

For instance:

  • the presence of facial wrinkles and a network of “crow’s feet” around the eyelids;
  • swelling, impaired fluid outflow;
  • traces of hyperpigmentation;
  • bags, dark circles under the eyes;
  • the need for additional toning;
  • deficiency of vitamins, skin nutrition;
  • unaesthetic changes caused by hormonal changes in the body or physiology;
  • decrease in elasticity;
  • slowing down the physiological processes of metabolism, collagen synthesis;
  • dryness, lack of moisture.

Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews

Since the epidermis in the area of the eyes tends to thin out under the influence of external factors and age-related changes, special preparations designed for use in a particularly sensitive area are used to solve cosmetic problems.


Despite the general safety of cosmeceutical preparations Dermahil, there are a number of contraindications to the use of funds.

Mesococktails are not recommended in case of:

  • individual intolerance to drugs;
  • allergic reactions to individual components of the composition;
  • malignant neoplasms, autoimmune diseases;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • herpes infection in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • with chronic diseases in an active form;
  • epilepsy;
  • with infectious pathologies (the procedure is indicated only after recovery).

Side effects

Dermahil from bags under the eyes is used as monotherapy or in complex programs. All drugs are a tandem of cosmetic and medicinal properties. A composition based on highly effective peptides in a synthesis with a rich vitamin-mineral complex rarely causes allergies.

After the use of Dermaheal mesococtails in rare cases, the development of side effects may be observed:

  • soreness in the area of processing;
  • the appearance of small, papules, spot redness at the injection sites;
    Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews
  • hematomas, bruises;
  • swelling in the eye area.

All negative consequences go away, usually within 1-2 days. They can easily be eliminated on their own by applying cold, applying therapeutic ointments with a calming effect.

The principle of mesotherapy Dermahil HSR

Dermahil HSR is a product line developed using a unique technology to combat the first signs of aging. The mesococktail has revitalizing, rejuvenating, tonic and moisturizing properties.

Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews

The effective action of a cosmeceutical preparation is based on the following principles:

  1. The composition of the product includes more than 58 active elements, including 5 synthetic highly effective peptides, 2 antioxidants, as well as a complex of amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, coenzymes, coenzymes.
  2. The basis of the drug is unstabilized hyaluronic acid 1%, as close as possible to the properties of endogenous hyaluronic acid. Its content provides maximum hydration, increases the activity of peptides, effectiveness and long-term result from the use of the drug as a whole.
  3. Due to its unique composition, Dermahil HSR allows you to activate metabolic and regenerative processes at the cellular level. As a result, the skin is rejuvenated, strengthened, nourished, deeply moisturized with the beneficial substances of the cocktail.
  4. With the introduction of the cocktail inside, the skin is protected from the action of free radicals. The peptide composition does not provoke the growth of damaged cells, blocking the development of tumors.
  5. The recommended age for mesotherapy with the Dermaheal HSR cocktail is 40-60 years, when the skin undergoes many visible changes under the influence of aging processes.

The drug can be used for facial skin, neck and decollete, as well as the whole body.

After the course of mesoprocedures, a positive effect can be observed: the relief is smoothed out, small wrinkles are eliminated, pores are narrowed, the skin takes on a more toned, fresh and healthy appearance.

Features of the drug Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

Dermahil Eyebag Solution is used in the treatment of bags under the eyes, allowing not only to disguise them, but also to completely eliminate the defect. The use of cosmeceuticals is recommended for hernia, severe swelling, dark circles and bags, loss of elasticity, overhanging eyelids, fatigue, sagging skin.

According to the manufacturer, the drug has no analogues, a unique formula is effective due to the composition, which includes biomimetic peptides.

They are:

  • Tripeptide 41 (CG-Lipoxin);
  • Nanopeptide 18 (CG-Formade);
  • Oligopeptide 73 (CG-EPG);
  • Oligopeptide 61 (CG-Cell

The tool is used for mesotherapy, introducing a cocktail to a depth of 3/32 inch. The first positive changes are visible after the first session, but to consolidate the result, you must go through a course of procedures. The amount and intensity is prescribed by the cosmetologist after assessing the condition of the skin, a detailed history of the cosmetological problem.

The drug Dermaheal Eyebag Solution has a positive effect on the body:

  1. Helps reduce hernial sacs, reduces the rate of lipid accumulation and the activity of fat cell division.
    Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews
  2. It has brightening and rejuvenating properties, stimulates the division of fibroblasts, and prevents collagen destruction of the dermis.
  3. It contributes to the improvement of the dermal structure by regulating the synthesis of collagen, procollagen, as well as the proliferation of fibroblasts.
  4. Provides anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates cell division, creates a lifting effect, activates the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  5. The drug returns youth to aging skin, saturating it from the inside with nutrients, stimulating the processes of synthesizing substances – the natural components of the intercellular matrix.

Each of the peptides has the property of a booster that enhances the effect of mesotherapy. In the synthesis with the 3 others, each component interacts with the other 3, complementing, enhancing the mutual action.

Features Dark Circle Solution

Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution is designed to correct and tighten the eye area, as well as the targeted elimination of dark circles.

The basis of the drug is a peptide nanocomplex, including:

  • Decapeptide 4;
  • Oligopeptide 24;
  • Oligopeptide 34.

The problem of dark circles in the periorbital can develop due to the negative effects of ecology, physiological disturbances, chronic fatigue and sleep deficiency, circulatory disorders, stress and age-related changes.

Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews

The drug Dermahil Dark Circle Solution is used in mesotherapy, actively acts on the intradermal layers as follows:

  1. Helps seal epidermis by stimulating collagen, procollagen, and other components of the extracellular matrix. As a result, the relief is smoothed out, signs of aging are eliminated (facial wrinkles, crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes).
  2. It activates microcirculation and metabolic processes of the formation of melanin, due to which there is cell renewal and lightening of the skin in the sensitive area.
  3. Prevents photo-damage of the dermis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, evens out skin tone, has a deep anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

An individual course is prescribed by a cosmetologist according to indications, intensively can include from 4 to 10 sessions of mesotherapy with Dark Circle Solution cocktail.

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Dermahil from bags under the eyes is used in complex cosmetic programs, including in mesotherapy sessions. The duration of one procedure is 50-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area. The subcutaneous administration of drugs is carried out by a qualified cosmetologist.

Injection manipulations are carried out using syringes with a microneedle, mesoscooter or mesopistol.

The procedure is carried out according to the standard algorithm:

  1. Before a mesotherapy session with a Dermahil cocktail, the skin is cleaned of cosmetics and impurities, treated with an antiseptic.
  2. For anesthesia of the sensitive periorbital zone, local anesthetics are used.
  3. The doctor determines the area of administration of the mesococktail. The drug is administered according to the selected scheme by any of the methods (syringe, mesoscooter or mesopistol) intradermally, depth – 3/32 – 4/32 inch.

Dermahil from bags under the eyes in HSR mesotherapy. Beautician reviews

After the procedure, the area is again treated with antiseptics. To prevent the appearance of microhematomas, pinpoint redness and swelling, soothing gels, creams, and ointments are applied. After the procedure, it is not recommended to expose the sensitive area to sunlight, exclude visits to the pool, solarium, thermal procedures.

After applying the Dermahil product line, the treated areas should not be massaged, stretched. After 3-4 days, it is recommended to conduct lymphatic drainage sessions to normalize lymph flow.

Results after Mesotherapy

Dermahil from bags under the eyes gives a visible effect after the first sessions of mesotherapy. After applying rulers such as Dermahil HSR with hyaluronic acid, Dark Circle solution from dark circles, Eyebag solution against bags under the eyes, a special effect can be observed.

For instance:

  • visible rejuvenation of the skin occurs;
  • aging processes are slowed down;
  • signs of photoaging are eliminated;
  • swelling decreases;
  • the hydro balance is restored;
  • traces of hyperpigmentation are eliminated;
  • epidermis returns tone, firmness and elasticity.

After the use of patented peptide mesococktails approved by the competent international authorities, intradermal recovery occurs with a visible lasting effect. A positive long-term result is due to the invasive administration of the drug with a direct nanocapsulated effect on the cellular structure and extracellular matrix.

Duration of the course to achieve the effect

Therapy with Dermahil preparations is divided into intensive and supportive. Intensive course includes 6-10 sessions. Calculates the number of procedures and the regularity of the cosmetologist individually. The initial condition of the skin, the presence and degree of age-related changes, physiological characteristics, the presence of contraindications are taken into account.

After an intensive course, a support program is appointed with 1-2 mesotherapy sessions with Dermahil per month. In the absence of indications, mesotherapy is not recommended for young women under 25 years of age. The cost of peptide preparations depends on the product line and scope. The price of one session in the capital’s clinics is from $ 68 – $ 95.

Dermahil is a representative of modern cosmeceutical products with a unique nanopeptide formula. Mesotherapy with the drug helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, dark circles, age-related changes without surgical intervention.

Video about Dermahil

Dermahil from the circles under the eyes:

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