The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

With a sedentary lifestyle and lack of time for going to the gym, a treadmill for the home is an excellent way out. Using the rating of the best models, you can choose the best option for home training.

Types of Treadmills

In maintaining the health of the body, sports are an essential element. Running is an excellent solution for physical inactivity, regular exercise also helps to solve the problem of overweight.

At first, simulators were used in resuscitation centers. But later they began to acquire for home training. The market offers a large selection of simulators of various price categories, which depends on the characteristics, manufacturer and other criteria.

Magnetic Exercise Equipment

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

Magnetic treadmills are great for home use.

This is an improved version of mechanical simulators. The main advantage of this unit is quiet operation.

The canvas is magnetized and smoothly attracted, so the track works almost silently and evenly.

Despite the magnetic drive, the simulator begins to work from the movement of the legs.

The magnet helps to create resistance, thereby increasing the load. A computer with information about the result of the workout is built into the simulator.

The main advantages of magnetic tracks:

  • Small size.
  • Spend significantly less energy unlike electric tracks.
  • More convenient than mechanical.
  • Silent work.
  • Wide functionality.
  • They work without jerking.

Mechanical simulators

The first treadmills were mechanical. Until now, they are popular both for home use and for the rehabilitation of patients. The principle of operation is as follows: a running belt is located between the rotating rollers. Taking a step, a person affects the tape and starts its movement.

This version of the simulator has both pros and cons:

Benefits disadvantages
No electricity required for operation Jerking
The tracks are light and small No training programs
Low cost There is a chance of slipping of the tape, which could result in personal injury.
Thanks to its simple design, it is easier to repair Low comfort during training
Increased load on the musculoskeletal system
Usually there is no display with indicators

Electric simulators

Electric treadmills – the most expensive and modern version of the simulators. They have an electric motor, thanks to which it is possible to regulate the movement of the web. Electric tracks are equipped with computers that show training indicators.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

As a rule, such tracks are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Economical . The maximum speed of this option does not exceed 9 mph, and a power of 5 kW. The possibilities of such a track are also limited. This is the cheapest type of electric track, so it is often purchased for home use.
  • Middle class . More expensive and powerful options. You can usually create and save training programs on these tracks. They are also used for homework, but due to the high cost, not everyone can afford to buy such a simulator.
  • Professional . These options can withstand a large load of several hours and have many functions. Professional electric tracks are usually installed in gyms.

The more professional the simulator, the more electricity it consumes.

Criteria for choosing a good treadmill

When choosing a quality treadmill, certain parameters must be considered:

  • Type of simulator.
  • Power.
  • The size.
  • Possibility of storage and movement. This criterion is especially important in small apartments. There are folding models with rollers for moving.
  • Sustainability.
  • The presence of a computer.
  • Noise level.
  • The ability to adjust the tilt.
  • Additional features: WIFI, audio and video system. It is worth considering that in the presence of such functions, the cost of the track will be much higher.
  • Depreciation system.
  • The maximum possible time of continuous operation. This fact is especially important if several people will be engaged in the simulator.


A treadmill for the home (the rating of the best options is based on customer reviews) should have high engine power, which is measured in horsepower. The greater the user’s weight, the higher this indicator should be.

First you need to determine what the track will mainly be used for:

  • For active running, you need to choose a model whose power is not less than 0,8 gallon / s. For running at normal speed, an indicator of at least 0,7 gallon / s is suitable.
    The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews
  • A force of 0,5 gallon / s is enough for a quiet walk . Usually this option is used for health purposes by older people.

If the trainee weighs more than 198 pounds, for safety reasons, you should choose a power of 1 – 2 pint / s. more.


The cost of treadmills depends on the software. Naturally, the more features and capabilities, the higher the level of the simulator. Accordingly, its cost is higher. When buying a track for home use, it’s worth evaluating how much you need to pay for some features.

Many features can be replaced with other appliances in the house:

  • Video system – TV or phone.
  • Audio system – player, telephone, music center.

Standard features are included in almost all models:

  • Information on the number of steps.
  • Pulse.
  • Calories burned
  • The main training options.

The choice of simulator software depends on personal wishes and financial capabilities.

Running belt size

For comfortable and effective workouts, the running belt should be the right size. It takes into account its length and width. It is necessary to choose the widest possible tape, so playing sports will become more comfortable and safer. With a
narrow web, the user may step on the edge and get injured. It is recommended to buy a model with a canvas width of at least 13’8 inch.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

There are tracks from 12’6 – 20’5 inch on the market. The taller the person, the larger the tape should be. This rule also applies to length. The minimum possible length indicator is 3’6 foot, the maximum is 4’9 foot. With an average height of 5’6 – 5’9 foot, it is enough to choose a track whose tape length is 3’9 foot. If you choose the wrong length or width, the effectiveness of the classes will be lower.

Type of treadmill

There are several treadmill classifications.

The following types are mainly distinguished:

  • Mechanical . These models appeared first on the market. This is the cheapest option, but the level of comfort during training is very low. Experts recommend abandoning mechanical tracks.
  • Magnetic . This is an improved version of mechanical simulators. They are more convenient because the magnet helps create resistance. Magnetic tracks are a great option for inexpensive but comfortable home exercise equipment.
  • Electric . The most modern option, with many features. The main disadvantage is the high cost.
  • Folding . Such tracks are especially appreciated with limited space. They can be easily folded and removed in a few minutes.
  • Commercial tracks are used for gyms. They are designed for long work, as well as for maximum user weight. Professional tracks are highly durable.

Track Tilt Level

A treadmill for the home (the rating of the best options is based on the opinion of professional trainers) should have the function of regulating the angle of the canvas. The minimum possible indicator is 3 °, the maximum is 40 °.

You can change the level on almost all types of tracks, but on mechanical models you need to do this yourself before starting a workout, and in electronic this indicator is located on the display. The more the running belt is tilted, the harder it is to do.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

For active running in order to get rid of excess weight, it is enough to set the belt to a level of 8 °, but for heavy training of various muscle groups, the indicator should be at least 10 °. Experts recommend starting the training from a small angle, increasing it in the process.

User Weight Limit

People weighing more than 220 pounds are advised to consult a doctor before purchasing a treadmill. With heavy weight, active cardio training can be hazardous to health. But on the market are tracks that are designed for users up to 397 pounds.

The maximum weight of the trainee is always indicated in the simulator’s instructions. As a rule, commercial models for fitness rooms are designed for heavy weight, as they have a powerful engine and a wide running belt.

To choose the right option, you must:

  1. Add to your own weight 44 pounds.
  2. Compare the resulting indicator with the characteristics of the model, it should not be higher.

It is worth considering if several people will be engaged in the treadmill, the maximum weight is calculated according to the heaviest. Compliance with these rules will help to increase the life of the simulator.

Depreciation system

A treadmill for the home (the rating of the best options is based on customer reviews) should have a quality depreciation system. This indicator reflects the degree of softness, comfort and decrease in shock load during classes. Tracks with poor cushioning can harm the musculoskeletal system of a person, namely, disrupt the joints.

Proper coating can reduce the load by up to 40%. Some models provide for the adjustment of this indicator. Of course, the better the depreciation, the more expensive the simulator.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

If in the case of additional software features you can not overpay, in this case it is recommended not to save. Modern running belts provide firm repulsion and soft landing with active running, which increases the endurance of the user.

Folding design

For home workouts, lightweight and portable models are recommended. This is especially true when the room does not have a special hall for sports. Typically, such options are not intended for active running.

Most folding walkways feature wheels for easy transport and hydraulic decks for smooth assembly.

When choosing a model, this indicator is the key only in small rooms. In other cases, you should not take into account the possibility of quick assembly of the structure, because such tracks are usually less powerful.

The best magnetic treadmills: review, prices

These treadmills are an improved version of the mechanical, but at the same time have a low cost. Unlike a mechanical track, magnetic options are less dangerous, so they are perfect for simple home workouts, which are so necessary with a lack of movement.

When choosing a simulator, you need to rely not only on the rating of the best models, but also on personal preferences:

  • If the room is limited, it is better to consider folding models.
  • It is worth considering how much training will be frequent and intense.
  • User willingness to pay for additional features.

Brumer TF2002

This model costs about $ 163. The track has a folding structure, which is very convenient in small apartments or houses.

Running belt size:

  • Width 13 inch.
  • Length 3’9 foot.

In terms of the length of the canvas, we can conclude that this model is not suitable for very tall people. In this case, there will be discomfort during training. The maximum allowable weight of the user should not be more than 220 pounds, and experts do not recommend choosing this track for people heavier than 176 pounds.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews
Treadmill for the home Brumer TF2002.

In total, the software provides for 8 types of load, which is quite enough for standard classes. The main disadvantage of the Brumer TF2002 is the inability to adjust the level of tilt. But the model has a good depreciation system, which is an undeniable advantage for this price category.

Starfit TM-201 Versus

The Starfit TM-201 Versus Home Treadmill is rated among the best magnetic models. The price of this simulator averages $ 156. The maximum weight of the trainee should not exceed 220 pounds, so it is not suitable for all users.

Also disadvantages include the lack of a function to change the angle of inclination. The track does not include training programs. The size of the running belt is small – 37’4 x 13’4 inch, so Starfit TM-201 Versus is not suitable for tall users.

But the model has many advantages:

  • Built-in shipping rollers make the treadmill easy to move.
  • The presence of a monitor on which information about speed, calories and distance traveled is located.
  • Original design from the Australian bureau.

The best mechanical treadmills: review, prices

A large number of modern treadmills are currently on the market, but mechanical options also remain popular due to the main advantage – low price.

Mechanical tracks are very easy to use and assemble, so they are a good option for home use. Before buying a particular model, it is recommended that you read the reviews and learn about all the cons of the simulator.

Sport Elite TM1556-01

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

One of the most popular mechanical models is the Sport Elite TM1556-01. The track is not designed for a user whose weight exceeds 220 pounds.

The canvas has medium dimensions:

  • Length 3’4 foot.
  • Width 12’6 inch.

The cost depends on the outlet, but generally varies between $ 136 – $ 150.

The track can be folded, which saves space. It also has rollers for transportation.

There is a small computer with standard information:

  • Calories
  • Pulse.
  • Speed.
  • Distance.
  • Time.

But the model has several drawbacks:

  • No training programs.
  • There is no speed limiter.
  • There is no way to change the angle.

The Sport Elite TM1556-01 has a steel casing and weighs about 40 pounds. This simulator will help to get rid of excess weight, and also involve the main muscle groups in training. But mechanical options are among the most traumatic, therefore it is not recommended for use by children and the elderly.

Bradex ECLIPSE SF 0058

Unlike similar models of this type of track, Bradex ECLIPSE SF 0058 is designed for users weighing up to 265 pounds. The weight of the simulator itself is 28 pounds. The model is folding and has wheels for movement.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

Most buyers are satisfied after use – this is a simple option without special programs for home sports.

The price of the track is about $ 82 – $ 109.

Mechanical models do not require electricity costs, so this simulator can be attributed to very budget options.

The running belt is wide enough:

  • Width 15’7 inch.
  • Lengths 3’3 foot.

The track has a display with basic information that is needed for training.

The best electric treadmills: review, prices

Electric tracks usually belong to a higher price segment, but at the same time they have a lot of advantages. The models are more modern, therefore they have many additional functions. These tracks require energy costs – this fact must be considered before buying.

According to experts, electric simulators are the safest, as they usually have speed limiters and shock absorption. As a rule, models of this type work smoothly and quietly.

Carbon fitness yukon

Treadmill for the home (the rating of the best options is based on the opinions of professional trainers) from the manufacturer Carbon Fitness is one of the most popular electric models. Its cost is about $ 286.

The simulator has both advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
Modern depreciation system Not suitable for people whose weight exceeds 198 pounds
Foldable design and wheels to move High price
The presence of a mechanism that can smooth out uneven floors Narrow canvas – 12’6 inch
The presence of a console with information about speed, distance, time and calories

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

The simulator is capable of accelerating to 6 mph, therefore it is suitable for active and regular training. The design itself weighs 49 pounds, but thanks to the transport roller, the track can be easily moved.

AppleGate T10

This model is suitable for both beginner athletes and experienced users. The cost of AppleGate T10 varies between $ 381 – $ 408. The possible speed of the simulator is 6 mph. The maximum weight of the trainee is significantly higher than the previous model – 243 pounds. The simulator itself is also quite heavy, it weighs 88 pounds.

< p>
The size of the running belt is suitable for comfortable activities:

  • Length 4 foot.
  • Width 15’7 inch.

This model can be considered by people of almost any height. Thanks to the modern cushioning system (polymer), a good grip of shoes and a running belt is provided during training. This helps reduce stress on the joints and spine. The interface is presented in English only.


For about $ 340. FAMILY TM 400M is available. This track is designed for users up to 287 pounds, which is a very high indicator.

The running belt is also large:

  • Width 15’7 inch.
  • Lengths 3’9 foot.

The simulator has 13 training programs and the ability to adjust the angle manually. This option provides for the presence of minimal multimedia capabilities – speakers.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

Despite the weight of the structure ( 97 pounds), it is easy to transport and quickly folds. Good cushioning ensures comfortable workouts without harm to health. The FAMILY TM 400M can easily compensate for uneven surfaces.

The best professional treadmills: review, prices

Professional treadmills are used in gyms and fitness centers with high traffic. Typically, such models provide for a large weight of users, have high power without a time limit and tilt adjustment. Accordingly, the cost of professional tracks is much higher than the models that are intended for home use.

Spirit CT800

The cost of this simulator is about $ 4080.

A track has many advantages:

  • Powerful engine – 0,8 gallon. with.
  • 9 special training programs.
  • Maximum user weight 355 pounds.
  • Possibility of folding and transportation thanks to rollers.
  • Automatic tilt adjustment.
  • The ability to independently create programs.
  • Modern depreciation system and smooth operation.

Horizon Elite T5000

The price of this model is $ 1836, which is quite low on the market of professional simulators. At the same time, the track is designed for people weighing up to 375 pounds, and the canvas reaches 5 foot in length and 20’1 inch in width. Shock absorption and automatic tilt adjustment provide comfortable workouts. Engine power is 0,7 gallon. with. The maximum possible speed is 12 mph.

Clear Fit EnjoyTM 8.25

This simulator costs about $ 1088.

Key benefits of Clear Fit EnjoyTM 8.25:

  • Cushioning that provides good grip.
  • The model is designed for people up to 397 pounds.
  • Foldable design.
  • Powerful engine – 3.5 hp
  • The maximum speed is 14 mph.

The best treadmills for the home: mechanical, electrical simulators, magnetic, folding. Prices and reviews

The track is suitable for training professional athletes, while it has a low price in comparison with alternative options. The ranking of the best treadmills for the home includes a large list of models. Before buying, you must study all the characteristics and functions of the simulator, as well as read the reviews.

Home Treadmill Videos

How to choose a treadmill for your home:

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