Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Moisturizers for the skin help preserve youth: creams help nourish the skin and do not allow moisture to evaporate so quickly, delaying it with the help of certain substances. This makes the stratum corneum softer and more elastic.

What are moisturizers for

Skin is a barrier against the negative effects of the environment. It helps to maintain moisture in the body, so it is so important to protect it.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural
Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy shelf

With a lack of moisture, the cells shrink, become brittle, so the protective function, elasticity is lost, microcracks appear, inflammations become more frequent – the appearance worsens and the first signs of aging appear.

What is it and what are

  1. The cream delivers moisture, thereby restoring the normal level of moisture. Day cream should have protection against ultraviolet radiation (in winter too), aggressive environmental factors. If possible, choose a gentle and weightless product. Night cream stimulates regeneration at a deep level, contains a higher concentration of nutrients, for example, oils. Such a tool is denser and richer than usual daytime.
  2. The moisturizer absorbs and retains moisture in the skin. Glycerin is a popular moisturizer, but you need to be careful with it: when it is high in the cream and inadequate humidity, it draws moisture from the skin itself, dehydrating it. It is part of many creams. These components must be treated with care, in excess of quantities they harm and do not bring benefits.
  3. A calming agent makes the skin soft and supple, such as aloe. Also often present in the cream. Suitable for combating redness, irritation.

Why do I need funds for different skin types

In youth, dry skin eliminates typical teenage problems: acne and black spots. But with age, wrinkles, sensitivity and irritation appear earlier. Good care and hydration are important.

Dry type creams should contain:

Vitamin D Helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, prolongs youthful skin.
Collagen It is a powerful moisturizer. One of its molecules can hold a mass of water 1000 times more than its own.
Retinol Used to treat acne, it reduces wrinkles and other signs of skin aging caused by sun exposure.
Hyaluronic acid Protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, fills and smoothes wrinkles, heals dry skin, heals wounds, scars.
Panthenol Moisturizes and eliminates peeling.
Vitamin E Restores skin color, protects it and slows down aging.

At night, you need to choose a more oily cream (regardless of the season), and during the day give preference to lighter textures, especially in the hot season.

Normal skin is traditionally considered the most problem-free and easy to care for, but even it needs recharge, especially in the cold season. Unlike dry, it does not need constant deep hydration. A light day cream and night cream are enough.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Moisturizers for the normal type should not contain:

Propylene glycol Irritating to eyes and skin, derived from petroleum products.
Formaldehyde It is a toxic preservative.
Hydroquinone Causes a decrease in UV protection.
Aluminum acetate Causes peeling.
Bithionol Increases susceptibility to the sun, causes irritation.
Glycerin and Vaseline Dehydrates the skin.
Fluorocarbon Toxic to the respiratory tract.
Phenoxyethalon Causes an allergic reaction.

Oily skin is often considered problematic due to enlarged pores, a tendency to acne, oily sheen, unevenness, and sagging with age. But it is she who often suffers from dehydration, as aggressive cleansing is used.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Moisturizing oily skin is also important, as is cleansing and toning.

What should be included in creams for oily skin:

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Cane sugar Perfectly exfoliates and does not clog pores, helps eliminate defects.
Hydroxy Acids Make the complexion and skin texture better and more beautiful.
Hibiscus Moisturizes and helps cell renewal.
Aloe vera It has a calming effect, reduces the symptoms of acne.
Green tea Evens out face tone and protects from the sun.
Rose oil Smoothes wrinkles, improves skin tone.

Top 10 face moisturizers from a pharmacy

Moisturizers in this list are designed for different skin types, so one cannot say that one product is better than the rest. It is worth choosing a cream based on the type of skin and its needs. Oily skin is not suitable for dry skin, because it has better moisturizing properties, because of which it will clog pores and worsen the overall appearance.

You can’t choose a product for dry skin that was originally intended for oily skin: components that dry the skin are often added to makeup for problem skin.

Avene Hydrance Optimale UV legere SPF 20

Moisturizers for the skin of this French brand are loved by many women. They do not cause an allergic reaction and do not provoke rashes. The manufacturer fulfills his promises: the skin is well hydrated and remains matte for 4-5 hours after application. Apply to cleansed skin in the morning and evening.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural


  1. Thermal water with calming properties.
  2. Polymethyl methacrylate mattes and hides small wrinkles.

A nice bonus is the presence of UV protection, but because of the characteristics of the filters, the cream must be applied at least 30 minutes before the release. The cream has a light and weightless consistency, is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Great for applying makeup. Sold in a 1,35 fluid ounce tube. The price is about $ 18.

Vichy normaderm

Vichy skin moisturizers are high-quality cosmetics of one of the most popular leaving French brands that you can trust, it is ideal for problematic and oily skin. Normaderm is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the composition.


  1. Thanks to salicylic acid in the composition, it dries pimples and prevents repeated rashes.
  2. PhE-Resorcinol helps regenerate skin cells.
  3. AirLicium matts.

Suitable for adolescents, people with high levels of stress, living in contaminated areas. But there is no protection against ultraviolet radiation, this is acidic care. Those who decide to use this product need to remember about sun protection in order to avoid the appearance of age spots.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

The cream has a slightly greenish tint, medium consistency, light texture and a pleasant refreshing aroma. You can purchase a pump version or a regular 1,69 fluid ounce tube. Full-size packaging on the site costs a little more than $ 15. Apply after cleansing and toning, avoiding the area around the eyes.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K +

One of the most popular products of this brand:

  1. SEBULYSE regulates sebum production,
  2. AIRLICIUM absorbs 150 times its weight, which results in a matte finish after application within 8 hours after application.
  3. The composition contains vitamin E and carnosine, which prevents the loss of elasticity, which is good news for girls over 25 years old.

The cream is suitable as a care for problem and oily skin. In winter, you may need a tool with a great moisturizing effect. No sun protection. Tightens pores, eliminates black spots. The texture is quite light, rather gel, similar to an emulsion. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, leaving no discomfort and discomfort.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

The cream has passed clinical trials and is recommended by many dermatologists. A 1,35 fluid ounce tube without discounts costs about $ 15. You can order either online or buy in a pharmacy. Contraindicated in case of allergy to individual components of the composition. Apply only to problem areas. For oily and problematic skin, application to the entire face is acceptable.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere SPF 20

Suitable for girls with sensitive and dehydrated skin. The cream actively moisturizes and retains moisture in the skin, protects from the sun, gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. This is a day cream. Among the advantages can be noted economical consumption, convenient hygienic pump. Volume – 1,69 fluid ounce.

The cream has a light consistency, does not cause acne, is quickly absorbed, has an unobtrusive odor, matts, without leaving a greasy shine.


  • thermal water;
  • hyaluronic acid;

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the overpriced, the presence of glycerol in the chemical composition. It moisturizes the skin while the cream is used, but subsequently dries it even more than before the use of the product, it was earlier. This is true if you apply the cream in conditions of low humidity.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Method of application: apply a small amount of cream on the face and neck twice a day after washing. It costs about $ 23. Contraindicated in case of allergy to the components of the composition.

Vichy aqualia thermal riche

Smoothes dehydrated skin, nourishes up to 48 hours. Thermal water calms and restores the epidermis, saturates with minerals. Hyaluronic acid prevents moisture from evaporating and smoothes the lines of dehydration. The cream restores the protective layer of the skin and makes its appearance rested and healthy, has a hypoallergenic formula.


  1. Plant sugar mannose.
  2. Thermal water.
  3. Hyaluronic acid.
  4. SODIUM PCA (Natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer).
  5. Paraben free.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Of the minuses, we can distinguish the glycerol content in the first positions, with a lack of moisture in the air, this substance draws water from the skin, making it drier. There is no protective filter against solar radiation. 97% natural composition. Sold in a jar of 1,69 fluid ounce. Price: about $ 22. Use as a regular cream in
the morning and evening.

Nuxe Prodigiense Enrichie

This cream visually eliminates the effects of stress and tiredness on the face from the skin. It smooths wrinkles and slightly rejuvenates. It has a denser texture than Avene, but it is also absorbed quickly, slightly matt. It has a rather pronounced aroma of roses, which evaporates immediately after application. It nourishes well, therefore it is more suitable for dry and normal skin.


  1. No dyes or animal ingredients
  2. Sweet almond oil perfectly moisturizes.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Ideal for the colder season for girls with more oily skin types. Not tested on animals. Has a standard 1,35 fluid ounce packaging. The price is $ 19. on the official website. Apply twice a day to cleansed face and neck.

Cream for problem and oily skin from Bark

The cream is aimed at combating imperfections. Nice appearance of the package and a large volume of 1,69 fluid ounce. At a discount on wildberries it is often possible to purchase at a big discount for $ 4 – $ 5. Apply after cleansing and toning. Detailed instructions can also be found on the packaging.


  1. There is a sebocomplex designed to combat skin imperfections.
  2. Active ingredients isolated from sugar beets and chicory have a calming effect. There is a mild anti-aging effect.
  3. Also included is calendula, arnica, plantain, shea butter, corn oil.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

The color of the cream is slightly yellow, of medium consistency, for application you need a little money, economical consumption. It has a natural smell similar to the scent of calendula. Suitable for subsequent makeup. After prolonged use, the skin becomes noticeably fresher. The cream mattifies and perfectly moisturizes.

Lierac Hydragenist Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing oxygen cream. Oxygen in this case prevents aging, the skin becomes fresher, the tone of the face evens out. Hyaluronic acid provides enhanced hydration and enhances the effect of the cream. Extracts of gardenia, jasmine and roses retain moisture and prevent dryness and wrinkles.

It smells like a rose. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Rice powder in the mat. Of the shortcomings, you can identify a high price – more than $ 41.


  1. Aqua / Water / Eau.
  2. Glycerin.
  3. Alcohol Denat.
  4. Cyclopentasiloxane.
  5. Polyamide-5.
  6. Squalane
  7. The manufacturer adds a patented hydra complex to the product, making the cream so effective.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

Indications for use: recommended for very dry and sensitive skin. Suitable for combination and normal type. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the ingredients of the product. Method of application: apply the cream twice a day: morning and evening on the face and neck, suitable for use after serum.

Bioderma Sensibio AR Cream

This cream will help fight some skin diseases: rosacea, dermatitis, eczema. Moisturizes, nourishes, relieves redness.

It does not cause allergic reactions, has a calming effect. Suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

Of the minuses: the lack of protection against ultraviolet radiation and glycerin and mineral oil on the first lines of the composition. The cream is consumed economically, one tube is quietly enough for 4 months of use twice a day, is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. It costs about $ 15. per tube with a volume of 1,35 fluid ounce.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural


  1. Avocado oil and ginkgo biloba extract restore elasticity.
  2. Canola oil retains moisture.
  3. Glycerol.
  4. Tocopherol protects.

Avene Cleanance Hydra

Sold in a neat tube with a convenient dispenser in a volume of 1,35 fluid ounce. Does not leave a feeling of film on the face. Suitable for oily and problem skin. It is quickly absorbed, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Thanks to its special composition, it prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms. 


  1. Bisabolol makes the skin supple and visually younger.
  2. Zinc dries inflammation and prevents the emergence of new ones.

Moisturizers for the face from the pharmacy. Rating of the best natural

It has an unobtrusive cosmetic fragrance that quickly disappears after application. Consistency Consumption is quite economical. Use standardly in the morning and evening on clean skin. It costs about $ 12,24.

In order for the moisturizer to work, it is recommended to apply it along the massage lines or with light tapping, or patting movements. In order for the cream to penetrate the skin, it is necessary to wash off the makeup, wash with foam or gel, and then tone the skin. And only after these 3 steps can you start applying the cream. For a visible effect, use the product regularly.

Video about pharmacy cosmetics

Tips for choosing cosmetics for oily skin:

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