Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

Facial cleansing at a beauty clinic or beauty salon has become popular among treatments. It is of particular importance in the proper care of the skin, which every day is exposed to the negative effects of the environment and cosmetics.

Regular procedure is necessary for comedones, acne and other skin problems. Knowing the features of various types of cleansing, it is easier to choose the right type of service to achieve the desired result.

Why is it more beneficial to do skin cleansing in a beauty salon rather than at home

The procedure for cleaning the face in a beauty salon is an effective procedure that is absolutely safe. What can not be said about independent execution, which is successful not always. An experienced cosmetologist will first carefully examine the condition of the cover. This preparation allows you to choose the right cleaning method.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices
Cosmetic face cleansing for problem skin

The main advantages of a salon procedure over a home one:

  • High degree of sterility. Cleaning is done with clean gloves sterilized in a dry tendon. The skin is pre-treated with a high-quality bactericidal substance.
  • Various steaming techniques. Each type of skin has its own approach. For this purpose, mini-saunas, paraffin masks and a vaporizer can be used. While at home only an herbal water bath is available.
  • Painlessness. This is especially true for species such as bounce, ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning. The skin at the time of the procedure is carefully protected. The patient does not feel any discomfort.
  • The correct selection of the method. Facial cleansing can be of different types. Only a cosmetologist can choose the correct procedure. He will analyze the condition of the surface and make an appointment.

The salon procedure is sterile. The venue is technologically equipped. It complies with all hygiene standards. For the correct conduct and result, the master is responsible.

When do I need to contact a beautician

Everyone decides independently when it is better to seek help from a specialist. It is important to consider that the development of any skin disease requires timely treatment. Otherwise, the acute form becomes chronic with many complications.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

Cosmetic face cleansing is necessary in such situations:

  • Skin rash. It can be both bright and pale.
  • Swelling.
  • Itching that does not go away for a long period.
  • Permanent inflammation of varying intensity.
  • Frequent formations of abscesses and boils.
  • Many warts and moles that grow.
  • Acne and blackheads in large quantities.

At the reception, the beautician will examine both healthy skin areas and problem areas. If necessary, an additional examination will be prescribed. In special cases, it will refer you to other specialists for consultation.

How to prepare your face for cleansing

Self-preparation of a person at home is not needed. When contacting a cosmetologist, the girl will not have to wash off her makeup and do steaming of the integument. For her, the master will do everything.

The stages of preparation given in the conditions of a beauty salon:

  • Disinfection tools. Using an antiseptic, the cosmetologist processes tools for the manual method and the nozzle on the device (for mechanical). Washes hands and puts on gloves.
  • Removal of cosmetics. Makeup remover is removed using special lotions and masks of the professional segment. Means also remove dust and subcutaneous fat from the face.
  • Softening dead cells. For a more effective and easy cleansing, the master expands the pores of the client. This can be done using water compresses, hot steam, gels and massive warming action. With rosacea, cold hydrogenation is used.
    Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

Some cosmetology centers also use scraping or brushing before basic cleaning.

Types of cosmetic cleansing of the face from blackheads, acne, blackheads, wen

Facial cleansing by a cosmetologist is carried out using a variety of techniques. An experienced specialist selects the best option based on the condition and type of skin.


Pores are cleaned by the hands of a beautician. The procedure seems simple at first glance. In fact, an improper action can lead to infection, injury, worsening of the skin and scarring. Therefore, the procedure should be performed only by an experienced master.

Indications for this type of cleaning:

  • increased activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • acne and comedones;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • enlarged pores;

Deep manual cleaning is used to better penetrate the nutrients of agents having a tonic and anti-aging effect. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions. Use a magnifying glass and bright light. Before starting, the beautician warms the skin or steams it.

After the pores are fully opened, the doctor begins to extrude. Finally, the skin is sanitized and treated with a soothing, anti-inflammatory agent that tightens the pores. The duration of manual cleaning is on average about 60 minutes. Repeat the session should be at least 1 time in 3 months.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

Within 2 days after the procedure, redness and peeling remain on the skin. They pass, the skin takes a healthy look. 4-5 days you should not use cosmetics, aggressive care products, and also arrive in the sun.


Mechanical cleaning is a simple but very effective method. It is carried out using a special cosmetology spoon called Uno. It has a loop on one side and a sieve with holes on the other. The first side is for squeezing acne, and the second is for removing keratinized particles and fat.

Also use a Vidal needle. From one end, the tool has a thin needle for opening acne, from the second – a loop, which squeezes its contents. Following the rules of hygiene, the doctor squeezes dirt and fat from the pores with an instrument. Before that, the skin is steamed and the pores are opened. This method puts the skin in great stress.

After performing it, special masks soothe it. Beauticians also recommend the use of tightening agents. Normally, after mechanical cleaning, reddening of the cover lasts another 2-3 days.


Facial cleaning is carried out by a special apparatus, which, like a vacuum cleaner, draws in fat plugs from the pores. Using a vacuum is well suited for porous and oily skin.

Compared to other procedures, vacuum cleaning brings fewer injuries and discomfort. It also leads to improved blood circulation and
active lymphatic drainage.

As a result of application, the skin is cleansed of traffic jams, comes in tone and gets a smooth relief. In non-launched forms, it can be used as an independent method. In hard to reach places, for example, on the wings of the nose, it is better to combine with other species.


  • ulcers;
  • rosacea;
  • dryness;
  • inflammatory processes.


Laser appearance involves both surface peeling and deep skin cleansing. Penetrating deep into the layers, the laser nourishes the tissues, relieves the inflammatory process, stimulates the regenerative process and improves blood circulation.

Laser cleaning eliminates the possibility of infection of the skin due to contactless exposure.

Cosmetic face cleaning with a laser gives the following result:

  • healthy type of cover;
  • tone enhancements;
  • flat terrain;
  • normal functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • smoothing scars and scars;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • wrinkle reduction and pigmentation.

The laser procedure is suitable for oily, problematic and porous skin. The standard course of treatment consists of 3-4 procedures. Already after 2-3 sessions, the pronounced result of the fight against acne and acne is visible. It is recommended to do cleaning once every 7 days.

There are contraindications:

  • exacerbated skin diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • dry skin;
  • under 25 years old.


Dry cleaning is carried out using products that include salicylic, glycolic or fruit acid. It leads to the removal of a layer of dead cells and fatty plugs, as well as to a narrowing of the pores. The course of procedures is able to smooth wrinkles, normalize the sebaceous glands and improve skin tone.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

First, the skin is cleaned, and then the gel is applied with acid. The skin is gently massaged until granules appear. The product is thoroughly washed off with water, and a soothing mask suitable for the type is applied to the face for several minutes. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 30 minutes. In the process, the patient does not feel any unpleasant sensations.

The effect of the use of acids is expressed in smooth and radiant skin. To save it, it is recommended to repeat the manipulation up to 4 times a month.


  • inflammatory process of the treated area;
  • scratches;
  • injuries
  • individual intolerance to the composition;
  • sensitive skin.

One of the popular types of acid refining is Hollywood peeling, which is also called retinoic. The action is based on the gentle exfoliation of particles. Thanks to this, the skin begins to breathe. Pigmentation and inflammation pass, because acid removes metal ions from the body. The mixture for the procedure contains kojic and retinoic acid.

Hollywood peeling is indicated for women over 35 years old. At a younger age, it is only effective in removing traces of acne and scars. A distinctive feature of the procedure – suitable for sensitive and thin skin.


Also known as disincrustation. It is performed by the apparatus under the action of current in order to remove sebaceous plugs and dirt from the pores. Suitable for patients with increased production of subcutaneous fat and a large number of comedones. Effectively fights acne, oily seborrhea and other manifestations of problem skin.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

An electric current melts fat, which creates sebaceous plugs in the pores, and also softens and expels pollution. After applying current, a special agent is applied to the face, which reacts with the pore contents that have left on the skin. As a result, a substance easily washed off by water is formed.

Positive influence:

  • skin toning;
  • pore cleansing;
  • increased blood circulation;
  • lifting effect;
  • normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • acceleration of metabolism in tissues.

During the procedure, the patient does not feel pain. This type of cleaning is well suited for sensitive skin. Used as an addition to the course of other cleansing and as an independent treatment.

Cosmetic facial cleansing with electric shock has contraindications:

  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • oncology;
  • skin diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • dry skin;
  • the presence of metal implants.


It is carried out using a special nozzle in the form of a brush. It rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Depending on the condition of the skin and individual characteristics of the patient, the cosmetologist selects the stiffness of the brush and the intensity of rotation. The procedure is best for oily skin with enlarged pores.

Brushing removes dead skin particles from deep layers of the skin. Cleans pores from various impurities and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. After the procedure, the color of age spots fades, and the nutrition of the skin improves. Blood circulation is touching, the tone of the cover increases, which has become more hydrated.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices


  • irritation;
  • inflammation
  • hypersensitivity;
  • scratches and wounds;
  • vascular networks;
  • herpes;
  • eczema.


The technique involves cleansing the skin with cold. During the procedure, deep cleansing of the skin from dead cells is observed. The procedure aims to deeply clean the layers without pain. It is carried out only by an experienced cosmetologist.

Cryopilling does not affect the entire body, but acts only locally. It is based on the body’s response to an irritant. Short-term contact with cold on the principle of hardening positively affects the body.

For cryo-peeling, the following refrigerants are used:

  • ice water;
  • a liquid nitrogen;
  • cold mud applications;
  • cosmetic ice;
  • carbon dioxide snow;
  • chloroethane and alcohol blockades.

The best effect is cryopilling with liquid nitrogen. The coolant should have a temperature of -110 to -195 degrees. A specific indicator is determined by the doctor, based on the type of carrier and the condition of the skin. Depending on t
he time of contact of the cold with the skin, peeling gives different results.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

Contraindications for cryo-peeling:

  • Sensitivity to cold face and certain parts of the body;
  • Viral or infectious skin diseases;
  • Open wounds;
  • Burns;
  • Active tuberculosis;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Hepatic or renal failure.

Action depending on the duration of the procedure:

  1. Up to 15 sec It does not leave damage, but only tones.
  2. Up to 30 sec Promotes the death of old cells and the birth of new ones.

Care after cleaning

External stimuli cause a different reaction in each organism. Dead cells protect the skin from negative external factors. Therefore, after cleaning, the cover is especially vulnerable and sensitive. It is important to take care of it with special care.

In order not to harm yourself and not spoil the result, it is important to know what you can’t do. First of all, it is not recommended to be painted during the week. 2-3 days it is necessary to protect the skin from wind and sun, in winter, frost has a negative effect. It should be washed only with cool water.

The first 7 days will have to refrain from going to the pool, bath or sauna. The use of scrubs and other aggressive agents is also prohibited. Drinking alcohol can worsen the result.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

To avoid complications in care, it is important to observe the following rules:

  1. During the day after cleaning, do not touch the face. It must be protected from any influences.
  2. It is worth giving up funds with alcohol in the composition. They are allowed to handle the resulting damage pointwise.
  3. To remove irritation, the skin is rinsed with herbal decoctions of medicinal plants. Calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort and plantain are well suited.
  4. When washing, add vinegar or lemon juice to the water. This neutralizes impurities in tap water. You can also use melt or mineral.
  5. Apply oily cream twice a day.
  6. Make nourishing masks several times a week.

Cosmetic face cleansing creates a lot of stress for the skin, which can only be removed with proper care.

Possible complications

Side effects often occur after the procedure. They pass quickly, if you carefully follow the rules of care during the rehabilitation period.

Complications after cleaning:

  • Redness. Pass independently in 1-2 days.
  • Bruising occurs with too much exposure. Their resorption may take more than 2 days.
  • Acne Also pass after 2 days. It is recommended to treat with chlorhexidine and apply Baneocin or Metrogil to them. It is impossible to squeeze out the formations.
  • Inflammation. Spot treatment with a bactericidal agent is required.
  • Peeling. Appears for 2-3 days. It is considered normal after cleaning. It is associated with the renewal of the skin. To soften, apply a moisturizer, serum or emulsion.

What kind of cleaning to choose

When choosing a way to clean your face, it is important to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the skin. The location of the procedure depends on material and temporal capabilities.

Cosmetic face cleaning for acne, blackheads, mechanical, ultrasound in the cabin. Photos before and after, prices

A comparison of types of skin cleansing is presented in the table:

Method Healing period Effect duration Ability to perform at home
Mechanical and manual 2-3 days 14 days Yes
Vacuum 1-2 days 14 days no
Laser 2-3 days 2-3 months no
Chemical 2-3 days 2 months Yes
Galvanic up to 1 day 1 month no
Cryopilling 2 days 14 days Yes

How often should I visit the salon

The frequency of the facial cleansing procedure depends on the method used, the condition and type of skin. So, manual cleaning has to be repeated twice in 30 days with oily skin, and with dry – once a month. Laser peeling, as well as ultrasonic and vacuum, are repeated 1 time per month.

Prices for professional facial cleansing

Facial cleansing can cost a lot. The cosmetology procedure depends on many indicators. Firstly, it is the professionalism of the cosmetologist and his qualifications. Secondly, the devices and means used during the procedure. Thirdly, the.

The average prices for various types of cleaning in the country are presented in the table:

Procedure price, usd.
Mechanical 600-3000
Vacuum 500-2000
Laser 400-600
Chemical 500-1500
Galvanic 400-600
Brushing 600-1200
Cryopilling 800-3000

Professional facial cleansing in the cosmetology center will help you to look well-groomed, young and fresh. Just a few sessions can get rid of many defects, such as wrinkles, acne, acne and bumps.

With the right choice of the method of the procedure, compliance with the rules of care during the recovery period and contraindications, the patient receives a positive result without side effects.

Video about face cleansing varieties

What are face cleansers and how to choose the right one:

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