Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

Trichologists and dermatologists recommend that patients pay special attention to the scalp and try an effective mesotherapy procedure if their health or appearance of the hair worsens.

Mesotherapy of the scalp: the essence of the procedure

Mesotherapy of the scalp is a cosmetic procedure, in the application of which women and men should observe an improvement in the microcirculation of the blood flow and the nutrition of the hair follicles is activated. By microinjection, biologically active substances are administered intradermally or subcutaneously.

Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

Such a concentrate is designed to make up for the deficiency of those necessary trace elements and vitamins that are not received from the daily diet (internal factor) and cosmetic hair care products (external aspect).

Only a certified specialist has the right to carry out the procedure:

  • dermatologist;
  • dermovenerologist;
  • trichologist;
  • aesthetic cosmetologist.

It is important to determine the specific goals for which the patient is contacting a doctor:

  • The procedure is required to improve the vascular tone of the scalp.
  • There is a need to strengthen the bulbs.
  • It is important to slow down and completely stop the atypical “hair fall”.
  • Activation of growth and awakening of new hair is required.
  • Need nutrition and / or hydration of the skin layer with useful substances and vitamins.
  • The patient wants to get rid of the manifestation of seborrhea, dandruff, itching.

A mixture of mesococktails for injection is selected individually for each patient. This allows you to quickly fix problems caused by internal and external factors.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of this procedure is to deliver the drug directly to the hair root.

According to the speed of achieving the desired result, 2 types of mesotherapy can be distinguished:

  1. Allopathic . A mega-concentrated cocktail is used, which contains vascular agents, a vitamin mixture, hyaluronic acid and saturated complexes of growth factors. The effect on the hair follicles is almost instantaneous.
  2. Homeopathic . The desired effect does not occur immediately, but after passing a course of several procedures. The injection cocktail is less concentrated; its composition is designed to gradually restore the correct functioning of the scalp epithelium.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

The first of the above options is used in priority for the treatment of prolapse or thinning. The second type of mesotherapy is applicable as a preventive method for maintaining healthy hair.

In both variations, the therapeutic result is achieved through bi-directional action:

  • Firstly , due to the pharmacological component, when the cells of the epithelium of the head are saturated with the missing trace elements.
  • Secondly , through a reflex action, when acupuncture points on the patient’s head are actively stimulated.

Thanks to the double exposure, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, and metabolism at the cellular level is regulated.

Immune, biological, and hormonal mechanisms quickly return to normal. The skin is cleansed of accumulated toxins, which leads to better oxygen metabolism in the upper layer of the epithelium.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the technique

Mesotherapy of the scalp, as a proven effective technique, has a prevailing number of advantages and only a small number of disadvantages.

Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home


“Pros” “Minuses”
– no effort is required by the patient, since the session is conducted by a trichologist or cosmetologist;

-saturated useful composition of medicinal products for injection;

– quick healing and externally visible effect from mesotherapy, which cannot be achieved with conventional hair care products;

– the ability to come into remission even with severe baldness or seborrhea, and even restore hairline;

– preservation of long-term effect (up to 1-1.5 years);

– a truly therapeutic effect appears even with skin diseases such as lichen.

– the technique still has a number of contraindications;

– the likelihood, albeit small, of side effects;

– injections can give the patient an unpleasant, sometimes painful sensation;

– a course of several sessions has a rather high cost as a result.

Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

None of the local remedies, even such as professional balms or hair masks, provide such a quick, lasting and visible healing effect in comparison with mesotherapeutic procedures.

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Mesotherapy is especially indicated for those patients whose scalp and structure of the hair sheet have certain problems:

  • Uneven distribution of sebum, excessive dryness or oily hair.
  • The presence of skin diseases, such as some types of dermatitis, seborrhea, lichen.
  • Dandruff and itching due to the sensitivity of the epithelial layer of the head.
  • Slowed hair growth, inhibition of the active growth phase of the follicle.
  • Premature gray hair.
  • Circulatory disturbance in the epithelial layer of the head, where the bulbs are located.
  • Fragility and dryness of strands, split ends.
  • Deterioration of the quality and condition of the hair – dullness, exhaustion.
  • Alopecia, i.e. hair loss, baldness.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

The last of the above reasons is the main reason for contacting a mesotherapy specialist for every 2 men and 3 women. Almost all patients have chronic stress, hormonal and metabolic disorders.

Therefore, in addition to conducting a co
urse of these mesoprocedures, it is urgent to undergo examinations from other doctors:

  • endocrinologist;
  • neurologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • immunologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • psychotherapist.

If alopecia is observed in certain areas, the hairstyle thins in the temples, the back of the head or the crown of the head, then injections can be given predominantly in problem areas. In the case of uniform thinning, it is recommended to do meso injections over the entire area of the scalp.

Carrying out the Meso technique is also recommended to maintain a healthy state of strands – “preventive therapy” .

In this case, the concentration of the composition of microinjections should be selected in lower doses compared to therapeutic mesotherapeutic drugs.

Course mesotherapy can be prescribed by a doctor as a preparatory stage for the next planned hair transplant. This is necessary so that the transplanted follicles take root, circulation improves in places of baldness, and hair grows strong, thick and healthy in the future.


Mesotherapy of the scalp in special cases is strictly prohibited. Also, the doctor may recommend to refrain from holding it for a while.

The list of contraindications for use:

  • neoplasms on the scalp;
  • oncological diseases;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • systemic diseases (vasculitis or lupus);
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • blood coagulation diseases;
  • skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, boils on the head);
  • predisposition to the formation of keloid scars;
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home
  • period of exacerbation of chronic and infectious diseases;
  • endocrine system diseases, impaired metabolism;
  • epilepsy, neurosis and a number of neurological diseases;
  • taking certain medications and medicines from the group of anticoagulants and corticosteroids.

A dozen contraindications should be supplemented with such recommendations as abstinence from carrying out mesotherapeutic procedures at the time of menstruation in women and age restriction – up to 14 and after 65 years.

Before directly undergoing mesotherapy, it is worthwhile to find out if the patient has one or several components of the administered composition that are not hypersensitive.

Mesotherapy preparations, cocktails and tools

The mesococktail is selected by a trichologist for each specific patient.

Must be considered:

  • available clinical picture;
  • hair condition;
  • goals of invasive treatment.

Correct preliminary diagnosis and a thorough inspection are important.

Multicomponent preparations may include:

  • B, C, E vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • D-panthenol;
  • complexes of growth factors;
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home
    Mesotherapy of the head helps to neutralize and establish hair growth.
  • melanin, which prevents the appearance of early gray hair.

Different manufacturers have different cocktail composition. Well-established American, French and Spanish brands.

Their effectiveness is confirmed by studies and patient results:

The name of the popular brand of mesopreparation Therapeutic effect
1. “Mesopecia” from Mesodermal (USA) The causes of “hair loss” at the hormonal level are blocked, the drug is more effective for men.
2. “Cocktail Capilar” from Toskani Cosmetics (Spain) Microcirculation improves, hair follicles strengthen, loss slows down.
3. “Hair loss cocktail” by BCN Scalp (Spain) Treatment of seborrhea, eczema, dryness, prevention of alopecia.
4. “HAIRCARE” by Revitacare (France) Hair growth is accelerated, itching and the appearance of dandruff / seborrhea are reduced, and vascular tone is increased.
5. “REGENERACION DERMICA DERM * 36” from Dietbel (Spain) This cocktail is effective for pigmentation disorders (premature gray hair), as well as for hair thinning.

With a limited budget, you can purchase the ingredients for a homemade mesococktail at a pharmacy:

  • trinthalum, biotin, thiamine;
  • B vitamins (in ampoules);
  • Vitamin E
  • folic acid.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

At the cost of manufacturing homemade mesosmes goes 2-3 times cheaper than branded finished products. The difficulty will be how to accurately mix all the ingredients in the right proportions. Therefore, a home-made cocktail has less efficiency compared to specially developed complexes.

Most injection vials give a different effect on the effects of men and women.

This is due to differences in the hormonal background, which in opposite sexes reacts differently to the components of a medicinal cocktail. Manufacturers usually indicate in the instructions to whom their drug is indicated to a greater extent.

Meso-mixture is injected subcutaneously to a depth of 1/32 – 4/32 inch:

  • manually using a syringe;
  • or by hardware using a medical gun.

In both cases, you should use a special thin needle (with the indication – “for meso-injection”). Its thickness is minimal – no more than 0/32 inch. The needle easily makes multiple punctures.

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Preparation for the procedure

There are a number of mandatory events that should certainly be carried out before undergoing a mesoseance:

  1. The patient
    must be examined for contraindications and in order to prevent possible negative reactions to the drug administered.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home
  2. At least 7-10 days before the start of treatment, it will be necessary to refuse to take those drugs (anticoagulants) that affect blood coagulation.
  3. The trichologist or cosmetologist who will give the injections will analyze the condition of the hair and scalp to select the most effective composition.
  4. A specialist one day before the first procedure should conduct a test test, putting one injection to assess the patient’s response to the selected drug.

You can not perform independent manipulations with the hair and scalp before the session:

  • carry out scrubbing, coloring, perm;
  • apply warming / cooling masks;
  • usd vegetable oils into hair roots.

From the bath / sauna, drinking alcohol, tanning beds or sunbathing should be abstained.

How is the procedure carried out at home. A step-by-step description of the technique

To carry out mesotherapy is possible not only in the clinic or cosmetology, but also at home. The patient cannot physically inject himself. You should contact a qualified cosmetologist, dermatologist or trichologist. It is necessary that the specialist possess the appropriate certificate and have high-quality tools and preparations.

The procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. The composition of the drug is determined in advance and a test test for an allergic reaction is carried out a day before the main procedure.
  2. If everything is normal, then for convenience, the patient should lie down or sit down on a couch / sofa / chair / stool.
  3. The procedure should be carried out by a specialist in medical gloves. First of all, the scalp is treated with an antiseptic drug.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home
  4. In the case when the patient’s pain threshold is low, then it is permissible to apply local anesthesia by adding a procaine solution to the meso mixture. Before invasive intervention, the scalp is stretched, so the pain is leveled.
  5. Injection injections should be carried out quickly enough at a distance of 0’4 – 0’8 inch from the parting. Then 100-120 microinjections are given over the entire area of the head. Punctures from each other should be 0’4 – 0’6 inch apart.
  6. After completion, antiseptic treatment is again performed and a light massage is done.

One session lasts about 30-45 minutes. At home, in addition to the course of mesotherapy, additionally selected products should be used: tonics, balms and masks, ampoule care. After 2-3 procedures, the cosmetologist can replace one mesococktail with another, adjusting the goals when the state of the structure of curls and epithelial cover changes.

Recovery after mesotherapy

The recovery period does not require any specific activities. Rehabilitation is short and uncomplicated. Hyperaemia observed in the head and swelling after invasive exposure are resolved within a few days. Discomfort and pain are inevitable when touching the epithelial layer.

Such a negative state can last up to 7 days. At this time, it is possible to take painkillers exclusively according to the strict prescription of the doctor. Within 48-72 hours after vitamin injections, it is advisable to refrain from washing your hair, do not sunbathe, do not apply oily, warming, cooling and scrubbing agents.
Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

Any possible chemical or mechanical manipulations can lead to damage to skin cells and infection in the wounds from injections.

When the unpleasant sensations do not go away in a week or even intensify, an atypical reaction from the side of the body is observed (ulcers appear on the epithelium, the temperature rises), you must immediately contact the clinic, where doctors can quickly stop the development of complications.

Possible side effects and complications

Mesotherapy of the scalp, like any invasive intervention, in rare cases can lead to side effects and specific complications.

For instance:

  • Scratches, burns, post-injection scars.
  • Short-term nausea and vomiting.
  • Dizziness and fainting.
  • Itching and irritation.
    Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home
  • Swelling of the skin, bruising and hematoma.

Unpleasant and painful sensations can accompany the patient both during the session itself and some time after its completion, but not more than 2-3 days. In rare cases, complications arise: necrosis and infection.

This can happen due to the fault of a specialist (non-compliance with hygiene rules, incorrect dosage), and due to the actions or physiological characteristics of the patient (taking medications incompatible with a mesotherapeutic drug, an allergic reaction).

Therefore, it is important to carefully prepare for the session in order to exclude all possible risks as much as possible.

The choice of a competent and experienced trichologist or cosmetologist should be a priority.

How long is the result

From the number of sessions, the selected medication, the initial causes of the problems and the condition of the hair after passing the course of mesotherapy, it will depend on how long a positive result lasts. In most cases, a visible healing effect is observed for several months.

If you competently maintain your body from the inside (vitamin complexes, dietary supplements) and from the outside (high-quality hair care products), you may never have to resort to a second course of injections.

Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

When the result lasts only a few weeks, and then the same symptoms return, you should pay attention to the source of the problems.

This may be a violation in the functioning of the systems of internal organs, stress or disease. To identify and eliminate the root causes of the trichologist, he may recommend that the patient undergo examination by specific specialists of other medical specializations or a medical examination as a whole.

How often do you need to do the procedure

For an effective and visible effect, course treatment is needed – from 8 to 15 injection sessions:

  • During the first month, the procedure is carried out once a week.
  • In the subsequent period, the interval between mesoseances can be increased to 14 days.
  • For preven
    tive health-improving purposes, after the main course, it is possible to prescribe 1 procedure every 30 days for 3-6 months.

In parallel with the invasive technique, the doctor can prescribe the patient to take certain drugs inside, for example, vitamin dietary supplements or zinc for oily seborrhea. Then the effectiveness of the mesotherapy course is increased, and the number of sessions can be reduced.

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salons of New York, Los Angeles,

In New York’s New York trichological and cosmetic clinics, the cost of one session ranges from $ 41 – $ 109. In Los Angeles, the price is also very high, an average of $ 54 – $ 68. In, prices are 1.5-3 times lower. If you turn to a certified cosmetic aesthetist working at home with a client, then the entire course can cost only $ 136 – $ 163.

The total cost of mesotherapy varies from the volume and composition of the drug, the qualifications and experience of a professional doctor, the tools used and the techniques used. Most clinics and private doctors provide patients with discounts of about 10-30% when they complete the course.

With the correctly chosen method of mesotherapy of the scalp, you can not only improve the appearance of your curls, but also improve them from the inside.

Mesotherapy of the scalp of the scalp. What is it, effect, price. How to make at home

Such a quick and effective effect cannot be achieved with similar medical and cosmetic procedures, for example, with plasmolifting. The high cost justifies itself, because in just a few weeks, the hair is radically transformed.

Hair Mesotherapy Video

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