How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

Active physical activity is the main component of healthy lifestyle, which does not require significant time and material costs. Light and power cardio loads are available to everyone, even at home. Everyone who is interested in healthy lifestyle has heard the phrase “download the press.” However, the importance of having a relief for girls is not always clear.

Why you need to download the press

Beauty is the primary factor motivating to work out the press, but in addition to the visual component, the effort spent will directly strengthen the strength and endurance of a person.

In girls, pumped up abdominal muscles will contribute:

  • labor facilitation;
  • healthy posture;
  • effective work of internal organs;
  • stamina;
  • losing weight.

How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training ProgramTraining the press contributes to the rush of blood to the organs of this area, and most exercises involve the spine. The muscular structure of the abdomen plays the role of a kind of skeleton that forms a straightening and facilitates the process of traction during childbirth.

Fitness Preparation

The press is the muscle part of the body that can be pumped separately from other muscles. Therefore, the opinion is erroneously formed that work on it does not require preparation. Any set of classes includes local and basic exercises. The latter involve a large group of muscles in addition to the abdomen.

Without a thorough warm-up, training can lead to the following consequences:

  • muscle breaks;
  • cramps, dislocations, sprains;
  • bowel obstruction, abdominal pain;
  • breakdown of the back. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

Separately, it is worth noting that the load with large weights for a woman is fraught with serious consequences, accompanying gynecological problems, disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Unacceptable is a weight greater than 22 pounds or one with which it is impossible to do 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions.

Proper preparation consists of 5 small additional steps:

  1. Muscle stretching.  Before pumping, it will avoid unnecessary injuries. In addition, this will help to warm up, increase the amplitude of movements during exercises in order to work out them qualitatively. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program
  1. Gymnastics for the joints. Some fitness models claim that in addition to the gym, they train the abdominal muscles at home, but in this case it becomes inexplicable why their muscle corset is different from the physique of gymnasts or dancers. A thin, flexible mill with a small but high-quality relief depends on the developed tendons and ligaments. And they are involved in movements in which the muscles are simultaneously loaded and stretched. These include, for example, hyperextension or pull-ups.

Joints play a significant role in the training of ligaments and tendons. Therefore, before power exercises, you need to perform articular warm-up.

Rotational and oscillatory movements (swings) are performed in:

  • hands, elbows, shoulders;
  • feet, knees, hips;
  • body, neck;
  1. Aerobic exercise (warm-up).  This part is a 10 minute cardio. At the same time, jogging, jumping rope or gymnastics of the tendons during walking. This is necessary in order to warm up and increase muscle strength. A warm-up prepares the cardiovascular system. When practicing between sets, you can’t rest: you need to use a light workout so that the working muscle fibers help the heart pump blood.
  1. Hitch. With power loads, fat burning processes are also involved. However, both with the first option and with cardio, excess weight is burned after 40 minutes of training. But in the second case, this process proceeds more intensely. And therefore, it is better to engage in intense cardio after power loads. It must be remembered that it is impossible to sharply strain the heart, therefore such aerobics is completed smoothly with the same exercises as the warm-up.
  1. Stretching. This stage relaxes the body, helps to reduce a pain symptom (strength). In addition, stretching after training accompanies the above effect of athletes. Greater attention is paid to those places that were worked out more strongly. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

The whole complex of additional procedures takes 15-20 minutes from the entire workout. At these stages, it is worth individually distributing the time, depending on whether the effect is felt well.

Exercising girls at home can seem like a daunting task due to additional training rules. However, due to their observance, any self-training will not be inferior to professional occupations.

Even the most contoured body will not be visible under a large fat layer. Therefore, for beginners, there is an additional preparatory stage. If the initial state of the body is far from the desired result, and the girl herself is far from sports, more thorough training should begin.

It is accompanied by a reduction in the percentage of body fat to 18%. This can be done using daily walks with a distance of 2 – 3 mile and sharing meals for 4 or 5 meals.

Exercises for the abs

Various types of loads are offered for execution. Their selection-combination is determined according to the given result.


Aimed at a comprehensive study of the entire building.


Exercise can be performed daily and at any time, but on an empty stomach. They stand on the bar for 10 seconds, gradually increasing the interval to 2 minutes. Plank works on the entire surface of the abdomen, back, arms, buttocks and legs. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

Perform this option from a position similar to push-ups from the floor. Hands are held parallel to the floor by brushes from themselves. The whole body is tense, in a straight line. Socks should be pulled down and supported. In this situation, freeze for the maximum allowable time.

Raising, crossing, swinging legs

Performed first. With them, the lower muscles of the abdomen, lower back and legs are involved. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training ProgramSince these movements are complex, it is better for a beginner to start with 5-8 repetitions, 3 approaches.

Classic push ups

They can be ordinary and cross, as well as with the additional raising of the legs bent at the knees. The upper part of the press, the lumbar are being worked out; in the latter case, the stomach, back, legs are additionally involved. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

It is recommended to start with 12 repetitions, approaches for classic, cross push-ups. In the last form, 8 repetitions are performed, 2-3 approaches.


For girls who want to train the press at home to the cubes, local study is necessary. Such exercises partially include classical, cross push-ups, strap, squats, buttock bridge. Such training is not recommended for those who are afraid of increasing the volume in the waist.


Classes on the simulator are available to repeat at home. This will be a kind of push-ups, but then it is necessary to lie on any surface so that the body does not have support when tilted. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

It is worthwhile to ask someone to provide support for the legs or, if possible, perform push-ups from the Swedish wall, fitball. It works on the central upper and lower press. Performed in 8-12 repetitions, 3 sets.

Waist reduction

Vacuumization of the abdomen is the best option necessary to reduce the waist and fat layer of the abdomen. It does not depend on the main training and is suitable for daily execution.

It is done in a prone position, standing or on all fours. The essence of the process is as follows: exhale, in which the stomach is pulled in as much as possible and held in position for 20 seconds. In the last variation on the exhale, the back is bent to the maximum. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

Vacuumization is performed daily on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach. For the result, it is enough to start with 15 repetitions in 3 approaches, gradually increasing the interval.

This method will be useful to those who have a discrepancy in the muscles of the abdominal wall or for the prevention of this symptom.

To determine the presence of this diagnosis, lie on your back, draw in your stomach and put your finger slightly below the navel. If the cavity detected by palpation exceeds a width of 2 inch, then vacuumization will help get rid of the problem.

Training duration

The optimal duration of each lesson varies from 50 minutes to an hour, 20 minutes of which will be spent on preparation and cardio. The complexes alternate, therefore, for work on the press, 1-2 lessons per week are sufficient, taking into account the bar, vacuumization. The first lesson can be performed with emphasis on strength exercises, the second leave yoga or stretching.

If you work out the press at home for girls the only goal, then you can shrink the duration of the complex up to 15-20 minutes and increase the number to 3-4 per week.

The main thing is not to take long breaks. The first results will be visible in a month.

30-day training program

The first thing to remember during any training is that the types of loads should alternate. The body quickly gets used to one type of exercise, so the complex needs to be changed every week. So the body will learn to perceive the old system as a new one, and the result will come much faster. The complex will be accompanied by a bar, evacuation with increasing intervals.

First week

  1. Leg raises.

Perform with 5-8 repetitions, 3 sets. After one workout, the number of repetitions is increased by 3-5. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

  1. Classic push ups.

Perform 12 repetitions, 3 sets. In each workout, increase by 3-5 repetitions.

Second week

  1. Cross leg raises.
  2. Cross push ups.
    How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program
    Cross push-ups will help to efficiently pump up a girl at home

The number of repetitions of 12-15 repetitions, 3 sets.

Third week

  1. Mahi with raising legs.
  2. Push ups with legs raised. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

Perform in 4 approaches with 12-15 repetitions, with each pitch increasing the number of repetitions by 2-3.

Fourth week

  • Push ups – 15-20 repetitions in 3 sets.
  • Cross push-ups – 20 repetitions in 3 sets.
  • Hyperextension – 8 sets of 3 repetitions.

With a sufficient level of preparedness, you can use weighting materials once a month or perform a superset (training without breaks between sets) from 3 exercises.

Effective exercises to maintain the effect

In addition to the classic study of muscles, there is an inventory that makes the load more effective. With the help of them, they work out other muscles that do not work in the classics.

On the chair

The chair should be stable, with a back. The first option: sit on the edge of the chair, bend to the back, without bending the back directly or alternately touching the shoulder. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program
The second option: clutching the back of the chair, raise their own weight above the seat. Then a lot of support goes to the hands.

On the horizontal bar

Download the press on the horizontal bar is not suitable for beginners. There are two types of exercises that give a high load to the entire muscle frame: simple pull-ups, leg lifts. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training ProgramIt is worth considering that you do not need to start working on the body with these types of loads: it is unnecessarily traumatic for beginners.

Using fitball

Fitball is a great way to include joints and tendons. With its help, perform direct, reverse hyperextension, twisting or push-ups in a sitting position. How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training ProgramUsing a regular ball, you can achieve the effect of the bar, because fitball exercises involve parts of the body that maintain balance.

Program for beginners

For those who so far only dream of the press, other ways to get it are suitable. It is
worth knowing that the press, one way or another, is involved in almost all exercises. Therefore, for girls who want to work out the lower part, to make the press more pronounced, you can stop on the squats, lunges and gluteal bridge.

Those who want to emphasize only the abdomen should remember some rules:

How to pump up a girl press at home. Effective Exercise and Training Program

  • With training, it is important to comply with the regime. If the plan is difficult to implement, then it is worth increasing the interval between classes, not trying to do more repetitions from the first classes.
  • You can not overload sets, weightings, an organism that has not received at least a minimum cardiac load.
  • Contrary to the opinion of trainers, you should not train if your muscles are sore. The nature of pain is not limited to muscle fibers saturated with lactic acid. Any training is accompanied by muscle damage; if the damage is too large, then the fibers need more time to repair, otherwise the connection between them will break, and work on the press will be useless.

Carrying out the training plan, do not forget about nutrition. Two hours before class, you should take a portion of complex carbohydrates, otherwise any physical efforts will be meaningless.

Features and training secrets

Professional athletes consume nutritional supplements. This action is justified: in order for the fiber bond to be restored, and the muscle become more, a certain amount of essential amino acids is required, which cannot be taken directly from the body’s resources.

They are in animal, vegetable protein. But meat products are digested for several hours, so it is impossible to predict the time when the body can get them.

Dry protein contains instantly digestible protein. Therefore, for highly effective muscle building workouts for girls or guys, you still need to take extra protein.

With the help of the above information, finding a flat outlined press is not difficult. The main thing is to remember the basic rules. Training should begin smoothly, just finish. When working on muscles, one should not forget about joints, tendons. Training should be carried out gradually, without fanaticism with an integrated approach.

Video on how to pump up a girl press

How to pump up girls at home:

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