How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing

Often, women notice signs of sensitive facial skin – discomfort and pain. In order to prevent serious complications, proper care is required. The rating of funds will help determine the choice.

Signs of sensitive skin

Sensitive facial skin is found not only among women, but also among men. The sensitivity of the skin is shown in each individually, but is most often associated with a thinning of the epidermis and an allergic reaction to external or internal irritants.

How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Sensitive facial skin care must be taken seriously.

This skin type can be recognized by the following characteristic signs:

  • irritation;
  • redness;
  • discomfort;
  • pain and burning when touched;
  • feeling of dryness;
  • peeling;
  • itching
  • swelling;
  • the rapid appearance of sunburn.

Types of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive facial skin is not a separate species. Characteristic for it can be possessed by girls with skin prone to oily sheen during the day, and those whose skin needs constant hydration.

How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Types of facial skin.

Therefore, the following types of sensitive skin are distinguished:

  • Dry sensitive skin – characterized by peeling and a feeling of tightness, redness and itching, the presence of rosacea (small vessels most often in the nose), a tendency to quickly wither with the formation of a fine network of wrinkles.
  • Oily sensitive skin – characterized by the presence of red spots on the face and clogged pores, leading to the formation of knolls of various sizes (closed comedones or millet).
  • Combined sensitive skin – contains signs characteristic of the first two types. On the sebaceous areas of the skin (forehead, nose, chin), rashes often appear, accompanied by itching and pain; in dry areas (temples and cheeks) peeling and redness occur. Couperosis occurs less frequently, but with constant use of products with a high alcohol content can affect the wings of the nose.

Dry skin on the face

The sensitivity manifested on dry skin of the face requires the following care features:

  • Washing is an important stage that should not be missed either in the morning or in the evening. Caring for this type of skin is complicated by the fact that it does not tolerate normal running water, the use of which is fraught with the formation of peeling and microcracks, especially in the cold season. Preference should be given to special cosmetics – micellar water and hydrophilic oils, specially designed for such cases.

The washing scheme is as follows:

  1. First, apply a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand and distribute it on the skin of the face and neck;
  2. Next, gently massage the skin with gentle massaging movements;
  3. After pouring micellar water in the palms and washing in the usual way at least 3 times;
  4. Blot your face with a paper or clean ordinary towel.

The use of such cosmetic products requires significant material costs, therefore, to save money, they can be replaced with ordinary corn or sunflower oil (preferably refined) and filtered or soft mineral water.

  • Toning is a necessary ritual in caring for dry sensitive skin, which prevents instant moisture loss and wilting, normalizes the acid-base balance. When carrying out this procedure, which is carried out immediately after washing, it is better to abandon cotton pads and similar devices. Even minimal friction will damage thinned skin. Therefore, the product should be applied directly to the face or first in the palm of your hand, carefully distributing it with your hands.
  • Moisturizing is the final stage of care. Its purpose is not only to maintain the required level of moisture, but also to strengthen the protective barrier. A cream, gel, emulsion or oil to moisturize this type of skin does not contain essential oils and strong fragrances. Apply the drug in a small amount with light stroking movements. Preference should be given to creams with a high spf-filter at any time of the year.

Compliance with these 3 stages can minimize the risk of sensitivity on dry skin.

Oily skin

A 3-stage facial care system is also required for oily sensitive skin with individual characteristics:

  • Washing is necessary at least 2 times a day. A couple of times a week, along with the usual cleansing, you should use soft scarves or peeling. It is best to wash yourself with water at room temperature, since very cold water will not clean the skin of comedones, and excessively warm will lead to irritation. Use special gels and foams. It is better to refuse the use of oils or soap, so as not to provoke clogging of pores and draining of the skin.
  • Toning is an optional step in evening care, but very important in the morning, as it consists in instantly replenishing moisture. If it is not enough, the skin releases a greater amount of fat, which in turn spoils makeup during the day.
  • Moisturizing is a stage that cannot be dispensed with. Light creams or gels with cooling and soothing properties are preferred. In the daytime, less is used, while at night – more. So the skin is saturated with valuable components during sleep, and during the day the likelihood of a greasy shine will gradually decrease.

Combined skin

The most difficult to care for is the skin, which contains signs of both dry and oily, while suffering from excessive sensitivity. She needs abundant nutrition in certain areas, but this can overload the so-called zone T (forehead, nose, beard).

At the same time, this type of skin should be thoroughly cleaned, while avoiding highly aggressive products, so as not to dry the thinned areas:

  • Washing is mandatory in the daytime and evening, while using different means. It is best to adhere to the rules for oily skin in the morning, and for dry skin in the evening, without fear of using oils. It is better to wash off the oils with warm running water using a gel or foam, so that its remnants do not clog the enlarged pores.
  • Toning – it is better to combine both dry and oily skin products for certain areas of the face. The market of modern cosmetology offers special toners and toners for combination skin. By lightly applying palms, they distribute the funds and allow them to soak.
  • Moisturizing – you should do the same as with toning: either use 2 different products at the same time, or get a special combination cream. Moisturizing the skin is also necessary twice a day.

Seasonality principle: summer and winter care

Face care varies depending on the time of year. This rule should be most carefully observed by those whose skin is particularly sensitive.

  • In summer, it is necessary to use products with a lighter texture and a high content of UV filt
    In the hot season, the epidermis produces a lot of sweat, which is a favorable environment for the growth of harmful bacteria.

The use of fatty creams will provoke the layering of dead cells and the formation of acne. Neglect of sunscreens will lead to burns and pigmentation, which are extremely difficult to get rid of given the sensitivity of the skin.

  • In winter, on the contrary, the use of light creams or gels can cause dryness and even frostbite of thin skin. Therefore, in colder times, they use more oily products that can create a protective film on the skin surface and prevent it from the harmful effects of frost and wind.

When choosing funds for the cold season, it is also worth giving preference to those that contain an spf filter, because even in winter the skin absorbs ultraviolet light, which increases its sensitivity. The table shows an approximate scheme for sensitive skin care depending on the type and season.

Winter Summer
Dry sensitive Fat nourishing cream with spf + 25-30 Light texture nourishing cream with spf from +50
Fat sensitive Light nourishing cream with spf + 10-15 Moisturizing gel with spf + 30-40
Combined Sensitive Nourishing cream with spf + 15-20 Moisturizing gel cream with spf + 40-50

What cosmetics do sensitive skin need

Sensitive facial skin requires a careful approach to the choice of caring cosmetics. Do not allow frequent changes in familiar means and try to purchase all the latest new products from your favorite brands.

A mandatory rule for owners of this type of skin is to read the labels, namely the study of the composition. Even if it says “hypoallergenic” or “suitable for sensitive skin” in large letters, the composition will not necessarily be gentle.

Here it is necessary to understand that preservatives (parabens, formalin) and caustic fragrances can severely harm the skin and cause irritation, swelling and swelling. Useful components for the skin are: hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe vera, allantoin. They are able to block the manifestation of irritation and soften the epidermis.

With caution, you should use tools that contain retinols and extracts of citrus plants. Before using them, it is advisable to conduct a sensitivity test, for example, on the wrist or elbow. If during the day there were no allergic reactions, then use the product safely and on the face.

Oils for sensitive skin

The use of oils for skin care helps to soften the epidermis and restore local immunity.

How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Oils for skin care.

Oils suitable for sensitive skin care contain the following elements:

  • beneficial acids (oleic, linoleic);
    How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
    Algorithm for using hydrophilic oil.
  • vitamins E, A, P, PP, F, D, K;
  • omega-6, omega-9;
  • collagen;
  • flavonoids;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • zinc;
  • lecithin.

Below is the rating of the most popular oils for sensitive skin:

  1. Avocado oil (organic shop 100% pure natural avocado oil) is a powerful antioxidant that instantly soothes irritated skin and restores its lipid barrier.
  2. Peach seed oil (abis organic) – its hypoallergenic formula does not cause irritation, copes with dryness perfectly, without leaving a greasy shine due to good penetrating ability.
  3. St. John’s wort oil (Natural Oils LLC) is the choice for owners of oily and combination skin prone to irritation, as it controls the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and also contains substances that restore the skin.
  4. Almond oil (Siberina) – copes with burns and inflammation, reduces the manifestation of rosacea.
  5. Wheat germ oil (Mi & Co.) – a record content of vitamin E contributes to the effective renewal of the skin, nutrition with valuable trace elements, moisture retention and slowing down the aging process.


Lotion is needed to complete the skin cleansing phase and prepare it for further application. Sensitive skin needs only water-based lotions.

Alcohol, alkaline or acidic products should never be used, therefore, the composition should include:

  • thermal water;
  • plant extracts;
  • panthenol;
  • glycerol.
How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Face lotions presented below.


  1. EAU THERMALE Avene lotion douceur is a thermal water-based lotion that gently cleanses impurities, soothes and heals dry, dehydrated facial skin, prone to sensitivity.
  2. Rival de loop clean and care – cleans without causing irritation, prevents the formation of acne and clogging of pores.
  3. Qiriness Fresh & Clear Toning Lotion – maintains the skin’s natural moisture level, softens and soothes the skin.
  4. Lotion Tendre Tonifiante by Dior – gives a feeling of freshness, smoothes the skin texture and does not cause redness and blemishes.
  5. EviDenS De Beaute, Sakura The Lotion – improves skin turgor, boosts immunity, energizes sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin can be scrubbed no more than 1 to 2 times a week and it is worth choosing products with soft abrasive particles. Ingredients may include oatmeal, ground coffee, or melting particles. It is better to give preference to cream-based scrubs. The plant extracts that make up tone and soothe the skin.

Do not use products with salt or apricot kernels, since they are very traumatic.

Rating Top
5 best scrubs for sensitive skin:

  1. Vichy Purete Thermale – gently cleanses the skin due to melting polymers, has a regenerating property.
    How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
    Vichy body scrub.
  2. Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal – a gel-based scrub that refreshes and nourishes sensitive skin.
  3. PHYTOcosmetic Coffee scrub – a gentle cream base that prevents the skin from getting irritated by scrubbing coffee particles, does not leave a feeling of dryness and discomfort.
  4. Givenchy Peel Me Perfectly is a gommage that thoroughly and at the same time gently cleanses the skin of dead cells.
  5. Cream-scrub Belita-Viteks Aloe Vera – improves blood circulation, helps nourish and moisturize sensitive skin.


Tools that are suitable for washing sensitive skin should not contain aggressive substances such as alcohols, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes. You should choose milk, foams, gels specially designed for this type of skin. The use of soap is strictly prohibited , as it destroys the protective layer of the skin, which adversely affects its general condition.

To choose cosmetics was easier, the following is a list of the most well-recommended products for washing sensitive skin:

  1. Bioderma Sensibio DS + is a cleanser that resists inflammation and discomfort, cleanses the skin and eliminates itching.
    How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
    Bioderma Sensibio DS +
  2. LA Roche Posay Effaclar – soothes the skin and gently cleanses without disturbing the delicate epidermis of sensitive skin.
  3. Foam ECO Laboratorie natural & organic with hyaluronic acid – the composition of this product does not cause irritation and increases the ability of the skin to prevent the negative effects of the environment.
  4. Foam Dr. Pierre Ricaud Derma Ecolia – nourishes the beneficial microflora on the skin of the face, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  5. Cleansing Foam Natura Vita for dry and sensitive skin Provence Organic Herbs – gently rinses dirt, moisturizes and softens irritated skin.


Tonic is used to invigorate the skin and gain vitality. The use of this cosmetic product has a beneficial effect on the condition of sensitive skin, as it helps to instantly replenish moisture loss and soothe irritated areas.

To tone sensitive skin, use cosmetics without alcohol based on low-allergenic plant components and trace elements – aloe extract, green tea, vitamin E, glycerin. Means with citric acid, mint or chamomile should be avoided.

The rating of the funds presented will help to make a choice:

  1. KORA New Line tonic for sensitive skin – moisturizes dull, tired face skin, gives a feeling of freshness without signs of irritation.
    How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
    KORA New Line.
  2. ECOLAB Tonic for dry and sensitive skin – nourishes and retains life-giving moisture, reduces redness and restores the physiological properties of the skin.
  3. La Roche Posay Soothing Lotion Sensitive Skin tonic – soothes and nourishes the skin with moisture, relieves redness and itching, and evens complexion.
  4. Provamed Sensitive Toner – normalizes acid-base balance without risk of irritation, softens and moisturizes the skin.
  5. Eva Esthetic moisturizing tonic for dry and sensitive skin – gives radiance and reduces skin irritation, helps retain moisture in the deeper layers.


Moisturize and soothe sensitive skin at any time of the year in the morning and in the evening to replenish the protective functions. The use of special creams containing vitamins of groups A, E, plant extracts, such as a string or St. John’s wort, useful trace elements such as zinc or potassium, helps to normalize the general condition of the skin, which is prone to irritation.

How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Applying cream on the face through massage lines to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

Below is the rating of the safest and most effective creams in sensitive skin care:

  1. La Cree restoring cream is a must-have remedy for obvious manifestations of irritation on the skin, which softens and soothes it, protecting it from external negative factors.
  2. Physiogel Hypoallergenic moisturizing physiogel cream – has a powerful healing effect, No. 1 in the recommendations of most dermatologists.
  3. Nutritious cream Vichy Laboratories Nutrilogie 1 – ideal for the cold season, as it contributes to natural protection from the negative effects of wind and frost.
  4. EAU THERMALE Avene Tolerance extreme – easily copes with redness and peeling, can be used to prevent irritation.
  5. KORA New Line Cream – strengthens the walls of blood vessels, combats signs of fatigue, prevents skin from drying out due to a protective film that is not noticeable on the face.

Face masks with dry sensitive skin

Sensitive facial skin needs constant nutrition with hypoallergenic components to withstand the negative effects of the external environment. The use of special masks based on extracts of medicinal herbs and natural oils contributes to the full care of this type of skin.

The rating of the most effective and safe masks for sensitive skin is given below:

  1. EAU THERMALE Avene Masque apaisant hydratant – replenishes dry irritated skin with nutrients. Option for winter time.
  2. Lumene Sensitive Touch Comfort Mask – intensively moisturizes and nourishes, helps to reduce irritation on the face.
  3. Yves Rocher “5 Minutes Extra-Comfort” ACTIVE SENSITIVE for sensitive skin – evens skin tone and fights redness.
  4. PAYOT Sensi Expert Masque Dermo Apaisant – calms and softens the skin, mask redness and manifestations of rosacea.
  5. Phytomer DOUCEUR MARINE SOOTHING MASK – gives a feeling of comfort from the
    first application, refreshes and moisturizes sensitive skin, heals minor injuries.
How to care for sensitive skin. Creams, masks, scrubs, tonics, milk, moisturizing physiogel, washing and cleansing
Using a modeling mask.

Proper care of sensitive skin will help reduce unpleasant symptoms and will contribute to the gradual transformation of the face. And the combination of proper nutrition with the use of specialized products can even change the skin type to normal.

Sensitive Skin Care Video

8 important rules for caring for sensitive skin:

Sensitive facial skin care at home:

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