Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

Everyone wants to have a slim body, a beautiful face without wrinkles, but not everyone wants or can care for themselves. Therefore, myostimulants have been invented for use at home.

Pros and cons of myostimulation

Miostimulation, like other self-care procedures, has positive and negative sides.

Positive influence Negative influence
There is an improvement in the hormonal background, the balance of hormones is restored 100% can not replace a full-fledged exercise in the gym
Relieving stress, eliminating disorders of the nervous system Do not burn carbohydrates in the body, since the body does not require energy
Improved metabolism There is no way to lose weight significantly
Removal of excess fluid After several procedures, the body gets used to impulses, so they give less effect.
The fight against cellulite deposits When using a powerful device at home, due to the inability to use a muscle stimulator, it is possible to get a burn
Minimum injuries from the procedure There are contraindications
Muscle tone
Support system load exclusion
Activation of the cardiovascular system
Activation of all muscle fibers
Reduces weight in the absence of physical activity

Indications for face and body myostimulation

Miostimulators for home use have a number of indications:

  1. Recovery from muscle injuries.
  2. Rehabilitation after cerebral palsy and other diseases of the central nervous system, accompanied by paralysis.
  3. Preventive measure against blood clots and muscle atrophy.
  4. Facial muscle cuts and other types of muscle cuts.
  5. Atony of the rectum.
  6. Flaccid muscles of the body.
  7. Sagging skin.
  8. Impotence.
  9. Striae on the body. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
  10. Muscle hypotension.
  11. Excess weight.
  12. Scoliosis.
  13. Stones in the ureter.


Prohibition of the procedure:

  1. Mental disorders.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. The presence of scars after operations (if less than 10 months have passed since the time of its operation).
  4. The integrity of the skin is broken – scratches, abrasions and other wounds.
  5. Bearing a child. The exception is the acceleration of the labor of the pregnant woman. It is carried out in stationary conditions. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
  6. Diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  7. Oncology. Malignant and benign formations – a ban on myostimulation.
  8. The presence of various implants.
  9. The uterine spiral is established.
  10. A pacemaker is installed.
  11. Purulent formations on the skin.
  12. Tendency to bleeding. Blood pathology.
  13. Dislocation of the joint before repositioning.

The procedure also has side effects:

  1. Sensations of pain and tingling during and after the procedure. This can happen if a momentum is too strong.
  2. Inflammation in the places of fixing the sensor with the electrode.
  3. Burns at venues. It is necessary to reduce the strength of the supplied current.
  4. Allergy to the material of which the muscle stimulator is made or to an additional gel.
  5. Excessive muscle tone with an improperly selected program.

Types of muscle stimulants, principle of action

The myostimulation procedure is also called “fitness for the lazy.” A person does not burden his body with exercises, and the muscles work. But such a method cannot replace a full-fledged physical activity.

What is the method of action of the apparatus:

  1. It is imposed on a problem area of the body that needs to be worked out.
  2. A pulse is applied through the electrodes, which acts on the nerve endings.
  3. Muscle contraction occurs.

Where to apply the device:

  1. The stomach is the main problem area. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
  2. Hips.
  3. Back.
  4. Chest.
  5. Limbs.


  1. The duration of the current pulses is from 1’6 – 984’3 foot / s.
  2. The frequency of current pulses is from 10 to 150 Hz.
  3. The current applied to the face is 5 mA.
  4. The current applied to the body is 100 mA.
  5. Pulse shapes – triangle, rectangle, neuro-like shape.
  6. Bipolar and monopolar currents are used.

Types of muscle stimulants:

  1. Belt.
  2. Shorts.
  3. Butterfly.
  4. For the chest.
  5. Stationary.
  6. Classic with sensors.

This type of apparatus is intended for:

  1. Backs.
  2. Muscle press.
  3. Pelvic muscles.
  4. Straight muscles.

It is fixed at the waist. Depending on the manufacturer, you may n
eed a special gel that is applied before using the device.

Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
Belt is a popular type of muscle stimulator for home use.

Selecting the desired mode (usually several), the procedure is carried out. It should not exceed 20 minutes.

Shorts act on another part of the body – the muscles of the hips, buttocks and legs. Often used in conjunction with a belt. Butterfly is the most popular and highly advertised type of muscle stimulator. It can be fixed on any part of the body. Its positive properties – low price, battery operation, small size, the ability to fix anywhere in the body.

Despite the large amount of advertising about the effectiveness of the device, the butterfly loses to other species. It does not have the power that can give any result. The device is useful only as an additional load for the muscles.

A device for the chest tightens her muscles. It becomes more elastic. But mammologists do not recommend using the device often – the mammary glands are very sensitive, any irritation can lead to serious breast disease. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

Stationary view is not considered the most convenient option.

Other versions of myostimulants are portable. You can do your own thing, and the device will work. With stationary, you will need to lie or sit in one place. It will also be difficult to use it yourself – you need an assistant.

The Miostimulator consists of a unit with which control is carried out and the electrodes connected to it by wires. You can install them on any part of the body.

YouTube is full of videos about creating an electrical stimulator at home. This is possible if you have the necessary knowledge in this area. But do not save in this way – manufacturers offer devices that meet stringent requirements. A home appliance can be dangerous.

Machine selection criteria

Miostimulators for home use have certain characteristics that need to be followed when choosing an apparatus – this is the number of channels, frequency, level of electric pulse, electrodes.

Number of channels

The number of working channels varies depending on the purpose of the procedure:

  1. Preventive measure – the minimum amount, i.e. 2.
  2. Excess weight – from 4.
  3. As prescribed by the doctor, up to 24 working channels can be used.


This characteristic determines the quality of the device. New models have a frequency control function, which allows you to adjust the procedure to individual needs. Efficient operation will be ensured by a device with a power of 2000 Hz or more.

Pulse Level

It is configured depending on the problem area. The more sensitive it is, the lower the current strength. For example, for the face – 5 mA, and to eliminate cellulite increase to 30 mA.


There are 3 types of electrodes:

  • on belts with sponges;
  • on the straps;
  • self-adhesive gel.

Gel – the easiest to use. They conduct current well, are fixed on the body without problems. Less – you can not clean, you need to change often. With the help of straps, fixation on the body occurs. Work for a long time. Minus – can not be fixed on any site. Need a current conductor – gel.

Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctorsA device with sponges is the most durable.
The sponges that come with the kit must be moistened with salt water before use. She acts as a conductor of current.

The cost of different types of muscle stimulators: a comparative table

What determines the cost of the muscle stimulator:

  • number of operating modes;
  • number of electrodes;
  • brand name
  • modern display;
  • power;
  • the ability to automatically turn off;
  • type of muscle stimulator.
View Cost
Belt From $ 6,8. up to $ 136.
Shorts From $ 68. up to $ 163.
Butterfly From $ 6,66. up to $ 41.
Stationary From $ 136. up to $ 408.

Why and what kind of gel for electrodes

What is gel used for:

  1. Providing better current conductivity.
  2. Moisturizing the skin.
  3. Skin cell renewal.

The gel is used for all parts of the body that are exposed to current. Providing good impulse patency to the muscles, enhances the effect of the procedure.

Gel Effect:

  1. An increase in the effect of myostimulation.
  2. No muscle strain.
  3. The skin is renewed, it becomes moisturized from the components of the gel.
  4. Some species have an analgesic effect.

Some products can be used not only for electrical stimulation, but also for regular manual massage. Due to their versatility, such gels are the most popular.

The dependence of the choice of gel on skin type:

  1. Dry skin. The gel should provide hydration to dehydrated skin without damaging it. For example, the product brand “Neo”. It contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, elderberry and lime extract. Cost – about
    $ 14. for 6,76 fluid ounce. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
  2. Oily skin. People with this type of skin suffer from inflammation due to the increased work of the sebaceous glands. The gel should provide cleansing, narrowing of the pores, reducing the work of the sebaceous glands, while not dehydrating the skin. Suitable anti-acne gel. Ingredients: aloe juice, fucus extract. Cost – $ 5,44. per 3,38 fluid ounce.
  3. For aging skin, you need a gel that will increase skin elasticity. Suitable anti-age tool from Neo. Vitamin C and green tea in the composition tone the skin, and hyaluronic acid provides the necessary hydration. Cost – $ 8,16. per 3,38 fluid ounce.

Preparation for the procedure

Miostimulators for home use do not have special instructions for preparing for the session, but you can do peeling or soft scrubbing of the skin on the eve. This will save him from dead cells and increase the penetration of a current pulse under the skin. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

Before starting the procedure, you need to remove all metal objects. For example, earrings, bracelets, piercings. Before buying a device for the session, you should visit the therapist and discuss with him the possibility of myostimulation.

Rules and frequency of home use

Recommendations for the procedure at home:

  1. Each licensed device has an attached electrode connection circuit. Fix them only according to the scheme.
  2. Ensure accurate contact with the skin, attach the device well (using gel or straps).
  3. The one-time installation of electrodes on antagonist muscles (buttock and abdominal muscles, the outer and inner thighs) is prohibited. Exception – this mode of operation is provided according to the instructions.
  4. At the initial stage, one cannot set a high current strength in pursuit of a large effect. Stimulation begins with a minimal impulse. When the muscles get used, the current strength is increased. This happens after 2-3 procedures.
  5. With unpleasant painful sensations, the strength of the impulse should be reduced.

Press stimulation

Adjustment of nutrition, regular fitness, body wraps and a course of electrical stimulation will help get rid of extra inch at the waist. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

For the session, the device is fixed on the motor points. Stimulation of oblique and rectus abdominis occurs.

Spinal muscle stimulation

Strengthening the muscles makes the back taut and beautiful. But also stimulation with current will help get rid of some diseases of the supporting apparatus (scoliosis, osteochondrosis).

Chest muscle stimulation

You should not expect a change in the shape of the breast from the procedure. But myostimulation will make it more elastic and toned.

Thigh stimulation

The procedure is popular among women of the ganoid type. Together with other procedures (massage, body wraps, physical exercises) it will help to reduce the volume of the hips, while the volume of the breast will not change.

Shoulder muscle stimulation

The shoulder muscles are difficult to change even when working in the gym. Miostimulation here will give a good additional effect due to pulses in the right places.

Facial muscle stimulation

The muscles on the body are fixed on the bones with 2 ends, and on the face – 1 end connects to the skull, and the other – intertwines with the skin. Thanks to this, a person expresses emotions, talks. The facial muscles have a special structure. Its decrease leads to sagging skin. She becomes flabby, tired. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

Miostimulators for home use will provide passive gymnastics of the facial muscles. This will help raise their tone.

How is stimulation of electric current for the face:

  1. Before starting, women undergo a make-up removal procedure. A man should shave.
  2. A special gel is applied to the cleansed face, which is selected according to the type of skin.
  3. The electrodes are fixed.
  4. An impulse session lasts about 15 minutes.

What to expect after a course of stimulation by current:

  1. With the correct procedure, the skin becomes elastic and toned.
  2. She takes on a healthy look.
  3. Bruises under the eyes and swelling are eliminated.
  4. The second chin decreases.
  5. The tissues of the cheeks are tightened. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors
  6. Cheekbones become more expressive.

Overview of the best muscle stimulators for home use: specifications

Miostimulators for home use are popular and highly advertised. There are many manufacturers offering such devices.

For use at home, the top 6 muscle stimulants are identified:

  1. Abtronic X2.
  2. Beurer EM 41.
  3. ESMA 12.08 Assol.
  4. Rio Ab Builder Plus ..
  5. Slendertone bottom
  6. Sport-Elec Body Control DUO.

Abtronic x2

Country of Origin: China. Type: belt. Price: up to $ 14. Average rating, reviews: 4 out of 5. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors


  1. Low cost.
  2. It works from plugging into a power outlet, and from batteries.
  3. Allows you to work out the muscles of the back, press, lateral muscles.
  4. Convenient adjustment of the program using the display.


  1. Short warranty period.
  2. Poor tailoring of the belt itself, weak Velcro.

Beurer EM 41

Country of Origin: Germany. Type: mobile stimulator. Price: about $ 54. Average review rating: 4.9 out of 5.


  1. Convenient control panel.
  2. Takes up little space.
  3. Versatility – can be used on any part of the body.
  4. You can take on the road.
  5. The ability to create a program yourself.
  6. Auto power off function.


  1. The applicators on which the sensors are worn out need to be changed.
  2. Power is not enough to work out all the problem areas.

ESMA 12.08 Assol

Country of origin: USA. Type: stationary for home use. Price: 25 $ 0 – $ 354. Average review rating: 5 out of 5. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors


  1. Multifunctionality.
  2. The possibility of lymphatic drainage, electrolysis.
  3. Used for face and body.
  4. Professional care without leaving your home.


  1. High cost.
  2. Bulky.
  3. It works only from the network.
  4. It will be difficult to do without an assistant.

Rio Ab Builder Plus

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: portable with gel nozzles. Price: about $ 95. Average review rating: 4.9 out of 5.


  1. Effective study of the press.
  2. 3 work programs.
  3. Designed specifically for the male body.


  1. It works only from the network.
  2. Dear.

Slendertone bottom

Country of origin: Ireland. Look: shorts. Price: about $ 163. Average rating by reviews: 5 out of 5. The most famous electrical stimulator-shorts. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors


  1. A special technology of creation, which has no analogues.
  2. Quality certificates.
  3. Management with a convenient remote control.
  4. Good in the fight against cellulite.
  5. 4 programs, each designed for the user’s training level: from beginner to advanced level.
  6. The battery holds a good charge.


  1. Only suitable for training the hips and buttocks.
  2. Dear.

Sport-Elec Body Control DUO

Country of origin: France. Type: belt. Price: $ 68. Average review rating: 4 out of 5.


  1. The electrodes will last a long time.
  2. Battery operation.
  3. A special gel comes immediately in the kit.
  4. 4 programs, which include 16 modes of operation.
  5. Auto power off.

Minus – the batteries do not hold a charge well.

Doctors’ feedback on the effectiveness of myostimulants

In general, the reviews of doctors are positive. Experts do not believe that such a device can help lose weight. But carrying out the procedure is a good additional care for your body and face. Without contraindications, a regular current stimulation session is allowed. Miostimulators for face and body in cosmetology. Procedures, devices, contraindications, reviews of doctors

This has a positive effect on the skin condition – it becomes elastic, cellulite on the hips disappears, there is a decrease in stretch marks, there is no risk of premature aging. But allergists are advised to be careful with additional gels and creams. They can cause an allergic reaction. If there is a tendency to disease, then you must read the composition of the drug.

Mammologists do not advise often to conduct a session on the chest.

The mammary glands are quite sensitive. Stimulation by current can cause various pathologies. Miostimulators for home use are prohibited by gynecologists if a woman has a uterine spiral.

A muscle stimulator is a good device that can be used at home, as an additional way to maintain muscle tone. But the procedure does not replace full-fledged training and proper nutrition. Before buying a muscle stimulator, you need to visit a therapist and discuss with him the possibility of such a procedure. Or contact a specialist if there are diagnosed diseases.

Home Stimulator Video

Professional advice on choosing a quality device:

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