Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that has very important properties for the most part for the structure of the skin, so it is actively used in cosmetology.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Hyaluronic acid facial contouring is an effective method of combating skin aging.

Skin changes due to hyaluronic acid are noticeable in the photo before and after injections.

The role of hyaluronic acid in the structure of the skin and how deficiency leads to aging

The main property of this chemical compound is its ability to retain fluid. The agent under consideration creates a special shell that maintains the skin in a moistened state, eliminating the appearance of wrinkles.

Due to the ability to maintain water balance, the acid gives the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) elasticity and softness , while maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin.

Molecules of the substance also prevent the penetration of a large number of microbes into the skin, even in the presence of damage – scratches, abrasions.

With an increase in the hydration of the skin that the substance provides, the aging process slows down significantly: acid helps smooth wrinkles and maintain youthful tissue cells, as well as their regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photosA lack of hyaluronic acid leads to aging
: a large number of wrinkles appear, the skin loses its luster and elasticity, it becomes thinned and dry.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Properties for the Skin

Hyaluronic acid injections (before and after photos, presented below, prove this) are the most effective for long-term facial rejuvenation. In this form, the substance has an even greater number of useful properties.

The main beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid include the following:

  1. Durability. The substance is also found in various cosmetics, but their effect quickly passes. Hyaluronic acid injections maintain skin elasticity for several years.
  2. Wrinkle repair. GK injections, unlike other cosmetics, do not just mask already existing wrinkles, but really smooth them.
  3. Healthy looking skin. Visible signs of age-related skin changes (flabbiness, dryness, unhealthy complexion) are also eliminated thanks to hyaluronic acid injections. Clear differences are clearly visible in photographs taken before and after injections.

How is the effect of rejuvenation achieved. Mechanism of action

The effect of rejuvenation appears due to the ability of hyaluronic acid to retain fluid in the skin cells. It works like this: penetrating into the inner layers of the skin, HA molecules attract water molecules to themselves, linking them.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
By injecting hyaluronic acid, you can not only tighten the oval of the face, but also provide the skin with nutrition from the inside.

Thus, the hydration of the skin increases , and the appearance of the skin becomes better: it stretches, and therefore, wrinkles are equalized, the complexion is normalized, etc.

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Hyaluronic Acid Injection

There are many cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid – various creams, masks, gels, etc.

However, for the greatest rejuvenation effect, it is HA injections that are recommended : with their help, the acid enters the deeper layers of the skin and retains the effect much longer (the effect can be seen in the pictures before and after injections).


This procedure is a type of injection rejuvenation of the skin of the face. As a raw material for injections, HAs are used mainly of animal origin.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Biorevitalization is one of the methods of administering hyaluronic acid for a facelift and smoothing of wrinkles.

It is noteworthy that for biorevitalization, not pure hyaluronic acid is used, but preparations with its content. They may include other components important to the skin.

Tools for the procedure are selected based on what problems need to be addressed first.

Biorevitalization is not a one-time procedure , and in order to make the skin look young, a whole course of injections is carried out, which   are introduced into the upper layers of the skin. The number of sessions depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.


Mesotherapy is the second most popular cosmetic surgery for rejuvenation. It should be noted that it is used not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body. There is even mesotherapy for hair.

Experts advise mesotherapy to take the course not only for people with age-related skin changes. The procedure is also suitable for those who are overweight, cellulite, have stretch marks (for example, postpartum), etc.

This method of skin improvement eliminates not only external skin problems, but also improves the general condition of the body.

The procedure has several ways of carrying out, however, experts consider injections of hyaluronic acid as the most effective (photos before and after are presented in the conclusion of the article).

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles, tightens the oval of the face, nourishes the skin from the inside.

The mechanism of this procedure is similar to biorevitalization : drugs with the drug in question are introduced into the upper layers of the dermis. The procedure is carried out manually using syringes with thin needles or other special devices.

For example, mesoinjectors are popular – these are syringes that allow you to accurately calculate the required dose of the drug and control at what depth the needle is inserted.

Contour plastic

Another fairly popular anti-aging procedure is contour plastic. Like mesotherapy and biorevitalization, this cosmetic operation eliminates facial wrinkles , smoothes the s
kin, gives it a healthy color and elasticity.

A feature of contour plasty is that they do not just inject drugs with hyaluronic acid, but through injections, special devices are introduced under the skin – fillers.

They are very tonic sterile mini-syringes filled with the substance chosen for injection.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Face contouring allows to eliminate age-related skin changes without surgical intervention.

Like any cosmetology procedure, contouring is not a one-time procedure and the effect of its implementation is not saved forever, but for a maximum of several years. After this, the course should be taken again.

The results of injections: Smoothing wrinkles, adding volume to lips, cheekbones

All injection procedures for rejuvenation are quite effective. The main result of the course of injections of HA is, of course, smoothing wrinkles: they either disappear completely, or become much less pronounced.

Injections eliminate any wrinkles: both facial and age, as well as smooth out the formed folds.

Hyaluronic acid injections, the photos before and after which are presented below, also eliminate other skin problems. HA well hides the flabbiness of the skin – injections allow you to add volume to the cheekbones, filling them.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Hyaluronic acid forms the correct shape of the lips, makes them more magnificent.

Hyaluronic acid injections are also given to the lips to give them fullness.

The use of hyaluronic acid solutions

The non-injection effect of hyaluronic acid implies its use in the form of various cosmetics. So, there are quite effective solutions of HA.

DNS 1% – a solution that has established itself as the most effective. It copes well with dry skin. To achieve the result, it is necessary to usd the drug into problem areas of the skin 1-2 times a day, in small portions.

It is desirable to combine it with other cosmetics (creams, masks). The cost is about $ 2,72. per 0,34 fluid ounce of solution.

Schnaphil Hyaluronic Pure Extract 100% Pure  is another rather popular tool (solution) based on hyaluronic acid. It should be applied to problem areas and rubbed thoroughly into the skin.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photosThe solution gives smoothness and elasticity to even very thin and dry skin.
Experts do not recommend using the drug very often, so as not to damage the skin. 0,34 fluid ounce of solution cost about $ 4 – $ 5.

The use of gels with hyaluronic acid (fillers)

Gels based on hyaluronic acid (otherwise fillers) are used only in salon procedures, for example, in contour plastic. The scope of their action is quite extensive.

Fillers perform the following tasks:

  • eliminate wrinkles;
  • correct facial contours;
  • mask scars on the skin;
  • eliminate folds;
  • rejuvenate the face.

Fillers are divided into two types – monophasic and two-phase.

Monophasic gels contain HA particles of the same structure and size. Such gels are lighter, well distributed under the skin with the help of conventional massage. Monophasic fillers are often used to correct lips and superficial wrinkles. Such gels retain their properties for 5-8 months.

Biphasic (biphasic) fillers contain a large concentration of hyaluronic acid. Biphasic gels are denser than monophasic, so distributing them under the skin is much more difficult. The procedure for distributing such fillers is carried out in several stages.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos

The advantages of biphasic gels are that they are more durable (lasting up to 2 years) and are able to solve quite serious skin problems. So, with the help of biphasic fillers, they correct the contours of the face and smooth out very deep wrinkles.

Filler prices depend on the manufacturer and brand popularity.

One of the most famous fillers for injection is Restylane. There are several varieties of this drug. The right one is selected depending on the type of problem.

Experts recommend this brand of fillers also because Restylane gels are safe and are naturally eliminated from the body over time. The cost of gels of this brand starts from $ 41.

Princess fillers are also often used in cosmetic procedures. These gels are effective and effective, and, according to cosmetologists, are safe for the body. Cost – from $ 54.

Another major filler manufacturer is Juvederm. Juvederm gels are a success worldwide and well eliminate all sorts of skin problems. The cost of Yuviderm gels starts at $ 68.

Contraindications from injection

The difference in skin condition is noticeable after the first injection of hyaluronic acid. Photos before and after the procedure demonstrate well how effective HA injections are.

However, despite all the anti-aging properties, hyaluronic acid injections have a number of contraindications.

The main contraindications include the following:

  • individual intolerance to HA;
  • period of pregnancy / breastfeeding;
  • clotting problems;
  • diabetes mellitus, hemophilia;
  • damage at the alleged injection site;
  • taking anticoagulants;
  • recent cosmetic procedures (photorejuvenation, peeling, etc.);
  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.

Feasible side effects

HA injections can also lead to possible side effects.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photos
Hyaluronic acid injection Photos before and after injections provide an opportunity to visually assess the effectiveness of the procedure. To prevent negative consequences, you should undergo a comprehensive examination aimed at identifying contraindications.

Possible side effects include the following:

  1. Allergic reactions. They can be manifested both in a mild, rapidly passing form (immediately after or during injections), and in a more severe form, up to edema (if there is an allergy to the components of the drug for injection).
  2. Hematomas and bruises. They appear due to the penetration of fillers into the skin immediately after injections. Hematomas can also occur due to hemorrhage or improper injection, but they usually go away quickly.
  3. Pain during and after the procedure. Some HA injections can be painful, but the pain is usually short-lived.
  4. Seals at injection sites. Seals or tubercles appear due to the fact that the substance introduced under the skin has a high density and is not smoothed right away. This reaction also occurs due to the fact that the drug was introduced into the upper layers of the skin.
  5. The appearance of infections. Various infections (fungus, viruses) develop in the body if the procedure was carried out incorrectly.

The cost of injecting hyaluronic acid for a face in USA

The cost of injection procedures for facial rejuvenation (biorevitalization, mesotherapy, contour plastic) depends on how extensive the area needs to be adjusted, as well as on the number of sessions (set individually).

Injectable drugs also come at different prices. Nevertheless, the approximate cost of the procedures is the same in many of USA.

Hyaluronic acid injection for the face (lips, under the eyes, forehead). Before and after photosThe cost of injecting hyaluronic acid in USA is as follows:

  1. Biorevitalization of the facial area costs an average of $ 109 – $ 245.
  2. The cost of mesotherapy injections starts at 6000 and ends at $ 204.
  3. Contour plastic, which is considered the most expensive, is the most expensive: from $ 136 – $ 408.

Hyaluronic acid injection is the most effective method of facial rejuvenation.

The effect is noticeable after the first procedure , which is proved by photos taken before and after the procedure, and the beautiful, toned skin of the facial zone will please for a long time.

Useful hyaluronic acid injections videos for the face

Recommendations of a specialist in choosing rejuvenation preparations and methods of their administration:

Features of biorevitalization using hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid injection Photos before and after the procedure:

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